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Acer ES1-411-C1WD 14" Notebook $214.30 (after $39 Cashback) @ JB Hi-Fi


Last time it was this price

Decent Elcheapo laptop.

Acer cashback $39 - Expires 31 July

Key Features
14" widescreen HD (1366 x 768) display
Intel® Celeron N2940 Quad Core 2M Cache, up to 2.25GHz
14" HD Widescreen LED
2GB RAM (1 x 2GB)
Intel® HD Graphics
1 x HDMI
1 x USB2.0, 1 x USB3.0
Headphone/microphone port
SD card reader
Acer Wireless 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
Kensington Lock
Windows 8.1 (64 bit)

Acer E5-571-550E 15.6" Notebook $514.30 after $79 Cashback

Display Size (Inches) - 15.6
Display Type - LED
Processor Type - Intel Core i5
Processor - 5th Gen Intel Dual Core i5
Processor Model Number - 5200U
Processor Memory Cache - 3MB L3
Processor Clock Speed (GHz) - 2.2
Processor Max. Clock Speed (GHz) - 2.7
RAM (GB) - 4
HDD Storage - 1TB
Total Storage - 1TB
Graphics Processor - Intel HD Graphics 4400
HDMI Ports - 1
USB 2.0 Ports - 2
USB 3.0 Ports - 1
USB Ports - 3
Optical Drive - DVD Super Multi
Card Reader - SD
Bluetooth - Yes
Wi-Fi - Intel AC Wi-Fi
Battery Cell Count - 6
Operating System - Windows 8.1

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  • +18

    I picked this up in the last deal.

    Instantly installed an SSD and upped the RAM to 8gb.

    The laptop is excellent, I've set it up for my mum and is extremely fast at doing typical mum style PC tasks (facebook, facebook games, emails and youtube).

    The only dramas I had were problems with the touchpad drivers after the fresh windows install, but there was a solution posted to that in the previous thread. Also, even with the drivers properly installed, the touchpad is pretty shitty, doesn't pick up multi finger gestures well. The only other downside is that wifi protocols are a bit dated, no 5ghz antennas.

    Other than that, it's an excellent laptop for the price, would purchase again if I had a need for it.

    • +3

      100% agree. Once the extra ram was added it's great

      • +1… Installed the recommended Kingston 8GB SODIMM 1.35V RAM and this little (ultra low power) Quad Core notebook absolutely flies.

    • +4

      SSD and 4GB RAM here. Completely changed the machine, super fast.

    • +3

      I am still amazed at how many "business" grade notebooks still aren't coming with 5GHz wifi support, so I think these low cost devices can be forgiven.

    • +1

      I still have mine in stock config. It's noticeably sluggish with Windows 8, however, Ubuntu works quite well.

      • beef up the RAM, Windows needs a lot more ram than Ubuntu.

        4GB should be enough, at least for the tasks you'd want to do with a Celeron

        • I've actually just ditched Ubuntu in favor of Lubuntu. It's much faster. No need to upgrade the ram and hard drive really, not with Lubuntu anyway.

          Edit: Considering putting Chromium OS and Ubuntu MATE on this little machine to test it out. I have two chromebooks with 2GB of ram that run great. I shouldn't have to upgrade the ram for Linux. I did notice Ubuntu and Xubuntu did not play that nicely after updates - they both got sluggish. Lubuntu did not on the other hand and is really snappy.

    • +1

      Where are people buying the RAM from?

      MSY seemed to be only selling pairs. Tell me if I am wrong.

      If I remember correctly, this notebook only has one slot, so you remove the existing RAM and replace it.

      2GB and HDD is scary.

      • +5

        I got mine from MSY, they sell single pieces. Make sure its the LOW VOLTAGE version 1.35v

        • +1

          How did you guys find out you need 1.35v ram? I emailed acer and they told me either 1.35 or 1.5v ddr3 would work but I put in an 8gb 1.5v stick and it wouldn't boot.. just a black screen..
          Any sources to verify only 1.35v ram will work?

      • +6

        I got this one

        • so you have 8+2=10gb in total?
          how many ram slots are there? and whatd be max gb?

        • @melfes: 8gb Max on 1 slot

      • I got 2x8gb off eBay. Used the 15usd off father's day bonus. Came to $134 delivered

    • +3

      lol I pos'd this for the "typical mum style PC tasks" comment.

      But back to the comment itself.. sounds like good bang for buck.

    • +3

      I also installed a SSD and 8GB RAM. Delightful machine and saves me bringing my personal laptop to work every day. Hooked up to a 24" monitor and runs smoothly.
      Awaiting the free Windows 10 upgrade and playing AoE II in the meantime.

      • I've been using it as a Home Theatre Notebook via HDMI to a 55" Sony LCD TV… Works perfectly with Windows 8.1… The scaling works automatically out of the box and much better than when I had a Windows 7 PC (with dedicated graphics card) hooked up to the same TV… Looking forward to seeing what positive changes Windows 10 brings to the table.

    • +1

      I found the wifi to be a bit poor on mine. Also upgraded to SSD and 8GB ram. I found the SSD made a big difference (installed it first) and was already quite usable after that. Graphics struggles a little when plugged into external 1080p TV via HDMI watching 1080p Youtube (low framerates/lag)

    • +2

      RE the touchpad - check your bios.
      I was fiddling with shit and noticed there's a basic and advanced mode for the touchpad.
      Make sure yours is set to advanced and that you have the correct drivers in Windows seeing as you did a fresh install.

    • You can pick up Intel Dual Band modules for $30 off Ebay that'll give you 5ghz wifi, I just grabbed one for my Intel NUC, they should work fine.

    • How much battery life are you getting out of it?

    • Just to clarify, did you get the 14" ES1-411, or the 15.6" E5-571 one as there are 2 laptops listed by the OP. I'm looking for something for my daughter high school Yr9.

  • +4

    I bought 2 of these from the last deal for my mum and dad. They're slow with the stock specs in it. While I haven't upgraded mine yet, I can safely say that it's a bit frustrating to use unless you upgrade the RAM and HDD.

    So…. anyone want to recommend me what SSD and RAM to buy?

    • +5

      Kingston 8gb 1.35V ram for $79 at MSY - works for everyone
      SSD there's usually deals very often on ozbargain which is where I got mine from. NOTE: I didn't realise this when I bought my 850 evo but the laptop only uses SATA2 ports so there really wasn't any need to get a faster (and more expensive) one like my 850 as it won't utilise the faster SATA3 speeds. So just grabbing a cheaper one would be fine and save you a few more bucks :)

      • +1

        Really? how did you find out it only has SATA2? I was going to buy a fast SSD, but if its SATA2 speeds might as well go with whatever is cheapest.

        • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/194067?page=5#comment-2765...

          Basically everything about this laptop was discussed in this previous deal so take a gander :)

        • @mattoo: Thanks! I had been following that thread up to page 5, didn't check until now.

        • Samsung Magician software reports it as SATA 2 connection and displays a note that speed will be 'limited'… In reality, it's still significantly faster than the 500GB Seagate 5400rpm HDD that was in the box.

      • Same here, bought the Samsung 850 EVO 120GB SSD (from Shopping Express OZB deal @ $88 Delivered) and whilst it's Sata II speeds, I still could enable Rapid Mode and noticed an improvement + I like Samsung's reliability from their EVO range and Samsung Magician software is quite useful.

        • What is rapid mode? Might want to check this out

        • @mattoo:

          RAPID mode is paired exclusively with Samsung 840 EVO SSDs (and newer) and available as a feature of the accompanying Samsung
          SSD Magician Software Toolset (version 4.2 and later).

          When enabled, RAPID mode is inserted as a filter driver in the Windows storage stack. The driver actively monitors all
          storage-related activity between and among the operating system, user applications and the SSD. The RAPID technology
          analyzes system traffic and leverages spare system resources (DRAM and CPU) to deliver read acceleration through
          intelligent caching of hot data and write optimization through tight coordination with the SSD.


    • +7

      Sandisk 120gb SSD delivered for $68 from Shopping express:


      8GB DDR3L RAM:

      8G Single 1600 Kingston - 1.35V from MSY for $77

      Total: $145

      You can get 4GB to save costs but I wouldn't recommend it.

      • Does this laptop need a 7mm SSD or would a 9mm also fit???

        This entry level 128GB Sandisk would be fast enough and would do the job well, but keep in mind that durability would be a factor as this would most likely not last as long as better models.

        • +1

          That's definitely true - I don't regret buying my more expensive 850 evo because it should be more reliable and plus I can reuse it in my next laptop/desktop if this cheap laptop breaks. Just generally more future proof :)

        • @mattoo: IIRC, there's some debate regarding the viability of the 840 & 850 evo drives post 1yr…particularly with regard to bricking during FW updates…just check the evo deals for comments to this effect.

      • That SSD is out of stock :(

        Quite a good price for it too.

      • +5

        Yeah.. but then it's a $359 laptop.

  • +1

    Are people replacing the HDD with SSD, or is there room for both. Also does this involve cracking open the case or are there easy to unscrew flaps to access RAM and HDD slots?

    Lastly do any seals get broken indicating that warranty would not be honoured should anything go wrong?

    • +3

      There is room for both since there is a dummy cd drive that you can replace with a HDD/SSD using a caddy.

      You have to unscrew all the 16 screws but after that you have easy access to everything you need. No tamper stickers as well so you won't lose your warranty!

      • +1

        I got this caddy to hold the original HDD in the DVD bay. 9.5mm


        • Thank you Kuro!

        • I've just tried to install a SSD with a caddy but the laptop isn't picking it up at all. Called Acer and they have no idea. Have people successfully used a HDD in a caddy in this laptop? If they have then I've got a defective unit…

        • Double check in BIOS if its picked up. If it is, fiddle around in Windows or even in Storage Management.

          If BIOS doesn't detect it, try unplugging the caddy and replugging it back, restart, etc.

        • @Kuro: I wasn't picked up in BIOS. If it's working for you then I suspect it means I have a dud.

    • +1

      Check out the last post for lots of instructions and benchmarks as well:


      I think you just unscrew the back cover screws (15+ screws) and everything is quite accessible.

      There is space for a slim optical drive but I don't know if that can be re-purposed to hold the SSD and keep the HDD as well.

      • Gee 15+ screws will take a bit of time and energy!

  • +6

    Another upgrade worth doing to this laptop is a good mini pcie Intel wireless card as per @Xenatos' suggestion:


  • +1

    Is that easy migrating software HDD to SSD. Any advice size address for ssd.

  • +1

    Hmmm.. Price matched at HN, got 2 and get $50 from Amex card + $25 Microsoft cashback + $39 Acer cashback = Win.

    • Don't think this has Office for the $25 Cashback.

      • +2

        I think you are right. I just got misled because there is a $25 Microsoft cashback banner on the product page. $50 back from Amex is still good. :)

  • thanks OP, this is a great bargain. Only yesterday I was comparing it to the HP 15-G002AU, which is only dual core but has the same price.

  • +2

    Has anybody tried this computer with Foxtel Go? I have tried a little windows Voyo PC but it's just not fast enough with the atom chip. If this notebook handles it smoothly it would be perfect as a little media centre for me.

    • +2

      Foxtel Go struggles on my laptop, but because it lags a lot, I put that down to a weak wireless card more than processor. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes freezes. Could also be bad software ;-)

    • Foxtel Go works beautifully… so does Kodi :)

      • +1

        Thanks for the feedback! Is it glitchy at all, switching between low and high res? If not, then I think I'll just head out and buy it based on your feedback.

        • +1

          Smooth as once you've upgraded to SSD + 8GB RAM + WiFi AC :)

          Have been running Foxtel Go on 55" Sony (Full Screen mode) for the past few weeks watching Turbo 1 and Turbo 2 with no issues.

          Used the application JetClean to literally 'clean the crap' from the notebook, runs nice and quick.

        • +1

          @Xenatos: thanks man!

  • Do you think I can play Sims 4 on this machine?

    • Highly unlikely, would run terribly.

    • Here's a video of sims 4 running on a HD 4400 based machine. Same res as this laptop as well. Doesnt perform too badly it seems.


      Edit: Oops… the 4400 is in the more expensive machine listed above, didnt realise there were two laptops in this listing.

  • +2

    damn…picked up the $238 (pre-cash back) dual core from Goodguys less than a week ago :(

  • +15

    My quick take on this laptop: If you need a fast simple laptop for school/uni work then this is pretty much perfect. Probably can't game on it though.

    Something that I learnt is that what are looking for in a cheap laptop is a decent cpu, portability and good battery life. This Acer one is perfect with it's power efficient Celeron quad core cpu, 2kg weight and at least 6 hours battery life (for me anyway).

    After that, you can slap on 8gb ram and a 120gb ssd for ~$150 and this will give you essentially a pseudo-ultrabook fast laptop for under $400. I was worried because I am a newbie who's never upgraded a laptop before but it is very upgrade friendly after you patiently get past those 16 screws as you will have easy access to the ram and hdd and also theres no tamper stickers inside so warranty isn't an issue. It is light, loads up fast, gets everything I need done (handles web browsing, HD youtube vids, word, etc) and can last a whole day quite easily (again for me at least). It's also a good looking laptop imo, if you're into that. It comes with Windows 8.1 with Bing which gets a free upgrade to Windows 10 as well.

    Things that specs won't tell you: It has a really nice and responsive trackpad (surprised me for a budget laptop like this) with multi-touch scrolling and pinch zoom and a nice keyboard too. Keys are large and I like the tactile feedback. Screen is bright enough for me.

    TLDR: Get one, upgrade ASAP, and enjoy one of the best investments you can make :)

    • Couldn't have said it better myself!

  • +1

    i was thinking to price match it in harvey norman but i still need to spend $50 to reach $300 for $50 cash back, any recommendations?

    • +1

      Some new headphones maybe? I'd call Harvey Norman prior. Some don't price match.

      See my post on the second thread.

      Harvey Norman Browns Plains blatantly refused to price match.
      Harvey Norman Garden City was happy to price match.

      HN GC contacted HN BP to see why they wouldn't price match and HN BP told HN GC that it was under price.
      HN GC told me to come and drive to them before they close to pickup 2 x Laptops. Even waited 10 minutes after closing time for me.

      I've made a complaint on HN BP and have put in a positive customer feedback for the manager of HN Garden City.
      Really pissed of at HN BP.

      • +2

        If I were you, just start a live chat with Harvey Norman online and they will price match for you. They send an email with the price, you print it then bring it in store

  • +1

    Do you know if these have gigabit Ethernet?

    • Yes

  • This model seems to come with SSD as per specs (i believe it's not big capacity)
    RAM (GB) - 2
    SSD Storage - 16GB

    • Isn't it 500GB HDD?
      I doubt 16GB is a thing on Windows machines anyway cause the Windows 8.1 64bit REQUIRES 20GB minimum, so 16 just isn't remotely possible.

      • Sorry for confusion. It was for another post.

  • Whats the best upgrade (to speed up this thing) if I were to only choose 1: 4gb ram, 8gb ram, 128gb ssd?

    • +5

      The RAM definitely. 2GB of RAM it comes with couldn't handle anymore than 1 tab in Chrome for me before it started crawling.

      You'd get away with 4gb, but if you didn't think it was as fast as you expected and wanted the 8gb afterwards… you've pissed away the money for the 4gb seeing as there's only one slot.
      I went for 8gb and I'd recommend it.

      The stock HDD doesn't hold the laptop back but the SSD is a nice upgrade for added performance and also battery life.

      • Thanks for the advice!

        • No probs :)

  • +3

    I did, as most others, upgrade to 8gb RAM and a 120gb SSD.
    The laptop absolutely flies for basic stuff now.

    Using Office, opening a heap of tabs in Chrome/IE etc… works great.
    HD videos on youtube or in VLC or whatever would perfect too.

    I like the keyboard on it too and I normally hate laptop keyboards as I always find them hard to type quickly on.
    I'm not a huge fan of the touchpad only because of the left/right button is all in one… I hate that on virtually any laptop as I always left-click when I'm right-clicking with these.

    Without the ram and SSD, it was pretty awful.
    But it really is night and day between the experience/performance from before and after.

    Definitely recommend one if you're looking for a cheap, portable, nice looking laptop that has a decent sized screen and excellent battery life.

    • +1

      Gigabit Ethernet? May sound like a stupid question but my friend recently bought a Brand new Dell budget Laptop and it only had 100Mb!!

      • +1

        I haven't tested it as it's been on wireless, but yeah it's gigabit.

      • Then he should take it back to Dell and demand a refund, using 100mbs should be a crime now.

  • Would a 9mm SSD fit in this, or has to be a 7mm.?????

    • +1

      No I believe it needs 7mm which is what the stock HDD is. But if your SSD is 9.5mm chances are it's just the casing. I had an old OCZ Vertex which needed to go into an ultra-portable (7mm), I just unscrewed the casing and wallah! Fit with room to spare! 18 months on that already-old SSD is still purring along fine (which is actually quite amazing considering its OCZ lol)

      BTW, these are the laptops I sold my 500GB drives from as discussed previously in PM :)

      • I thought you were referring to these bargain machines. Might get one just to play around with as I have a decent laptop that I only have 4GB 1.35V Ram in and need to up that to 8GB. So I will swap out the ram to the Acer, have a spare OCZ Agility 3 ( 9-9.5mm but might fit ), otherwise a Samsung 840 and later try out a new wireless card too.

        Thanks for your help, I have just read though last months earlier posts and your a good help there too. Any updates on getting the free upgrade to Windows 10 for this, I read somewhere that W8.1 with Bing might also get some love for qualifying machines.

        • I can confirm free upgrade to win 10. Bought this laptop in the previous deal and have had the notification to reserve a download from microsoft.

        • @debauched sloth: how did you go about registering/reserving from win 10 upgrade?

  • Can the quad core version handle bf4?