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OnePlus One 64GB Smartphone on eBay Group Buy - $428 Delivered via eBay (CC Electronics)


Hi Guys,

Saw this on whirlpool, thought i might give it a mention here.


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  • $424 delivered at eGlobal with free Xiaomi 16000mAH powerbank and 2 X screen protector. Code PPFREE.


    $414 delivered at eGlobal with free 2 X Screen Protector. Code wb10.


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      must have beaten me by seconds.

    • It says on the website that the powerbank promotion is done even though the powerbank comes out as free when you put in the code at checkout o.O?
      EDIT: No, I'm wrong. Ignore please!

  • are the 4G LTE Bands OK here? : 1/3/4/7/17/38/40

    also $405.00 plus post at http://www.eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au/oneplus-one-64gb-4g-...
    and either free powerbank or $10 off with codes (on other posts)

  • I was thinking about getting OnePlus One but my concern is that Cyanogen will be ending their support in about 15 months or so.

  • $409 from DWI with a bonus screen protector (Use coupon DEALDWIQ22015).

  • Who wants a year old phone and buy a product from the company which did not let people buy their product when they wanted?

  • Do they release updates on time like the major players tho?

    • LG G3 has got lollipop update pushed out a lot quicker than this.
      This phone only got official lollipop last month.
      With Oneplus and Cyanogen breaking up, I'm not even sure if there is another major software update for this phone.

    • They released lollipop like 4 months after. But if you are willing to root your OnePlus, you can easily get the latest Cyanogen nightly (Updated everyday), or a 3rd party rom to avoid the time it takes for updates.

      • But if you root your phone, then every phone can get updates quickly. I thought the rule is no rooting. LOL

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          well for those phones, you have to use a 3rd party.. These roms are made by cyanogen themselves.. just beta…

    • I would get this over the LG G3, this has a better camera and runs cyanogenmod. Received lollipops nightlies which were pretty stable like one month after the nexus. Cyanogenmod would still be supported just not officially released by oneplus, they would update the phones with their own version.

      • Why have a phone that doesn't have a officially supported OS

        • Why ask questions like you know what you are talking about when in fact you do not? it has 1 officially supported OS, some might say 2.

      • I use both phones on a daily basis, I refer the Korean phone better. Just not much functionality on opo. G3 I can use as a remote and multi task with split screen.
        Camera, g3 wins close up images if you take food blog pictures. Opo requires much more lighting, fails in areas with dim lighting.
        Also there are a greater range of phone accesoriss for the g3, nothing much going on for opo. E.g. try finding a phone case that has a card slot at the back for credit card of Sydney's opal card. ( i.e. non- flip wallet case.)

  • I have had this phone for over 6 months. Also bought it from eBay group buy for the same price.
    It has just got CyanogenMod Lollipop (Android 5.0) update.
    Very decent phone, well worth the money.
    Pro: Software customisation, fast. (turn on developer option, and change all three animation options to x0.5)
    Con: The sandpaper back cover is very easy to scratch. It heals itself over time though. Don't buy the cheap red colour case on ebay, the colour runs off.

    However, it has been 6 months, the price stays the same.
    Other phones like LG G3 has dropped price to beat this One on values (depending on your need and your taste).

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      It doesn't exactly scratch. When you run your nail through it for example, your sanding your nail cause of the back, leaving the remains of the nail. All you go to do is rub it off, or use water.

      It.s got Android 5.1.1 if you are going to use the nightlies.

  • Was interested in this one when I saw the reviews but then I checked the feedback on some of the forums - big issues with doing a return under warranty. There was also a known issue with a yellow band on the screen on many units which the manufacturer wasn't repairing under warranty. Given all that, plus the fact that the price is pretty similar to what it was selling for a year ago or so, I'll pass. Not downvoting though because if you take the risk and come off, it's probably a good deal.

  • I got OnePlus shipped from the US, after a month of getting it i started having a lot of problem like touch screen not working, if its working does the wrong thing, like swiping through the screen would open app, or the phone freezes. I don't know what to do about its warranty… so just check with the seller how the warranty works before you buy it.

  • OnePlus One , LG G3 or Zenfone 2 ?

    • Lg g3

      • what is the big draw back with the G3?

        • Nothing really at all. The G3 is excellent!

        • @Fobsessive: Did you buy yours from eGlobal?

        • Ok…. I thought so too but msmhw's comment got a couple of negs initially….. Im starting to go off the zenfone on reports of camera quality and battery life. An extra GB of RAM might not be such a big deal after all….

        • there are a lot problems with oneplus one and there is no support/warranty in Australia. so if you have any problem with it you will waste a lot of time sending it back and waiting for it. depends on your luck. I know its good phone but not right now especially they broke up with Cyanogen
          so its g3 vs Zenfone 2

          I chose g3 because
          - it looks lg cares about the software support, most of lg user got lollipop.
          - it has an amazing screen. really I am in love with the screen
          - it has same size of the screen but its smaller phone
          - it has a great camera
          - most important thing you will get great support from the community (roots, apps & roms)
          - if you buying cases and accessories, usually they are cheaper as g3 is a popular phone

        • I do like that it has built in wireless charging…. when local or kogan stock gets around the $400 mark I might jump on it… the zenfone isnt going to be as cheap as expected….

        • @TheOneWhoKnocks: No, I'm still using an older phone. My opinion is that the G3 packs a punch its screen, processing power, camera, AND price.

  • would have bought it at launch, but crappy marketing tricks (read:inability to mass produce) put paid to that.
    Now, with new model in pipeline they're trying to shift excess stock?
    Don't be suckered.
    +1 for realistic pricing on high end smartphone

    • Not sure how them struggling to cope with demand is a crappy marketing trick.

      It's almost like you're trying to argue that selling as much as possible to make as large of a profit as possible is a bad thing.

      • +2 votes

        I think he meant using "unable to cope with demand" as a way to create this illusion of this phone being really popular, and therefore people would want it more. It's a very common marketing technique in China… Xiaomi is one of the best examples. It's also called "Hunger Marketing".

        • Problem is, there is so much legitimate demand for the OnePlus One that it would be in their every interest to maximise, or near maximise production of the phone.

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          That's your logic, not Apple, Xiaomi and Oppo's. (Oppo is OnePlus)
          This trick definitely has worked well for Apple and Xiaomi, god knows why…

        • @smileymiwo: Most people have never heard of the Oneplus One. Most people still get phones on plans. I think you're overestimating the demand for this phone. A few thousand loud voices on some enthusiast forums doesn't represent the general population.

        • @macrocephalic:

          I have a lot of relatives in Hong Kong where this is one of the most popular phones, eclipsing even the Note 3/4.

    • Pretty much the standard business model RE shifting old stock when new product comes out…

      And yea, they knew they couldn't mass produce it at the same rate as the big hitters, so it made sense to do invite only to specific countries.

  • I've owned this phone for about 9 weeks now and I love it. Best phone I've had in a long time. Previous phones include s5, m8, m7, s3.

    Has not skipped a beat. Plus, love the lack of all the rubbish bloatware that comes with the big brand phones. The 2gb ram is actually a usable 2gb instead of half of it being taken up by crap like S health and Samsung wallet in the hidden background.

    • +1 vote

      Could have just installed cyanogenmod on your previous phones, to get nearly identical, bloat free experience as your 1+1

      • I used to flash roms every few days, but got sick of little things here and there not working. I prefer to keep things stock as possible now.

        Also, flashing a Rom won't grow the screen size or add ram.

  • I have this beast since last September, bought it for ~390 delivered from DWI. Apart from the reception (not reach 5 full bars and I'm using Virgin), everything else of this phone is just outstanding. If the price ever drops down ~400 aud, then go for it!!!

  • Happy Oneplus one user here! No touchscreen issues or any other problems so far…..
    Note: sticking to CM11S atm…

  • Got mine for about $460 delivered from cameraparadise in December last year.
    Top uality phone and as has been said earlier, the Cyanogenmod thing isn't a big deal in the future considering I had Cyanogenmod on my S4 and a bunch of other devices.
    It will be available, it just won't be officially supported.

    I popped CM12s on mine recently and it looks unbelievable and transforms the phone - it looks a helluva lot nicer than Lollipop on the Samsung Edge and Note 4 that I've seen recently.
    With that being said, they messed up the network and wifi on it so I had to flash the CM11s modem and I'm as good as new now.

  • Cyanogenmod is opensource so easy to fork the code if they decide to stop making updates.

  • I think it's a brilliant phone. I have had for about 3 months now. Hands down best battery life I have had in a smart phone, very quick, reliable and looks quite smart.

  • happy oppo owner here too - had it for 9 months
    great phone, great battery life

  • Was gonna post this yesterday about to press confirm but then realised wasn't really a deal can get it elsewhere for cheaper

  • A happy user here too… I've had mine for 9 months and it hasn't had any issues.

  • CDTECH10 for 10% off guys.. $385.20 delivered

    item link —> http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/291454218655