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Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum $320 C&C +$9.95 Delivery (Bonus Tool Kit @ $99) @ eBay GoodGuys


Better than the previous deals with the eBay coupon brings down the price to $320. With cashrewards, makes the deal even better!

Redeem Toolkit

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  • QQ I bought from HN yesterday…

  • +1

    That's it… Looks like I have to submit to temptation now….
    Thanks OP

  • And Cashreward from ebay too, make it $323.55 including delivery :)

    • I'm totally new to cashrewards. Can anyone point me a direction of how it works from my end?

      Do I sign up first then purchase from ebay?

      • +1

        Sign in at cashrewards, search for ebay and click on go to store, from ebay search for GoodGuys, find the listing and purchase.

        • Thanks :)

  • crap whats the chance of cancelling the HN online order???

    • if they don't cancel, go to store to collect item and return it same time(full refund)…

      • Are you sure they will do a refund at the store?

        • yes, for any order, they will refund you in 14 days from purchase date.

        • can you do the same to the good guy? i picked up my dyson yesterday (the $399 deal with $50 voucher)

        • @alwayseric: never been to Good guys store, but my understanding is if it is unopened any store would allow you to return it.

        • @parthiv777: Sent an online form request and they have confirmed they will refund. Hope theres stock left 2moro as code does not work for me.

        • @parthiv777:

          The website here seems to suggest Change of Mind Refunds are not accepted. Have you been able to get refunds despite this?


        • +1

          @asim1701: I did get refund long time ago.
          look Sammyboy's comment above, he managed to get refund, just try to contact them….

        • +1

          @Sammyboy: i sent an online form to tgg 2days ago, but still have not heard from them. which form did you send? hiw quickly did they respond? thanks.

        • @alwayseric: Same here. Can't really complain because $50 store credit is still a good deal.

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    Dang. Just bought it from TGG on Friday for $399 + $50 instore voucher.

    • +1

      Same, except bought on Saturday with no instore voucher. Plus my credit card has no "price drop" insurance.

      Have also used the thing several times since purchasing…

      Anything I can do to clawback the 80 bucks?

      • same boat here, bought on saturday with no instore voucher and have been using it yesterday.. arrhh!!

        bought using platinum card though, but surely they would not match coupon code, right? any clue?

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        Buy again and refund it using your old receipt.

        • +1

          Can't because TGG have a sticker on the box with a unique number and that same number is printed on your receipt. TGG are a lot smarter than other retailers out there.

        • @unity1: So switch boxes

        • @Lukian: One box will have a broken seal. If you can peel the stickers off you might get away with it, but that's a lot easier said than done.

        • @unity1: can you just return the original one? the good guys do not allow "change of mind" or whatever reason you can think of?

        • @alwayseric: If it's not open then probably yes. Whether they accept a "change of mind" purchase is another matter

        • @unity1: they will refund the difference. Just provide ID via email or in person.

          I called up the store asked for a manager and was told I don't even need to go in store. They can just swop it out on dispatch notes. It's better for them cos most ppl who have purchased has redeemed the toolkit bonus with Dysons unique serial number.

          This way they are guarantee a fresh machine "returned", and because it's an eBay special the transaction has to go through eBay for 20%.

          TGG was very nice about it, as long as you let them know before hand.

        • @BehOhBee: Sounds promising. If anyone manages to get a refund from the Bayswater store (Vic) please let me know and I will try the same.

        • +1

          @BehOhBee: i left a message to them on tgg's website and provided the order number. I hope they will refund. i only noticed when i got home that the plastic package of the box was partially removed. the vaccum machine could be taken out by someone. i have not redeem the toolkit yet. i hope all good. it is not with me at the moment. other wise i can try.

        • @BehOhBee: 2days has passed. they still not respond to my online form yet. anyone has better luck?

      • Thanks for the tip, my card does and at $320 it just slips in for the minimum $75 price difference to get it refunded. :)

        • what is the procedure? Just wondering since it is not advertised on catalogue, how you gonna prove the price is 20% off?

        • Don't waste time on card insurance to pay the $75 I tried this with no success as they ask for a paper advertisement or catalogue to check which in this case is not possible I too have platinum card from BW.Any other way to get the $80…ahh

      • thats usually on RRP not on sale prices,.. ie has to be advertised.. but good luck with claiming that.

    • same here!!!!!

    • I'm going to wait until the 2nd sept voucher then do the return. Hoping the voucher is still valid. LOL

    • Same, picked it up first thing this morning before this deal was posted! I've opened mine, and charged the battery - but not used it and still have all the packaging.
      I've sent TGG an online message asking for a partial refund or a return and re-purchase.
      Fingers crossed.

      • Did you send the message through eBay?

        • No, sent it through the website.

      • Update - rang TGG online number, they were useless, but they put me through to the store (hectorville SA) who agreed to refund the difference.

        • what dud you say to the store? maybe i should contact my store directly.

          did you order on their website and picked up for the $50 voucher?

        • +1

          @alwayseric: Just explained that I'd ordered and paid $399 for it online Friday (to get the $50 credit) and then picked it up on Monday only to find it was on their eBay store for $320. Woman had spoken to her manager who agreed to a refund of the difference.
          Didn't need to take it back, just took my receipt and she put $80 credit back on my card.

        • @abandc2003: you did go back to the store to show them the receipt? or just talked to them on the phone? i will try my luck this Saturday.(but its out of stock now:()

        • @alwayseric: I first rang the online help number who didn't think they could do anything, but then they put me through to the store I picked it up from who said to bring my receipt in and my card so they could process a refund.

        • @abandc2003: thanks a lot. i will give them a ring this weekend.

  • Code didn't work
    We're currently having technical difficulties processing your code
    Your voucher or redemption code wasn't applied

    • +6

      The code is only available for VIP members today. It will be open for everybody tomorrow

      • Ahhh…. Looks like I'm not as VIP as I thought…
        Missed those fine prints… thanks again OP

      • +1

        How do you become a VIP at eBay

        • I'm curious about this too

    • Same :(

  • Starts tomorrow

  • Is this significantly better than DC59Animal? I have that & the only problem is small collection bin? Is the bin on this one any bigger? Thanks.

    • Same size bin.

    • Looks like the same item but renamed to V6.


    • It has an updated motor but virtually everything else is slight cosmetic differences. It's not worth the upgrade.
      The bin isn't any bigger, little tip to clean it out really easily get a chopstick and quickly run it around the bin to get all the hard to reach stuff.

      • When I first started using it, I thought the button to release the bin just drops downwards and that's the only way to get rid of the dust. It was annoying trying to clean the stuck dust parts inside. But if you actually hold the switch down, the whole bin dettaches so you won't need to shove a chopstick inside to remove the caught dust.

        • Didn't know that either, I took the idea from Dyson's spatula thing that comes with one of their barrel vacuums.

        • I have to remove the whole bin quite often, especially when the wife keeps filling it and not clearing it! It is something I like about Dysons however.

        • Would you mind re-explaining how to do this?
          What switch do you hold? The on/off or the bin release, or both.
          Did not know about this!

        • +1

          @javab0y: I've got the DC59 Animal, so I'm assuming the V6 is similar. The red button you press to release the bin lid normally, keep holding down that button. All the way to the bottom, you will kind of feel an extra release. You then undo the bin by moving it away from the handle at an angle. It should kind of unclick off. Not sure if you can remove the purple cone, but at least that'll help you clean the dust between the purple cone and bin. To put it back on, just insert it back at an angle and make sure it clicks in. Hope that helps :)

        • @Penro: thanks will give it a go

  • -2

    Important product warning: All Dyson products are permanently set not to suck up any dirt on the LNP.

    • +3

      Even Bill Shortens zingers are better than this

  • Was kicking myself I missed out on the store credit deal - then this came along :)
    Thanks OP!

  • +3

    Let's hope some stocks left tomorrow

    • Really hope so, because I cancelled my order from HM already.

  • 10am AEST?

  • +1

    I haven't collected my purchase from the good guys - what options do I haven?

    • +1

      I'm in the same boat. I reckon we can just get a refund. Can anyone confirm?

      • You can. I just called but I'm not in the VIP list…

        • The general sale is on tomorrow at 10am. I guess we have to fork out $320 first and get the refund when we come and pick it up.

        • What's the VIP list?

  • +3

    We have mostly timber floors , how well does this work on them ?

    Would this scratch the timber ?

    • I have a DC59 (virtually same) and have had no problems on timber floors. Works a treat

  • Are there any better vacuums for this price or is this one of the best upright vacuums to get? We use our regular vacuum on a daily basis to clean the whole house, which is mostly wooden floors and rugs.

    • +2

      Refer to:

      In summary relatively very good for a cordless vacuum across all types of floors. 20min use per charge, so if you have a big house, might not cut the mustard. Hope that helps.

      • +1

        Cheers- 20 min should be enough.

  • Oh god. Sold DC50 and bought DC54 only few months ago. Must resist!!

    • Couldn't resist, buying one for my father..

  • Will this work on V6 Absolute? If so, what's the final price?

  • Is this model good for removing allergens from mattress?

    • +1

      I was amazed how much dead skin this thing extracts (with the mini motorized head). I do our beds every 6 months or so.

  • Can this be used corded when need be? Or only without the cord (i.e. charge then use).

    • It is designed to be cordless only. The charger is not powerful enough as a power supply.

      • Further comment, the V6 will not start up when the cord is plugged in.

  • Thanks OP. Got one for myself…

    • Did you get the code working?

      • Yes working for me. All comes to $319.20

        • Not for me. You got the VIP email?

        • @nfr:
          Yes I got the email. Not sure about the VIP part.

          Just picked mine up :)

  • can i return the one i bought from tgg which i only picked up from the store yesterday?

  • I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN! so i held off on the HN one,..

    so are there any other models? i want the absolute due to the extra filtration, so now its worth it!

  • can you buy the HEAPA filtration system separate?


  • To those that own one, does hair clog up in the head and the motor? I've got the dc45 and it's a real pain in the ar$e to remove.

    • +1

      The whole thing in the bin comes apart, so it's relatively easy. If you're referring to the motorhead, that comes apart too.

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