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NBA League Pass - 40% off (Premium & Standard) until 29th December (US Time)


Hi guys,

NBA League Pass has a couple of discount codes floating around, one being for 25% off coupon until 29th December, 2015 (US time), the other for 40% off courtesy of Rivmeister. The codes are as follows:

  • LPBOXINGDAY15 - Gives 25% off (expires December 29th US time)
  • LPBOXINGCAN15 - Gives 40% off (unsure of expiry date/time)

More info via the link provided.

The codes should work if you subscribe via vpn as well, so if you've waited for a discount code to sub/re-sub this season, now's your chance.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2015

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    Cheers, just got this.

    Used the following Indian proxy for anyone interested (http://www.proxynova.com/proxy-server-list/country-in/):
    IP: Port: 80

    Comes to about $125 AUD.


      How does that work? Different pricing per country?


        yes nba league pass has different prices for every country - USA/AUS is the highest prices and 3rd world countries are the lowest.

        The service is exactly the same as AUS/USA one though after you pay.

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      Can you explain how to get the indian IP to work with the league pass, I'm new to this and $125 seems acceptable for league pass.

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    good discount - there were no discounts last year.
    and you can watch all the games from the season up to this point after you signup so you've only missed on the live experience - not the actual games.


    I clicked on the link but couldn't get a price - can someone help us out with a total for AUS address subscription?


      For standard Australian subscription, the code brings the price down from $319.99 to $255.99.

      For premium Australian subscription, the code brings the price down from $389.99 to $311.99.

      The prices can be found if you click on the "buy now" button after following the link to the deal at the top of the page.

      Like aisle6 states, it's best to use either a proxy or vpn to pay for the sub from another country, as it'll almost certainly cost less for the subscription if you do. You only need the vpn/proxy to sign up with, you won't need it to watch any games, regardless of whether or not you used one to sign up with.


        Forget the prices above, with the 40% off code, the prices drop from $319.99 to $191.99 for standard and from $389.99 to $233.99 for premium.

        Again, if subscribing via vpn or proxy, you'd likely get this much cheaper again.


    i signed up using getflix through canada last week. it worked about 165 for the premium package with no discount. i think using canada was the cheapest

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    Found a better offer.

    Using LPBOXINGCAN15 gets you 40% off so premium subscription comes down to $99 AUD.


      When I enter 'LPBOXINGCAN15 ' It's 233.99 for me? I would subscribe for 99 AUD but not much more…


        I was using a going through a Canadian server using my VPN so if you go though a working proxy from the link in the first post, the site should recognise you're from Canada and give you 40% off.


          Do u have a site which will provide Canada vpn?


      Awesome work mate, I'll update the deal to reflect this, as this discount code works on both standard and premium subscription.

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        Says 25-28 Dec so I imagine US time. If you work on West Coast time it's 19 hours behind our East Coast Daylight Savings Time so you've got until about 7pm tonight our time.

        That's the biggest discount I've ever seen for a League Pass subscription.


    Using Canadian VPN server the price is in Euros; i.e. 233.39 Euros.

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    Guys ive changed my settings through getflix to canadian address however it comes up NBA LEAGUE Pass is currently
    not available for purchase. Any suggestions?

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    Went through F-secure Canadian VPN, price comes down to about $86 AUD for regular