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70+ Items Sewing Kit $1.72 Delivered @ Staples


Thanks to silent1 for this comment and chris456 for this post.

sewing kit contains

  • 40 Berry pins
  • Tape measure
  • Needle threader
  • 8 needles
  • Thimble
  • Tracing wheel
  • Dress maker pencil
  • Button hole cutter
  • Strawberry pin cushion and emery
  • 10 Coloured threads
  • Buttons
  • Safety pins
  • Snap lock fasteners
  • Scissors
  • Easy to store case.

Great for the beginner or perfect for the handy sewer.

Edit : It's actually more than 70 items. E.g. 10 thread rolls + 40 berry pins.

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  • I dont know how to Sew :(

    • +27

      Sew what ?

  • +3

    Only 12331 in stock…

    • Will be Ozbargained shortly.

    • +13

      Now that it's on Ozbargain, pretty soon stock levels will be hanging on by a thread…

  • Thanks op, bought 50.

    • +1

      Did you do that just for free shipping? Or do you actually need that much sewing stuff.

    • Thanks op, bought 50.

      So, where did you enter the free shipping code?

      • s/he wouldn't need one as his/her order would have been over $55 ;)

  • +1

    "12,331 in stock"

    Quick, grab one before they run out. ;)
    Edit - beaten.
    Damn you JV… are you permanently attached to a PC, smart phone, etc?

    • +6

      are you permanently attached to a PC, smart phone, etc?


    • about 8k in stock now. Wow did ozbargain buy 4 thousand sewing kits? haha

  • +1

    "register and receive $10 off your first order"

    then registration email says "$10 off their first order of $65 or more"

    that's a lot of sewing kits..

  • I bought three. Thanks! One for my gran (Even though she has my red sewing kit), But she's not giving it back. One for my dad and one for me.

    Note: This kit is missing sewing chalk. I think I'm gonna get some new ones.

    • This kit is missing sewing chalk

      use the Dress maker pencil instead… same difference…

  • The girlfriend was just asking for one of these yesterday. Thanks OP, bought 2!

    • +33

      Who's your other girlfriend?

      • -7

        One for himself, duh!!!

    • +8

      your wife should be happy too

      • +1

        Lol, this one's particularly demanding and I can't pass on a true bargain.

  • +1

    Bought 3. Scissors might come in handy. :D

  • +4

    Where do I type "FDJULY15"? For free shipping?

    • +4

      You need to have an account and log in. It will be on the check out screen

    • +3

      dont do guest checkout , register an account instead , it will show up

    • +3

      you have to sign up for an account first, then promo code field will show at checkout

  • Yup one more might need it one day category product bought thanks OP

  • +3

    So no cable ties then?

  • +12

    I never thought I would be excited to buy a sewing kit at 1am, let alone 3 of them….

    • +2

      Imagine all the possibilities!giggles

    • I'm laughing at your comment and good to know there is someone else browsing OzB at 1am, ha!

  • +3

    Aww no paying by Paypal?

  • +12

    Did I really just buy a sewing kit at 1:45AM?

  • +1

    Where should i put the code?

    • +2

      Must sign in

      • +1

        Dammit, this should be told by op.

        I've just ordered it without the code, thinking that iI will use the code on the next page, but no, order submitted, what?!

  • +3

    You have to register an account to use the code.
    When checking out there is a box.
    Also just noticed 2 charges one for the items and another for $1
    more research required mmmmmmm……

    • +1

      As per last Staples post, they only charge you when they send it out (so if sitting on back order, no charge for that item yet), also if coming from different warehouses or on different days then the payment will be split again. So yeah you get strange $0.63 type charges to your credit card but I haven't been overcharged with actual fully processed CC charges thus far (I take advantage of every free shipping offer through them as they normally charge heaps for rural deliveries).

    • -1

      Yes they charged $1 extra. Hope this is card authorization that will go away in few days else I have to dispute that charge.

      • -1

        I got this $1 extra separate charge as well. I don't know what to do. ARGH what a waste of $1.

    • +1

      The $1 is just card authorisation.

  • Bought 2 and a stack of art gear, cheers Monty!

  • Ordered two, thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP, got some for mum

  • Don't count on the thread being much good, but it will more than likely get you out of a fix.

    Otherwise a good find!

  • Nice find. Thanks.

  • -1

    Best thread for sew

  • +2

    How many zip ties?

  • +1

    The scissors are actually pretty good, the thread is highly debatable though… Was lucky enough to pick up a couple from their "clearance" last time https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/169045

    • What are the pins like, reasonable quality?

  • Great find; thanks Monty. Also look at gloves; just bought that and 9 pairs of rigger gloves for a nudge over ten bucks.

  • I was just marvelling that I had no needle and thread to reattach a button. Thanks!

  • thanks monty, great find. just ordered 2!!

  • Thanks OP. I needled a new sewing kit!
    (I was actually looking for a new set. :P )

  • Thanks OP, just bought a few.

    My order status shows nothing (blank), I assume it updates when they actually process the order, can anyone confirm that's used Staples before?

  • Thanks, got 2

  • -5

    Got as far as payment then found no Paypal… Now deleting my Staples account as have no use for it. Thanks anyway.

    • -1

      That doesn't sound like a logical move to me

      • -2

        wait till your Credit Card details have been stolen by websites and we'll see if you will be more cautious.

        • +2

          cant guarantee if Paypal site is hacked and CC details are stolen

        • -2

          @baazighar: perhaps, however I am sure paypal will offer compensation whereas a small operator will Not.

        • +2

          @Logical: lol Staples aren't exactly a "small operator." and they've been around a lot longer than Paypal.

          all the credit card companies and/or issuing banks have customer protection provided you're timely in reporting any breaches.

  • +1

    I don't sew but bought two because… ozbargain

    • +2

      time to learn how to sew!
      very useful skill.

  • +1

    Are there any bargains?

  • +3

    Thanks OP, bought one.
    Proper measurement tape finally. I was using those free paper measurement tapes from IKEA they didn't last long…

  • Thanks, ordered one :)

  • Thanks, just got two!

  • nice… Now I can hem up my trousers.

  • Thanks, bought few…

  • +2

    Darn it, just got stitched up by OzB again.

  • +3

    this is an awesome thread!

  • -6

    $5.50 surcharge for order under $55 - too bad

    • +3

      learn to read?

      • -6

        learn to piss?

        • +3

          a pissweak comeback, if ever i heard one.

    • +1

      register first, then u can put the code

  • -1

    you wait for the pricing error email, i dont think they will honor this..

  • +3

    Got two.
    Beats me why. just more things that won't be used and will only clutter the house.

  • You have to have an account and be logged in to be able to use a coupon/discount code

  • been looking for these since last month. thx op. regular price at woollies around $6-7

  • Bought the sewing kit and some of these System Cards (cue cards) for a great price! Free shipping definitely makes it worth buying!

  • Thanks OP! Grabbed 2.

  • -1

    Does this code give you free shipping?

    • maybe. if you ask it nicely enough.

      (you have to register an account before you see a box in your cart page to enter the coupon)

  • How many cable ties?

  • Bought one of these previously. Items are decent quality, better than the disposable sets you get from hotels. Also, delivery was via a courier, so pretty quick and avoids auspost. Recommended.

  • Kris kindle for this sorted sorted out :-)

  • +2

    Can't believe they had like 12300 in stock, can't even be ozbargained..

    • Make em free and watch em fly out! Nothing is too hard at OZB!

  • Less the 5 i grabbed…

    7194 in stock!

    Thanks OP!

  • -2

    Anyone else been overcharged?
    Bought 2 @ $1.72, then got charged an extra $1 on my c/card.

    • it's not an overcharge. the $1 is a credit card authorisation.

  • So what else can I buy from Stables?

    • +7

      a horse?

  • -2

    $11 surcharge for deliver….. wow, even after adding the code?? any suggestions am I doing something wrong, just not worth it for a couple of cheap sewing kits :-(

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