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Free $10 Voucher to Spend Instore at Godfreys This Weekend - No Minimum Spend


$10 to spend on whatever you want instore at Godfreys - no minumum spend! Available only for instore purchases this weekend (Aug 1st & 2nd) at Godfreys stores.
Voucher can be downloaded from Godfreys website, simply present it instore on your phone to claim (or you can print if you'd prefer).

Full terms & conditions:
1) This voucher only valid for Saturday 1/8/15 and Sunday 2/8/15
2) Strictly limited to one voucher per customer
3) Strictly limited to one voucher per transaction
4) Available instore only
5) This voucher entitles the bearer to $10 off the total transaction value
6) No minimum spend required
7) Only available at participating Godfreys stores
8) No change will be given
9) Cannot be exchanged for cash
10) Cannot be used for rain checks, discount applies to instore stock only

Mod: Users are reporting some stores are declining the voucher use for vacuum bags and/or sale items, please see comments.

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  • +11

    brings a 4 pack of Miele bags down to $12.50

    • +1

      that's exactly what I wanted to get :)

    • My exact first thought :)

    • Same here. Miele bags are rarely on sale

      • +3

        Bags are excluded along with sale items(Hoppers Crossing ,Vic) and the store rep is suddenly AWOL. Wasted time and fuel and I want it back

        Should not have trusted anything coming out of Godfreys. It's too good to be true

        • +3

          Was at the same store

          Picked up Miele bags, head to cashier

          Staff: It's normally $27.50, but you can have it for $22.50
          Me: Okay, I've a voucher for $10 off
          Staff: Oh, but it needs to be printed
          Me: No, it doesn't
          Staff: Okay, but I can't apply two discounts on a product. I'll reduce $10 off the original price of $27.50
          Staff then tells another staff "Make sure you take the voucher's code so he can't re-usue it"
          Me: ….. I think it's generic……


        • @shesaidshewas18:
          The prices shown on the godfreys site should be what they are in store… max $22.50 and less the $10 if you are lucky??
          Where did he get the $27.50 from?
          I hear they are going up in price but the rise has not happened yet.

        • @xywolap:

          bait and switch!!!

        • @xywolap:
          They don't have any price tags in store for any bags which I believe is not the right practice or maybe illegal. I didn't press on because didn't want to keep arguing.

        • @Rockhard:
          the rep on here has stated that the online prices are the shop prices.

    • +4

      These will be very popular I expect and will be interesting to see how they handle selling them at $12.50 per box.
      Will they be suddenly out of stock??

    • +3

      just went to Hurstville Westfield shop, was told bags are excluded.

      • +2

        Nor "Items on sale"
        Just waiting for my vote to be revoked so I can neg it too.

      • +1

        As expected… :-(

        • Surprise… surprise.. Popped into my local store when down shopping and asked for a box of miele bags, presented the coupon and walla.. $12.50 thank you.
          Salesperson was ok… explained that selling them at this price costs them but everyday advertising costs them too but with that there is no guarantee that you will get people in the door.
          He knew there was no exclusion with the offer, just as it says.

      • +1

        I went there too, that bloke wasn't even mildly interested in serving me as soon as he saw me with a voucher in hand. He just asked me what do i want, errr FJM Miele bags? Waited for 5 minutes while he's trying to sell someone a vacuum cleaner, checked here and walked out.

        Revoked my + vote.

    • +4

      After godfreys being cry babies and not letting me use the voucher on bags, I went down to the local harvey norman and they were doing 3 boxes for $48.99. So effectively came down to $16.33 per box. I wasn't too sad to pay that. I can post receipt if anyone is desperate.

      • +1

        Even better - put it in a new post & add a "better then dodgy Godfreys <insert link to this post""

    • Hmmm, looks like I was lucky - I picked up the bags with the discount. Garden City Brisbane store.

  • +2

    Hopefully they have this in store :) Ceramic Plated Iron

    • Need a new iron!

    • +2

      Anything else for under $10?

      • some PARTS and some cleaners and many filters. Or it goes a long way in meeting the cost of some filters not the $80-00 DOLLAR ONES.

    • +10

      go in with a friend and get 2 and then you have a new sandwich press.

      • "Strictly one voucher per transaction" boohoo :(

    • Aww yeah, free iron! :D

  • where is your biggest store near postcode 2173?

  • Are online prices same as in store prices?

    • +3

      Hi there,
      Yes they are, unless item is clearly marked as 'Online Only special'.

  • +1

    Excellent stuff - Pop in and get anything that is 10 or less for free :) i like

    • +3

      The skeptic in me thinks the stores will begrudgingly follow this offer, but 'coincidently' have nothing visible for sale at or under $10. My tip would be to go to a store on Friday, distract the salesman and hide the product (like the iron) somewhere where you can grab it the next day.

      Link to the voucher here btw: http://www.godfreys.com.au/10-voucher-promo-aug1-2-2015

      • But then comment here so the rep get the system price updated….

  • Anything that costs around $11? ;)

  • Condition 6 states "Only available at participating Godfreys stores"
    How do I identify those stores that are participating?

      • +2

        quite obvious that some store managers are picking their own conditions with the vouchers that you are promoting…which inevitably makes you look foolish and reflect badly upon the company

        • +1

          When running a campaign like this you would expect a business make some effort to get things straight with their stores.. otherwise what is intended as promoting business can have the adverse effect, just like it has with many here.

  • +3

    Hopefully no pushy salespeople as usual trying to sell you a Wiertiem or Sauber vac!

  • +11

    this deal definitely doesnt suck

  • +1

    Yay, we can get 10 x $1 vaccums

    • +2

      its now $9…….

      • +2

        They already know how ozbargainers work!

    • +1

      Nice one. Rep loves you already.

  • any recommendation for HANDHELD VACS ?

    • +1

      Dyson. Which Godfreys doesn't sell as they can't earn big fat commissions from selling them.

  • Thanks a lot op,

    Does everyone get the same voucher code?

  • seeems each voucher has same code [19900189].. how store will going to find and accept?

    closest purchase for $10..


  • +2

    Thanks op. I like the option of not having to print it. Wish all companies did that. It's pointless in the digital age.

  • +1
    • +3

      404 :(

      • +1

        Rep at work?

  • 39 bucks for the "Steamy Wonder" mop is tempting…

    • Sounds good, but you've got to be blind to use it.

    • IT has 12 month warrenty not 3 as SuperHero has ?

  • -1

    You can get a good handheld for $9.


  • +8

    $10 worth of gum from the front counter.

  • +3

    I bet some stores will have no clue about it and not accept it.

    • +5

      This was sent to my email as a subscriber. I am thinking the exact thing. Suddenly nothing under $10 in the store. Let us know please who ever goes. No offence Godfreys but your sales guys put me off even for $10.

      • but your sales guys put me off even for $10. Scorpiogirl.

        I have experienced 2 good- ones, I I'd go back to & 3 "don't" even look into the shop. The worst one wouldn't look up own stock for a hoover belt which we had brought in?* Here I would actually agree with commisioned sale bonuses. Those who try, can and get paid well [repeate clients]. Oh well.

  • +1


    (profanity) this phone sucks.

    I went into Godfrey's Traralgon yesterday and now I think I don't want to participate.

    LS:- I'm a carer, I've been waiting months for your upright hoover/handheld to go back on sale - then OMFG stars align and its $90 AND a $10 voucher!?! Go in to make sure you have them in stock and get told I can't use the voucher unless I print it.

    So I weigh up - 10c to print, plus one sheet of paper, to be scanned, then probably binned. 1 piece of paper per person who uses this deal, just in Traralgon?

    I estimate one tree per state, if we are lucky, for this deal if every store is the same.

    Worth it? Not really.

    Spend the extra $10 AND give you the sale? On principle, No.

    TLDR: Can't use voucher in Traralgon without hurting the environment.

    • If the paper is already sat there what difference does it make.

    • +1

      The deal says : HOW TO REDEEM:

      Take the voucher instore (either a printed version or on your mobile device)

      • You think I didn't point that out?

        Why do you think I'm complaining? I felt so stupid :(

        • +1

          The person in store is stupid if they can't understand that it says you can use mobile device.
          Hopefully other stores aren't that backwards.
          I can understand if they are avoiding a sale on a $10 item but you actually want to buy something that possibly has margin in it.

        • @xsacha: sorry missed the plus + button.

        • This was a stupid campaign. I rocked up to the place and they said coupon applicable only on full priced items. What a bummer !

  • +4

    Just tried to use it "It's not applicable to items on sale"
    What's not "On Sale" ??? dodgy dodgy dodgy

  • +5

    Godfreys never stop disappointing me. Staff at the hoppers crossing store told me bags are excluded. Voucher is only valid for machines.

    • +4

      I was going to report the post to the Ops, but I reckon it's better leaving it posted so others can see how dodgy this "deal" is.

  • +5


    how ridiculous that it says on their website: "You can spend this voucher on whatever you want in a Godfreys store this weekend, including vacuums, steam mops, carpet shampooers, accessories - anything you want!"

  • +3

    Worked for me getting 5x bag pack for my Hoover Smart vacuum cleaner. $16.95 down to $6.95. This was at Mt Ommaney QLD store, service was really friendly. Tried to upsell me to a high density filtration universal adapter thingy for vacuums, but all good when I declined. Good service at that store :)

    • +2

      good on you

    • +3

      Wish all their stores were as consistent.

    • +1

      Exactly what happened to me at the Glendale NSW store. Salesperson was ok… tried the up sell on the same gadget but was fine when I said I would think about it.
      Sure looks like some stores have their own opinion on the deal.

  • +3

    $10 to spend on whatever you want instore at Godfreys

    Not 100% correct OP. Taylors Lakes store (VIC) only allows it to be used on full-priced items :(

  • +3

    Highpoint also said only available to be used on vacuum cleaners so I couldn't redeem

  • is the 7.2v handheld vacuum any good?

  • Oh I went to Camberfield (Nthn Melborune) It worked on a 1/2 price vaccy. (I forgot to ask about accessories)
    I was actually ready for a fight as the t&c on the voucher & their website don't have any such exclusions.
    They entered the code into the POS & it took the price off. SO I wonder why the staff would care?

    So I'd argue & ask to speak to the manager if they're excluding things such as assessories, etc
    Tell them you'll record their refusal & report them to consumer affairs & ACCC for deceptive & misleading advertising.

    • +1

      Probably working on descetion of local store manager. I would guess the underperforming stores would be tighter on the vouchers. That or the managers are greedy. However this voucher has come from HQ :/

      Godfreys is not a franchise business. I don't know why their stores are so inconsistent.

      • Because they truly suck.

      • +1

        Actually, some of the stores are franchised. That's what the guy at the store I visited today said.

      • -1

        They are franchised.

  • +3

    Hi, went in today to buy a steam mop and wanted to buy some bags as well. Apparently even though my husband and I had a voucher each we don't count as separate customers! Would love the rep to clarify this as last time I looked we were separate people!

    • You are right..
      We went in separately and got a box of bags each just in case they tried this trick.

  • +1

    Was told discount is off full prices only

  • +2

    I went into my store this morning in Cannington WA and got a bottle of good bathroom cleaner which was $9.95 for free, no probs. They showed my a few cleaners but I told them I wasn't looking for a new one and they were fine with that. I have used the bathroom spray before and it's really good and a big bottle so was a great deal for me.

  • +4

    Godfreys are dodgy liars. Always have been.
    I never trusted them again after being bullshitted into buying an expensive piece of sh!t Wertheim in the 90's that proceeded to fall to pieces immediately with no warranty support. Just lies from assholes.
    Godfreys = high pressure sales bullshit artistes. Good "honest seeming" ads from an appalling company.
    Suck my balls Godfreys, you will never get another significant sale from me in this lifetime.
    Apart that they are great Lol.

  • +3

    Rep - you need to speak with your general manger (operations) as your stores vary so bloody much with this….how can one store I visit only accept the voucher for full priced items then another store 15 minutes away accept them for everything?
    It was the first and last time I walk into a Godfreys store.

    and FYI - the full terms & conditions on that page has been reported

    • +2

      And another said its only for vacuums.

    • +2

      Rep? You mean phantom?

  • Bought some bags and this $19.95 Clean Up Mini Attachment Kit http://www.godfreys.com.au/clean-up-mini-attachment-kit-1. Appears to be just the thing I've been looking for, for small hard to reach places like computers and electronic equipment that I'd rather/can not move/disturb. Haven't yet had a chance to open/use it but reviews are good and if you don't trust Godfreys (I don't but maybe sales/products differ by store) it is also available/reviewed on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Micro-Vacuum-Attachment-Kit-Piece/dp/B000BSJCLY and eBay for a similar price. I suggest calling ahead to check with "Superstore" that have a much more stock than ordinary stores. That's what they told me to do over the phone. There were 1/2 dozen left on shelf at Punchbowl NSW around midday after I bought mine.

  • Looks like I'll be calling a few stores before I go in tomorrow. Anyone have the voucher accepted for bags around North Brisbane?

  • See this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/205250#comment-2946031

    Their dirty shenanigans are evident for all to see. Every deal that got posted on OzB had prices jacked up. Coincidental? I think not. Come out of hiding and answers some questions reppie dude… hope you and your dodgy company are don't make a return on OzB. OzB'ers hate being treated with contempt and disrespect, and stupid and gullible fools we ain't!

  • If the store says the voucher doesn't work for items on special, or it has to be on a vacuum, is there anything you can do?

    Like saying it's not on the terms and conditions or something? Cheers.

    • Perhaps you can show them this: http://www.godfreys.com.au/10-voucher-promo-aug1-2-2015

      "You can spend this voucher on whatever you want in a Godfreys store this weekend, including vacuums, steam mops, carpet shampooers, accessories - anything you want!" as mentioned on the website.

  • Went to the Casula store, walk in and outta there with my FJM bags in 45 seconds. They even accept Amex.