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Canon Maxify MB2360 Multi-Function Printer $53 (After $25 Voucher & $80 Cashback) @ Harvey Norman


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  • Title says $55 cashback and description says $78 cashback?

    Isn't it $80 cashback (for a price of $78 after cashback)?

    edit: just checked HN and Canon, I think the title should be :

    Canon Maxify MB2360 Multi-Function Printer $53 ($25 Welcome + $80 Cashback) @ Harvey Norman

  • +13

    Most critically, the term "InkJet" needs to be noted !

    • Yeah, I thought it was laser which would be a great deal.

  • How many pages for the inks can be printed?

        • @ak47992: thanks to lgacb08 realised I was talking about the wrong one.

          Here's a link to the ink for this one.


          Still pretty good value for money.

          I also have it now. Setup very easily. Such a gigantic step up from my 3.5 year old Epson. Wireless works brilliantly, printed from laptop and phone and works smooth. Scanned direct to my laptop wirelessly and again no issues. Pretty happy with the purchase.

        • @geo365:

          Check eBay. I Found a seller selling for $38 posted from china I think

        • @easternculture:

          expensive ink compared to canon pixma ebay inks

        • @easternculture: yeh I seen that. Will consider it.

        • @tyler.durden: compared to the pixma 926? And how much does the price fair in comparison for the actual printer? Got any comparison reviews between the two?

        • @tyler.durden: You didn't answer either of my questions.

        • @geo365:


          just google it, i don't know about your other questions

          only know the ink is much cheaper

        • @tyler.durden:

          Well the good guys are selling the printer for $149 so there's that.. Compare to $53… Megabuy are a little cheaper but I've never bought from them.

          So there's the initial cost difference. I dunno about you but the XL cartridge would last me a long time. It would take quite a while to level out the costs of buying the mx926 compared to this deal and then I've no idea which one is actually better.

          Sounds completely neglible to me.

        • @geo365:

          pixma is target for home user, and this is office..
          so they might have different spec and features..

          so get whichever you want then..

        • @tyler.durden: well according to Canon this Pixma is for 'Home office' which is surprisingly similar to this printer.


          I'm just saying that the ink is cheaper yes, if the price was the same the pixma would be a no brainer but there's a big difference in price. I'm using mine for personal use, infrequently. By the time I get level on costs with the Pixma it will probably be time for a new one anyway.

        • @geo365:

          so did u buy the canon 2360?

          I just check pixma 2360, the print resolution is higher,
          so i think photo printing might be better

          and scanning resolution is higher..

          If u don't need that, then either printer is good.


          Personally I wish laser printers had a promotion.
          It will last much longer and better than inkjets.

          My current inkjet is clogged, and no matter how many times I try to deep clean, it still clogged.

          It is as good as a dead paper weight.

          So inkjet wastes alot of ink to clean, need to print regularly or else it clogs.

        • @tyler.durden: yeh I got this deal. Its a big step up from what I had which was having the same problem as you. Having to clean the head too often but its a 3.5 year old printer.

          For $53 if I get 3 years out of it I can't really complain at all.

        • @geo365:

          did u see the ebay deal which is cheaper?

          also do we need to signup for newsletter after or before creating an account
          and how the voucher takes to get to our inbox?


          yeah, no the only reason why I would want a new printer is cos my current pixma is clogged and can't be fix with deep cleaning..

          that's the problem with these inkjet.

          I am an infrequent printer, so that's why my printer gets clogged all time…

          You need to setup a scheduler to print once every two weeks else it gets clogged.

        • @geo365:

          If you buy a laser it should last you much longer than 3 years, cos they don't have clogging issues

          The initial cost might be a bit more, but it means you won't need to throw out the printers after every 3 years or even less years if it gets clogged earlier.

          You don't need waste money from regular cleaning and needing to print regularly else it would get clogged.

      • that's for the higher capacity catridge 2600, this printer uses 1600 catridge and only give about 1200 pages

        • Yeh spot on.

      • The link shows Maxify MB5360 but this deal says MB2360. Am I missing something?

        • No you're not. Someone's already responded correcting that.

      • That review seems to be for a different model (MB5360) — is ink usage the same?

        • Jeez I'll edit it so people stop getting confused… This was already mentioned on here yesterday.

  • @easternculture: Thank you!

    My printer died this week, been looking for a replacement. Missed the deal from TGG ebay store TWICE. So, third time lucky.

    • this deal probably works out the same as ebay or close to it
      if u add shipping cost to the ebay deal.

  • Good find

  • Don't inkjet have different cartridges to make up the color side and then the black one and if one of the color ones run out you can't use black?

    I had a printer ages ago that did this and every time you used just black it used a tiny bit of colour and the manual said it was normal so in the end bought a Laser as I only print black documents


    • Yes and No, some do, some don't.

      • So how would I know before purchasing?

    • yes, cos when u start it, it cleans the head a bit.

      that's why the color gets used a bit

  • Thanks OP.

    I've been waiting for a decent printer at a good price to show up so I could replace our garbage HP Photosmart B110A. This looks like it will do the job nicely.

    • Just curious - what do you find garbage about the Photosmart B110A?

      • +1

        It seems to use much more ink than it should and the WiFi connection constantly drops out, which should be an easy fix but it's not. The software for HP printers also seems to be extremely lacking and temperamental.

  • Cant go wrong at this price. Bought. Cheers OP

  • -2

    InkJET! Don't waste your money! Ink is more expensive than gasoline!

  • does anyone know if it does full page edge to edge printing like the epson workforce printers. Is the print quality any good?

  • found out that if one of the colours in a tri-colour ink cartridge empties, the rest become useless, so it's good that this printer has single colour cartridges. also, i noticed dick smith is selling this printer (on ebay) for $249.

  • +1

    Resolution is so low: 1200x600

    My Canon MG5560 which costs $60 is 4800x1200

    • yeap

      that's why it is marketed as office printer

    • About the only thing going for that printer is the resolution. No ADF, no trays, no WiFi. Pretty much everything a printer should have this one doesn't.

      • According to Harvey norman website it does have WIFI.

      • Not sure which printer you're referring to but my 5560 has wifi, tray, inc photo tray, double sided printing, scanner, 5 individual inks for efficient replacements… Everything I need in a printer and I only paid $30 for it from Officeworks.

        • The only thing I was wrong about was the WiFi. Dick Smith was a bad source. Everything else is a big step down from the above printer/is already included.

          Also just realised you said you paid $60 originally and are now saying you paid $30…

        • @geo365:

          $30 promotion. $60+ other places. Those reviews look like individual issues which they haven't taken time to resolve. I print passport quality photos from mine. I'd rate it 8/10… as it doesn't have an automatic feeder which is not always needed but handy, and the tray holds about 50 papers. But good enough for price and casual use. Printer is only for essentials as I'm a tree saver.

        • @freelife:

          So your printer fits your needs and this printer is better suited for other peoples needs? Like me for example who never wants to individually scan 45 pages again. The ADF alone is worth the price for me.

          Your first comment basically claimed this printer was trash and yours was great based on printing resolution but in reality that's not true. I'd pick the features from this printer any day over your printer but its personal preference.

          Also there are a lot more than just those 4 reviews which say your printer just doesn't cut it. 27 reviews on productreview. You might have got lucky with yours but it seems Canon dropped the ball on that printer.

        • @geo365:

          Chill I'm not about to argue about a printer on Sunday morning lol. I was simply pointing out the factual errors that there was no wifi, no tray, "pretty much everything a printer should have". I'm pointing out to any potential buyers of this printer that it certainly has everything a modern printer needs, that it prints high quality, and the only thing it lacks is an ADF! All products will have negative and positive reviews. Of the 31 product reviews, I'm sure Canon has sold thousands of these and we're not seeing thousands of negatives. People usually vent when there's a problem.

          Anyway who cares!!! Buy whatever suits your needs and your budget. End of story! lol

        • @freelife: So why make the first post then if you don't care?

        • -1


          Dunno? I was lying down in bed and the sun was out.

        • @freelife:

          I think he don't like you criticising his new purchase…

          But I agree, the resolution on this printer is low compared to the other printers..
          Scanning resolution also low 1200 x 1200 dpi

          It is mainly for office printing, so photo printing/scanning etc.. will not look as good
          A pixma printer would be better…

          Wifi printing is nice but over rated…

          How often do u need to print from your phone/tablet etc..


          This only cost $50 more, but has better resolution..


          Ink is also very cheap, 10 cartridges for $18.50


          Printing on paper has become less needed nowadays
          cos we can PDF print and email it if we need to…

        • @geo365:

          Just curious, but what are u printing mainly?
          is it for work, school etc..

          As an infrequent printer, it might be more cost effective to just go to office work to print, once in a while

          Also see this

          I think as an infrequent printer, this might have been a better purchase
          You can print/scan photos at higher resolution, CD printing, has wifi etc..



          Ink is also very cheap, 10 XL cartridges for $18.50, 5 for 9.25 compared to almost $38 for 4 cartridges on 2360



          The extra cost for this printer, will easily be made up for cheaper ink cartridges..in the long run..which is where the real cost of the printer is the ink.

          $38 is just way too much for 4 cartridges..when u can get pixma-mg5660 for $9.25.

          I don't care if $38 is for XL cart or not, I can buy 20 XL pixma-mg5660 carts for $37, compared to just 4 XL carts of 2360

        • +1


          Wow, seriously you seem to know alot about printers and Ink

          Is it ok if i consult you when im ready to upgrade my 10 year old OfficeJet 6310

        • @easternculture:

          You're so behind. It's time you buy a 3D printer and 3D print your letters and photos. Get with the times ;)

        • @easternculture:

          I haven't really needed to print anything this year.
          And if I do, I can go to officeworks or u can PDF print and email it.

          To keep a printer, you need to regularly clean and print else the inkjet gets clogged, which is what happen to my current printer…
          then u need to waste more ink to deep clean it, and yet it still is clogged.


          printing is so yesterday..

          As the other person said, 3D printer is the more desired item…

          Waiting for a good deal on 3D printer

  • I bought this Multifunction specifically for the scanner. $80 for a decent scanner Hard to find what I was after for less than $90. I dont care if the ink is expensive because I primarily use my mono laser.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got one today and for $53 no complaints. I use my printer predominantly for scanning and prints only occasionally. This one comes with a manual two sided scanning which is great relief when I need to scan sheets with contents on both sides and the printing is auto duplex.

    • Thanks, I was wondering if it has auto duplex printing

    • +1

      Wouldn't automatic two sided scanning be even more a relief?? You're wording it as if manual two sided scanning is not the norm?

      • Couldn't get any printer within ~$50 range with a proper manual two sided scanning.. May be my search was not proper..

  • This looks like it's expired…

  • I couldn't claim the cash back online. It seems to be closed although the date for cashback claim is till 24th December. Has anyone done it by post. Do they acknowledge once they receive the claim application?

    Edit: sorry, online claim is still available. I couldn't see the claim button from mobile.

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