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[SYD/MELB/TAS] Spend $100 at eBay (Collect at Woolworths or BigW Store) & Get a $50 eBay Voucher


Simply spend $100 on eBay, collect your parcel in a Woolworths store and get $50 to spend on eBay. Original deal image

The promotion runs 28 July 07:00AM - 3 August 11:59PM.


  1. Go to and shop with over 2,000 participating sellers.

  2. Spend a minimum of $100 and choose to collect your order at a selected Woolworths or Big W store.

  3. Receive your $50 eBay coupon via e-mail (on 12th August) and start shopping again (use voucher by 30th September).

Important Terms:

  • Purchases of items in any of the following eBay categories are excluded from this offer: Gift Cards (172009), Coins (11116), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800) and Real Estate (11700).
  • Your $50 eBay voucher will be issued on 12 August 2015, and must be redeemed before 23:59 (AEST) on 30 September on, after which time the voucher expires.
  • Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

How to search for items with the Click and Collect filter:

Or use this link* Full site only, will not work on mobile site.

(Thanks scrimshaw and battler)

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  • Watching

    • -3

      Nothing special in my opinion…there are a few ue booms you can get for close to $110 after discount. Also Bose sound link mini can be had for $175 after discount but series 2 is out so not really a special….

  • Pretty sure this is limited to Vic and NSW is it not?

    • No notice regarding location restrictions.

      • This service is limited to NSW VIC.

        • +1

          I saw this at a TAS store. If you can confirm this I will update the post.

        • @Vitalic: eBay pickup is certainly available at select Tasmania stores.

        • @Vitalic: as below by @diabolic, Syd, Melb, and Tas only.

      • Do you know if they're planning on bringing this offer back? I just realised I need something from ebay. XD

    • +3

      Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania, according to the FAQ

      • +11

        It's nice to see Tasmania occasionally get included…

  • +10

    it says over 2000 retailers, but when I click on the toy section I only get 4 products

    • +22

      When coverage is wide, deal is shallow.

  • -4

    Wow, this is like up to 50% discount.

    • +61

      not really, its actually spend $100 and get $150 worth of goods, so 33.33% off

      • +10

        you got me there, my math is bit rusty.

      • +6

        "……so 33.33% off"


        • +1

          :) exactly

      • Normally 33.33% but not really sure before you spend the $50 credit and get the goods.
        If the $50 is used on another discount, then it can be more than 33.33%.

      • -3

        Not like this, cause '$50 eBay Voucher' could be used to buy any thing through eBay.

        The real discount really depends what next thing you purchase by this voucher, eg. if you buy other discount thing worth $70, then you spend total $100 dollar and get $170 worth goods. so 41% off.

        It's 'real money' with limitations.

        • So it's important how eBay limit this voucher:
          1, When would it expired?
          2, Could it use with any other specials?
        • +9

          "if you buy other discount thing worth $70, then you spend total $100 dollar and get $170 worth goods. so 41% off."

          sorry you lost me.
          whether discount or not, if that item were $70, then you would have to pay another $20 on top of the $50 credit, which would make it 50/170 ~ 29.41% discount.

        • +1


          No mate, they give you voucher which you can buy anything on eBay (I suppose eBay won't limit this voucher from other discount; if not, I am wrong).

          For example:

          1, If you bought a 128GB sd card worth $100 this time, you got a $50 voucher.

          2, Two months later, if eBay have a discount 30% off (lucky), and you found a case original price $71. You would need to pay $50 and you use this voucher. (In this time, $50 voucher = $50 cash)

          3, Then it means you would spend $100 cash within 2 months and got $100 worth card and $71 worth case, which means 71/171 = 41.5% off.

          I know this would be an extreme wonderful case, but the real discount of this bargain is decided how would you use this $50 voucher, and would not hard to achieve 33% off or more.

          *For some people never purchase item on eBay, this deal is definitely not worth.


        • +1

          @thunder tiger plus:

          30% extreme wonderful case.. I want one

        • +3

          @thunder tiger plus:
          Well, if that's the way it goes…

          Buy something for $100 reduced from $160.
          Then buy your other thing for $50 reduced from $70.
          Spent $100,"saved" $130.

          Meta discounts.

        • -2

          @thunder tiger plus:

          If I get one of these 50$ vouchers can you give me 71$ for it please?

          Think about this, you find something that was 300AUD reduced to 100 AUD, then you find something worth 200 AUD that is reduced to 50AUD, you are basically buying things that are 500AUD with 100 AUD + my voucher. Basically my voucher is worth 400 AUD but I am selling it to you with 71 AUD as I have a discount right now.

        • @Ocean:

          I want too, :)

        • @mihai.petrescu:

          Your case is not correct.

          Cause you said "you are basically buying things that are 500AUD with 100 AUD + my voucher". But in your case, I can also purchase same goods with my 100AUD + my 50AUD, so why should I pay $71 for your voucher.

          In other case, if 'the $500 goods' were only allowed to be purchased by 'the voucher', I would be very happy to pay you $71, even more.

          *For the $50 ebay voucher, it's never valued more than $50 cash, but sometimes they are equal. And both could be valued more than $50 goods.

        • +1

          @thunder tiger plus: What???? I calculated like you did. You basically transformed a 50$ voucher in a 71$ one by adding to it existing discounts… basically your math is next level.

    • +2

      way to math ;)

  • +6

    Must use previous $50 voucher first.

    • +1

      Can you buy something for $150+ using that previous $50 voucher ($100 + $50 voucher), and then receive this $50 voucher as well?

      • +1

        Should be able to. People in this deal were able to use the 20% off code to purchase the GoPro and still received the ebay $50 voucher. But without seeing the T&Cs for this promotions it's difficult to say.

        • +1

          Going by that experience, you should be able to order $100 worth, pay $50 + old voucher, get new $50 voucher.

        • @manic: Even though terms and conditions "16. Not to be used in conjunction with any other eBay coupon/voucher."? That would be good to know for someone like me considering buying something that costs $100 or more before but less than $100 after applying a discount voucher.

        • +1

          All I can say is that it worked before. No guarantee it will work this time though.

        • @manic: Gotcha, thanks. According to this comment purchases using a voucher that brings the total paid below $100 are not eligible.

        • @samlor:
          Maybe, maybe not. People said the same before and were wrong. Do you really think the drones in the eBay call centre know anything?

        • @manic: I agree past experience is a better indicator than call centre staff parroting rules, thanks.

  • +1

    What's the minimum spend on the $50 voucher?

    • doubt there will be any.

    • There was no mention of a minimum spend on what I've seen. Everything I know is in the description.

    • -6

      I'm pretty sure there is a minimum spend, perhaps $200, otherwise this is too generous of an offer.

      • +7

        I spent $49.90 with previous $50 credit, no problem at all. yeah i know that i wasted 10cents :) not a true ozbargainer lol

      • I got it wrong before, misread the T&C. There is no minimum spend on the current $50 voucher so maybe not on the next one.

        ebay is a bit desperate at the moment, after the "divorce" from Paypal. They know they've annoyed and alienated a lot of people.
        I think they're looking at ways to "put it right" - we shall see. Many years under Donahue rule has caused a lot of damage.

  • +5

    Please bring back 20% off :)

    • +13

      Or the more favourable 25%.

      • +3

        With the world wide coverage, not just participating stores.

        • +1

          But it also depends on what you're looking for. A 25% off all products code would be great.

  • This is sweet! I was going to buy the MX Master in the next few days, will wait till Tuesday now :D

  • +1

    Just redirects to for me, with no mention of $50 back. Signed in or not. I'm in Victoria.

    • +1

      Yeah I get the same can't see any info, maybe it will be up on 28th?

    • Same here, in Vic…

    • +6

      perhaps because of "The promotion runs 28 July - "

    • +3

      Wait until 28 July.

      • +2

        Erm yeah, sorry about that Chief… :)

  • Watching keenly..

  • Nice. Hope Target don't increase their game prices between now and then.

  • Watching keenly also…. However, I find the phrasing of the advertisement a bit odd….. "spend $100 or more at ebay" …..??

    Usually it's at a physical store and on eBay.

    • message support to clarify

  • Sweet. The car stereo i wanted is available from one of the sellers. Hello free $50 voucher

  • +4

    Op could you scan the back terms and conditions for us :)

    • +8

      I wish I could but the terms and conditions were printed so small that they are unreadable.

      • I saw the receipt you posted below, but what's the point of having T&Cs if they're unreadable? Lol

        • The e-mail was printed on 1/4 of the paper. I wasn't able to print another copy.

        • +3

          Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

    • +57

      Since I was being downvoted…

      • +12

        ran it through the csi scanner and it says if you give up your first born son then you can get an extra $10 off…

        • +7


      • +2

        Don't worry about being down voted, appreciate the advance notice.

      • +3

        Thanks, makes things clearer

  • +1

    Great Find OP! People, as the OP States in post, " You can't find out more…..on 28 July 2015". I guess we need to painfully sit and wait for 3 days to find out more details.

    • +2

      Just wondering because the link says Terms and conditions are on back of flyer

      • I have my eye on something and due to this deal, I will have to postpone my purchase….and will have to regrettably wait for the T&Cs.

  • +1

    Can the $50 voucher be used site-wide?

  • +2

    33% off, not bad!

  • +4

    Is there anything good buying that isn't RRP? Selection looks limited and expensive.

    • +1

      Just wait until they jack up the prices… and cut stock levels…

  • non bulky items from Pushys can be collected at Bigw/Woolies

    • Yeah but so much of their stuff is insanely overpriced compared to the UK stores. Freaking High5 Energy tablets are $20 for 20. They are about $6 from CRC/Evans/Etc.

      • their garmin products are alright. that was what I was looking at

  • +2

    Archer D7 … c'mon

  • +4

    Just to clarify - all I know is what is listed in the description. I know nothing of item selections, minimum voucher spend etc.

    At the moment you guys know as much as me, but I'm excited by the potential of this deal.

    • have you tried turning it off and on again?

      • +1

        Uh… okay, well, the button on the side, is it glowing?

    • How comes your status sometimes shown as Associated, the other times shown as Employee?

  • Damn, going to keep a watch on this :)

  • looks good to me , hopefully not everything is going to be rrp

  • +3

    Only great if $50 voucher has no minimum purchase condition.

  • Got 10% off code upto $100 in ebay app reminder tab..valid till 30th…might use that and get $50 voucher too

    • is it a targetted code ? perhaps you could share it with others here too

      • Most likely targeted. I received one in my email at the start of the week as well. However mine was up to a discount of $50.

    • How did you get it?

    • +1

      I got this too, I thought it might have been a follow up for spending the $50 voucher, which I used last week.

      I first saw a link on the homepage and then clicked through details are:

      Your exclusive offer: Take 10% off your purchase of AU $150.00 or more, up to a maximum discount of AU $100.00. See conditions

      The conditions link is Java script so cannot link it properly here, but:

      Condition 9 The voucher is by invitation only and is linked to your eBay UserID. The transaction must be completed with the eBay UserID which received the voucher offer in order to redeem the voucher.

      Condition 10 You can find the voucher redemption code and details of the voucher (including the expiry date) in the voucher section of your My eBay account.

      If you've got it, it will be at the bottom of this page just like the $50 voucher

      • I also have one and expires on the 30th. I want to buy a replacement motherboard since mine died last week and a GPU. I wonder if i use the code plus click and collect. If the $50 voucher will still come? I guess we got to wait until the terms and conditions are up.

        • +1

          I get the feeling it will work, based on my last eBay deal experience.

          I used a 20% off voucher code with a qualifying eBay store purchase, the minimum spend was $200 - the discount brought the total down to $186 so I wasn't expecting to get the $50 voucher, but I got it. That deal specifically stated you couldn't use other voucher codes. So it worked even though I used a voucher and didn't spend the qualifying amount (after the discount).

          I still think we will be lucky if a similar thing happens this time, rather than expect to get it.

        • @nismo: Thank you:)

      • There is "CTAKETEN" being advertised on the homepage atm. Same conditions… worth a try :)

        • That's what we are talking about, well at least I am. It's not on everyone's homepage, it's targeted to those who qualify for the offer.

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