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20000 Products Ea for $0.05 (USD)/$0.08 (AUD) Delivery Included - JD


Starts 9th/Nov/2015 @ 6pm (AEDT). Max 3 uses of JD555 per customer (use the code in three individual transactions)

Three links to search for available products. Please note - some products are out of stock or have exhausted the number of 5 cent allocations and have reverted back to their original price.

To get items for 5 cents, the price before you click "Add to Cart" has to show as either $8.05 or $9.05 or $10.05. If an item is showing as more than $10.05 and has multiple options to choose a different colour or size, then try selecting them as the price for other variants of the same product could still be available for purchase at 5 cents.

Link 1 Scroll down the page and look for products in the "20000 PRODUCTS FOR JUST 5 CENTS" section.
Link 2 The prices shown are not accurate. Click into a particular product to see the correct price after discount.

Known website issues:
1. The website sometimes logs you out for no reason during a purchase. This usually occurs when you are redirected to the chinese page during checkout.
2. If you are 100% sure that you have not used the JD555 code three times and it is not letting you use it anymore, then goto My Account -> My Order. Look for any orders that have a big red Checkout button and cancel the order. You will then be able to apply the JD555 code again.
3. The referral and coupon system is buggy. People have reported many issues with using their $10 referral credit or even seeing it in their accounts. Just come back and try again later.

Feel free to use my invitation code when you sign up to get free $10 USD - 7HNIW0
or use other members codes

This is part of Singles' Day Sales for 2015.

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        • if it sounds too good to be true it probably is

          signing up and ordering items incorrectly advertised to my country gets this a neg

        • @dennis888:

          Just disregarding everyone else that jumped on this when it started, not hours later…

          That's fine, I and many others are happy with our 32c haul!

        • -1

          I think you cocked it up..

        • @Roary: Nope. Various products still can't be purchased. It's just a terrible site barely maintained…

        • @roosta:
          Nope.. Worked OK for me.. You cocked it up..

        • Heh. As per below comment…

  • not working

    • -1

      Sale starts in 30 minutes so please try again at that time!

  • A lot of products are 'unavailiable' same for anyone else?

    • -1

      They will be available at 3pm when the sale starts, but you can add the items you want to your wishlist for quick checkout when it does begin.

      • oh, 3pm shenzhen time?

        • +1

          My mistake, I forgot to account for the time difference. But the sale starts in 30 minutes

  • ??????

  • Still says invalid code…

    • Sale starts in 30 minutes so please try again at that time

  • hahaha gg

  • +1

    Sorry, the coupon code you entered is invalid. Please try again or use other codes.

  • Sorry, the coupon code you entered is invalid. Please try again or use other codes

  • 26 minutes. Check the timer.

  • Sorry, the coupon code you entered is invalid. Please try again or use other codes

  • +1

    the counter says its sale time in 57 minutes

    • For me it says 2hr 55mins. I am in WA.

  • +2


  • +6


    Start time is wrong!

    They posted 2hrs ago, saying it starts in 5hrs!

    • Lulz

  • wow troll much

  • is it just me or do all these chinese ebay clones all have the same web designs?

  • +8

    Woohoo it's working! Got the last gtx 980ti for 5c

    • +1

      Really!? ¬_¬

    • +1

      Can't apply the JD555 code

  • All the items are 'unavailable'

  • so start from what time?

  • +1

    for me it says it started

    what a waste of time this website is

    • Where does it say it's started?

      On the main page for me up the top the slider hasn't gone from preview

      • +1

        The site is poorly coded. It has started for the east coast of Australia but still 20 minutes to go in Adelaide and I'm guessing a couple hours for Perth. Don't think it's actually started yet.

        • Ah got ya. Yeah I'm gonna predict it actually starts @ 6pm AEDT, 3pm WST, and whatever in the other places :P

  • I think it's according to AEST not AEDT.

    • It's what ever your local time is.

      Ppl in NSW are seeing the timer in AEDT
      Ppl in QLD are seeing the time in AEST
      WA in WAST

      • I'm thinking it is 3pm where ever the site is based (China?)
        The javascript code uses function: Date(2015,10,9,15,0,0) and gets time off the www.jd.ru server.

  • where are you rep! Please clarify the start time!

    • +2

      Sale starts in 15 minutes! I believe it is 6pm in most of Australia, but 3pm China time for reference.

  • How do I fidn my invitation code?

    • in your email

    • Not that useful unless you have someone spend over $20.

      Plus only one coupon per order.


      Which means you cannot use it along with the 5 cent coupon.

      • My referral code box is blank!

  • I had a free 5USD in my account when I signed up, I applied it went through PayPal and after checkout they didn't deduct the discount, ridiculous!

  • Sorry, the coupon code you entered is invalid. Please try again or use other codes.

  • "Sorry, the coupon code you entered is invalid. Please try again or use other codes" :( :(

  • I've been trying to create an account for the last hour, and it requires SMS verification, but it doesn't send the SMS.

    The website is now unusable and is timing out.

    The start time, terms, and stock available are unclear and in question.

    I'm done, this is a waste of time.

    • +2

      Agreed, this whole thing has been nothing but a waste of time. A sale like this has the potential to attract many new customers, but after this I'll never bother with this mob again.

      • …Until the next 5c/8c sale lol

        Or until 6pm AEDT rolls around, you'll sneak back in and buy something

        • +2

          Sadly, you're probably right. Unfortunately, the temptation of 8c ultra-cheap Chinese technology goods is too great to resist for the ozbargainer.

        • @soaringphoenix:

          You wouldn't be a customer of the site if it wasn't for that… None of us would be!

          US$10 from referral for a 2nd order, after getting a 5c item (hopefully), then forget they existed until the next sale!

          Hey, it's what we do!

      • Good increase in their google ranking as well.

    • Maybe if you try entering an illegal phone number, it might work

    • +1
  • The timer is going off your local time.. lmao stupid.

  • Not working

  • -1

    Prob supposed to be 3PM local time.

    • China's 3PM = our 6PM.

  • too eager, will wait 3 hours

  • +1

    Dang. Now what am I meant to do with the last work hour.

    • ebay 20%

      • +4

        That was the morning shift :)

  • still no luck - same error

  • thanks OP, have signed up using ur referral code.

  • code invalid :( It's 3:45pm

  • This site is plain stupid. still can't use the damn discount codes, even though the products ive chosen have it in their descriptions. think i'll just wait for AliExpress' 11/11 sale.

  • looks like theres still 2 hrs to go before it starts.

    Facebook post says it starts in 3 hrs, that was 5 hrs ago.

    • +1

      Facebook post says it starts in 3 hrs, that was 5 hrs ago.

      So it's already started 2 hours ago? :)

      • doh! never mind.

        it's active now, that's all that matters lol.

  • code is useless, anyone else had luck?

  • It states one item per order.


    Yet it also states three products per person maximum:


    • 3 seperate orders 1 account?

      • Yeah, that's what I think, but then again how are they supposed to let people reuse the coupon…

        I don't know which is correct… What happens if we use it once and you can't use the coupon again?

        • +2

          What happens if we use it once and you can't use the coupon again?

          I am more worried about if I can use the coupon at least once and get a real bargain.

        • Yeah, I'm just going to try set it up for one item only, in case it doesn't work and I don't have time to remove the other items in the cart.

          I can just see it, removing items whilst it takes 3 minutes to load each page. lol.

          Good luck.

  • Does anyone else have a generic name on http://a.en.jd.com/user/info.html?

  • +1


    • Coupon Code is now LIVE :D

  • code works but why does it still show the normal price?

  • So far so good.


  • hahaa.. JD555 coupon is only $10 off.. hahah

    • thats what i got too GG

    • Doh.. I had a second item in my cart.. only applies to one item only.. :(

  • the code works now!

    • how much are you paying?

      • 5 usd cent for each order of one item

  • only $10 off!
    Can anyone get the $0.05?

  • I just got the BT mouse for 0.05c USD :D

  • Just successfully used the code to order a Bluetooth headset. Price dropped from $20.10 to $10.05 and the code reduced it to $0.05.


  • cheers OP just ordered the Bluetooth mouse you linked for less then 10cents. was about to buy the same off eBay for $10 !

  • -1

    Seriously what's with the please select your country, and the only option is -select-

    • try different browser

      • Hmm not working, just keeps coming up with -select- yet !Please select a country

        Very frustrating.

        Edit: Not working in chrome or firefox. How are you all getting it to work? Surely not internet explorer?

        Along with the terrible web design, language, and 404s, literally the worst online shopping experience I've ever had. Competing for desirable tutorial times in undergraduate against hundreds of other like-minded students was a less painful process.

        • ctrl+shift+r and try again.

          The javascript takes a while to load even after the page looks like it's done. It does eventually work in chrome and firefox.

  • Saw 6000 orders in between my three orders.

    I think it will all be gone in another few mins, if there are only 20,000 available.