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JB Hi-Fi: Sony 4K Action Camera $349 ($200 off) Instant Deals Coupon Required


Product page

Professional 4K video recording with up to 240p HD / 120p Full HD
Capture the finest details and your most thrilling moments in true 4k (3840 x 2160) video. The FDR-X1000V 30p/24p allows incredibly high resolution, to produce vibrant and extremely realistic images.
Sony FDRX1000V 4K Action Cam

SteadyShot™ image stabilisation
SteadyShot 1 image stabilisation with Active Mode compensates for greater degrees of camera shake. SteadyShot image stabilisation has evolved to compensate for shake in different shooting scenarios to include different vibration frequencies from land sports to aerial shots on drones.
Sony FDRX1000V 4K Action Cam

Splash proof body with universal tripod mount
The FDR-X1000V was built with a splash proof body (IPX4-class). Enjoy carefree use of the Action Cam outside of its included housing2, even in rainy weather or splash-prone situations. With a universal tripod screw mount on the body of the Action Cam itself, you can easily attach the camera directly to a tripod.

Instant deals: A unique coupon will be in your email inbox if you have signed up to instant deals. If you aren't already signed up, join via that link. If you don't receive a coupon after sign up (can be instant, can take some hours), you may like to request one in the comments from OzBargainers who aren't using them (make sure your PM is on)

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    Targeted offer, got the coupon in my email but has a different code.

    • What's a targeted offer?

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        It is like an exclusive offer not for everyone but for club members or mailing list members of a store.

        • are you going to use yours :P ??

        • @PAOK11: Nope, you can use the one posted here, otherwise, pm me I send you mine.

        • Thanks =]

  • -1

    Now the code is useless since no one knows if it's been used by someone here or not…

  • I've got a code if someone wants one. First to reply here will get a PM.

    • me !!!!

      • You need to enable private messages, alternatively just PM me.

  • Anyone else that has a coupon that they aren't going to use?

    • I've got one. PM if you still need it

      • I can't seem to PM you steff

        • I think its because your account is new. I've PM'd you

  • I am already subscribed and didn't get the coupon :(

    Anyone willing to donate theirs that won't be used?

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    I have a coupon.. who wants?

    • me. :)

      • How do I send it to you privately? hehe…

        • Click on my id and say start a conversation

  • Also after a code if anyone isn't using theirs. Does this make a good motorcycle helmet camera though?

    • +2

      We've used the older ones as motorcycle helmet cams, they work well but you have to be actively recording and don't work like a dash cam.

      • I've been using a Contour Roam 2 so far. Just been wanting a bit better image quality as the previous week has been extra dangerous to say the least.
        About how far does the camera stick out once mounted though?

  • I've got the coupon if anyone wants?

  • After a coupon code please ^_^

    • Says im already subscribed but no coupon :(

    • Got one :)

  • Can somebody please send me the coupon code for this bad boy. I WANT TO BUY ONE!

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    Long time lurker…but this deal has pushed me into joining just so I can plead for the coupon….so if anyone else has this coupon that doesnt intend to use it, could they please please please send me a PM with the code and I will take advantage of it…thanks

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        thank you very much jubified, I will purchase it as soon as I get home…now my wife can see how many times I stack trying to keep up with her snowboarding!

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          Want to swap partners? I'm tired of waiting on my girlfriend as she coasts down the slopes.

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    How does this compare to a Gopro Hero 4 black?

    • +2

      Check out some of the comparison vids on YouTube. Some people prefer the GoPro, others prefer the Sony.

    • +3

      A decent comprehensive comparison:

    • Sony isn't amazing underwater unless you buy a separate cover/housing for it

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    anyone looking for the coupon pm me with ur email i got one..thanks

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      I pm my email to you. thanks

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    How is it for day to day use then underwater/bike riding? Pls advice and also pls PM a code if you have, much appreciated

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      you will need a case for underwater, the provided case is curved and the one for underwater should be flat lens.

      • How about day to day use when on holidays?

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    Anyone else want a coupon, pm me

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      PM'd :)

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    Hello, I would like to get one too, to capture my kids videos.
    Can some one PM me a coupon.

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    if anyone need a coupon, pm me

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    I was sent an email, idk where to locate the said coupon code but willing to give it away if anyone wants, just pm me =)

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    code taken

  • +1

    PM me for code :)

  • Have a code if anyone wants one. PM me.

  • Anybody need a coupon? I got one that I'm not gonna use.

  • PM me if you need a code too.

  • Please PM me if you'd like a code. Gone.

  • Pm for code.- gone

  • PM for code.

  • Also have a code if someone wants it.

  • My code is: 92000726535939

    Pls reply if you use it so others don't waste their time

  • I have a code if anyone wants it :)

  • A copy of the coupon with barcode is required to be presented at the store. The code is not enough according to T&C's

  • I can send one code if some body need one PM me.

  • I need a code ! Please PM me, cheers !!

  • My code is 92000726580357

    please reply if you use mine.

    If you require a copy of the email/picture of the barcode send me a PM

  • If anyone wants the code and barcode, just let me know and I will forward the email onto you.

    • Yes please! Send to me :) thx

      • Can you PM me so i can send it to you?

  • Let me know if you need a code.

  • I have code as well please pm me

  • I have code, PM me :)

  • I've got a code to this as well so PM me if you want it

  • Mine is 920007261120056.
    Post a reply here if you use it

  • Go Pro is way betta hommie !!

  • +12

    I just grabbed mine for 332.53 AUD.
    Here is an unused code: 920007261093443
    This is a 200 off coupon, not a fixed price offer. Negotiate with a shop assistant for a few bucks off first, then present the coupon to the cashier.
    Do not pay it for 549-200=349 AUD directly.
    Another coupon for 20% off memory card will be given with the receipt, so do not rash to grab a memory card with the camera.
    Have a good day!

    • Can you please post a copy of the receipt please or PM me a copy. Many thx in advance.

    • This is a 200 off coupon, not a fixed price offer.

      The voucher says otherwise, "$200 off will be calculated from the current ticket price", so you did well to get $200 off your negotiated price ;-)

      • +1

        Didn't work for me. Two cashiers tried for several minutes, but apparently the system wouldn't allow the coupon to be applied to a discounted price.
        I can't imagine that two cashiers would waste all that time, with an ever longer line of waiting customers queueing up, if the reason wasn't genuine.

        Awesome if you are able to pull it off, but probably no use stamping your feet if they say no.

        • Good to know.

          Perhaps the fact that RimofLeo did it yesterday is the reason why it won't work any more - they reprogrammed the registers overnight…

        • I tried the same in one store. They did not want to negotiate the price if I used the voucher (I made mistake saying I had it before the price negotiation). Went to another store, negotiated the price of $500, got a payment invoice from a salesman and took it to a cashier. Then gave my voucher there and the price dropped to $300 :)

        • @igorinich: That's a great price! Can you post a copy of your receipt (via Imgur or other image sharing website, with your identifying details blacked out) so we can use it for negotiating?

          I didn't mention the voucher to the salesguy, just asked if he could match DigiDirect's $476 price. He punched his numbers and came back with $532.53. As this was RimofLeo's price, I thought it was probably the best they'd do, plus I wasn't that fussed as I would be using the voucher.

          When I went to the cashier with the printout, I gave her the voucher. She banged away on the console for a few minutes, then called over another cashier. They banged on the console for more minutes, explained it wasn't accepting the voucher, and phoned someone. When that person came, there was more banging, and then I got the explanation that their system wouldn't accept the voucher with the discounted price, and that I could choose between $532.53 or $349.

        • +2
  • Spare code: 92000726378000

  • another spare code: 92000726158130

  • I also have a code. First person to reply gets it pm'd

    • Could i have the code pls

      • sent

  • How come people are requesting codes? I thought that everyone who signs up gets one.
    Either way, I have a spare. PM if needed :D

  • Do you mean 120/240 FPS in the description?

  • I bought the original sony action cam. wish I didn't - wish i bought a gopro instead. dont know if they improved it much, but the biggest issue was the design of it, as well as the stupid lens that looks like crap underwater.

    • Does the shape of it make it hard to hold/use? The specs seem comparable to the Hero 4 Black, but the design shape looks the same as the HDR (although slightly bigger)

      • awkward shape for mounting, except for side of head. problem with head mounting, is that with enough force, the camera is a hazard - hit your head on something and your camera might be inside your head. the lens was curved (still curved?), so it cant take clear underwater shots. back then, i wanted a gopro black, but they were more than $500. now that xiaomi has a much cheaper camera of their own, as well as that nobrand one thats floating around, it makes sense to get the entry level ones (for most people). the gopro style cameras fit a heap of 3rd party mounts. btw, you wouldnt want to use the sony without a case - too expensive to drop. mounts are what make videos much more stable!

        • as well as that nobrand one thats floating around

          Mind sharing which one you're talking about please? I'm looking for an action cam for motorbike riding, but don't want or need to spend a bunch of money for what is essentially a novelty item for me. Any recommendations? Thanks

        • @fattyboombatty: sj 4000 or something like that. Pretty much a cheap gopro clone. Sorry I can't remember the name!

  • I have a code if needed, first to reply will get it pm'd

    • Can i please have the code appreciate it very much thankyou

      • Sent :)

    • Yes please!

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