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DickSmith 'Mammoth' Sale: 60-70% off Audio, 30-70% off Blu-Ray Players & PVR, up to 80% off Security


Another day, another Dick clearance sale

Price List thanks to @danzan

Hopefully you all find a bargain!

In-Store only!

See here for the online stuff!

  • Up to 80% Off Security clearance lines
  • 40-60% Off Clearance Lines across Fitness, Toys, GPS & Printers
  • 30-70% Off TVs (Display and Clearance Lines)
  • 60-70% Off Audio (Clearance Lines - Headphones, Home Audio and Speakers)
  • 30-60% Off Samsung Clearance Smartphones
  • 40-60% Off Clearance Samsung Tablets
  • 50-80% Off Ink Clearance Lines
  • 25-40% Off Windows 8 Computers
  • 30-70% Off Display Blu-Ray Players & PVR Clearance Lines

More to add (Thanks Jayskies):

  • Up To 75% Off Fans & Cooling
  • Up To 75% Off Lavazza
  • Up To 70% Off Men’s Shaving & Grooming
  • Up To 75% Off Women’s Epilators
  • Up To 60% Off Clearance Apple iPhones
  • 30% Off Clearance Oppo Phones
  • Up To 70% Off Sony Xperia Smartphones
  • Up To 40% Off Huawei Smartphones
  • Up To 50% Off HTC Smartphones

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  • +1

    Guess I'll be lining up at dick smith tomorrow

    • +21

      If the staff turn up…

    • +8

      Better to hide the products you want to buy now!

    • +2

      Not worth chucking a sickie for you won't get anything

    • +7

      Hopefully you enjoy the awkward jokes about staff taking all the stock with the people around you.

      • +31

        I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I personally do not think that there is anything wrong for DSE staff to buy an item or 2 of each product(s) for their own consumption. Why should they be penalised working for working at DSE? If anything, I'd say good on them for snagging a bargain or 2 given that majority of retail staff tend to be quite low on job related perks. However, staff members who abused their privilege by hording trolley load of products should be flamed :).

        From reading some of the comments, I'd say that those who are complaining are more of a case of 'sour grapes' or a sense of perceived entitlement "Oh a bargain, I should be entitled to it and will throw tantrum like a baby if I didn't get any!". Some of you seriously need to grow up.

        • +1

          Let's state the obvious. Most employees will be buying stuff for financial gain. Also I believe this is against DSE policy so in this case I can understand why some people are a bit sour.

        • +7

          @snagseb: I have no doubt that there are some employees are buying it for financial gain, so poor form on their part. I think we both agree on this. However to be fair and objective, OzBargainers in some cases aren't setting a good examples either (e.g. Kicking up a stink when they do know that items has been listed as price errors or when retailers refuse to price match etc). Human nature is a funny thing, people tend to be sour when it suits them :)

        • @moo:
          Haha yeah that's true. But that's always going to be the case. We are emotional things.

        • At the same time, hoarding trolley loads of products is perfectly legal - so why not.

        • From reading the reports in the media and looking at the DSE shareprice, the DSE staff should be hoarding as much as they can to sell on ebay later because they'll all soon be out of jobs. Call it the severance package they're not going to get.

    • +2

      i am going to setup my tent soon.

      • +4

        There'll be plenty pitching tents in anticipation of 9am tomorrow

        • +2

          dicks smith n pitching tents……

        • @Steptoe: I see what you did there. :)

  • +17

    Have had enough of Dick's empty promises so far. But good luck to those who'll find a bargain from this in advance.

    PS: I thought TVs & Samsung smartphones and tablets were on clearance sale today though, no?

    • +1

      They were on sale but not all of them.

    • +1

      Yep, can't imagine there'd be many TVs or blu-ray/PVRs left in stock tomorrow.

      • "Display and Clearance lines" isn't that the same as today? Not much off W8 PCs compared to other lines (would be in like Flynn if they matched 70% off like they have done with TVs), Samsung might be interesting Audio is probably the best area to get a deal. Weak deals compared to Day 1 and Day 2 unless they keep restocking already cleared product with old warehouse inventory.

        • +1

          When combining a laptop on sale (there are a few nicely spec'd ones), with the Coles 10% extra for Gift Card promo there are some nice prices to be had IMO.

        • Interested, which models were you looking at? I had a quick browse and they seemed to be ok value but nothing really stood out as a real bargain…

    • Dick Smith's share price has been smashed this week, partly because they are holding too much stock.
      It's not a surprise they are having some major sales to give the market some confidence.

      • +30

        Selling 42" tvs for $30 doesn't give the market confidence. It screams liquidation firesale :/

        • +6

          Yep. The other problem is that once a customer buys a cheap TV… they are no longer in the market for a TV. So it corrodes future sales.

          Not a big surprise really after being inflated by a Private Equity Firm (which turned DSE's net worth from a $94 million to $520 million in just over 12 months).

        • +1

          They are offloading old stuff and are apparantly going to rejig their buying.

        • Ah ok so not closing down in the immediate future then? That's reassuring, where did you hear that?

        • @guidedlight: and the PE crowd floated shares to the public @$2 ? If that's true, then lots of ordinary folks are down some serious $! Cheers

  • +1

    Interesting that the email came out while WA stores are still open…! Not gonna be good if they've been given the heads up!

  • +1

    Finally dick listening to all my whinging about their coupon deals.

    • Maybe if they listened earlier they wouldn't be in this situation. Oh well, live and learn>

  • +4

    In before neggers

  • -6

    Anyone explain mates rates think……I asked told 24hrs+ before receive email….guy on here got straight away on purchase?

  • +10

    The 'Dick Smith has gone flaccid' Sale

    • +1

      It's just having it's refractory period

      • +4

        Dick will come again.

        All puns intended

        • +2

          @KaptnKaos Dick will rise again

      • +1

        if you eat some cabergolin there is no refractory period

      • +2

        I may get an orgasm IF I manage to buy anything in stock at all tomorrow :-/

    • +1

      Yeh - who'd-a-thought so many people would no longer be loving dick

  • most of the clearance tvs ( all the old models as far as I can tell ) are gone in WA , 78" Samsung old model was 10k now 3.5k etc…….you will probably find a lot of the laptops and phones on clearance are ex repair , at least that's the way it was last sale

  • Hey SpackBace,

    Where does it say about "up to 80% off Security"?

    Cheers bro.

    • +1

      Sorry, email received says 'Up to 80% off security clearance lines'

      • +2

        in-store security guard included? :p

  • Dickies share price have gone back up, so the bargins won`t be as good as the last couple of days.

  • +5

    I want to Epping Vic dick smith today and they did not know what was on sale and what was not, there was about 20 different cameras (not dslr's) and not one was on sale, and the best tv thay had was down from $1200 to $900 LOL

    • +1

      they had to look in the computer , most stores only have a couple of staff at best so no time for tickets

      • The did look at the computer for the first min then they just started saying no to everything when I asked if they where on sale, so I just got the list up that was posted on OzBargain and started looking my self as they where no help at all.

        • +1

          Playing dumb I guess like most in the past

  • Any printers?

  • +1

    Note: clearance lines. If your DS is anything like mine, there's 1 or 2 items for each line. Not worth the effort

  • +13

    Day 3 Clearance tickets in Westfield Sydney Store


    • +7

      Love those Blueray players!

    • +2

      Really 60% off iPhones? Or should that be iPhone covers?

      Can't imagine iPhones being flogged off that cheap.

      • +4

        Its clearance iPhones.

        Not the current models.

        and yes, iPhones are being flogged off that cheap.
        I got an iPhone 5c 16gb from DSE today for $99

        • Same here

        • 5s is apparently $349 if you can find one, went to three different stores and got told they had not stock (without checking the computer, but probably not lying) and can't sell the display.

        • Wow.

          And I just found some other images of 40" tvs going for something like $50!

        • is iphone 6 included in the clearance?

        • @Trio21:

          They are $999 for the 128gb version.

        • +1

          John where did you pick that 5c from? I would like to get one for my daughter too. Good for the kid as a Xmas gift.

        • +2


          Cannington. Doubt there is much stock left in the whole country

      • remember every item is old clearance stuff, so it could be an iphone 4 demo model. No new models will be on sale,

    • +2

      hey look can you spot the ozbargainer waiting in the que? :)

      • +1

        It's the group of guys standing next to the counter all looking at store sale list print outs and being told off by staff that they are not for the public. Hehe was pretty funny.

      • +4

        I read that as "hey look can you spot the ozbargainer waiting in the what?" because, you know, the Spanish.

    • What's the stock like there. Think I might head there tomorrow but only about 12

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Just bought a Christmas tree

    • +16

      You'd have more present space with a Festivus pole

  • Looking for some wifi cameras so fingers crossed tomorrow

    • There were several wifi cameras at Camberwell for around 75% off

      • Really? Do you know the brands/ models?
        I couldn't find anything at Bourke St, I basically scanned every camera in store.

        • Sorry, but if you can suggest some names it will jog my memory
          The sole salesperson had to bring them from out the back & scan them for someone else who was inquiring. They were $20

    • I saw some Olympus Wifi ones for under $50 and they kept on coming at the Sydney QVB store

  • +20

    Do I even bother try again after the failure of last 2 days? :'(

    Of course I will.

    • +2

      Thats the ozbargain spirit :)

    • I went Monday and it was an mammoth waste of time. They had only one pc game for $10.. call of duty ghost. And some of the the headphones was like 30% off..

      • +1

        Monday? I thought the clearance deals started only yesterday, Tuesday.

        • +1

          Sorry must have been yesterday.. ><

        • @imcold: It's alright, mate. I get the days mixed up myself every now and then. :)

  • Hmmm, didn't even cross my mind to look at the GoPro section today while I was in there. May have to make an extra trip tomorrow: I've always been curious about the merits of wearing one while I play cricket, but not ~$300 curious!

    • +3

      Save your money. Your own footage on a GoPro is never as good as you think it's going to be. Moreover, most the time I don't even watch it more than once

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