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Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum $320 C&C +$9.95 Delivery (Bonus Tool Kit @ $99) @ eBay GoodGuys


Better than the previous deals with the eBay coupon brings down the price to $320. With cashrewards, makes the deal even better!

Redeem Toolkit

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  • Works great! Did a quick vac last night and was surprised how much stuff was in the canister considering I vacuumed just a couple of days before. The brush head really works well and doesn't seem to get bogged down in the carpet like my current one and stop spinning, so I guess it really works through the carpet better.

    I'm keen to get the fluffy roller though for my timber floors, but it seems it's not available for purchase on the Dyson store?

  • Picked up and had a play around tonight too. Awesome vac! Picked up a lot of stuff.
    Only concern is the operating time. Seemed to only go for around 10mins if that. I'm not sure if turbo was on but i didn't think it was. Will check that. Otherwise brilliant machine.

    • Should last you 20 minutes unless you're on Max power.

      • Yes it was on max power :)

  • +2

    Already got my redemption kit from Dyson, awesome service!

    • Good to hear! Did they deliver or you needed to pick up from somewhere ?

      • It was delivered :D

  • For anyone awaiting collection, back order filled by next Monday/ Tuesday says the rep at GG Wetherill Park.

  • Thanks for posting. Got one upgrading from my DC44. worth it.

  • Though I have to say, i think build quality has dropped on these dyson handhelds, the silver upper part of the canister on mine was slightly scuffed out of the box leaving the black plastic behind showing through and the silver paint scratches easily - the clear canister plastic is wafer thin. After cleaning up my DC44 for gumtree sales it dawned on me the huge differences in robustness, though power is king of course. Also the US street price of $299 gives a clear indication that dyson are manufacturing to a lower price point. The hepa filter dosent look anywhere near as effective as well. I dont think this v6 will look as good nick as my Dc44 does a year in… Though I would say its got 45% more vacuum effectiveness, it truly does do as good as plug in AC vaccum.

  • Just notice that Dyson toolkit promotion extended till 30th of September.

  • If this ever comes back in stock can you commit to buy online then pay instore ? I only ask as I don't have a Paypal account and I didn't want to hit buy and then find I had to use Paypal

    • This type of offer very unlikely. You could tie a PayPal account to a credit card or bank account.

  • Do you guys fit the wall mount with drywall anchors?

    • I've got tiles. I wonder if 3M Command Strips would work.

    • +1

      I did. Don't forget to mount it high enough so you can dock it without the motor head hitting the floor.

  • Got my Vac this afternoon. Please with TGG delivery. thanks op :)

  • So… I just checked my Paypal, and I was debited for $408 something… The voucher is written down, but the full amount was debited?

    • Log into paypal, locate the transaction, click into it and to the left it should display 'Paid with' and lists the actual payment amount as oppose to the pre-discounted total.

      You can always confirm your payment by checking your bank account.

      • Thanks. Checked bank, correct amount was debited. My invoice from TGG shows I paid full price though… SO if I return it for a refund, free $$ ?

  • I'm still waiting for a phone call to pickup at GG Auburn. Anyone else in the same boat?

    • I would try calling them with your name/transaction number. I picked up on Tuesday last week before I got any notification, just called, and they said it was ready.

      • Just rang Auburn, still not ready for pickup. They are slow. A friend got a call from the Blacktown store yesterday to come pickup.

        • depending on individual stores.
          Blacktown had stock over the weekend and everywhere else out of stock.
          TGG website says Rockdale and Artarmon have stock only

    • I called Friday enquiring about stock level and received a call next day (Saturday) to pick up. I have a feeling they're fulfilling delivery orders first.

      On another note, I'm super happy with my Dyson. I'm a skeptic no more! It really does suck … up debris that is =D

  • I'd strongly recommend purchasing the mini motorhead for $60


    It is great for cleaning the couch, mattresses etc. Amazing how much dust it pulled from a year old couch.

    I rang and placed an order and she said it could take a month to arrive. It only took a week.

  • Anyone receive the bonus tool kit from Dyson yet?

    • +1

      Yep, within days I submitted the claim. Did you receive a confirmation e-mail?

      • Yep, got the entry submission confirmation, but haven't received it yet.

        • My reply said up to 30 days, but don't remember a follow up e-mail to advise shipment.

  • Are people registering for warranty after redeeming the toolkit? Or does the redeeming means you are also registered for warranty?

    • I guess there's no harm doing that, thanks for the reminder!

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