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Free $25 Sony.com.au Store Voucher for Completing The Survey


I have used vouchers on the website before and I am pretty sure there isn't a minimum spend.

Some items to use on:

More items thanks to lyl:

Terms and conditions of Thank you Offer - $25 Off Coupon

To be eligible for the eCoupon offer, the "Getting to know you" survey must be completed by a valid user between 9:00:00AM 14/10/2015 and 23:59:59PM, 31/03/2016. One unique, single use, eCoupon will be sent per person, via email to the email address registered during the survey. Email containing eCoupon will be sent within 7 business days of survey completion. Unique eCoupon is valid for 30 days from receipt of your eCoupon, at which point it will expire. When claiming through the Sony Online Store, your unique eCoupon must be applied at checkout to receive the offer.

Unique eCoupons can only be redeemed on the Sony Store Online (www.sony.com.au) and Sony Kiosks (www.sony.com.au/microsite/stores). eCoupon applies a $25 discount to the recommended retail price and is available on guest, partner and MySony accounts. This offer is not valid in conjunction with any promotional offer and is not exchangeable for cash or cash equivalents.

Minimum spend limits may be imposed and will form part of the promotion terms and conditions, if applicable these will be noted in the email containing the promotion code.

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  • +15

    some items have been reduced, for boxing day..

    clock radio was $39, now $31.20

    • +1

      nice, used my voucher to get the clock:) you should post the deal.

    • Hehe thanks, got one too :). $6.20 total!

      • +3

        Not reading comments cost you $5

        You can get the clock for $1.20 :)

        • Spend 10 minutes trying to set up a my sony account, gave up in the end.

        • @iChopstick: wow, really? It took me about 30 seconds. It's a one page form, why so long?

        • @PBG: Wouldn't accept any valid password I entered for some reason.

        • @iChopstick: strange. Try a different browser? Mobile/desktop etc?

        • How did you get the clock for $1.20 ?

        • @Ughhh: someone in the comments (cantnfind it on mobile at the moment) links to a $30 voucher code where you just change the last 4 digits around to make your own voucher. It works!

          Then the clock on boxing day sale reduced to $31.20 less $30 voucher…

    • Yeo another happy customer at $6.20 delivered. Thanks vandelay!

  • +8

    My voucher still has not arrived.

  • Thanks so much OP just picked up an alarm clock radio :)

  • ordered radio clock with back order:

    Your SelectionsProvide detailsYour Payment OptionsConfirm order
    Thank you for choosing to shop at Sony Store
    Your order number is: H4xxxx050
    The total amount of your order is: $ 9.20 Includes GST of AUD$ 3.56
    The estimated delivery date is: 08-Jun-16

    • 08-Jun-16

      Is that a typo?

      • i hope so..

      • No it's not typo. They keep warn me this would be back order etc etc but since I used the $30 voucher and pay only $9.20 I ignored the warning and keep going…

  • +5

    I didn't get a confirmation email nor the voucher.

  • +1

    Got the voucher but nothing to buy for. PM if interested.

    • Not available anymore

    • Thanks! Got myself some earbuds for $5.

  • I'm interested if anyone's got any codes they're not planning on using. Please PM me! =)

  • received $9 clock today, thanks op.

    • i got the clock for only 6, they have 20% off boxing day on this, bring it down to only $31

      • Should have used the $30 voucher hack as described in others comments. Clock was $1.20 :)

    • Got the clock for $1.2. I like it.

  • Has anybody got the voucher code that they dont wish to use. Please PM me. I did survey 10 days ago and still no voucher. Thanks

    • I got nothing also!

      • No voucher for me after 12 days either

        • ditto!

          Fortunately there is nothing I really want from their over priced products….still, that's hardly the point.

  • Any one having issues with ordering? I'm trying to orde clock radio that comes for a total of $6.20 after coupon and discounts but it ends up saying "payment couldn't be processed please contact card issuer". I have used 3 different cards same messages every time..

    • similar issue, keep asking me to fill in credit card details.

    • Happened to me, also resulted in payment pending showing on my bank account without the order being taken. Altough, it does look like the pending payments will elapse in a few days as they are still pending while my other order placed at the same time has been processed.

      • i just checked by account and it also shows payment pending on one card. the ones i cant check as it doesnt list any pending payments. Im not sure what to do? Should i keep trying until the order goes through? that could possibly get more amount blocked off on my card and then i might have to chase it with Sony? the website sucks!
        how many times did you have to try? i possibly have blocked payments on my 3 cards!

        • +1

          i possibly have blocked payments on my 3 cards!

          Ring your bank/credit card issuer — they will block your card if they suspect fraudulent or unusual activity.

        • I tried 3 times, then resorted to paying via their bpay option which went through without a problem. I wouldn't worry about the pending payments they will elapse in about 7 days and the money won't be taken from your account.

        • +1

          As I suspected pending payments for unsuccessful orders elapsed and no money was taken from my account.

        • @adr8: I got my order. Payments are still pending from older tries

        • @adr8: Did your order via bpay option get through?

        • @Future Kids:
          Yes, took an extra day to process compared to the purchase made on my credit card but have received both orders.

  • Just tried to order the radio, got all the way to the end using the coupon ($1.20 final price),
    but then gives this message when i click place order :(

    "The Online Sony Store is undergoing temporary maintenance. Please check back with us soon.To contact a Retail Sony Store, please click here or use our Dealer Locator."

    Seems the $30 codes dont work anymore:
    Get this error now: Ecoupon entered is not valid for this customer type.

    The $25 coupons still work though

    Looks like I was just a minute short before they updated the servers.

    Servers down again, ill try again tomorrow

    • -2

      Tried again using a $30 code (MS14014969) and it went through this time.

  • Haven't gotten anything more than a week.

  • +1

    PlayStation 4 Vertical Stand - $27.95

    • We’re sorry, but the following is temporarily out of stock:

      The main product you selected:
      - PS4STAND

      EDIT: Managed to backordered for $2.95 Delivered.


  • +1

    dont need my $25 coupon code, whoever is interested, please reply to this post
    first to reply can have it


    • sure ill take it

      • no probs,

        can you change your settings to allow private messages, wont let me send you one.

  • thanks op! my 2x 8gb microsd cards came today :)

    in rather large box too, they definitely lost money here… i almost feel bad for them.

  • Is there an expiry date on this $25 voucher? Nothing interest me at the moment and I'm hoping to save it for future use

    • +2

      From the OP ==> "Unique eCoupon is valid for 30 days from receipt of your eCoupon, at which point it will expire"

  • +3

    I completed the survey but have not received the coupon till date

  • I still haven't received my coupon and its been almost two weeks. If anyone has a spare coupon could they please PM me - thank you :)

  • +2

    Haven't received any coupon… its been more than 7 days. Tried two different email accounts >:(

  • +6

    Yep, never recieved any code or email concerning the survey…….

    • Same it's been two weeks also tried doing the survey again makes no difference.

      I even registered my product got a Sony account too. This is bullshit

  • Yeah Where is my coupon…..

    If anyone has a spare coupon I want the 3d glassses

  • +1

    If you own a PS4 these are pretty good value with the voucher:
    PS4 Charger - $40
    PS4 Vertical Stand - $27.95

    • +1

      Anyone got a spare coupon? Sony doesn't like me very much :( It's been over a week and I really need that charger.

  • No voucher received either despite completing survey ~2 weeks ago. Ozbargain'd out?

    • +1

      My voucher turned up today. There's still hope!

      • When did you do the survey?

        • Not sure exactly, but it would've been within a few days of the original post (maybe Xmas Eve?)

  • +2

    I ordered these headphones last week on the 4th. They were on sale for $38.71, the price has gone back up now. I paid ($38.71-$25) = $13.71


  • Sony asked me to send a photo of the $30 voucher that I used. I choose Bpay as the payment method (as credit card payment was not working) and it's been pending payment for over a week since I transferred the money.

    • Hi there

      What happen in the end with this? Sony is also asking me for the $30 voucher, what did you say to them, thanks.

      • I didn't get asked when I ordered the alarm clock and memory cards on xmas/boxing day. If they ask this time, no probs. I'll just tell the truth and ask them to cancel the order.

      • Sony said the order is under review now, they need photo evidence of the voucher.

  • i back ordered a usb drive, in the email it said to wait for a call but I haven't heard back from them.

  • Anybody got an unused voucher please pm. Want to buy a microphone.

    • hi there, i still have my voucher if you want, but i cant pm you

      • taken, sorry

        • sorry didn't see this last msg.

  • I finally received my voucher, totally forgot about it. Over a week since I took the survey.
    Got the PS4 stand, only just bought a PS4 from another Ozbarg for $318.

    Stand is on back order, but I'm in no rush.

    • I ordered the same item. Hopefully it'll be here soon.

      • Received an email today saying item has been dispatched.

        • My stand was delivered today via DHL. Just as well I took a day off work.

  • Bloody hell…my voucher is expiring soon but I can't seem to find anything to buy except boring memory card

    • Maybe give it to someone here?

    • Do you still have it/ are interested to pass it on? Haha mine never arrived and I was hoping to use one.

      • sorry just used it to buy the earphones that were on sale

        lol @ the amount of people messaging me about the voucher

  • any unused vouchers please.


    • pm'd ya :)

      • thanks. got it.

  • haven't received the voucher :(, any unused one? thanks?

    • Me neither. It's been 3 weeks so just did the survey again.

      Pretty slick website. Firefox didn't load the survey at all.
      Palemoon didn't work as it won't accept valid dates.
      Seamonkey worked.

  • Hi - I'm keen to buy my gf a new sd card, but my survey code hasn't come through. Any other spare codes? Thanks in advance.

  • Is there anything worth getting ($<50 before coupon)? I just got my code and most cheap items are sold out.

  • Hi all,

    My code never came through, would anyone have a spare?

    Thank you!

  • Anyone have a spare voucher can pm me? Thanks in advance.

  • Is there anything wiith getting now? They sent me a second voucher. Don't know what to get

  • -1

    Anyone have an unused voucher? Thanks

  • Does anyone have a spare voucher please?

  • No voucher after 3 weeks, so just tried the survey again.

  • I would like a spare voucher if anyone has one. Thank you.

  • Looking for a spare voucher, feel free to PM if you have (:

  • Looking for a spare voucher code, please PM me if you have one. Thank you :)

  • Completed the survey and am keen to use the $25 discount straight away.

    Anyone have a spare voucher that I could replace when mine comes through?