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20% off Blu-Rays & DVDs, 10% off Apple Mac, 15% off Cameras @ JB Hi-Fi (Starts Thursday 17/09)


20% off Blu-Rays & DVDS - Excludes Pre Orders, Black Media & Factory Scoop
10% off Apple Mac -Excludes iPad, built to order mac & Factory Scoop.
15% off Cameras - Canon, Nikon and Olympus

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    Perfect, the exact right time to pick up Avengers Age of Ultron

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    Excludes FX Nikon.. Again

  • I note that it states pre orders excluded

    When the pre order has a "Price Guarantee: If the price drops before the release date, you will pay the lowest price. "


    would you expect the discount?

    • +1

      No.. The price drops after the release date… Wait until thursday to buy it!

  • Arghh if just bought some Blu-rays on the weekend :(

    • +8

      Buy again then return with old docket

  • Wxyz234 that's the way mate done it heaps at jb not a problem better off in my pocket,than jbs

  • Target have 3d Blu ray-2D Blu ray-Digital HD in their catloug for $30.00 starting thursday

    The thing is I have a $30 JB gift card and they want $39.98 wondering if they will price match target

    • +1

      They do price match, ask the counter after they scan it

    • Target also have free shipping till sunday.

  • +3

    So let me get this straight:

    Current price of Canon 5D Mk III - $3495
    After 15% discount - $2970.75
    Minus $300 cashback - $2670.75
    Minus TRS (based on $2970.75)- $2373.70

    Have I got my maths right? If so, that is a bargain for a local stock 5D3…

    • Wow… Thats a great price

    • Though you'll be back up for GST when you bring it back in (unless more than 3 of you, and not bringing anything else).

      • +1

        Only if you declare it.

    • I wouldn't bother about the TRS because you'll just need to declare it when you get back.

      Make sure you grab a decent lens as well.

      Note comment from wolffram on

      • +6

        Yes, I'm sure everyone does the right thing and declares when they re-enter the country…give me a break.

        • i declare my underwear. every time.

        • +1


          That actually works well:

          I always tick YES on "are you carrying any food" and show them my half-eaten snack from the plane. As I'm a nerdy white man in his 30's, this is usually enough to convince them I'm a super-duper honest goody-goody type. And so, not waste time going through everything in my suitcase.

          (Not that I really am hiding anything, usually, but it's nice to just be allowed to go home without all that fuss and nonsense).

        • +1

          @mgowen: omg, you're a nerdy white man in your 30's as well!?!?!?! at last, my long lost twin! reunited on ozbargain!

        • @insular: of all places!

  • +1

    Damn, still waiting for a car audio sale.

  • +5

    BluRay buy 2 and get one free still current too! :)

    • Where's this? I can't find what blu-rays it applies to, and it's not showing in my cart or anything…

      • +1

        Selected Blurays only

        • Awesome, thanks!

          Might get Avatar: Legend of Korra…

        • @mgowen:

          Sweet, bought first 3 seasons of Legend of Korra on Blu-ray for only $28.53 delivered.

          Kids and I (OK, mostly me) have been hanging out for this since we watched the original Avatar: The Last Airbender series on Netflix (UK) together.

          Thanks again.

  • I wonder if it applies for pre orders….?

    Back to the future 30 years edition!!

    Edit just read the description

  • Would built to order iMac's be excluded even if they have the stock in store? Interested in getting one with an SSD rather than the HDD.

    • BTO and having stock in store would be a contradiction in terms, wouldn't it?

      For it to happen, the store would have had to have made a customised order in the past (at a customer's request) with an SSD but then not sold it to the customer for some reason and kept it in stock.

      However, if they had done that then I'm sure they'd be more than happy to discount it, as customised products are always harder to sell than standard ones.

      • +1

        I am pretty confident that JB Hi-Fi has had non base configurations in stock in the past, not sure whether these fall under build to order or not though, since they aren't the base systems. I might give them a call and see whether they still do this, and if so, whether these are included or not.

        Edit: Just spoke to JB Hi-Fi, they haven't carried custom builds for a while now apparently.

  • Thank you
    Will also Buy Avengers Age of Ultron

    Also plan to grab EX Machina , Grabbed Mad Max Road Fury the other day DOH


    PS I noticed TARGET have it for $30 (3D) Bluray and $25 for Bluray with FREE shipping til sunday

  • Awesome.. even the buy 2 get 1 free has a discount, luckily I waited!

  • +6

    There's an additional 5% off if you got their newsletter coupon

  • bah!

  • I just bought some blurays on the weekend too :o( , but couldn't be bothered to buy again and return the old ones to save $12… just a hassle.

  • Got my nerd on, star trek voyager box set for $135.. thanks OP :)

  • Bargains:

    $100 for The Wire (was cheaper during pre-order, but still)
    $32 for Better Call Saul
    Mad Max & Avengers 2 Steelbooks: $26 each.

    • +1

      Also buy one get one free TV. Penny Dreadful s1 blu and Fargo s1 blu for $35 for example.

      • Ohhh, that Fargo is tempting. Need to find something other than Penny Dreadful though, already have it!

        • I highly recommend The Americans if you haven't seen it.

  • +1

    Any word on when the statue collectors edition of battle of the five armies is coming out?

  • Picked up a few items this afternoon with the extra 5% coupon. Managed to get everything at my closest store. Considering stock status on the web site was telling me most of the items I was after were available online only, not available in store or at a store hundreds of kilometres away.

    • their stock status is hit & miss. At least when they say it's in stock it generally is, but I've often found something saying it's not in stock, actually is in stock.

  • Got JB to match the Big W price for the Avengers: Age of Ultron 3d blu-ray to $28 but no further discount :(

  • Check your email again. JB sent out another 5% coupon today. Which expires Saturday the 19th September. Got mine just before 3pm.

    I checked the codes on both 5% coupons I have and the numbers are different. I assume it can be used again for another 5% discount if you already used the other 5% coupon last thursday.

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