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Delivery Hero Takeaway Tuesday - up to 40% off on Your First Order at Participating Restaurants


Just saw on Facebook up to 40% off first order today/night with Delivery Hero.

The following is from the blog post:

At Delivery Hero HQ, the masterminds have come up with Takeaway Tuesday, only the greatest day of the week!

Takeaway Tuesday will be discounts galore on your first order at the best takeaway restaurants across Australia. So to help you fight your Tuesday-istis (yes that is a thing) and to claim the extraordinary discounts on offer read through the following steps to help you achieve taste bud satisfaction;

  1. So you just got home from work on a Tuesday and you couldn’t possibly be bothered to cook, you go to deliveryhero.com.au and search your postcode to find the most delicious, amazing range of restaurants that will deliver right to your front door.

  2. To Filter the list select “Deals”, you will be able to find the restaurants that offer the best discounts! Any restaurant that is offering a percentage off your order will have a small red discount label in which you can hover over to find the exceptional discount amount.

  3. Once you’ve regroup after the shock of up to a 40% discount on your dinner and chosen the restaurant you wish to order from, click the Menu button and enter the restaurant listing.

  4. Now it’s time for the fun part, to fill your cart with whatever your little heart desires!

  5. Once you are ready to order you click the Checkout button! If you are not already, log into your Delivery Hero account and fill in your delivery information.

  6. Don’t forget to enter the ‘’Coupon” code. For the webpage and Android App, you can find the code in your order summary, for the iPhone App it will be in the restaurant name! To make sure it works, wait for the little green tick and your rebate to appear.

  7. Next step is to click that “Order Now” button and wait because #Happiness is on its way to your front door.

If you have any issues you can contact our Customer Care team via Live Chat http://contact.deliveryhero.com.au/

Happy Takeaway Tuesday!

Please read the T&C:
*This offer is valid until 08.09.2015, between 17:00 – 22:00 AEST at participating restaurants that accept online payment. The discount is available to users on orders placed through Delivery Hero Australia’s website, or iPhone/Android apps. The remaining balance must be paid by Paypal, credit or debit card (the offer does not apply for cash payments). You have to be logged-in to a Delivery Hero account to be able to redeem your voucher. You may not pass on the voucher to a third party or publish it. Voucher quantity is limited, and the discount will not be available once the voucher is exhausted. You can only place one discounted order per user and per household. T&Cs of Delivery Hero Pty Ltd apply.

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  • last time they did this there were hardly any stores that took part. This time, at least for my area, looks heaps better.

  • Your order has been cancelled, please choose another restaurant!

    • Is that like an actual error message or just from you?

      • Error, they took my money from paypal now I have to wait for 3 days for my money back! wtf.

        • Whoa such a bullshit restaurant. Which one is it? At least we can avoid ordering from them in the future

        • You should immediately receive a refund email from PayPal saying that Delivery Hero has issued you a full refund.

          If you did not receive this email, this means that they cancelled your order but did not issue a refund.

          This has happened to me twice before. First time I did nothing for 2 days, and no email came. A very firm phone call set things straight within ten minutes.

          Second time around, I receive a call saying that order has been cancelled and refund will be issued. Waited 30 minutes, still no email. Another stern phone call and this time I demanded that I'd be staying on hold until I received a PayPal refund email, or else I would lodge a dispute with PayPal once I got off the phone.

          Less than five minutes later, boom - PayPal refund email hits my inbox.

        • @KaptnKaos: f you did not receive this email, this means that they cancelled your order but did not issue a refund. thats what is happening to me right now but im to lazy to call.

        • @shadowrukia:

          If you don't call, you might not get your money back at all.

          It might sound unbelievable now, but it will happen.

    • I got the same. Can't believe they haven't learned. Their last 'up to 50% off' was a total disaster, with the only restaurant claiming to offer 50% for all orders for half of Adelaide having an unworkable code. To top it all off, they selectively deleted my posts from their Facebook page asking them to fix the stuff up, as it was obviously not a good look.

      • I cant comment on their facebook to complain lol they took comments off, Oh I wonder why!

        • Indeed they have! Must have all been too hard. Oh well, still the option to comment under the original post about the promo from an hour or so ago.

      • Are you first a time customer?

        Judging from your comments and votes with previous deliveryhero deals it seems that you are not.

        It's like half of Ozbargain abuses the vouchers (ie not a first time user) and then complains about it lol

        • Correct me if I'm wrong, but this deal is valid for a first order at specific restaurants, not first order full stop.

          My earlier issues with the 'up to 50% off' deal a couple of weeks ago relate to a voucher that was also advertised as being valid for all users.

          I make no apologies for calling Delivery Hero out on not configuring their voucher validation properly.

    • How much did your order come through.

  • $8 off for me, not worth it.
    Plus I'm sure an Indian restaurant has increased its prices (might have been before this deal)

  • only 2 places and only 20% off for me, waste of time again. delivery hero won't be getting any more money until they bring back the $10-$15 vouchers.

    • Hope not - just saved twice as much as that!

      • wow, must be a big order..

        $10-$15 vouchers work out better to me, dinner sorted for 1-2 people for less than $10 out of pocket.

  • Found a good afghan place nearby with 40% off, pulled the trigger!!

  • One place near me has 40% off only they are closed today!

  • Awesome Fujiyama Japanese Cuisine in Bankstown is offering 30% off - time to get some sushi!

  • I thinking negging would be a bit harsh, but my last DH order resulted in missing items from my order, when I called the restaurant they told me "bad luck, the DH website must be wrong" - when I called DH they told me "take it up with the restaurant". By telephone call #3 the result was: "next time you order from us we'll give you a free garlic bread".

    (i.e. Neither DH or the restaurant would refund for the items MISSING in my initial order.)

    Pretty hopeless experience.


      How is that not worthy of negging? You got your money taken away and you're okay with that?

  • Damn broke til Fri, could you post one on Fri DH pleeease :(

  • $35 dollars off for me. Big Win!

  • Does the restaurant see the discount being applied?

    • From what I've seen on the receipts they bring with the food, they see it if a discount is associate just for that restaurant, if its a code for DH then no they cant see that.

  • 40% off some pizzas, nice deal thanks

  • Worked great for me

  • I just used this for a huge order at an indian restaurant in north sydney - great value, they also had a deal where you get a free curry if you spend over $40. the actual restaurant I chose was a bit average but the food was good value for money.
    I got 3 (meat) curries, one rice, one starter of tandoori tikka chicken, 2 garlic naan and gulab jamun dessert for only $37.50 delivered!

  • Worked great, thanks!