This was posted 8 years 8 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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AmEx Statement Credits: Dan Murphy's ($15), Ecruising Travel ($100), Milan Direct ($50)


Dan's Murphy Maximum registrations reached.

Spend $100 Or More, Get $15
Register an eligible Card and spend $100 in one or more transactions, online or in-store at Dan Murphy's, between 4 August and 31 August 2015, and receive a $15 statement credit. This offer is limited to the first 10,000 Cards to register.


Ecruising Travel

Spend $500 Or More, Get $100 Back
Register an eligible Card, spend $500 or more on that Card, in one or more transactions, online at Ecruising or via telephone, between 4 August and 26 October 2015 and receive one $100 statement credit. This offer is limited to the first 5,000 Cards to register.


Milan Direct

Spend $300 Or More, Get $50 Back
You have successfully registered your American Express Card.
All you need to do now is spend $300 or more on that Card in one or more transactions, online at Milan Direct, by 5 October 2015, and you will receive one $50 statement credit.


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AmEx Statement Offers
AmEx Statement Offers

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  • +3

    Awesome OP, cheers. It's great how 'versatile' DM giftcards are…

    • Versatile? Looks like DM online giftcards are only redeemable at Dan Murphy's online and physical giftcards only redeemable at Dan Murphy's and BWS.
      What am I missing?

      • +9

        Physical Dan's gift cards can be used at all WW-related stores, same as Wish gift card.

        • Good to know. Thanks

        • Question: Can they be ordered online? Or do you have to go instore get purchase the gift cards?

        • @SuiCid3: instore only

        • I tried to use a Dan's gift card at Woolworth, and was told that I cannot use it at Woolworth.

          mentioned Dan's gift cards only redeemable at Dans & BWS.

          However, they may not have changed their system to reflect this.

        • @Future Kids: not sure, but I bought a DM's gift card 2 hours ago, and used it to shop at Wollies 5 minutes after with no trouble…

    • Do they sell Wish gift cards?

      • +1

        You Wish…

    • -4

      The T&C states that gift cards are excluded from the offer. Can someone please confirm? Thanks! :)

      The following transactions are not considered eligible spend for the purposes of the Offer:
      1. Purchasing a merchant’s goods through a third party. For example through an online aggregator (e.g. PayPal) or retailer;
      2. Returned items;
      3. Transactions which are subsequently cancelled or refunded; and
      4. Purchasing Gift Cards from the merchant.

      • Yes the T&C's say that.

        But it could just be an error of their judgement.

        I mean happens often, we say things that shouldnt be done such as steal or use other people's money but people do it anyways, esp the ones in high power or are supposed to be fair.

      • +4

        it works, have done it previously for dan, vintage, david jones, myer etc

        • Cool - thanks!

      • +2

        Not sure why you got down voted?

      • I bought one last night from Dan Murphys, still havent received credit and offer is still active on my account. So they may have figured out how to recognise gift card purchases.

        • I would wait longer before making that conclusion though

          Just like how there have not been one single boat in Australia thus the government have successfully stopped the boats yeah?

        • The day I registered, I got the 50 buck dimple online (with Amex) then next day went in picked up and got a $50 giftcard. No email from Amex. Today I went in and got $100 gift card on different registered AMEX and agin no email. Both def registered. weird as email usually arrives instantly. On a side note when I got a $100 GC on Amex at Liqourland (last month) I didnt get email so I rang ANZ and asked if I was charged $100 (their Banking App is so rubbish it takes days for anything to register) . He said there was a charge 0f $98.13, heaps weird and gift card def had 100 bucks put on it. Bought another card for $105 and was all good. side note 2 - used Dan Murphy card in woolies today and all good.

  • Thanks OP. Got 6 x monthly special 6 packs, pack of red cups and a bottle of sailor jerry's for $77 with cash back.

    • Did they let you get 6 of the 6 packs in one transaction?

      • They let me.

        I got 3 of the Kirin and 3 of the something else (can't quite remember what the other was called).

        If you get four I think it reverts to standard price - not sure though.

  • I just got approved for a American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card last week, and still can't see any offers (at all) available in my account - has this happened to anyone else?

    • These offers are not showing up for me either (and I've been with AMEX for 20 years) - just use the links provided by the OP to enter manually…

      • (and I've been with AMEX for 20 years)

        Who the hell used Amex 20 years ago

        • +3

          Rich people

      • -1

        Have you been paying annual fee for last 20 years?

        • +1

          Not quite! Had a fee-free AMEX for a number of years and managed to negotiate a lower or $0 annual fee several times in the past.
          Nowadays AMEX is harder to negotiate down on fees but trust me, I get my money worth out of them :)

          Eg: Platinum Edge @ $195 you can easily get your money back with the free return domestic flight that comes with it, let alone statement credits like this one, especially when you sign up several supplementary card members. If you are a good OzBargainer there's definitely value in most AMEX cards ;)

        • @bauser99:

          same same… but iv had amex for around 10 years.

    • Use the links to enrol if you have your card.

      It's very common to only see a selection of offers.

      • Have you registered with amexconnect? It's an additional registration on top of getting the card.

  • Nice. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks, all offers appeared on the home page. Time to stock up on gift cards.

    • Is it possible to get these more than once?

      • Have a look at the T&C's for each offer.

  • Thanks OP.

    How do you get the manual links to enroll into an offer btw?

    • +1

      Instead of logging in Amexconnect, I clicked register and then entered my amex-issued credit card number there. It doesn't force me to register like bank issued cards but the manual links appear. I have 2 Amex issued cards and some offers only show up on one card on offer tab.

      • wondering the same, as i found the HICAPS one the same issue where its stuck in a loop of wanting me to register or enroll. WIth this one i was able to click the Manual link above and managed to get the offer onto the card.

    • Check if your amexconnect is still logged in based on your Amex portal/account.

  • Cheers OP

  • how does one know if they are within the first 10000

    • You will get an email confirmation once you registered.

      • +6

        sick, got the day off time to get blind…

  • -1

    Thanks OP. Free money :)

  • I registered my Amex card and was approved, but can't use Amex to purchase, only Visa or Mastercard. Am I doing it wrong?

  • Can someone confirm the Dan Murphy cards can be used at Woolworths, big w and masters?

    • +4

      Yes confirmed.

    • +4


      • Does this include Woolies petrol?

        • +2


    • From the card it's attached to, "WISH Gift Card terms and conditions apply".

  • I tried again and can definitely confirm that DM is not accepting AMEX as payment - at least for the gift cards. Sad Face.

    • It worked for me last time, try a different check out 'chick'.

    • In store or online?

    • Used 2 x AMEX cards today at my local DM, no issues whatsoever.

      • Did you get the email confirmation from AMEX?

        • I sure did!

        • @bauser99:

          Hmm might be that those of us who purchased yesterday will not get the credit as we didn't receive a confirmation.

          Will wait and see - can always buy more gift cards!

  • -1

    PS - I can't believe that 10,000 cards have already registered if that is the reason. Pfffft

    • just registered multiple cards one minute ago

  • Online - once through the link above and once through the Dan Murphy web address.

    • +1

      Buy your gift cards instore not online.

      • ^ this. The online ones, as reported by Dacs only work at DM, although the second part of his comment is wrong. Physical DM GCs are WISH GCs (although it is not obvious).

        .. and I'm gonna reply to my comment with your comment so we know it's a reply to my question lol

  • +6

    Due to some technical problem page can not be displayed.

    • Same.

    • Yep same now. Dan Murphy limit of 10000 cards has been reached?

      • Can't be that quick. Can it?

  • Gonna get me some gift cards from uncle dan.

  • +2

    Anyone else getting this message;

    Due to some technical problem page can not be displayed.

    • Tried to register a minute ago and got the same message. The site is ozbargained.

  • Yeah just tried, same error message for me too, hope they're not cracking down on the gift cards!

    • +3

      They can not crack down on gc's because there is no way to tell from the merchant side of things what the consumer purchased since it's against one's privacy.

    • +6

      We just registering not buying them.Yet

  • Amex sites seem to be down, has 10000 customer registered already????

    • Doubt it, they don't normally reach the quota anywhere near this fast

    • AmEx site is being ozbargained! :D

    • Nah site issues. I can't even log into my account without getting a 503 'service unavailable' error.

  • Looks like the whole of Amex is down right now…

  • Hope it comes back up!

    I have 5 amex's to register

  • Registrations working again now for the Dan Murphy offer.

    • Yep working again. Thanks.

  • +3

    time to buy this..…. If I can find it somewhere

    • Great drop!

  • back on now, All AMEX sites

  • Does the offer work for supplementary cards?

    For example if you had 10 supplementary cards can you get 10x$15 off?

    • +3

      Only if your supplementary cards have different numbers to the primary card.
      Also need to register the card for the offer separately.

      • +1

        Yes, all my amex have different numbers to the primary card.


        I should open 10 FREE supplementary cards and do this!

        • You should! The challenge will be managing them.

          I know that CBA and Westpac AMEX supplementary cards have the same number as the primary card, but the norm definitely seems to be having differing numbers.

        • +1

          @illumination: haha Mr. Oz Baargain Mrs Oz Bargain etc rofl for 15% off it's pretty good! Even better last time they had 33% off!

  • Still "Service Unavailable" here.

  • Registered 3 cards.
    Now to find a DM where we can purchase the gift cards using AMEX

    • Every DM allows AMEX, Ive been to 3 in the Eastern Subs last time and all worked.

      • That's because they're in the Eastern suburbs ;)

        Pretty sure all DMs accept AMEX.

  • Let's assume one has 25 supplimentry amex cards all of diff numbers and names etc..

    For this offer this means they buy $2500 of gift cards.

    They will get back $375.

    So Let's assume they buy at myers MBP for $2500. This means the MBP will be 15% off, stack on top of that the normal 10% off sales, then stack on top of that TRS, that means a total of 35% off MACS!


    • Sounds like turd to me..
      Good turd, that is.

    • +1

      The theory is great.

    • But how can you use Dan Murphy's giftcards at Myer?

      • +1

        Go to WW buy Myer card, Go to Myer use card.


        • -3

          Don't think you can buy gift cards with gift cards? Otherwise you could just keep renewing a gift card if it is about to expire by buying another gift card.

    • 25 supplimentry amex cards is tough ask. LOL

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