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SanDisk SSD PLUS 240GB $125, Samsung 128 GB MicroSD Evo/Evo+ $110/ $120 Delivered + $50 eBay Voucher @ Futu Online


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  • Is anything dramatic going to happen with SSD's in the next year or two? I have no need for an extra SSD at the momemnt but I'm tempted to buy this and keep it for later.

    • If you have any use for the $50 ebay voucher, then id say go for it. Only because the Australian Dollar is weak.

      Effectively getting this for $75

      • Minimum spend required = $175
        Voucher $50
        Assuming an exact spend of $50 with voucher then:
        Maximum possible discount = 28.6%

        Also, Australian dollar currently rising after US interest rate data released.
        US71.8c and rising.

        • As i said. If you are planning to buy an item soon on ebay for $50+ , then effectively you are paying $75 for the SSD

          Also, Australian dollar currently rising after US interest rate data released.

          A temporary rise does not mean it will keep rising. There are other factors that effect our dollar locally.

        • @easternculture:
          incompetant bureaucrats and neoliberalism isn't specific to our country :o Nice deal if you have a sluggish pc needing boosting

        • @juki:

          Having the Australian dollar return to closer to the long term average is good for jobs and business in Australia. The high Australian dollar was killing many businesses.

        • @not a bargain:
          i'm not sure if this is the place to talk about this, but most things are and still will be imported anyway, at a higher price now. This means less spending and poor economy, growth ect

          If you have ever tried to import things to Australia, the paperwork and taxes will drive you insane. Anyway, protectionism has it's pros and cons, (i don't think red tape does however)

    • +4

      Yes there is. Next gens are coming out, thats why all the SSD firesale

    • -1

      Nope. Nothing in a long long time. Their at a point where they are fast enough. And u get the benefit from the seek speeds not really the transfer speeds.

    • +3

      There is a new type of storage coming out next year. we should see pricing fall quickly on NAND SSD.



      Also 2.5" SSDs are bottle necked by the SATA limitations, most PCI-E with NVMe ssds will break 2000mbp/s

      If you don't need it don't buy it.

      • Surely that new tech won't be down to OZB standard price anytime soon.

        • +1

          I'm not an early adopter so I'll probably catch up with those ones around 2018. Maybe NBN will arrive by then. I can hardly wait.

  • -1

    easternculture, since the promotion will start in 4 days, is it confirmed that Futo Online will not change the price?

    • It starts today.

      • oh, sorry my bad. I just saw, 4 days left

    • You are asking question to wrong person. How the hell on this earth EC would know about it?

    • it statrs today and expire in 4days

    • starts in 21 minutes :)

      is it confirmed that Futo Online will not change the price

      Futo online wont change the price

      • +2

        Sorry easternculture, my bad. I just saw, 4 days left.

    • I wont be surprised if Futu Online jack up their prices during this eBay promotion. They have done it in the past.

  • +2

    Any good deals 500GB?

  • I wish they would sell it as cheap as last time.
    This deal is no where near as good. It was $106 PLUS the $50 voucher last time 'round.

    • +2

      Last time it was limited to woolworths click and collect (SYD, MELB, TAS). Now all the other states can get the $50 voucher , so others may see this as a good deal

      • A massive % live in Sydney and Melbourne. Last time $106, this time $125. This deal is $19 worse.
        It was only a few weeks ago that Futu were selling this at $106.
        Pretty steep increase.

        • +2

          Agreed but all the other people in other states/cities will now be feeling the love. For them, that deal was non-existent.

        • +1

          22+ Votes , meaning a substantial amount of ozbargainers are liking the deal.

          I know your trying to bag my deal because of my comments on your Ikea deal yesterday, but its all good

        • +4

          You are quite right EC.
          You are a good contributor but you do like to go into other people's deals and make negative comments - you do it all the time. And $19 more IS $19 more :)

        • -2

          @King Tightarse:

          I only speak the truth and facts. And usually reference to my comments.

          Comments are all about discussion and making others aware of facts, so if your going to take things personally, probably whingepool is more suited for you.

        • @easternculture:
          You GO! Man of truth and facts.
          Maybe get yourself a Tshirt or better still a Super-Hero costume:
          "EC - Man of truth & facts". Ha! You are a crack up EC.

        • -3

          How old are we?

        • @congngo:
          Real age: 25
          Online age: 10

          Kind of like the "dog years" calculation…

        • +1


          ozbargain age: 3

    • Hey, what stops people from using 28 degrees???

  • +5

    Remember the last deal I got was $109 with $50 voucher? I have not used the drive yet.

    • Bought a $57 casio watch and only paid $7 after $50 ebay voucher :-)

  • +1

    Can we use the previous $50 voucher on this? and get another $50 in October?

    • I would like to know too as I've been holding back the $50 until something worthwhile like this.

      • Only payments made through Paypal are eligible for vouchers. So previous vouchers may not be helpful. eBay Terms

  • +1

    As someone that wasn't able to get the previous deal with the voucher, this is good. Not great, but definitely good.
    Will use the voucher for a T-Amp I'm looking at, and the SSD goes into the folks' PC, which they wanted to do anyway.

    • http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/171789188824?_trksid=p2060353.m27...
      I bought this one after buying 2 others . Haven't received it yet but reviews are good and the bluetooth functionality looks like a winner for my boombox project . Have a couple of 20v laptop power supplies lying around with busted cords so should work out well .

      • Which were the other two you bought? Reasons for not sticking with them? I'm looking at something to run some outdoor speakers connected to airplay/rooted android phone so was looking at something like this-
        I don't need bluetooth, but they seem to have the same processor. I have heard good things about the 7492

        • I bought a dual 7492 chip board which was 100wx2 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/252071082484?_trksid=p2060353.m27...
          Then i found a few threads about another amp but with the 3116 that is supposed to have better quality sound . It also had how to's on how to mod it which sounded fun . If nothing else I'll have a bit of fun experimenting with them .
          I decided on the Bluetooth after a mate gave me a couple of nice bookshelf speakears when I told him I had bought the amps for a boombox . I had an old Nexus4 and Galaxy3 which I rooted and hooked up to a Yamaha amp to test the speakers . It sounded shit with numerous software players , mainly due to the very weak signal and low signal to noise ratio . I was using an audio jack to rca adaptor and a 300mm quality rca lead . I then hooked up a dvd player using the same rca cord and they sounded about 100 times better . I figure bluetooth will circumvent the rubbish dac and amp on the phone .
          This was the video that sold me on the bluetooth idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3k9lWz48rw

  • Which MicroSD to get? The SanDisk 128 GB MicroSD or the Samsung 128 GB MicroSD?

  • +1

    any comments on the performance of this drive? just did a quick search of benchmarks/reviews, and couldn't find much…

  • +1

    Has anyone found a good deal on a 4x 16 or 32 gig microSDs to go in our new dash cams?

    • +1

      I just ordered Samsung Evo 32gb class 10 for my new dashcams.

      • I want to get 4 - and maybe some other stuff to get my $50 voucher!

        • I ordered 6 cards to get $50 voucher… I couldn't find any class 4 card in this sale. :)

    • Which dash cams? I am after two.

      • Too late, the deal got expired… It was for G1W-CB for $49.

        • Ok, thanks. Were they any good? I have been looking at the dash cams from Dash Cams Australia, but just got back from Auto One and they advised to buy the BLACKVUE model.

        • +1

          @luztra: Here is the deal that you missed, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/211474, these are Ozbargainers' favourite dashcam for the price. It's a capacitor model with black ring. You could still buy this model from eBay, Gearbest etc for around $60. Just read the comments in the deal.

        • @batrarobin: Thank you.

  • Stupid question… Let's say I want to buy the 128GB MicroSD card that costs $106, can I use the $50 voucher to get a discount on this purchase or I can only use the voucher onto my next purchase?

    • +2

      Next purchase.

      It is valid from 1-31 October.

      • Thanks mate

  • Can't we buy it through a diffrent seller on ebay i.e. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/151595862502

    Also has anyone been able to use the Standard Cashback 2.50% from Cash Rewards? http://www.cashrewards.com.au/search/jb%20hifi


  • How does the Sandisk SSD Plus compare with the Samsung 850?

    • i reckon it is definitely not as fast as 850, but worth the price, and for normal use, won't tell much difference

      • +2

        Totally different drives (both in theory and practice).

        I have used both. I highly recommend avoiding the Sandisk SSD Plus completely. Very slow for a SSD and not worth buying when for not a whole lot more you get a much better drive. Not much faster than a WD Black in the real world (eg, slow once you have used a decent SSD).

        I have used lots of Samsung 850s, they are great, no regrets in the 50+ PCs installed it (no DOAs either)!

        • +1

          The Sandisk SSD plus is not much faster than a mech WD Black?
          Doesnt sound right…

        • Not much faster than a WD Black


        • @congngo:

          Feel free to buy one then and discover for yourself if you don't think it sounds right! :)

          I have bought and installed many SSDs - by far the worst is the SSD Plus. The 120GB model has a write speed of "up to 180MB/s" and the 240GB "up to 350MB/s". Both which are slow (especially the 120GB one). In practice they don't get anywhere near even those speeds!

          They are cheap and commonly flogged off "on special" for a reason…

  • +1

    My mum has an awful 5400 RPM drive in her laptop…. I take it this SSD, while pretty "cheap", would still make a stack of difference?

    • Yes.

    • -3

      Unless she is playing high performance games that requires super fast access, this is not going to make significant difference. Suggest you look at performance tunning in the OS first.

      • +1

        Performance tuning in the OS? LOL WUT???

        Putting in an ssd into an older pc you will see a huge difference. That includes bootup, opening programs, saving files, processing documents etc.

        • If you have OS & other programs looping (plugin scripts), disk / register fragmentation including low CPU speed, you will not get significant performance improvement significantly. Try putting SSD in Vista or XP!!! No harm throwing "good money after bad" if thats what you want. I have 2.4gb cpu, 2gb mem, Windows10 upgraded from Windows7 running 5400rpm 320gb disk. Performance is superfast in normal usage; internet browsing (Firefox & Edge with at least 5 tabs each), word processing, excel & music all at the same time.

          I understand SSD disk access is very much faster than ordinary disk but this does not negate what it is expected to do.

  • +1

    How does the Evo+ stack up against the Sandisk Extreme Pro posted earlier this week? Can't find any direct comparisons.

  • Thanks op. Bought one.

  • are these genuine?
    just checked vendors neg ratings and found some unhappy customers
    Not genuine samsung, vendor is REALSIL , Seller didnt reply to my msgs !!!!
    Buyer: p***a ( 87Blue star icon for feedback score in between 50 to 99)
    During past month Feedback conversation
    Samsung & Sandisk 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB Micro SD Memory Card Class10 Phone Tablet (#231220511429)


    • The vendor has a feedback score of 144899 @ 99.9% positive.

      I'd say they're typically genuine. Perhaps a few faulty ones?

  • +1

    Cheapest on ebay is $118 delivered but with the $50 voucher still a better deal.

  • RIP my wallet, I get my pay on 23rd.
    I've spent my wallet on all PC parts I need. Man I want Sandisk SDD so bad.

    Anyways if I buy the item on 22nd & pay on 23rd, will I still get the $50 cashback?

    • Link your PayPal to your credit card instead? Or have you spent next month's pay already as well? ;-)

      • Lewl, I don't have credit card. The terms & conditions say I have to pay through PayPal within the promotion time period. I just gonna hope I get my pay a few hours early.

  • Bought this yesterday, can't work out how I get the $50 voucher as I now want to spend it on something else. Can someone please enlighten me. Cheers

    • +1

      Wait for email from ebay about $50 voucher on 1st of October. The email should come around the afternoon.

      • Cheers

        • Anyone else get the voucher yet ?

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