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AmEx Statement Credits: Dan Murphy's ($15), Ecruising Travel ($100), Milan Direct ($50)


Dan's Murphy Maximum registrations reached.

Spend $100 Or More, Get $15
Register an eligible Card and spend $100 in one or more transactions, online or in-store at Dan Murphy's, between 4 August and 31 August 2015, and receive a $15 statement credit. This offer is limited to the first 10,000 Cards to register.

Enrollment: https://network.americanexpress.com/connect/au/en/doe_offer_detail.html?offer=GCOR_463563603
Manual: https://offerenroll.americanexpress.com/enroll/EnrollmentSitePage?offer=456392danmurphys

Ecruising Travel

Spend $500 Or More, Get $100 Back
Register an eligible Card, spend $500 or more on that Card, in one or more transactions, online at Ecruising or via telephone, between 4 August and 26 October 2015 and receive one $100 statement credit. This offer is limited to the first 5,000 Cards to register.

Enrollment: https://network.americanexpress.com/connect/au/en/doe_offer_…
Manual: https://offerenroll.americanexpress.com/enroll/EnrollmentSit…

Milan Direct

Spend $300 Or More, Get $50 Back
You have successfully registered your American Express Card.
All you need to do now is spend $300 or more on that Card in one or more transactions, online at Milan Direct, by 5 October 2015, and you will receive one $50 statement credit.

Enrollment: https://network.americanexpress.com/connect/au/en/doe_offer_…
Manual: https://offerenroll.americanexpress.com/enroll/EnrollmentSit…

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      • +1

        haha true true

        Only for professions… wait a min.. WE ARE PROFESSIONALS!

        • Actually it is doable.

          Amex cards can have 4 supps + 1 main.

          Anz cards also has supps cards, different digit cards. I think you can have about 6 supps.

          Imagine wife and husband. Can do 25 cards. Haha

        • +2

          Turd is the only guy I know with like 13+ credit cards

          I can see him fanning it out in his hand like a deck of cards at the checkout and telling the checkout chick - "pick a card, any card…"

        • +1


          Haha I also meet that threshold.

        • @montorola:


  • If the website doesn't work, you can use the AMEX app and just click on "Amex offers"

  • Thanks for the Dan Murphys one

  • site down?

    • +1

      Service Unavailable

      HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.


  • +1

    With this ecruise deal, since they are still a travel agent I wonder if you could book flights. Anyone check if you can just book flights?

  • eastwood dan murphy only have dan murphy gift card.

    • +9

      And you didnt buy it? Fail. Go back and buy it.

      • -1

        so you used it before? Also, does it specify the shops we could use at the back of the DM giftcard? please advise. Thanks.

        • +2

          Yes, Last time AmEX had this offer it was before Christmas 2014, you bought 3 things @ $50 each or more and you will get credited $50. It made it a 33% discount on Woolies products, it was (profanity) fantastic.

          No it doesnt specify which shops you can use it at. They will tell you that you must use it at dan muphies but that's what they want you to believe, similar like how the government says you should get foxtel in order to watch Game Of Throanes, you should actually go download it from bitorrent.

        • @Turd: Thanks a lot for sharing. ;-)

        • @Turd: +1 for that last sentence.

      • However it doesn't like the bigw , Woolworth or caltax gift card. Dm card On the back is blank. Didn't show the Woolworth group stores on it.

        • will you go back to buy and try it at woolies etc?

        • +10

          I dont want to spoon feed people too much because they are scared or fear the unknown, or just want an easy way of making money whilst others do everything for them.

          You have two options.

          1. Not buy it and keep wondering throughout your life if you should have bought it or not.

          2. Buy it and find out yourself, what is the worst that can happen? You end up with a $100 DM voucher.

          Similar decisions are related to buy property or anything in life actually ;) :P

        • +7

          DM physical gift card might not look like the normal physical WISH card, but it is. It's been asked and confirmed so many times here on OzBargain and I'm confirming it again - I bought 12 x $50 Dan Murphy's physical gift cards in the last promotion and they worked across all Woolworths group stores (i.e. a WISH gift card in disguise). The Dan Murphy's check out chick told me "these only work in Dan Murphy's, not other Woolworths stores" - of course she was totally wrong, but I guess they are not aware of the real capabilities of the Dan Murphy's gift cards

        • @Turd: yes, true. ;-p

        • @PBG: DOWNLOADING FILES IS STEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • @Turd:

          You forgot option 3) search "Dan murphys gift cards" on OzBargain and see the 1,000+ comments confirming they work.

          Turd, I am impressed you still have the patience to continue explaining to everyone in this thread. I would have blown up by now.

        • @PBG: HAHAHA ikr and my answers are long and not specific ;)

        • +1


          DOWNLOADING FILES IS STEALING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Then I'm in the shit :)

        • @Turd: Agree. You'll never never know, if you never never go.

          BTW, just bought the GC, but didn't receive the congratulation email. Fingers crossed!

        • +1


          You wouldn't download a car…

        • @gm3stevens:

          I just logged in to say the same thing - no real loss if not.

        • +1


          …unless you had a commercial 3D printer…

        • @Turd: Since I never shop at DM's, that's a $100 gamble.

        • +2

          @montorola: bullshit i wouldn't

  • Hmmm…registered using the Amex iOS app, then bought a $100 DM giftcard afterwards, but yet to get the Amex confirmation email. In all previous instances (target, DM, etc) the email usually comes within seconds of the purchase.

    Hope its just a glitch with the Amex system this time.

    Anyone else got the email straightaway?

    • +2

      Bought alcohol in-store still haven't received the confirmation.
      last few times got instant emails. This has happened in the past though.
      Sounds normal.

      • Have you received your cashback? Thanks.

    • No confirmation yet for me either. Bought a $100 DM gift card shortly after 6PM tonight. Previous times the confirmation email was sent within minutes.

      • Did anyone buy actual stock from Dan Murphy's as opposed to a gift card? if they received a confirmation, then probably gift cards don't work this time around.

        • +2

          Two comments up

      • Have you received your cashback? Thanks.

    • Dont stress.
      I rarely receive confirmations on multiple cards.
      Just watch for the credit 2 to 3 days after the purchase…far better guide

  • Participation is limited to the first 10,000 Cards to register, and the offer is limited to one statement credit per registered Card.

    So not too sue how ppl mentioned getting multiple g cards? unless you'v got multiple Amex?

    • +2

      Yes. My partner and I both have 2 each.

    • Offer also mentions no gc's allowed.

      Remember they say that downloading is stealing, so who is right? Try it and see

  • I've got a low rate Amex purely for these offers. Anyone know if the supplementary cards have the same number?

    • My partner has 2 supplementary cards and they are different from mine.

    • Different numbers. Also you can get 4 or 5 at no cost, last time I checked.

    • Our westpac Amex cards are the same number but different on the CA issued cards.

      • NAB Amex ones are different.

    • ANZ supplementary card numbers are different.

  • When I click register it just takes me to my account but doesn't add it?

    edit: manual link worked

  • how many dan murphys rebates can u get? just the one?

    • One for each registered card (including supplementary) - so if you have say 3 supplementary cards AND register them all you can get 1+3=4 rebates

      • ok just one card, dan murphies cards can be used at woolworths is this correct rthanks

        • Correct - Woollies supermarkets as well as Woollies petrol stations

        • @bauser99: thanks

  • About MilanDirect (just changing the flavour of the comments here)… I've never purchased anything from them but have seen occasional negative comments. What are their strengths/weaknesses?

  • Does anyone know how to get the 'manual' links apart from coming here?

  • +7

    For anyone in doubt if your Gift Card begins with 6280 it is the same as a Wish Card and can be used without restriction across the Woolies Group

  • -2

    Purchased yesterday, no cash back yet

    • always takes at least 24 to 72 hours to appear as a credit and redeemed on account

      • +8

        People these days demand things to be NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW, if it doesnt work COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN then if no one listens WHINGE WHINGE WHINGE WHINGE.

        Aussie culture maaaaaaaate

        • +3

          oi oi oi

        • +1

          Personally I'm just used to AmEx sending an almost instantaneous email saying I got the credit which gives me the assurance that I was getting some $$ back. With that as my expected 'standard' from AmEx, NOT getting an almost immediate email actually makes me worried that I did something incorrect with my registration etc.

    • Received now

  • +1

    I just tried registering via the manual link and the following came up:

    Unfortunately The Maximum Number Of Card Members Have Already Enroled In This Offer. Please Visit Http://Www.amexconnect.com.au For Other Fabulous Offers.

    • +1

      Yep DM offer has been OzBargained - that was quick!

  • +1

    god damit, dan murphy offer expired.

  • -2

    Did anyone get the cashback from DM offer buying gift cards?

  • +2

    Bought DM gift card today. No email from Amex. Used it to pay grocery at woolies successfully! Thanks guys for the info you provided.

    • +1

      Now time to buy that Sydney property which everyone else says not to buy because the bubble is gonna pop!

      • ;-)

  • +1

    Damn, I'd better get cracking before all 10,000 physical gift cards disappear from the DM stores lol

    • +3

      This wont happen unless it's vintage cellers where the staff hid the vouchers.

      • They were plentiful at my vintage cellars, but the cashier printed the Amex page saying the offer isn't valid for gift cards. I mean it's nice that he's trying to look out for people, but I bought them anyway and got the cashback!

  • +10

    Guys, just checked my Amex app again and can confirm that the $15 credit has now showed up, despite never receiving the email confirmation. I bought the $100 DM giftcard on 4 Aug.

    • +2

      Yep me too! Never got the confirmation email but the $15 credit now appears in the app. Also bought August 4th.

      • Yes, got $15 credit today. Bought on 6/8/2015.

        • yes, also received 3 x $15 credit after 3 business days. Winning.

  • +1

    I also have received my $15 credit after buying a gift card in store. :)
    Thanks Fishy, that's Father's Day covered!

    • Hey just wondering when did you buy your gift card?

    • Wonder, what if I buy gift card online ?

  • +2

    I think we probably have to stop bragging about successfully purchasing gift cards and receiving rebates, lest AmEx starts to worry and will try to do something about it? Just a thought.

    • +3

      Hmm we've had a lot of deals where people have posted about this so it's nothing new to be honest. They've had at least a year to do something about this.

    • A global company that Amex is, I highly doubt they'll come after some few here who purchased gift cards and got rebate. lol

  • +1

    despite telling my mother several times that yes you can use a DM gift card like a regular WISH card, she still isn't convinced and actually just asked a woolworths staff member who unsurprisingly told her DM gift cards can only be used at DM.

    well there's only so much you can do; some people are beyond help

    • Ask her to buy the DM gift card for you then ;)

      • +2

        i wouldn't risk it with her lol

    • People like your mum probably do not care about $15 at all and they pay whatever they want at full price anyway.

      • -3

        hate to tell you you're very wrong about her — she's an accountant and bordering on cheapskate :D

        i mean, she has a go at me when i buy reduced to clear items at 75% off because, to her lofty standards, it's more than she would pay. she expects it to be 95% off or it's too expensive. we're not talking about the most realistic person in the world here ;)

  • +1

    Am I the only person who bought booze from DM's with this deal?

    • Nope, I bought 2.7 litres of vodka.

  • Has anyone got a statement credit for the West Perth Dan Murphys? A supplementary card was used there last week to purchase a gift card at that store and the statement credit hasn't come through yet.I bought another gift card from a different Dan murphys on the same day and received the statement credit for that purchase on Monday. Both cards are definitely registered for the Dan murphy offers in the online account.

    • You will 100% get it, chill out.

    • I went to West perth as well, no credit yet(:

    • I haven't got mine either from the same store. Might have to email AMEX and follow up.

      • -1

        No point in talking to Amex if you purchased a gift card.

        • +2

          The description in my account says "WEST PERTH ALH", whereas as the other transaction is listed as "DAN MURPHY'S BALGA". So perhaps the title causes it to be unrecognised by amex. I will just cut my losses and just buy another gift card at another store. Strangely, i bought a gift card there last year in the 3 x $50 transactions (bought gift card) and successfully got a statement credit. Don't know why it's not working this time.

          So others should be warned not to go to the west perth store.

        • @tqf8h: Hyde Park Hotel probably owns that store?

        • +2

          No point in talking to Amex if you purchased a gift card.

          You can ask them why no credit was received.
          If they tell you that it is because a gift card was purchased then that would indicate that they have improved their POS system and would be useful information to know for next time.

        • @roughana: I've contacted them so we shall see what they say.

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