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Xbox One (500GB Console) for $399 @ JB Hi-Fi


$100 off the standard 500GB Xbox One Console. Available instore and online.

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JB Hi-Fi

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  • Is this a good price? PS4 or XB1?

    • Decent

    • If you don't want anything but the console, sure is, i'd rather buy a 1tb bundle and maybe sell what I didn't like though

    • It's a good price. It might drop lower towards christmas although it might not. I guess it depends on whether you really want it or not.

      I got my xbox one when big w had a discount on it and had their 10% off everything to staff family and firends and it cost me 420 with the Master chief collection. The MCC only sells for about 30 bucks at some places.

      • There are still Polk headsets and MCC for $88 at Big W online if anyone wants it

        • I thought that was a typo as they were selling that headset for 200 dollars separately.

        • Thanks for that! Put my order in. Seems when they're something like $200 at EB and $100 at JB.

      • i reckon $400 is a fair price - but its still the most you should be paying for a bare bones bundle - i think closer to christmas will show bundles with more for around 400-450

        If you can wait, Keep an eye on microsoft AU website - November last year many got the AssCreed bundle you are looking at with 3 bonus games and 12 months xb live for $380 after 20% off and cashrewards 4% - back then you could sell the games and xb live to end up $170 out of pocket for the console and controller.

        A better option will present itself leading into Christmas.

        Of if you want one now, and are happy with used, good deals to be had on gumtree for around $300

  • What's the cheapest price I can get the Kinect accessory for?

  • Id probably go with a Microsoft Bundle for $500 and get a game and that extra promo stuff like an extra controller etc thats going atm

  • Rep, what is the policy on returns for online purchases? I can say I've been dissapointed to be advised returns are only instore? What about customers who are nowhere near a store and don't care to waste hours of travel time due to JBs error? Store rating of 2.5 stars is not very promising.

  • Ahhh if you do a ps4 deal I would buying right now

    • There was a PS4 deal a couple of days ago with 30% off Dick Smith's ebay

      • yeah i missed that :( was away on leave by time i saw it they switched to click&collect only but local shops sold out

        • There was a PS4 deal in the Big W book today! $500 for a PS4 with Uncharted bundle and Jurassic World. An awesome bundle; 3 games I've already played and a movie I could've seen for $12 at the cinema.

          Man this generation is off to a flying start with a great catalog of videogames.

  • Reminder for JB giftcards.
    Woolies or BigW stock them.
    Use egift cards from cashrewards (or similar) for 5% off.

    Ive never had any issues at BigW with gift card purchases.
    Woolies have been knocked back once.
    (Went to a different counter and did the purchase)

    Use AMEX for additional points.
    Jb has surcharge with amex.
    Buy egift and buy jb gift cards with them.
    Gain your points and 5% off with no surcharge.

  • im trying to sell my used xbox one and people wasting my time, wanting it but never show up =/ aughhh such a pain

    • Use FeeBay to get a sale if you're getting time wasters

      • to much fees not worth it

        • Timewasters ey ?? - how about a slab of beer??

        • anyway I dont think its worth getting a brand new console. Its way cheaper getting a used console with games or whatever, you get more out of it and its way cheaper. you can just sell the games and it will make the console cheaper. BUT if you buy a used one you have to be CAREFUL that its not broken or faulty. most sellers dont false ad but some do.

  • u just have to load the disc to activate the gameplay on xbox one right? u can remove the disc upon activation? i am leaning towards xbox rather than ps4 due to this feature if tht is true, i got very PARANOID when i hear the disc spinning noise from my ps3..

  • Just picked this up today in Brisbane. Keep in mind that it's the old controller without the 3.5mm headphone jack. Having to shell out $50 for an audio adapter pretty much kills any savings made on this deal. Kicking myself for not just buying from these guys: https://freeshippingtech.com.au/index.php?z=c&p=gaming-conso...

    • So cheap! Good find. Not sure how quickly they dispatch as i need this for halo 5 launch day =D

      • I emailed them and asked. They said that they usually dispatch the day before release day, and you can pay $15 extra for express postage. But just check the release date listed on their website, I think it may be a day or two later than the official release. I've asked them what the deal is there, but no replies yet.

        Also, ended up taking the $399 model back to JB Hi-fi. They were really lovely about it and even offered to give me a free adaptor for it, but I'm holding out for the 1TB tomb raider version now. Just an FYI to anybody wondering, the 500GB console only has something like 360GB actually available.

  • I bought one with Fifa 2015 (500gb) a few weeks ago for $299 from Target…still unwrapped but I have a valid reason!
    So not the best deal available.

    Besides, who would buy from BJ HiFi ?!?