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eBay Cashback 4.4% Sitewide @ Cashrewards (Please Read Post)


It’s the New Year and the team at Cashrewards thanks each and every member for your continued support. We are in awe of how much our community has grown in the past 12 months. We've been able to offer some incredibly whacky rates on cashback for eBay - Australia’s biggest shopping website.

We recently received news from eBay stating the amount of cashback that Cashrewards (or any other cashback site or points program) will be able to offer will be reduced to around 1.00%. There is unfortunately nothing we can do to change this, but Cashrewards & eBay will be working closer than ever to bring you the best offers and promotions going forward.

With your help, we will become the largest community of shoppers in Australia, and the Cashrewards team will work harder than ever to ensure your loyalty is rewarded with the best deals, coupons and cashback offers anywhere on the planet!

With this in mind, we want to go out with a bang and offer a great cashback rate of 4.4% on eBay Australia sitewide for two days only. Rest assured this will never be repeated, as beyond January 6 at 3pm AEDT the rate will drop to around 1.00%.

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  • +110

    wow…poor form ebay

    • +85

      Lol first they end the 15% promotion early, now they're reducing Cash Rewards to 1%?

      Who runs this circus???

      • +16

        Yup, miss out on the 15% promotion as they end it early. I have a few items in my cart that I was hesitating to buy even with the 15% discount, ebay basically help me to make the decision not to buy and save me some money.

      • There were a lot of other 'firsts' before that one.

    • +10

      It's big multinational eBay with their market monopoly and Swiss accounts. Would you expect anything different?

      • +5

        Didn't ebay startout as 'Ebay Auction Web' out of a single auction house in South Dakota(I think). I remember buying from this place when most people didn't have a computer.
        They still owe me five bucks for a failed transaction, who do I contact?

    • +16

      Is eBay forcing you to keep January 6 at 3pm AEDT flexible?

      • +5

        Reads like "January 5 at 1pm"

    • +13

      eBay is starting to look like an unfavourable site for us OzBargainers.

    • Dick Smith crumbling, eBay reducing promo periods, what next ?

      • +8
        • +2

          Currently 25% off, four for the price of three…

        • +1

          @clarky: Tried to checkout, coupon says expired. T&C's say I had eternity to redeem, but they changed the expiry date. Poor form Apocalypse :(

      • +1

        Delivery Hero not doing any more $15 off deals, that you can use, over and over again, on the same night, using the same account?

        Now that would really be bad.

      • +6

        I blame the professionals on Ozbargain

    • Not just poor form - possibly illegal.
      If Ebay is imposing a limit on the amount offered by third party referral sites they may be guilty of price maintenance in breach of s.48 of the CCA.
      In addition, it also sounds like a misuse of market power in breach of s.46.
      Would like to know more about this communication from Ebay.
      So, who wants to join me in a class action?

      • +2

        More like they are now only paying cashback sites 1.2% so they are reducing the amount that they pass on to us…

        • But that's not what TA said.

          Tightarse said

          "We recently received news from eBay stating the amount of cashback that Cashrewards (or any other cashback site or points program) will be able to offer will be reduced to around 1.00%"

          That sounds like Ebay is setting the amount that can be rebated, not that they are reducing their rebate but that sites can pass on whatever amount they want.

        • +4

          @BigTed: Put away your rage. TA may not be a lawyer, unlike 110% of people on this forum seem to be.

          eBay would certainly not have mandated an upper limit to cash back schemes. Cash back companies can offer any discount they want, but most would rather earn more than lose it.

      • +1

        Another reason, among money, never to buy gift cards.

  • +1

    Thanks for the update TA - glad to see you are being paid for your work now!

  • +1

    Aww sad news :(

  • +1

    can it not coincide with the next eBay promotion they are 'promising' of X% off?

    • -6

      Do you have a source for this piece of information?

  • +28

    Real shame about the drop to 1%. Hardly worthwhile anymore.

    • +4

      It really is. I'm not sure why eBay gives a shit though assuming they'll still be paying their affiliates the same rate?

      • +4

        Because with a high percentage, people who were going to buy from eBay anyway end up intentionally going through a "referral site". With 1%, nobody will bother, and the only referrals are "real ones" (people who stumbled across something without prior intent to buy), not people who refer themselves (which is effectively what we do).

        • topcashback and ebates are still pretty good when you factor in the referral bonuses (e.g create an new acct each time). There are often category restrictions though.

  • +39

    Wow. I know profit is down eBay, but jacking up listing prices, ending sales earlier than advertised, and reducing cash back aren't doing you any favours

    • +14

      aren't doing you any favours

      Where else are you going to shop? gumtree ?

      • +13

        Owned by Ebay?

        • +7

          Yep Ebay own Gumtree which is why we never hear about Gumtree anymore.

        • +17

          He was being sarcastic.

      • +48

        I'm going to open my own auction site. With blackjack, and hookers.

        • +14

          Actually, screw the auctions component. That's superfluous: We'll have nothing but blackjack and hookers.

        • +1

          eBay can bite your shiny metal @$$!

        • +1

          You mean like OpenBazaar?

        • I better get at least 4.4% cash back on those hookers and free delivery lol

        • @Dacs: very interesting concept

        • @pranksta: but you have to pay return postage, that might cost more ~~

      • +1

        ebay keeps driving sellers and buyers into searching for other places to shop. Some of those searches result in people finding them. Now they're wringing the life out of an entire group that brings people to their site. The same 'business model' that they've had for years. Don't give people what they want - take away everything that keeps them coming to your site in a frantic grab for cash - until people give up and look for other places to give up their cash.

  • Once they realised how many customer cash rewards brings then they will re-think about it.

    • +82

      I doubt it.

      Let's be honest. We mainly use Cash Rewards to get that extra % discount because we have already decided to buy something on eBay. We don't use eBay because of Cash Rewards.

      • +2

        amen to that.

      • I agree.
        And I don't think "competition" will matter here either (PricePal, ShopAndMint) because they'll all be affected by the drop. And you can't increase cashback from one merchant and incur a loss just to "get people in the door" because you'll just use whichever cashback sites have the highest rates for the merchant you're buying from.

      • +1

        I think it's somewhere in between. If there's a 15% off promo, that'll probably make me buy without any cash back needed. But otherwise, there are some items where the price difference isn't enough to warrant using eBay and paying/waiting for postage. Cashback of between 3% - 5% can sometimes be enough.

        But I do agree eBay will probably be better off overall by this recent move.

      • True but I definitely took the 4% or $100+ cashback into account when I bought stuff during ebay 15%. Had it's very own line in my "How Ozbargained is it?" spreadsheet. Was my first and probably last ebay cashback :(

        If a 6% sale doesn't do it for you then a 10% might. Similarly 0% vs 4%, 15% vs 19% and so on.

        It's tentatively showing in my account and lets hope it stays in my account.

  • We will have to wait until next week to find out if this is only isolated to cashrewards due to their large userbase.

  • +4

    1% is really a shabby rate imo, I often forgot or didn't care to use CR even with 2.5% when my purchase was not big.

    And even I remember it, for example during the 15% off + 4% CR period, one transaction worth 800+ dollars slipped from the system. And this happened so frequently so in reality an unstable 1% CR might equivelant to a 0.5%- rewards rate.

    • +2

      I often don't bother using CR or other site for eBay… even at 4.4%. The effort involved for quite often no-return/cashback is not worth it. 4.4 cents in every $ is nothing on little purchases.

      • +57

        Please hand in your Ozbargain membership card at the desk on your way out.

      • +6

        What effort?

        • +3

          That one URL and one click.

          Takes 0.00000000000000000012% of a calorie extra - so you need to eat about 3 extra peanuts across the average lifespan of a human being. Yeah, too much effort. ;-)

        • For an unreliable service that never pays out or takes 6 months to pay out. I don't see the point in disabling any ad blockers, going to CR, clicking to ebay, logging in to ebay, paying and wait with baited breath to see if it is ever tracked… for eBay

          If the cashback is 5-10% like Dan Murphys and such then it is worth it, and funnily enough they ALWAYS track fine. Only eBay is shite!

        • @Firey1989:
          You'd have to click to ebay, log in to ebay, pay and wait regardless.. so in fact the only extra steps is disabling ad blocker and go to CR.

          Also you should shuffle the steps around to logging in to ebay before clicking through CR ;)
          The lesser amount of steps after clicking through CR the better.

          I've never had CR miss any payments through any site including ebay including high priced items valued at $1299 ($38.97 return), $489 ($12.20), $897 ($22.42), $1357 ($33.92) and my latest $3189 ($127.56).
          For an extra few seconds of clicking and at least a CHANCE of getting something back on my purchases, I'm more than happy to try.
          If I get the cashback then great! If I don't get it, I needed to purchase the item anyway so at least I tried.

        • @Firey1989:

          I have a second browser exactly for that.

    • Hi Miley, I experienced exactly the same issue during the previous 15% off, the reward appeared 2 days later then disappeared. Cash rewards support had been friendly, but we're not able to locate the transaction.

      I know it appeared as I posted on ozbar gain that cash reward credit was against the full amount.

      Still any reward is worth it.

  • +13

    Crikey ebay really is giving us the middle finger at the moment aren't they. First the sale last week and now this, alienating the customer base must be their new year marketing strategy. Definitely will be thinking twice about buying stuff off ebay from now on

    • +5

      As a seller on eBay, I'd say buyers are given a great treatment in comparison to sellers.

      Rules keep changing that makes it increasing difficult to sell. Defect rates, DSR ratings, feedback ratings is such juggle to maintain. Not only that, I have never won a case when a buyer opens "ITEM not received".

      Also their optimistic postage times is quite bad too and they don't take account to holiday congestion or when Australia Post takes a holiday.

      Too bad to maintain TRS you need to have a one day handling time, so I always get a lot of pissy customers who don't understand how shipping works and that it can be delayed.

      So in the end, I believe eBay's focus is definitely favors the buyers and almost complete ignore sellers. If you have strong connections towards eBay, then you would probably get favored treatment over customers.

      • +1

        Sorry to keep commenting, but they've been giving us the finger for YEARS.

        As for buyers being given great treatment… I guess I see what you're saying, but ebay have worked hard at driving buyers away too, first. Instead of simply reverting and fixing the reasons we all left - they try and grab more cash and do different stuff to try win us back. And making it more difficult to sell IS against the buyers too, because sellers give up and leave.

      • I completely agree, I have given up my multiple eBay ventures as it's just too hard to come out on top.

        Buyers have it so easy compared to sellers, unless you are big big business it is allot of effort. I take my hat off to you for persisting with it.

        Hopefully the evolution of the internet and projects like open bazaar change the game a bit

  • +5

    Curious to know how many CashRewards members do you have now?

  • +11

    The amount of effort it takes to load C.R, login, click to ebay, login and purchase isn't worth the 1% cashback…. thanks alot eBay

    C.R keep up the good work with other retailers.

    • +3

      It's even more effort if you consider trying to ensure you get the reward (making sure the credit goes to cash rewards by not using other websites, adblockers, etc)

  • +2

    1% - curse you eBay

  • +1

    Is there a clause saying they can reduce or change the 4.4% at any moment before the 6th? ;)

    • or maybe a clause saying they can add another clause to reduce the amount at any moment

  • +27

    Dropping to 1% is actually a good thing. People might stop using this service and find a better one. It's entirely unreliable, if not outright dodgy, especially for big purchases.

    I've kept using it despite not tracking $1500 over 3 transactions in September / October, while tracking 10 far smaller purchases - just to confirm my suspicions more than anything else.

    And a dozen small eBay purchases have all tracked fine since… but the $688 purchase I made two weeks ago has disappeared into cyberspace, yet again.

    I won't be sad to seem them disappear off ozbargain.

    • +1

      My $800+ transaction slipped out, however a $450+ transaction in the next day was tracked. I believe its just unstable and random, but still miss the 33 dollars I could have earned.

      • +1

        Send them an email. They'll chase it up for you. Source: Happened to me.

    • +1

      I sent a query for a large purchase to CR, it was tracked and paid…a few months later

    • +2

      I've spent close to $4000 across about 15 transactions (one was $2300) and every one of them has tracked.

      It definitely is suss that your large purchases didn't get tracked - but it's definitely not 100% ditch the large purchases.

      • +1

        I'm glad you've had some luck with them. I haven't. Probably 25 purchases, 21 have tracked - but those 21 only account for half my spending!

        I tried contacting CR. Initially it was "too bad so sad", but when I reiterated I'd made every purchase using the EXACT same process, they promised to look into it - then proceeded to ignore the 3 follow up emails I sent them over the next few weeks asking for an update…

        • +22

          Hi Uncle Chop Chop. Your claims re "too bad so sad" and ignoring emails is not what we're about. If you send me your CR email address, I will personally chase this down.

        • +1

          I have to agree 100%. I have had all of my <$50 purchases track but my 2 >$500 purchases disappeared. I also got the "too bad so sad" email and consequently no longer bother with the effort associated with CR.

        • -1

          nice try

        • @ugoagogo:

          What was I trying?

        • @tightarse: Please also follow up the other complaints as seen above while you're at it.

        • @tightarse: thanks for your help in following my ebay transaction, TA!

    • +1

      I'm sure this decision was made by eBay and in time will include all Cashback companys

      • +1

        The post already says it does

        …that Cashrewards (or any other cashback site or points program)…

    • I purchased a $1,000 camera lens back in November and it tracked fine. I just minimise the number of clicks before I proceed to the checkout.

    • People might stop using this service and find a better one.

      I doubt it's the cashback service that is at fault, but more of an issue with eBay.

      • +1

        I'd be inclined to believe that, if not for the fact the 4 largest transactions I made out of 25 overall didn't track, while all the rest did… Odds of that happening randomly are approaching lotto ticket territory.

        • Don't take this the wrong way but perhaps those 4 transactions, due to the monetary amount, you spent more time researching and clicking around therefore increase the chance of clicking on ads?

        • @tomleonhart: nah that's not it mate. I always research first, then once I've decided to buy, I shut everything down, clear cache, re-open explorer, sign into eBay, add item to cart, go to cashrewards in that same tab, sign in, follow the link back to eBay, open cart which still has the items in it, then I commit to buy and pay immediately using PayPal. No other Windows open, no other browsing.

    • Never worry about the rate dropping.PricePal still passes on 2% cashback(All membership levels) for eBay Australia and we have points(2 Pts per $1) options through Qantas online shopping mall/Velocity eStore.

      IMHO,2% cashback is the bottom line for eBay Australia.

    • I agree. The tracking is too flaky. Nearly 3 weeks since I ordered a SIM from the Telstra store and no notification yet and don't get me started with the TV ($1200) I bought in August last year.

    • If it disappears, what could possibly replace it? I agree that their tracking is a joke especially for big items which suspiciously almost never track until you send them a query but I am not sure what else would be able to give you some money back on eBay.

  • +16

    All we need is discount code APOLOGISE2016 after the flop CELEBRATE2015.

    • Too late to apologise now after the abrupt ending to our 15% off celebrations.

    • +1

      ebay don't apologise - history proves they make a worse decision to make the last mistake pale in comparison.

  • +1

    Nice, it's about time we slowed down our shopping on eBay. Still appreciate Cash Reward's efforts though, saved us a bunch!

  • very disappointing, first they finished the 15% off early and now this bullshit. why they finished it early when it was supposed to finish at midninght.

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