expired Telstra 1GB Mobile Broadband for $19/Mth, 3GB for $29/Mth if You Have an ABN


On the 21st Jan, Telstra will refresh their mobile Next G data rates for their "Telstra Business Mobile Broadband". This offer is available for anyone with an ABN.

On a 24month contract, if you bring your own modem:

1GB for $19/month
3GB for $29/month

You can get a free modem if you pay:

1GB for $29/month
3GB for $39/month

I believe you can use either 3G or Next G modems, though obviously the connection speed may differ.

You might find cheaper service elsewhere, but Telstra service is probably the most reliable, fastest, and with the widest coverage.

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    is it 29 or 39….


      Depends… have a proper read.

      Dunno whether to plus this or not…it's great pricing for Telstra and even vaguely competitive against others.
      For Telstra prices and the extra coverage I guess it's a bargain though..

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    Sorry, all that's happened is that Telstra's already inflated prices have come down.

    There's still much better value available from a myriad of other providers.

    If you live in a remote location where ONLY Telstra is available then, by all mean, go for Telstra. Elsewhere you have much better choice and value.

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      I don't know about MUCH better value..
      Virgin Broadband which has reasonable coverage and low prices is $19 for 1Gb (+$5 for a modem), and $29 for 2Gb.. So at the 2Gb price point, this is a better deal than Virgin, plus you get faster speeds (at the moment) cause Telstra isn't oversubscribed.


        I paid $9 for 1GB for the past 5 months for my Virgin mobile broadband service. They've had a 1/2 price for the first 6 months promotion happening for a while.. I've heard Voda has a similar deal aswell.

        I personally haven't tried Telstra, or any other ISP, but from my experience with Virgin I have to say I'm quite happy.

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      If telstra's network is faster, more reliable, and costs about the same as competing services, i dont think they deserved your criticism.

      at this price, i know exactly which ISP i'd choose, regardless of rural/metro.

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      Using a Telstra 21 modem I have speedtested at:

      31 msec latency
      15.8 Mbps download and 4.5 Mbps upload rates. The service provided by Telstra is on completely different level to the others. These speeds make many ADSL2 speeds look bad. Even on real bad days I still manage 4 Mbps down and 1.5 Mbps up.

      Also other things like in building reception etc make a huge difference in speed and reliability even in city areas.

      I'm currently with an Optus reseller, but these prices are pretty tempting considering the massive difference in service offered by Telstra.


      Slightly better value IF you don't want to use your broadband at the afternoons or evening…

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    err… much better value elsewhere?

    show us where

    telstra is the great whipping boy here but these are good prices

    i currently pay $33 for 3Gb and the provider is crap so this is a viable alternative… you can get an ABN in 5 mins so it's no big deal from that angle either


    the $10 x 24 months = $240 for the modem is kinda steep isn't it though

    if you can't find a Huawei or ZTE or whatever for under $50 you aren't looking hard enough


      The modems bundled in the offer are not $50 modems though. The AC880+ in the latest Express Card modem from Sierra with is 7.2/5.76 HSUPA capable as is the ZTE modem. Having said that I'd still be getting an ebay special, but the bundled modems are still very good for the price. Also most Huawei's at the $50 mark will be 2100 modems, Next-G runs at 850, so you'll be restricted to 3/Telstra cell's which kinda defeats the purpose of going for the Next-G network.


    The table doesn't show what units the excess usage charges apply to. Wouldn't qualify as a bargain if small lapses are punished with disproportionately large bills.


      The business plans still have excess usage charges..
      Just be careful.. like you're careful not to go over quota for fear of being shaped.

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    It's just cool to hate on Telstra these days — mostly it's just done by the strictly uninformed who read only the prices. Cost and value are two very different things; get used to it.

    Do I think some of their prices are too high? Yes, but at least I can grasp where they draw these higher prices from. They're evidently not here to serve the more tech-savvy amongst us (that can install/fix everything ourselves, with the exception of network issues, of course) but rather the clueless users (which accounts for what? 90% of the population?) who just want things to work, and work properly. I wouldn't be getting TPG for my grandma.

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      The better service from a customer service angle argument really doesn't stack up.. Telstra are renowned for terrible billing errors and poor support.

      Better Service from a better coverage angle certainly does though.


    Internode has 5GB for $39.95 so better value at that price point, but it's 3G, so coverage may not be as good.

    I think the major benefit with this deal is that there will probably be a shake-up with other providers and we will see a price drop on mobile data across the entire industry.

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      Err, 3G, Next-G, it's all the same.

      Intenode uses Optus infrastructure which is a dual band 900/2100 network which currently runs at 7.2/2.0 HSPA speeds (in most areas). Telstra runs an 850 network (Next-G is just a marketing name), that runs up to 21/5.76 HSPA+ network. Faster speeds are only in metro areas for now.

      But they are all HSPA networks


    People sometimes underestimate the frustration when you have a bad provider.
    This is competitive pricing, but even so, I'm happy to pay a few dollars more for much better service (but not a large amount more)


    120GB plan anyone ?

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