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DickSmith 'Mammoth' Sale: 60-70% off Audio, 30-70% off Blu-Ray Players & PVR, up to 80% off Security


Another day, another Dick clearance sale

Price List thanks to @danzan

Hopefully you all find a bargain!

In-Store only!

See here for the online stuff!

  • Up to 80% Off Security clearance lines
  • 40-60% Off Clearance Lines across Fitness, Toys, GPS & Printers
  • 30-70% Off TVs (Display and Clearance Lines)
  • 60-70% Off Audio (Clearance Lines - Headphones, Home Audio and Speakers)
  • 30-60% Off Samsung Clearance Smartphones
  • 40-60% Off Clearance Samsung Tablets
  • 50-80% Off Ink Clearance Lines
  • 25-40% Off Windows 8 Computers
  • 30-70% Off Display Blu-Ray Players & PVR Clearance Lines

More to add (Thanks Jayskies):

  • Up To 75% Off Fans & Cooling
  • Up To 75% Off Lavazza
  • Up To 70% Off Men’s Shaving & Grooming
  • Up To 75% Off Women’s Epilators
  • Up To 60% Off Clearance Apple iPhones
  • 30% Off Clearance Oppo Phones
  • Up To 70% Off Sony Xperia Smartphones
  • Up To 40% Off Huawei Smartphones
  • Up To 50% Off HTC Smartphones

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  • +3

    Eastern state ozbargainers. Whosoever gets bargains. Please post the Product code and price here.

    • Haha, the true winners of these promotions are the people in WA :P We should feel happy for you guys though, considering how often you guys get shafted.

      • +3

        bro took sickie today! Went to store at 9am, all they said nothing on sale. All i can think is all product were put hold, they called staff members asked their family members to buy for them.

        I was not happy at all. But may be what I wrote was just a story. I really need a tv, I am watching everything on laptop. #LifewithoutaTV

        • I feel your pain, man. #DatStudentLife

        • I turned down a JVC 40" led TV @ $149 got two spares, couldnt find any relative that needed one for crissy, was 3 at Joondalup.

        • +4

          We bought a 40" LG Led for $200 down from $800 apparently, got it home and it had 1 leg, no remote, no power cord and no instruction manual.. didnt say anywhere on the box it was missing parts, so now we have a 120km round trip to return to the store tomorrow to see if they have found the parts….

        • +3

          @lymasc: ouch! 120Ks.

        • yes, our daughter wanted to surprise us and get one for Christmas,( we have a 40" plasma,lol ) so she travelled 30 km to check the local store nearest to us and they didn't have any so went to the next one which is another 30km , and then got this one with missing parts, and then have to do it again tomorrow ..not overly impressed..

        • +1

          @lymasc: maybe the missing leg was part of the surprise? Look mom only one leg LOL

        • haha, like to hope not ;)

        • +3

          @lymasc: may be it is not worth giving back. Wall mount it?

        • But we still don't have a power cord or remote, we looked them up on a spares site and its going to cost $48 for the remote and $26 for the power cord and $56 for the legs , and $50 , yes $50 for postage as we don't live locally . So the TV should of only cost $20..lol.. We rang the store this afternoon after opening the box, and yes it was sealed, but it does have two rows of tape. :( Just can't understand why they would of sealed the box up knowing it wasn't complete…

        • +3

          @lymasc: Usually power cords are similar to desktop PC's power cord. You can try that. YOu can buy universal remote from BigW or Target?

        • @lymasc:
          Get a universal remote.
          Is the power cord unique? Cant use something standard?
          Milk crate for legs.. :-)

        • +1

          We will be taking it back, $15 in fuel for peace of mind against the cost or replacing parts. Not including the milk crate …lol… Thanks for the suggestions.

        • +2

          @lymasc: You can most likely use a generic PC power cord and get an app to use as a remote and then ask them to mail you the parts. 120km is ridiculous. I'd be charging them fot fuel.

        • @lymasc: call JVC, don't tell them it was clearance, just tell them you purchased new from DS and it was missing parts, they may give it to you.

          But seriously if not just suck it up, get a logitech harmony at the next sale and wall mount it, which is what anyone should be doing with a new TV anyway! :-)

        • +1

          Don't you hate first world problems.

        • @malouphix: lol.. Not worried about ak47s, bombs, food & water..

        • @lymasc: Ask them to post the parts. JB Hifi have done that for us previously.

  • +1

    any idea if the tv's are same as todays or new ones as non left etc. WA

  • +1

    At least this time it's announced and official, but I'm still not hopeful.

  • Any discount of dyson fans?

  • Wish I didn't have to work. Hopefully DSE is open until 9pm tomorrow.

    • +4

      sorry to say but you will not get anything at 9pm!

      • +1

        Darn it :(

        I wish they would open at 8am at least one day a week.

        • +1

          You're not looking too well tendollar, perhaps you need the morning off? Or were you just having car troubles? ;)

        • @subywagon:

          I don't pull sickies even if I'm sick. :p

        • +1

          @tendollar: I guess in this case, "You DON'T snooze, you loose!" :P

  • In store or online only?

    • In-Store only

  • +2

    I'm actually going to join in on the madness tomorrow! Hopefully I get something good in Vic

  • +1

    Not worth my time.

  • Does anyone know the models and prices of the Samsung smart phones?

    • +1

      I saw in bourke st they had the 64gb s 6 edge for 700 something. Also the note 3 for 332 and s5 for close to 500. Prices were ok but not amazing. However the real deal was the xperia z for 59 and z ultra for 74.

      • Xperia Z for $59?

        Does anyone know if any of the Sydney stores has decent stocks on any of the good deal phones?

        I can see my wife going for the edge for $700 but I'd rather get a $300 ish phone.

        • Best bet to check dick Smith near you. If they have no stock ask them to check other stores with stock. Also be aware the Vodafone one was 199 only the unbranded one is 59.

        • @mark96: According to their website they have the Sony Xperia E4g Black for $199 (standard price).

          I can't see any xperia for $59

        • @davedrastic:

          clearance lines aren't online

        • @davedrastic: in store only.

        • @mark96:

          @ Xperia Z for $59
          Do you have a receipt for that mark, or you just going off here say?

        • Yes I do inbox me your and I'll send you a photo.

      • Did u see a Xperia Z or just the price on a list? i was afterf one, but
        my local had nothing but the E4Gs for $99

      • Got one of the ultras. It's effing huge!

        Was even better because I managed to get the last one ahead of a lady trying to broden herself another one.

    • +2

      Does anyone know the models and prices of the Samsung smart phones?

      Yes, the Dick Smith marketing team…

  • +2

    I thought is today.

    My friend bought a Seiki 65" 4k TV for $409.

    Also LG BP400 3D bluray player $29 and Panasonic SC-BTT300 3D Blu Ray home theater for $9.90.

    • +1

      My haul for today was a 65" LG TV for $919. Im happy with that.

      • +2

        I got a 55" UHD LG for $599 and am stoked too. Hoping to get some cheap speakers tomorrow. Very, very unlikely though.

      • thats the 3d version too.

    • +2

      Ugh, that deal is filthy. Filthy good.

      • Yeah the Seiki seems better than DSE brand.

        No sure is this site the same one DSE have.


      • Also 55" $239 but they sold the last display model when I saw it.

        • Hey Super that wasn't you at BJ DSE? If so that was me in front of you!

        • @Jackson:

          Bondi Junction? Not me I have never been there.

      • Clean up your act. We can't be having your filthy language here :)

    • +1

      65" 4k TV for $409

      W O W

  • For those of you in Sydney, is there a Dick Smith store that you'd say was "great"? My local one at Winston Hills is tiny. Carlingford is bigger but they're reducing their stock and for reason are now selling toasters.

    So any thoughts on other stores?


    • +1

      I went to Winston Hills two days in a row after work. Store is super tiny and nothing interesting there to get :(

    • The Mount Druitt store isn't bad. Not as tiny as Winston Hills but the staff literally don't know anything about sale prices. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing as you have no idea what is on sale. Blacktown I guess wouldn't be bad either.

    • whats left in the carlingford store? any tvs?

      • I was in there last week and there seemed to be normal number of tvs.

        All their gaming section was gone being replaced by toasters and kettles etc.

        They seemed to have a normal number of laptops too.

        • might check it out after work for some scraps

  • +4

    Went to Gungahlin ACT store today. Almost all the good stuff are taken by staff. The rest are full retail price…Don't waste your time. Your best bet are those eBay SALE.

    • Hehe I'm gonna try the airport DS tomorrow lunch time.

  • +2

    Headphones huh?…

    grabs sleeping bag

    • +2

      I had a look at their headphone range today… Nothing really worthwhile. Maybe the Beats (if it is really cheap)

      • +1

        A few stores had bose quiet comforts. Hopefully they count as clearance line.

        • They do stock the Sony MDR 1a, which is a ripper. Normally retails over $300, if that's on sale I'd grab it.

      • +1

        I'm interested to see if they discount the already cheap Philips In-Ear's (3500BL & 3590). If I could grab a few pairs for $1-$2 ea, awesome!

    • Don't worry, the queue won't be THAT long.

  • erm… isn't all the good stuff like TV's cleared out anyway from today?

    • I think they added security, GPs, audio for tomorrow.

    • +1

      This is what DS want you to think. Their overstocked quantity is so huge that they need a team of auditors to come up with hundreds of million dollars write-down. Their shares price nosedive for a reason.

      You really think they can solve their super big mess by selling a few thousands items at 50% off just for a few days ?

      • So will they restock the stores with more old stock to get rid of?

    • I was told today that the ones that haven't been on clearance yet should go on tomorrow.

      • Who told you that?

        • An employee at a store in the Brisbane area (rather make sure they don't get in trouble).
          Was also told to expect audio tomorrow, they were right!

  • +2

    Great deal this morning at DickSmith Keysborough. Grabbed myself a Logitech G510 keyboard for $22 :) down from $129

    • This is a pretty old keyboard though.

      • +1

        Granted its pretty old, but for its features and longevity at that price I couldn't resist haha. The G510s is still going around for $150+ in most stores

        • Was it g510 or g510s. Store near me only had the s.

        • @mark96: I got the G510

        • @mark96: Seems like none of the S series logitech stuff is going on sale at all.

          Found a G700s that was marked at $149…and scanned at $149 despite there being a 30% off logitech special.

          I'd imagine all the old stock is being cleared.

    • Can you upload the receipt for the G510 please?

      • +1


        Hope the snapchat will suffice, I'm not home atm!

        • Thanks. Staff told me today it wasn't discounted, but I reckon now I'll give it another shot in the morning :)

    • Would this be the price at all stores?

      • +2

        Each store picks a select few items they want to clear from what my mate has told me, if it hasn't been reserved by staff yet that is

  • +2

    I brought the LG 3D Blu-ray player with 500gb HD recorder for 49.8@ David Jones today. $200 off.

    • +1

      LG 3D Blu-ray player with 500gb twin HD recorder is $29.80, 90% off!

      • where did u see that? it was listed at $49.80 at my local DS, but they gave it to me for $40..

    • +1

      I bought this LG BRT650 at Sydney Geogre st. Store, thought its a nice deal at $80. But it turns out to be a Big Shit. After turning on the power, it's all a black flashing screen on my Sony Tv.all buttons dont function. the menu also doesn't work and once turned of by the Power button-the only working button on its remote-it freezed forever at the Bye status.

      Will have to bring it back to DSE.

      Guys, dont pay even 1$ for this LG twin recorder.

  • +11

    they better bloody have some 5 ohm resistors and 244.8 volt 65 joule varistors in stock or a riot could break out.

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