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LG 55" UHD 100hz Smart TV $1358, LG 55" Curved OLED 3D Smart TV $2188, LG 60" UHD 3D SMART 200HZ TV $2095 @ The Good Guys eBay


LG 55UF680T 55" UHD LED 100Hz Smart TV $1358 ($1303 After Cashrewards)
LG 55EC930T 55" Curved OLED 3D Smart TV $2188
LG 60UF850T 60" UHD 3D SMART LED 200Hz TV $2095

LG 55UF680T Specs

  • WebOS 2.0
  • 100Hz Field Refresh Rate
  • Ultra Slim TV
  • Ultra Surround Sound
  • 6 Step Upscaling
  • Quadcore Processor
  • Magic Remote
  • 4K 60P HEVC
  • Freeview Plus
  • Time Machine
  • Intel Wireless Display
  • Hdmi (2) [HDMI Port 1 supports HDCP 2.2 and 60fps @ 2160p
  • 5 Star Energy Rating

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  • +1

    Not sure if that's the correct picture for the tv (on my phone cant see clearly).

    The stand is cheap, flimsy crap and scares me if my balcony doors are open and it is windy. But the tv itself is really good. Great for PS4 and PC games (despite reports the input delay isn't bad).

  • Trent are the OLED's everything they promised to be a few years ago? A $700 or $800 premium seems more than reasonable if they live up to the absolute rave reviews they were receiving when the tech was first demonstrated.

  • +1

    Imagine how much these would cost if the Aussie dollar wasn't so crap…

    • +1

      $999 without discount.

    • +5

      Would still be the same price at Harvey Norman.

  • What about 55UF850T?

  • Is product care(extended warranty) is available on online store?

  • +2

    The Oled is only FHD though :/

    • +1

      FHD oled would be better picture than 'most' UHD's at that screen size. Seen side by side with the uhd playing 4k and oled FHD and preferred oled picture.

      • Agree with you on this, went to HN and you can see the difference straigtaway, the OLED panel is really good.

      • Totally agreed

      • +2

        Nope. You can see pixelation and flyscreen effects on the FHD OLED tv. After getting used to watching UHD tv for almost 1 year, you can see these effects on any FHD tvs easily.

        OLED UHD will have better picture quality but not FHD OLED.

    • +2

      I for one think panel colour and quality is way more important than resolution. Especially since australian "1080p" television is so horribly compressed and has a terrible bitrate. High bitrate looks a lot better than crap 4k.

      • UHD panels have wider colour gamut than any FHD tv. So definitely UHD has better panel colour quality.

        The only thing that UHD LCD TV might lose to OLED is the contrast level but if you watchTV in non-total dark environment, then you hardly see any difference in the contrast level between a good UHD panel and OLED.

      • +3

        There's no Australian 1080p I know of… best I've seen is 1080i

        • Don't even need to buy a FHD or UHD TV if you only watch FTA. 720p set is enough. :)

        • @trump3:

          You're right but the upscalling of the better models do improve things somewhat though

        • @educalifa:

          Yap. I have two 4K Sony TVs and I have no problem with SD, FTA, 1080p video viewing.

  • +2

    $2.2k for an OLED display. Amazing price.

    • 59 Sold in 3 days.

  • How does LG 55" UHD LED 100hz Smart TV $1358 compare with another recent deal? "Sony Bravia KD49X8300C 49inch 4K Ultra HD LED Smart with Android TV $1,448 Delivered @ Sony" https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/213782

    Both are ultra HD, and this is bigger and the prices are similar.

    Any TV gurus care to comment?

    • Not much difference other than size, price, one uses Android and one uses the most liked WebOS and a couple of small things like a few more hdmi inputs on the Sony one

      • Thank you for the quick reply Trent86!

        • Also both Sony and Samsung have released special hard drives containing 4K/High Res movies to give people some content to watch that makes use of the 4K resolution. People who want to watch their own recorded action vids from a Go-Pro will like these TV's.

  • +1

    Time Machine

    OK, you have my attention.

  • +2

    I anyone else like really underwhelmed when they go into a store and look at TVs these days? I mean any TV that doesn't isn't playing specific 4K content tailored to it really looks like crap and blocky/fuzzy? What is the point of having a massive TV if you watch 1080p broadcasts that look blocky on your TV? I couldn't stop looking at the artifacting if I owned one!

    • +5

      And to follow on from this, what is the point if we're transitioning to a streaming model of distrubution and Australia won't upgrade to fibre to the premises.

      • Don't get me started…

    • +1

      They seem to deliberately put underwhelming content on most sets to make the more expensive models look better by comparison. Displaying the same content, the smaller (cheaper) set would likely look better standing right in front of them because of pixel density (unless the resolution is different).

      They also probably aren't calibrated, and you're standing way closer than your normal viewing distance. So, yeah, TVs look bad in stores, but for reasons.

  • I have been looking at this LG OLED model for a while. Nearly pulled the trigger in several occasions especially when Dick had it on sale the other week.

    But what you geeks reckon between this one LG 55EC930T and the other sony boundle from the original listing (KD55X8500C 55" UHD 100hz TV + Sony 100w Soundbar https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/215092)?

    Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.


    • +2

      I'd say you really need to have a look at them in person. The OLEDs have amazing contrast because they can show "true" black, and look great if you're viewing off axis. The most obvious downsides (apart from price) are that they have a "flyscreen effect", where there is more empty space between each pixel when compared to LEDs, and they're not as bright - in particular, the brightness falls off pretty dramatically when there's a lot of white in the picture.

      • you are aboslutely a champ! That's pretty much I found in the local dj store. Thanks heaps

  • +1

    Nice price for the OLED. Personally I'm waiting for LG Australia to release the 55" & 65" Flat 4K HDR OLEDs that are already out in the US, UK, and Germany.

  • Good Guys are doing the old dodgy 'jack up the price' on some items. So grab them why they are listed at the price they are. (I found out the hard way this morning)

    This was $549 at 1am this morning…. must have sold a few on the 20% off sale and they jacked it up this morning $100….


  • Is any good deals for 40" smart TVs ???

  • been keeping an eye on the LG TVs via goodguys and seriously tempted to pull the trigger on this one… http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/LG-58UF830T-58-147cm-UHD-LED-LCD-...

    hard to find any reviews on it though, plus for similar money, i can get a 65" TCL instead of the 58" LG…. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TCL-U65E5800FS-65-164cm-UHD-LED-L...

    anyone got any sage advice for either purchase? TBH 58" would probably be big enough, and given i use the fetchtv box and external speakers, things like bad TV tuner, shitty remotes and bad sound quality from a "budget" panel are completely irellevant. will try to get to a good guys today/tomorrow to try check them out in person, but figured one of you lot might have some decent advice :D

    • Avoid TCL, avoid LG. You get what you pay for with TVs.

      • +1

        I Have an LG In my house which is great, it's the 50" L6500 Version, best thing about LG Are their smart interface compared to Samsung and Sony. I also have 2 Samsung TV'S Which are my fav but the LG One isn't far behind

        • and conveniently you've just thrown the 55" samsung into the mix too…haha :(

        • @jaybo: Yeah good prices on them, gg are price matching Jbhifi specials

        • @TRENT86:
          i pulled the trigger on the LG 58" UHD LED tv. went in store and checked out the 65" TCL vs the 58" LG - night and day difference, TCL was noticably bad with the shitty refresh rate, the LG was super smooth.

          looks like cashrewards pay out on the original purchase price too ($2k rather than $1600) so $80 return coming my way…. plus should get 3200 velocity points if all the browser cookies worked out! :D

        • @jaybo:
          Hi Mate,
          Looks like the sale might happen again and I've actually been looking at the 58"lg for a few months since TGG brought it out. Only thing that brought me down was the tv didn't have IPS but I guess it'll mean that the black will be better.

          Can you please tell me how it is at the moment? Is it very nice and would you buy it again? Thinking to get extended warranty with it. I've had LG's in the past and love them but not sure about the new models.


        • @theone111:

          it's been excellent, i've had buyers remorse about the 4k feature because it really doesnt get used, but in reality i'm not sure if i'd be able to find anything with similar specs without the 4k and end up saving money as a result (if that makes sense??)

          love the lg remote, the video quality is excellent, i've actually been pleasantly surprised with the upscaling of things, in particular we have fetchtv, so my wife watches a lot of the IPTV channels which streams some reasonably low quality streams (in my opinion) via the internet (universal channel, hgtv etc) - the quality seems to have improved massively since the new TV, and im pretty sure it's down to the upscaling stuff… either way i'm very impressed with it!

          if you can manage to pick it up for $1600 like it was earlier i'd grab one, i'm very happy with it :)

      • that's an odd combination of comments… the LG is clearly more expensive than the TCL but you still say to avoid it based on getting what you pay for?

        i know that the uber-expensive high end samsungs & similar are beautiful TVs but in the background i wonder whether i really need what the extras really are - like i said, a lot of the time it's shitty speakers, remote & tuner that really bring TVs down and none of those things really matter to me - in reality all i need is a good panel with a single HDMI input and the rest is irrelevant.

      • Not sure about TCL but I have a 42" LG Full HD TV. I have been using this over 8 years now. No problems at all and I love it. I have no problems buying a LG again. I am looking at upgrading it for a bigger screen model.

  • I'm after the 32" version of the LG smart tv with Web os2.

    I Can't seem to find it?

  • Has anyone had any luck finding reviews of the LG 55UF680T I'm keen to pull the trigger, but concerned with LG. Is it one of those ones that has a different model number in different countries?

    Also LG 55" UHD at $1698 vs the Samsung 55" UHD at $1788 small difference in price if it is a big increase in quality especially with all these pixels!

  • Wouldn't mind buying the LG 55UF680T as a gift but can't find any reviews of it and don't really have time to go in store and check it out. Anyone know much more about it (and if it's ready to be wall mounted)

    Sorry just realised someone already asked the same thing :(

    Edit: ok think I found a review and might pass http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/by-brand/lg/uf6800

  • whats the input lag like??? ie is it practical to use as a monitor?


  • just bought a G 55UF680T

    Anything will be better than our 5 year old plasma

    plasma going to charity

  • Was about to buy the LG 55" for 1350 but after looking around for reviews and couldn't find any but the review posted above for possibly a different model, I looked around for other TVs and found a Samsung 55" UHD for $80 more, so $1430 (possibly less with cashback if it works). Past deals have been like 1550 so it's a bit cheaper than before. Hope it turns out well, upgrading from a 42" Samsung that's ~10 years old now.

    • It was cheaper on 5/10/15 - see thread started by TRENT86 (with thanks) :)


      SAMSUNG 55" UHD Smart 100Hz TV UA55JU6400 $1321 Delivered(ebay.com.au)

      Please ignore below post.

      • Oh forgot about that, think it was sold out before I viewed it anyways though :/ Would have been nice.

  • (I meant to reply to above comment from AreYouAWiiizard)

  • Wow. 59 LG OLEDs sold in 3 days.

    • That's nothing, the Panasonic TV In other post has sold over 130 lol

      • Now 70 LG OLED's.

        • Yeah I think HN Stock them

  • After a lot of to and fro (in my head), just pulled the trigger on the 55 OLED! Thanks OP for posting this deal.

  • Has anyone received the delivery of their TV from this sale? How long did it take?

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