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Vegan Healthy Snack Pack on Sale $49 @ The Avii (Free Shipping When You Pay $49 on Any Order)


Try variety of Vegan snacks! Great for school lunch boxes, work, home or travelling. All snacks in this pack are also 100% natural, so they don't contain preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.
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The Avii
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    OP should change heading to read $49 Shipped.

    What's included:

    DJ&A Tropical Mix
    DJ&A Summer Mix
    DJ&A Freeze Dried Mango
    DJ&A Freeze Dried Strawberry
    DJ&A Hot & Spicy Coconut Crisps
    DJ&A Roasted Edamame Protein Snack
    DJ&A Pea Protein Snack
    DJ&A Coconut Crisps Original
    DJ&A Organic Cacao Coated Coconut Crisps
    Matt's Munchies Tangy Apricot
    DJ&A Veggie Crisps 40g
    Matt's Munchies Mango
    Matt's Munchies Island Mango
    Matt's Munchies Apple Licious

    Weight of each item?

    Pretty good deal OP but probably wont attract too many positive votes here.

    Maybe at $25 delivered we'd be in business…

    • +2

      Needs moar bacon!

    • weights are all over the place. The first item they say 45grams but the photo of the pack shows 40grams, Coconut crisps is listed 60grams but the pack photo says 70grams…
      $3-$4 for a pack of chips is pretty up there in price.

  • -1

    far too much for vegan food.
    you could get 5 lunch time special deal steaks at your local club for this price

  • a 5% decrease in price doesn't make it a bargain.
    the pack itself at standard price is a rip off too, normally when you buy a collection or pack of products there's a saving but this one is slightly more than buying all the products individually.

    Receive extra 10% off by using the promo code at checkout! Visit the store for more exciting products.

    What code?

  • +2

    Last time I heard that apples are still vegan, they make a great snack too.

  • +1

    $3 off normal price
    USE code M8URR92R1ZD7 for extra 10%
    meaning $44.10 total.

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