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Sony DSCWX500B CyberShot WX500 $311.20 @ The Good Guys eBay


Been doing some research on point and shoot cameras and with the aussie dollar continuing its downward trend this may be one of the last opportunities. Unfortunately didnt go ahead with the A5000 earlier as it was outside my 60 day travel window.

Same sensor etc as Sony DSCHX90V (also cheap for $499) without the geotagging or electronic viewfinder.

Cheapest prices currently:

usd $328 at newegg, cheapest on google is AUD$415 from camera sky and digital camera gear without postage.

Can also claim GST portion if travelling overseas in next 60 days.

There arent a lot of reviews about as its release was april this year.

Original CTREAT20 deal

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  • -2 votes

    bigger than wx350 and no 4k… fail

    • +1 vote

      but it has a bigger zoom, and the 4K is only the output of stills to a TV, the 350 doesnt have 4k recording.

  • -1 vote


    we just bought a Panasonic Lumix FT6 from them.
    Other stores were $399, Good Guys were $349 and this discount made it $279.
    Good camera for being weather proof (wanted one for PNG hiking).
    Antifog lens, water proof, GPS, Wifi, NFC.

    Takes decent photos and FHD video.

  • -3 votes

    This has big zoom but will be terrible in low light. Sony RX100 (Mark 1,2 or 3) or Canon G7X are the best point and shoots by a mile. Big zooms are over-rated imho.


      Dont disagree at all. If the budget stretched further and the partner didnt want a flip out screen for selfies I would have looked at other options above.

    • +2 votes

      Compared to RX100, it is 'terrible', but in reality the WX500/HX90 produce usable low light pictures certainly not the grainy stuff from phones. I think someone who's doesn't have a lot of expectations will be satisfied.

  • -2 votes

    Maybe so, but I have 3 SLR's and the RX100 M2, and I can tell you the RX gets the most use, simply because it delivers 90% of the photo quality of the SLR's but it so easy to carry around and use. Worth every cent of the price I paid for it.


    Just getting it based in it being a bargain price + some….

    Hope this is great for daylight travel photos and long distance animal shots and SELFIES!.

    Also, hope the macro is ok, for close ups. Ow well, its only ~$275 with TRS refund….

    Have a basic Canon 1100D SLR, and think the Sony would be better to use for bushwalks, less bulky etc, and hopefully just as good a pix…

    Any reason not to do it based on above comments? You have 10 minutes…. :)

    • +1 vote

      Here are photos from the HX90 (generally the same camera)



        Sold me on that clock picture zoomed….. and the panorama function… Cheers

  • -1 vote

    SOLD @ $311.20
    Final total of $264.59 hopefully……
    - 2.5% Cash Rewards ($11.24)
    - TRS ($35.36)

    Noting that Invoice for TRS will be $389, so TRS based on that $ amount, and presume Cash Rewards as well. Better be in-store as leave on Thursday….

    Winning I think…. Needed a real good point and shoot, really only have the IXUS 145 for $19 back at Xmas from OzBargain posts.


    Check out the Panasonic GM1
    500 for body plus kit lens

    Not selfie screen but the wireless on the camera enables you to control the device with your phone and it works ace

    Great micro4rds camera with the same sensor as the gx7