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Coke Rewards Icecube Tray 50 Tokens


Worth the 5 labels in my opinion.

Description from the page:

Keep your drink chilled with this ‘Coca-Cola’ Branded Plastic Ice Tray. This cool ‘Coke’ bottle shaped ice tray, makes 9 couture bottled shaped ice cubes. Redeem yours now for only 50 Tokens!

If you don't know what Coke Rewards is, it's a loyalty programme where you redeem codes from Coke bottles. Each code grants 10 tokens. Only 10 can be redeemed per week and the tokens expire if you don't add any or use any within a 90 day period.
The tokens are exchanged for rewards such as this one.
Codes are found on basically all sized plastic bottles of all varieties of Coca-Cola except Coke Life.

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    cool, getting one.

    • pun intended?

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        Maybe he inadvertently said it while he was chilling. I, for one, freeze everytime I have to think of a pun

  • Thanks OP, ordered!

  • Good goyim!

  • Can redeem more than once. Cheers OP :)

  • Got 2, Thanks OP

  • Cool, something useful for my points!

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      Really? Dont all fridges have ice cube trays in them?

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    Of note, Cokerewards also has things like passes to various attractions (various SeaLife Aquariums around Australia, Sydney Tower Eye, Sydney Zoo, Madame Tussauds, for example) for 100 points each at the moment.

    • Thanks for the heads up, I got one each for the Manly Aquarium and Sydney Zoo!

  • Would prefer the Hoyts tix, if only they were available!! :(

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    Now they've even found a way of branding our water…

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      You use water? Id fill it with coke!

  • How about something for 16K of points!!!!!

    • +10

      Priority hospital bed?

    • 16K? That's 2 x PS3 for you

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    I got one of these from a show-bag at carols in the domain.

    I recommended NOT getting them as they are useless. They are really shallow as a result the water can easily spill over the edge and all over your fridge. If you like cleaning ice from the inside of your fridge this thing would be perfect for the job.

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      Try the freezer, the fridge wouldn't be cold enough to make ice cubes

  • Anyone know why Coke Life isn't eligible?

    • Coke Life labels don't have codes. I don't know why, it might be because they are cheaper and made in a different factory.

  • Email confirmation stars the item will be delivered between 6 to 8 weeks….

    • yeah, all their physical rewards take quite a while to send out. gift cards take a bit quicker, though

      • The e gift cards and psn games get emailed straight away.

        • talking about the physical gift cards i.e. coles myer, wish

  • Got one months ago. You don't get much ice from it and the plastic is very flimsy. The plastic actually broke on mine.

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    I think it's ok as a Kris Kringle gift.

  • can you get the tokens from coke cans?

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      How do I get a Unique Code?
      You need to purchase any specially marked 390 mL, 450mL, 600mL, 1.25L, 1.5L, 1.75L or 2L PET bottle of ‘Coca-Cola’, ‘diet Coca-Cola’ or ‘Coca-Cola Zero’ or; 450mL, 600mL, 1.25L, 1.5L or 2L PET bottle of ‘Coca-Cola Vanilla’ or; 600mL or 2L PET bottle of ‘diet Coca-Cola Vanilla’ or; 600mL, 1.25L, 1.5L or 2L PET bottle of ‘Caffeine Free diet Coca-Cola ‘or specially marked promotional packs.