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Spend $100 at Selected eBay Stores to Receive a $50 eBay Voucher


Search link for all participating stores (Credit to O O)

Items priced $100-110 that are eligible for promotion (Credit to quackster)

Yes you can buy from multiple stores, however you need to add them to the cart and do it all as ONE PURCHASE (thanks gizmomelb).

The offer will commence at 10:00 am on 18 September 2015 and end at 11:59pm on 22 September. Purchases of items in any of the following eBay categories are excluded from this offer: Gift Cards (172009), Coins (11116), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800) and Real Estate (11700).

Terms & conditions:
1) be signed in to your eBay account on eBay.com.au; 2)make a purchase of $100 or more (item costs only, postage not included) at a Participating Store in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).3)pay for the item with PayPal.

Only 1 voucher will be awarded per registered Australian eBay account

Participating Stores:

The Good Guys;
Masters Home Improvement;
Dick Smith;
Big W;
Supercheap Auto;
Peter’s of Kensington;
Bing Lee;
Futu Online;
PC Case Gear;
Only Online;
Grays Online;
Autograph Fashion;
Birds Nest;
Culture Kings;
City Beach Australia;
Roxy; and
DC Shoes.

Don't forget 2.5% Cashback
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  • +41

    Here we go again…

    • +51

      I really dont like this tactic. Most people will spend closer to $150 between now and the end of October - money that they probably wouldnt have spent on ebay in the first place - to 'save' $50. After the inevitable price jacking, that $50 'saving' is a lot less that youd care to realise.

      • +1

        But its fun to keeps your hopes up :)

      • How much are prices jacked?

        • +12

          I got the 850 evo 250gb SSD just 2 days ago, was $152, it is now $165. Bought from Futu Online

        • +3

          The Corsair K70 RGB is $275 on PCCG. Can be had for around $230 at MSY and $249 on their own site. Ridiculous.

        • +2

          It's probably for ebay fees, no? In which case PCCG make more money off their own website.

        • @MissKitty: Postage isn't it?

        • @rorymeister:

          Damn I was going to go for one of those too. :(

        • +4

          last time I got an 500gb evo 850 for $250, and they did $50 voucher, so it came down to $200, spent the voucher on other discounted item ….. you just need to pick the bargains.

        • I've been looking at getting the LG Flex 2 for a little while and kogan had it listed pre promotion for around $470 but now its $518.

      • +4

        Well, you just don't buy anything that isn't price comparable to elsewhere. It's really good for stuff like over the counter pharmacy supplies… even at regular Amcal prices 50% off is cheaper than the cheapest discount chemist.

      • +3

        You do realise that is the whole idea of the promotion, There wouldn't be much point of a business just giving out $50 vouchers for no reason.
        However from a buyers perspective its far more likely that people will find something they need or were going to buy out of the 1000's of items available than the single item deals from most posts, (seriously, how many hard drives or memory cards do people actually need).
        Yes some of the stores jack up the prices but I think most people compare prices before they make a biggish purchase so its not hard to see if its a deal or not.
        If you are just buying things whether it be from this deal or others that you weren't going to buy because its on special then it is not really a bargain.
        The bit that I don't get is people who are struggling to find anything to buy, if that's the case move on and you will be $100+ better off and be $150+ of "Stuff" lighter than you would have been just to be able to participate.

    • +7

      I can't believe this deal is going to hit 450 + votes in only a few hours.

      How are you not all understanding the $50 voucher actually costs you more money than you will save?

      • +12

        There are still legitimate good deals on ebay. Just have to skip the ones which have been price hiked.

      • +5

        Depends on what you're buying. I was planning to get something around the $100 mark anyway so this is a nice 'savings'.

      • -11

        Anyone figured out which store has the easiest returns policy?
        Buy, return, keep voucher.

        • +1

          Dont do it.
          You will most likely pay over the odds for your item and then magically NOT receive a voucher.

        • +1

          won't it.. people tried rorting the system last time and failed. When you return the goods purchased, the voucher is cancelled against your account. It may be a generic code, but it's flagged on your account whether it's valid or not.

      • +2

        I need 2x5L of engine oil (~46$ each). And brake fluid (~15$). From Supercheapauto where I would go anyway. Combined it is ~107$. If I do it via ebay+paypal, I pay the same (in-store price is the same) but I also get 50$ voucher. Please enlighten me where I am losing. Thanks :)

        • -1

          Your obviously doing it right so far, well done!

          the challenge for you now is to use the voucher for something that you actually need, at a good price.

          Most wont actually need things as you do and will impulse buy from vendors with a price hike for the duration of the promotion.

          then they will spend more than the $50 voucher on another impulse buy mid-late october

        • I bought some brake discs from Supercheap under this deal. I will wait until October and get the Brake Pads to go with using my $50 voucher. Brakes need changing and whilst I could maybe have found some rotors a little cheaper elsewhere, I get the pads with the $50 voucher so whole lot for about the cost of the rotors. Also will get the cashback!!

      • Huh? How can you summarise all purchases on eBay?

  • Cheers OP

  • +1

    Great offer Thanks OP :)

  • +1

    Nice! anyone know what to buy :P

  • +15

    Get ready for prices to be jacked..

  • +8

    Well, that's just not on, I am not going to buy a house off eBay if I don't get my $50 voucher!

    Purchases of items in any of the following eBay categories are excluded from this offer: Gift Cards (172009), Coins (11116), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800) and Real Estate (11700)

    • +24

      Go find some yourself and let us know

  • +3

    gonna get another battery for my dji phantom :)

    • +1

      from which store? I am looking to buy a syma bundle.

      • +3

        nvm, i WAS going to get it from kogan but looks like they soldout

        • Yeah I tried looking for an extra battery for my Phantom 3 but nothing :-(

      • Did you end up getting a syma bundle if so where from

        • Nope. Couldn't find any listed stores that sells Syma products.

  • +5

    Yay for not being state specific!

    • +3

      Yeah Queenslanders missed out last time

      • i can't order the item i want with delivery to Gold Coast or Brisbane. :(

  • +2

    Another sad day for my wallet!

  • +4

    Seems outrageously generous- what's the catch?

    • +2

      Extremely long waiting times from Kogan

      • +1

        I'm already midway through a 5 month wait from my last Cashrewards claim.

        • Can I ask who exactly you are making the claim with? I ask as I never got my cashrewards cashback from my $400 Z2 i bought back in march from kogan. I spoke with cash rewards and they basically told me im basically SOL, which i was none too happy about.

        • +1


          It's for a Telstra $30 for $15 starter kit with $10 cashback. Followed all their rules about Adblock+ and cookies. I waited 6 weeks or so, no $10 cashback. I asked Cashrewards and they said:

          "We have submitted an enquiry with Telstra Pre-Paid, in relation to your cashback.

          Enquiries for non-reported transactions generally take 30 - 90 days for a resolution."

        • +1

          @shaybisc: damn, they told me paypal gives all their transactions to them and its not disputeable, even though i got the cashback for another smaller transaction, through the same sale. I might push a b it harder, as its for a $40 cashback.

        • +3


          What I don't like about Cashrewards is there is no ding ding moment in the transaction process where it says you've done it right and the cashback is in the bag. Unless I'm doing it wrong.

        • @shaybisc: nah you're not doing it wrong, you're right, its just a grey area. Its kinda bullshit if you ask me. I got rejected the last phone i got too, never got my supposed $20 cashback off a $200 phone. But its somethin for nothin so i cant complain too much.

        • +1


          Yeah cash rewards is so dodge.

          I bought something for $8500 and after contacting cash rewards they told me some rubbish about the store not tracking it.

          Surprisingly it always works for the little crappy purchases.

        • @hypnOtixx: Yep, I wonder if anyone can chip in with any knowledge in terms of what action we can take against them? Surely at very least its misleading, at worst - fraud (worst case scenario)

        • @hypnOtixx: Seriously excuse me for my curiousity, but what did you buy on ebay with such heaps of money?

      • +1

        They shipped an item I ordered last week within 24 hours.

        • +1

          I ordered an xbox bundle during the 20% off ebay sale, took about a week from order to delivery in WA.

        • @KentT: did it come with an Australian power plug or was it a foreign one?

        • @50cent:
          They're an authorised distributor for Microsoft products, so it's all AU stock.

          That's certainly not the case for all their products, but an xbox is no issue.

    • +9

      The catch is you spend money at Ebay that you wouldn't have spent otherwise.

  • +3

    Anyone know if we can use the voucher from previous deal to make up the $100?

    Doesn't seem to say anything about using a voucher on the T&C

    • want to know, too.

    • +2

      looks like you cant

      16: Voucher is not to be used in conjunction with any other eBay coupon/voucher.

      what if you make the total $150 including last months coupon is what I want to know

      • +4

        Hmm, correct me if I'm wrong. But that condition assumes that we're using TWO vouchers in conjunction with one another. But I think the question is, are we allowed to use the previous voucher in this particular transaction to satisfy the purchase order of $100 thus being eligible for receiving the next $50 voucher?

        • +11

          contacted ebay, you cant use any voucher with the deal

        • +1


          Thanks! I knew I can find answer here.

    • +1

      I was going to ask the same question as I still have my $50 voucher from the previous eBay click and collect promotion.

    • +7

      We can use the voucher. It worked for me last time. Bought a $100 SSD from Futu online from the previous deal with a voucher and still received a new $50 voucher.

      • Was it $100 before or after discount?

        • It was before the voucher. I effectively paid $50 for the SSD and extended the expiry of my $50 voucher for another month.

        • @kvince: Nice, I'll try that this time. I assumed that you did this on the previous deal not the current deal?

        • +1

          Yeah from the previous deal. Worth a punt. I doubt ebay would have updated their system.

        • @kvince: just bought a dash cam $135 & used last months ebay $50 voucher ($84 after voucher) see if it works, highly doubt it will, soon see..

        • @RogueWolf: I just did too for a different item. Will find out in 13 days.

      • +2

        You where right it worked, used lasts months voucher & got another voucher this month #winning

  • +9

    I wish Bunnings were on Ebay!

    • +3

      pretty much everything Bunnings sells is on eBay…

  • +1

    Wow still haven't used my last voucher.

    • Same here, keep asking myself same one question:
      What do I want? what do I want? what do I want?

      • +2

        Nothing. You are suffering from capitalist syndrome. You always feel the need to buy something and act materialistic.

      • +3

        Don't forget the expiry

      • +3

        Yeh, if dont need anything, you just saved yourself $100.

        Thank me later.

        • rather thank you in advance

  • +2


    just in time for me to get something i actually want :)

  • +1

    Anything good that's cheap from TGG to take my order over $100? Ideally under $10

    • iTunes card? (assuming they aren't excluded)

      • Thanks, never used one though.

        • In that case, don't bother :P You either need them, or you don't.

    • Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit? Cables?

      • Thanks, hopefully they have a cheap TV cable, I'll check when the sale starts.

  • +1

    As Captain Kirk would say: "ex el ent"

  • +15

    Just remember guys the voucher is only valid for October as mentioned:

    Your $50 eBay voucher will be issued on 1 October 2015, and must be redeemed before 23:59pm (AEST) on 31 October 2015, after which time the voucher expires.

    • just use it to buy an iTunes card or some other voucher on eBay

  • +1

    Do not forget your 2.5% Cashback from Cash Rewards.

  • so is there no limit on the number of vouchers they are doing?

  • +5

    God damnit PC Case Gear - the one think I want is $75 more than in their store..

  • +2

    Inb4 highest OzB upvotes

    • Hopefully! haha 100 votes in half an hour :D

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