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32GB Emtec Click 3.0 USB Drive - $10 @ Australia Post


Saw this on the shelf at my local Australia Post store (VIC) and thought it was cheap for 32GB USB 3.0, no idea on read/write speeds. No indication it was on special or clearance but the smaller 8GB ones were more expensive than this.

Also picked up a couple of odd items in the clearance bin, LED Parking Assist stand, 1.63M outdoor weather station. Both were marked at $5 but scanned for $2.
LED Parking Assist and Weather Station - These may be store specific.

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  • ah this will be store specific.. please do a h2testw on it for read/write speeds :)

  • Would be great if the USB wasn't store specific.

  • The 32GB USB Drive may not be store specific, but those other 2 items looks that way.

    Just copied and paste from macstevi's comment from last year's post on same item for $19.99:

    De-scenting may be required as performance looks quite stinky

    Capacity USB 2.0: 4, 8, 16, 32GB USB 3.0: 8, 16, 32, 64, 128GB
    Read speed USB 2.0 up to 15MB/s USB 3.0 up to 80MB/s
    Write speed USB 2.0 up to 8MB/s USB 3.0 up to 12MB/s


  • Bought mine for 15$ the other day. It was having 3 different price tags on at same time (30$, 20 and 15). The speed is not that great, a bit slower than my WD portable hdd, dont know how to measure accurately thou. But for 32gb 3.0 i cant complain

  • Does this deal offer free postage? Common Aus post make us a deal!

  • Which Aust Post in VIC? Wonder if its nationwide?

  • It's $9.99 only

  • Can this Click be 'Click-n-Collected', or do you have get Australia Post to post the Click?

  • i really need to walk into more australia post stores

  • Emtec are beyond awful when it comes to data storage - don't put ANYTHING on these you can't afford to lose, because chances are good this is going to die within a year.

    Sandisk are bloated price-wise for sure, but there's a middle ground Emtec misses entirely.

    • Humm…..EMTEC make some very high quality storage stuff….every product has some sort of product failure…I would not put them in a bad basket..I've had more trouble with SanDisk….but still use SanDisk and it is fine…

  • Maybe OW still have these floating around - www.ozbargain.com.au/node/193777.
    Same price, half the size, twice the speed, hopefully much more reliable…


      Try to find today in Melbourne QV OW, no stock…

  • 3 left at Crows Nest

  • Bought two……looking at the speed might return one. Half of my other sub 3.0 stick. Worst when using 2.0 slot.

  • I got an 8GB Emtec from Dick Smith, and it failed after the first format I did on it. Took it back and returned it. The 2nd one I got worked for a few weeks, then died again…. Wasn't worth the effort to return the 2nd one since it was free credit I used to get it initially.

  • Went into auburn store and it showed as 15 but scanned as 9.99

  • +2 votes

    I was in the Northam WA Australia Post store today and the staff had just received a print out to mark down a number of items. The Thomson Ipad portfolio case & stand and bluetooth keyboard which was advertized at $12.99 in their catalogue down from $39.99 was marked down again to $6.99. The Logitech m325 wireless mouse was marked down to $4.99 and I also picked up an Isense Ipad shock resistant cover marked down from $9.99 to $1.99. I had not read this thread till after shopping their so will pop back tomoz to see if they have any Emtec 32 gig sticks available and thanks to this forum I usually get to know about mark downs even before the staff at the post office do. Previous Australia Post deals shown here have in the past been state wide from my experience.

  • Thery are in stock in burwood (plaza) nsw. Just bought one.

  • Bought last 2 at Camberwell VIC…will make good linux multi boot drives…not worried about speed…

  • Got 2 at seven hills. There weren't any on the shelves but I asked anyway. The lady said they "sold the last one" but went to the back and then said they had 4 lol. So there should still be 2 left. She asked me how I found out :)

    Also got 2 Logitech k400r for $9.99!

    Edit: blacktown has 7 of those cardboard placecards for them.. you take it to the counter to purchase.. so theoretically they should still have 6. It's marked as $14.99 but I'm sure it'll scan at $10.

  • Couple of my locals have stock

    but waiting till they go to $5

  • so.. these usb drives don't work as a bootable recovery drives.. i've tried with 2 different laptops and both of my usb drives.. no go.. it just freezes at boot :/

    • Really? That's practically unheard of - flash drives are not complicated. Other USB flash drives work fine? You might just have some faulty or badly formatted ones.

      • yeah it's so weird and it happens on both of the ones i got.. i was just using the windows recovery media creator.. using fat32 file system.. same process work flawlessly with the 2x 64gb medion usb 3's i got :/

  • Plenty of stock at burwood plaza NSW for $10.

  • Has anyone seen this price in Perth?