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Apple iPad Air 2 64GB Wi-Fi $619 down from $739 @ Officeworks


Ipad air 2 64GB WiFi. been trolling static ice for weeks and was going to do price match at office works to find that it is now $619 down from $739

*** what I meant by Trolling *****


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    How do you know when it expires?

  • 64 what? :) It's a tough crowd here haha

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    naa dont know when it expires, but when checked office works yesturday it was $737. I ordered immediately you never get an apple discount like this!

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      Guys price match with BigW and you can save $30.95 by using Woolworths Gift cards (5%off), which would bring it down to $588.05

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      You get discounts like this when a new model is imminent……

  • Weird this wasn't advertised or anything

    • That's because OfficeWorks doesn't do Specials. Their all time special is 5% price beat guarantee, is what I was told by Officeworks store in the past.

  • Great deal punkman, super find.

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      price match with BigW and you can save $30.95 by using Woolworths Gift cards (5%off), which would bring it down to $588.05

  • Is the Air 3 coming out soon?

    • What about the Air 4?

    • According to the buyers guide on MacRumours about 120 days before the next one is 'predicted' to be released, based on past history. However I envision that because it was a new product they've just had to settle into their correct speed for releasing stuff, I'm not convinced we're definitely getting one in only 4 months from now

      • So we should start to see more Air 2 go on sale…

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      September likely. I got a similar discount last November. The unusually deep discounting on this generation of iPads has been widespread enough that I'm sure it's a result of apple reducing the wholesale price to turn around stalling sales. It's not that this iPad is terrible, it's that older iPads have held up fairly well so there is less pressure to upgrade. I know this from personal experience having traded in my 3rd generation iPad.

      These guys give pretty good advice on the product update cycle:


  • might be a mistake, I though apply only sold whole sale with a 10% below rrp. this might be at cost??

  • Guys price match with BigW and you can save $30.95 by using Woolworths Gift cards (5%off), which would bring it down to $588.05


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      How about Price Match at Harvey Norman, pay on 2 AMEX cards registered for the statement credit promo, pay the remaining $19 on MEbank and bring it down to $518.05??

      edit: lol did you really need to post that 3 times?!

      • well, someone like me, who does not have AMEX card, can't have that offer

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          Yea I'm not saying for everyone. Just saying it is an option.

          Another option:
          Price Match at David Jones, pay on 3x eligible AMEX cards ($200 each), get 3x $40 statement credits, pay the balance on MEBank for 5% cashback.
          Total price paid: $498.05

          Then you could even claim GST (if applicable) on $619.. $56.27
          If all works out, you'll pay $441.78. Sweet.

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          where do i get AMEX card ?? lols

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          DJ offer only online. So no dice.

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          @OzSikhs: Apply? lol

        • @OzSikhs:contact me i will apply for you and you will get 30000 point too as i work at DJ hopefully if you are in sydney lol

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          @illumination: AMEX DJ offer is online only. Only way is to buy gift cards online and do price match in store. BUT I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT. I bought three DJ giftcards using three Amex cards and I've been dealing with them since then.

          They took the money but did not send the cards. When I inquired after a week they were insisting that there is fraud because I used 3 different cards. Helllooo you've already taken the money idiots. DJ's internal systems and mentality 100 years old. I confirmed the card numbers and transactions were legit but still didn't send the cards. Then I received a call from Amex fraud dept (I suspect DJ warned AMEX). I confirmed with them again yes transactions are legit. And finally, after 15days of ordering I received the cards today. Will never deal with DJ online again.

  • That is probably the best price for a 64GB iPad Air 2 around.

    • Currently around yes, but I fortunately scored one for $591.20 when Target honoured a few of them with the 20% off coupon online at the end of March this year.

      • I managed $579 direct from Apple last December with an (out of stock!) Good Guys price match + double Amex promo :)

        But given the exchange rate, $619 right now is "cheaper".

  • where do i get 5% off woolworths gift card?

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    Perhaps a new iPad is imminent?

  • Will Apple store price match?

    • Should do.

      • They will usually only price match up to 10% less than their price.

      • Has anyone tried to match it at Apple store yet?

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    been trolling static ice for weeks

    Don't suppose they're very pleased with you then

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    OP maybe worth adding to description the following options to purchase it for even cheaper:

    • To save 5% / 7.5% with Woolworths/Big W eGift Cards - 5% off from CashRewards, 7.5% off for those who purchased earlier from Groupon. Brings price down to $588.05 / $572.58
    • AMEX Statement Credits at David Jones: Price Match at David Jones, pay on 3x AMEX Registered Cards for 3 $40 statement credits. Final price paid: $499
    • AMEX Statement Credits at Harvey Norman: Price Match at Harvey Norman, pay on 2x AMEX Registered Cards for 2 $50 statement credits. Final price paid: $519
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      DJ AMEX offer only applies to online order. So no price match possible.

      • Forgot about that. Thanks.

      • You can still purchase the gift cards online and pricematch in store

        • It doesnt work for gift card as its excluded guys please read terms and conditions ☺

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          @jag007: I don't need to read the T&Cs. I read my bank account which already shows the $40 credit.

        • [@unity1](/comment/2751366/ oh sweet thats great if it works for you coz it says excluded gifts card thats why i said that 😊 is it also included david jones american express as well please let me know

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          @jag007: Any American Express card that has been successfully registered should work. If you haven't done so already please register your card at this link

        • @unity1: so it doesnt matter how.many you buy and really appreciated for your help mate

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          @jag007: You will only receive one DJ credit for each card registered. So even if you purchase 2 x $200 GCs you will still only receive the one $40 credit. If you want to purchase multiple DJ GCs then register multiple AMEX cards (if you have them) and purchase 1 GC per 1 AMEX card.

        • @unity1: thanks mate really appreciated ☺

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        You can do online price match at DJs, I've done it before. Just call them and tell them you'd like an online price match. However, I don't think you'd be able to split the payment among three cards for an online order.

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      AMEX Hardly Normal offer excludes Apple products?

      Offer excludes Miele, Falcon, NEFF, AEG, Gaggenau, ASKO, St George, Fargor, De Detrich, Elica and Apple products.
      Offer only applies to spend on this Card. Supplementary Cards on this account or any other American Express Card you might hold qualify as an Eligible Card only if the Card is registered for the offer separately.
      Card Members must register by saving this offer to this Card and spend $300 or more on their registered Card online or in-store at Harvey Norman, in one or more transactions, between 05/05/15 and 05/07/15 to receive one $50 statement credit.
      Participation is limited to the first 25,000 Cards to register, and the offer is limited to one statement credit per registered Card.
      Purchases made through online aggregators such as PayPal or other retailers are excluded.
      Offer valid online and in-store.
      Excludes e-gift card purchases made online.
      Excludes physical gift cards bought in-store.
      Statement credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
      Statement credit is normally issued within 5 business days of the eligible spend, but may take up to 8 weeks to appear in your account.
      Statement credit may not be applied to your Card Account if it has been suspended or cancelled and may be reversed if qualifying purchase is returned or cancelled.

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        They wouldn't know what you bought. As long as it's from HN it won't matter.

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          wxyz234,you are correct!!!

          Confirmed bought one last Saturday and just got the $50 today.

        • @empengpro:

          also just bought one from HN, received the notification email from amex straight away. fingers crossed it wont get rejected though :)

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      Harvey Norman offer excludes Apple :(

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        Ah you guys are good….
        I guess you could buy Gift Cards from either David Jones or Harvey Norman and get the statement credit that way, then pay with the gift card.
        I know it says excluded but AFAIK offline purchases don't get "tracked". In fact, by that logic the "excludes Apple" clause should also be invalidated too…

        • Be on the safe side and go and purchase the gift cards first @ HN

        • @unity1:

          gift cards are also excluded.

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          @abc: Yes as per the T&Cs, but in reality it works differently. I can confirm I purchased a $300 HN gift card a few days ago and I have received the $50 statement credit

        • @unity1:

          Online or instore?

        • @abc: In store

        • @unity1:

          I wonder if buying online would work…

        • @abc: Haven't tried it sorry.

      • So HN offer for $50 back excludes apple does DJ offer of $40 exclude apple too?

    • You can't use Harvery Norman credits. If you look at the terms and conditions, it says it excludes Apple products :(

  • Would be ~607 at good guys as well.

    On a side note, harvey Norman are selling ipad retinas for cheap! Old but yeah if price matters.

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    been trolling static ice for weeks


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      I bet some people don't even know why that is funny and that 'trolling' is used correctly.

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      Probably meant trawling

      • Nah I think he meant trolling. Quite a troll, this punkman.

  • Damn i bought one from JB's for 716 a couple of weeks ago. Do they have a 30 day price match like The Good Guys?

    • Not sure but assuming you used a credit card to buy this and that credit card may have the price guarantee/protection on it.

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    How did you troll them?

    • Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…

  • Damn you, OP. My bank balance is $619 lower than it was 15 minutes ago. Thanks for that. :-)

    I have the Woolies gift cards, but time and risk-of-not-getting-the-detail factored into my decision to buy it now from OfficeWorks. Living and working in the city, it's a bit of a trek to Big W, and I wouldn't be able to get there until later today at the earliest.

  • Combine this with David Jones entertainment book gift cards for an Extra 10% off around $557

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    I assume that this one:iPad Air 2 - 16gb - $479 - ebay deal is more reasonable if we don't need 64gb?

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      That or 578 with office works/good guys if you want local stock.

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    Link is for Space Grey.. Gold and Silver also this price! Silver doesn't have 3 per customer limit (not that you need more than 1)

    Gold: http://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/ipad-air-2-... air 64GB
    Silver: http://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/ipad-air-2-... air 64GB

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    this is a rad deal, $588 via gift cards and Big W!

    • Has anyone actually managed to convince Big W to match it though? Anyone here do it?
      I'm reluctant to go and buy the gift cards if Big W says "nope, we have no stock or won't P.Match"

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        yes, last year with an iphone 5s, they matched the Dick Smith price while on lay-by.

        • Well, while you're being awesome, you wouldn't happen to know how long those cash rewards folks take to send an e-gift card do you? and or if I could convince Big W to hold an ipad?

        • @hamwhisperer:

          usually 3-4 hours max i find

        • @hamwhisperer: My experience is very similar to banzini above. Takes about 2-4 hours approx.

  • its the iPad Air 3 coming out soon?

  • good find OP!

  • Does anyone know or remember if apple jacked up the prices of iPads due to exchange rates in March like they did with iPhones? And if so, anyone remember how much?

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      No iPad prices were not changed as sales are in decline.

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    Is the extra size worth it?? Depends on your needs I guess, took me about 2 years to fill my 16gb up…

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      32GB is minimum size. given the size of iOS and other apps these days it won't take long until the 16GB is up.

  • Just in time, I was going to buy my wife one tomorrow! So the amex hn cash back does say apple excluded, but if bought in store, would amex be able to tell it was an iPad purchase if price matched to office works?

  • Sold out??