This was posted 9 years 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax & Others $16 Supercheap Auto from 1/7/15


Great car wash reduced to a reasonable price once again! Not quite as cheap as the $15 price it was a long time ago, but $16 isn't bad either. The Ultimate wash and wax is currently at $29.99 so definitely don't buy it unless on special.

Also have Meguiars Gold Class, NXT and Soft wash gel (don't know much about these ones - but they are also $16.

The Ultimate wash and wax (yellow one) smells absolutely amazing too - you could almost drink it!

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    Just ran out the other day. Thanks op

  • Thanks OP, which is the best one to get?

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      Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash

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      • Agreed. Great product and smells like Cherries (or at least; Imitation Cherry)

        Suds up well and does provide better durability compared to the standard wash (pink bottle).

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      I got two of the yellow ones last time, they smell great!
      Also seem to clean the car well too. :)

      Thanks OP will get some more on sale.

      • Yep the wash and wax (yellow ones) are pretty good.

        It saves me needing to wax it after each wash, not as good as proper wax, but still beads for a week or two between washes.

  • Not as cheap, but also have a look at the Bowden's Own Range.
    Australian made, and some of the best car care you can get… much better value for money, and works better than most of the name brands.

    • While some of their products are top notch (Love the wheel cleaner), I think the Megs Gold Class is better value (More washes per bottle). In saying that, I haven't actually used their Auto Body Gel so take this with a grain of salt.

  • Which one does everyone recommend?

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    I have been using The Ultimate wash and wax (yellow one) since 1 year now. It smells great as everyone has already mentioned and also cleans the car perfectly for me. I bought that after some research on whirlpool forums and this seemed a pretty popular choice.

    • It's decent. I buy it when on sale. Otherwise, I use 3D Pink Soap. Quite cheap when you buy it by the 4L big bottle

  • Can second the yellow one (Megs Ultimate Wash and Wax) - great stuff!

    Btw, what do you guys use after washing your car? I heard this Nu Finish stuff is okay, never used it though… any ideas?

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      I just waxed my car on the weekend, so I can definitely recommend Mothers Clay Bar (…). The finish is super smooth (I rested the spray bottle on my bonnet and it slid off!) and the car still looks immaculate today even though I was driving it around in the rain yesterday.

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        Can also recommend the mothers clay bar, great results!
        (Note: Clay before Waxing - see here:

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        You can buy clay bars dirt cheap on eBay if you are happy to wait.

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          How are the ebay clay bars vs branded clay bars? I heard they mar the paint more, can you direct me to a seller that you usually buy from?

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          I've bought a couple from a range of sellers and they have all been the same. I've never used branded bars, but have been very happy with eBay bars.

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      used to use Meguiar's Ultimate Wax. easy to apply, looks good for a while but doesn't last long. now use Wolf's Chemicals Hard Body or Bodyguard sealant ever 1-1.5 years. after every wash i'll use The Mask from Wolf's which is a water soluble gel that hardens to a clear glossy coating to help protect from bugs, droppings and stone chips

      • Where can i get "the mask"from? would love something like that!

    • I tried some of this a couple of years back and it's pretty damn good.…

      Had to get it from ebay as no local distributors and it was $30 or thereabouts. The only trick is that you have to use it as per the instructions, it works the opposite of other polishes in that your car needs to be hot before applying and then you need to keep it in the sun for 6 hours or so afterwards. And polish in straight lines not a circular motion. Have done the missus' car and mine, hers is silver, mine is red and they both look like brand new. And it seems to last a lot longer than normal polishes too. I try to do both cars once a year.

      (edit: just checked the latest Ebay prices and it's about $50 USD including postage)

  • Is there much difference between Meguires and the Armour All Wash and Wax?

    For about $30 you can get 5L of the Armour All which to me seems good value. Has anyone tried both products? Is it worth getting the Meguires?

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      I have used Armour All Wash and Wax all my life, tried the Ultimate Was and Wax several months ago, I will never go back to Armour All.

  • If you can find it Eagle One 8Nano Wax As-U-Wash is the best car wash i have ever used…

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    get either gold class or nxt gen shampoo and a separate wax/sealant product.

  • Almost running out of the mothers wash and wax. It has been great. I will give meguiars a go this time. Cheers OP.

  • keep eyes on this

  • A little off topic but I heard the turtle wax ice was pretty amazing stuff… Which I was surprised to hear given it's turtle wax. Anyone had experience?

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      Not really off topic given it's also in the above group of $16 sale items.

      I'd be interested too…I always discounted turtle wax as cheap rubbish.

  • Nice one, Thanks OP

  • the yellow one is the best

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    purple smells good

  • How does this compare with the Armor all car wash? Never used the expensive brands, but if it is good I will try it.

    • Armor all is rubbish if compare to this one :D

  • Any recommendation on the interior cleaner and deodoriser?

  • Which one is best value 4 money??

  • Meguiars is probably the best over the counter shampoo out there. For those asking which is better it is a matter of personal preference. Each one has its own advantages. For those that wax maybe the Gold or NXT. Non waxers try the Ultimate to add a little bit of extra protection between washes.

  • Looks like OP even drinks this one. So this should be good. I will get one and try too.

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    Dammit, now I want to buy just so I can smell how amazing it is!

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    if you're upgrading from weaksauce stuff like Armour All then you're probably using a foam sponge. So don't forget to buy a wool 'sponge' as well. Those cheap foam ones just scratch your car. Auto shops should sell them.

    • Or you can get the wool mit as well. I have been using it for quite a while and will never go back to a sponge.

  • I believe supercheap members would be credited back the amount if they paid full price for these items, which they can use it to buy this = bargain?

    • If it was within 2 weeks of purchase, yes.

  • How's the Meguiars(yellow one) wash compared to NuFinish wash?
    I have used Meguiars NXT (purple)2.0 wax…and it is brilliant.

  • The Mothers Wash and Wax is also included in this deal which is also a really good product.

  • I tried the Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax on the weekend, and I found the results..pretty average..

    I usually used Turtle Wax and found that really good. Water would bead and wax would last a decent amount of time.…

    I'm not sure if I'm using it wrong? Maybe I should use turtle wax after Meguiars as well?

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      yeah that's kinda why wash & wax combo products aren't the best.

      the turtle wax product you linked is a rinseless one so you would only need to buff dry with a microfibre towel. are you rising off the meguiars product?

      • yes I'm rinsing - as per instructions - a steady rinse for sheeting effect. Should I not do that? Should it just be buffed dry?

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