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Australian Flag & Cape (2-in-1) $5 Delivered @ Kogan


OK Bogans. Dont know what to do with your $25 Kogan voucher from handing in your worthless Dick Smith giftcards?

Get 5 of these for you and your mates and celebrate Australian Day in true Bogan Style

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…. Oi Oi Oi

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        Well said, it's amazing how we are made to feel bad for being Australian, just in case we upset some other cultures.

        ha ha ha , Not sure what you meant there. Lots of assumptions there,

        I wasn't born here, and can confirm we'll have capes on the kids, Flags on the car doors, the Mirrors,Temporary flag Tatoos the whole kabal, If that makes me a BOGAN so be it.. Love it. It's just one day we get to celebrate being Australian.

        We love the Melbourne Australia day Parade.

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    These look terrific! But need some aussie or boxing roo tatts :)

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    Any deals on temporary tats, preferably stars?

    My friends overseas love them and ask me to send them tucked inside birthday cards.

  • Maybe we could rename it Bogan Day?

    • bogan pride day or VL commie day?

  • Anyone want to estimate the collective IQ of all wearing flags as capes?

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      What does IQ mean?

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          The word soccer was first used by the FA in England so people didn't get confused between different formats of football. Today, 'soccer' is the widely used name for the most popular sport in the world.

          Coincidentally, millions of people can be seen globally waving their flags with big smiles when the world cup is on:)

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          @Multiverse: umm, no. Football is the widely used name for the most popular sport. Well, so long as you're not insular

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          The word soccer is over 200 years old and British in origin. The word derived from the then common abbreviation name of the sport "Assoc." (Association football)
          It is used to distinguish it from the national games of football as they are known in the USA and Australia.
          Learn a little more here:

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          The thing you are not getting here is relativism.
          One more time… In the USA and Australia (where you are now presumably) soccer is not the dominant winter sport so it does not take the name "football" in those countries. We call it soccer and it takes it's place with the other minor codes.
          In Australia "football" = AFL or Rugby. In the USA "football" = gridiron.
          Yes in the UK or Europe "football" = soccer but this is Australia not Europe.
          Soccer is….soccer!

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          You really want to desperately believe soccer is "football" in Australia, don't you?
          Soccer will never be the dominant winter sport in Australia, even if you cross all your fingers and toes and pray to baby Jesus.
          Why? Too boring. Too low scoring. Too "Euro". It attracts violence, hooligans and factionalism. It is unpleasant and divisive. And just ….boring. Did I say boring again? OK it is, look at those boring scores. I drift off even thinking about it.
          It just isn't the Australian way. It's will always be a minor sport to satisfy the thugs, the Europeans imports and the truly stupid.
          We like to call it soccer to make sure no one confuses it with proper actual, decent family-friendly Aussie football.

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          @King Tightarse:

          Why? Too boring. Too low scoring.

          Slow, boring and frequent draw games doesn't stop cricket from being popular.

          It attracts violence, hooligans

          Rugby has a much worse reputation for hooligans than soccer does in the UK.

          For a professional spectator sport, nothing beats Aussie Rules. But maybe soccer is more fun to play on the weekend?

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          @manic: "nothing beats Aussie Rules" - is that why after 150+ years it has struggled to break into the northern states of Australia, let alone outside the country's borders?

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          I think you move in different circles than others. In rugby circles, you'd need to differentiate if you're referring to soccer.
          ABC news radio refers to it as "the round ball game".

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          Yes, I agree with most of that and yes, soccer is fun to play on the weekends but I got sick of yoyomablue's endless nonsense about soccer and wanted to give him back some crap about it.
          One thing, I don't think comparing test cricket played over days to a 90 minute soccer game is a reasonable comparison. You would need to compare it with say Twenty20 and that is dynamic and high scoring as opposed to low scoring, boring soccer.
          I assume a lot of the violence builds up due to crowd frustration and boredom - no or low scoring so everyone gets toey. Should make the goals wider. Bang! Instantly better game.

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          Not surprised, people love footy. How about soccer? ;)

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          @yoyomablue: I've never seen as much garbage as I have watching soccer games, everyone taking dives, grabbing shirts, soon as ref blows whistle they spring up and on they go like nothing happened.

          it has become a worldwide joke

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      Are you suggesting you need a low IQ to love Australia and wear the flag as a cape?
      That is anti-Australian bigotry right there.
      How dare you! The country that sustains you. You bite the hand that feeds you?
      Love it or leave!

      • I guess you can't have an IQ bell curve without some group propping up the lower end. Thanks for taking the hit, fellas.

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      Anyone want to estimate the collective IQ of all wearing flags as capes?

      No need to be insulting.
      I've seen plenty of university students doing it. You don't need to be dumb to be a bit bogan :)
      To me its a bit disrespectful, but really, no harm done.

      • To me its a bit disrespectful, but really, no harm done.

        But Why Disrespectful, We wear it with pride, Thankful for the opportunity it represents…

        Do you mean if we let it scrape the ground ? we don't..

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          Why? Because of History and tradition.

          Wearing the flag as a cape is not deliberately insulting, but shows ignorance of history and tradition.

          That ignorance is disrespectful. On Australia day of all days, people should be mindful of our traditional culture, which includes treating the flag with a little reverence.

        • @manic: our traditional culture is indigenous Aboriginal and hence the calls for it to be renamed by many as 'Invasion Day'

        • @yoyomablue:
          Speak for yourself. I don't even know any Aboriginals who have that culture. It all got wiped out by smallpox, TB, booze and sit-down money.
          (edit: yes, it still exists strongly in some parts of Northern Australia.)

          And there was no invasion. (get a dictionary)

        • @manic: Is that from the 'I can't have my worldview challenged because it takes too much mental effort dictionary'?

        • @yoyomablue:
          Oh dear. What happened to the native culture after civilisation reached Australia was terrible and inevitable.
          But mis-labelling it as an invasion is pointless and ignorant. There was no battle at Sydney cove. No villages burned, no treasure taken, no tribute paid. Gifts and trade were exchanged.

          The Normans invaded England. The Germans invaded most of Europe. Poland has been invaded every other Tuesday. But they don't keep banging on about it.

        • @yoyomablue:
          that's not my culture at all. I'm happy that there is also an Aboriginal culture… I wish it was better nurtured.

        • @manic: oh lol. If it wasn't an invasion, then what was it? A Disney movie?

        • @manic: a bit like the husband who puts the wife in hospital and then tells everyone it was for her own good

        • @SlickMick: and I wish bogans put more effort into their thinking. But then how else would One Nation exist?

        • @tomkun01: Disney is a wog, isn't he?

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    If I bought one would that make me a Kogan Bogan?

    • No ….we shouldn't label people Bogan …..they are a product of our education system and opportunities we make available to people and how we share the wealth of this country. Pity we can't all go to good schools live in great suburbs and grow up in households where there is full employment.

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        Bogan is a product of mentality, not location

        • -1

          "Bogan" means precisely whatever you want it to mean.
          It might mean "someone lower class than me". A disparaging term for middle class people who eats McDonalds and watch Reality TV.
          It might be a friendly term for working-class Australians who drive utes and love footy.
          Or it could mean the underclass - Housos.

          So consider the context.

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          @manic: for me, bogan is the sum total of collective low effort thought. There are lots of bogans driving BMWs

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          Spot on, it doesn't mean poor, just poor of mind and taste. Plenty of cashed up bogans.

  • Here's a live bogan for ya!

    "A vocal campaigner against Bendigo's proposed mosque has been endorsed as One Nation's lead Senate candidate in Victoria for the next federal election…"

    • +7

      We have freedom of speech and freedom of religion in this country. You can oppose a mosque without being beheaded like you would in many parts of the world. As we have freedom of religion they can only oppose it on planning grounds. You can go oppose a Catholic church if you want to, isn't a wonderful country?

      • we dont have freedom of speech in Australia. You watch too many American movies m8

        • Yes we sure do. It may be an Americanism but we still have it

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          @robb6014: no we dont robb, do some research before telling people lies

          Australia does not have explicit freedom of speech in any constitutional or statutory declaration of rights, with the exception of political speech which is protected from criminal prosecution at common law per Australian Capital Television Pty Ltd v Commonwealth.

  • Bought 2, cheers!

    • Whoa we have a rich guy here

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    I'm waiting for the love it or leave it edition.

    • -1


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      We're just waiting for you to leave it…no doubt you're the product of one of those ungrateful imports somebody mentioned earlier; you're one of those who like to whine about this country every opportunity you get, but I note that you're still here sucking up resources.

      My offer to drive you to the airport; made another time you were bitching about our country; still stands…as I said then, I'll even wave goodbye to you.

      I would like to point out how the mods here allow an inordinate amount of anti-Australian sentiment in these threads; sure says a lot IMHO; but say the slightest thing about a perceived "minority" & everyone's a racist or xenophobe.

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    The only flag I respect is the skull and crossbones

  • Wondering if they are selling aboriginal flags

    • The aboriginal flag is protected under copyright so no

  • Can't wait for the 'we grew here, you flew here' singlets to go on sale.

  • Lovely how this Australian flag sale is attracting political discussion and racism. Good job Kogan!

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    I'm glad to be Australian, #BoganPride, We are full mate! Look at what is happening in Europe! - absolute nightmare.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't hate migrants, but clearly Merkel has her own agenda… whatever that might be…

    • Europe is finished.

      Merkels legacy will be that it's unsafe to live in Germany for women and Jewish people.

      the fact that they have told all media not to report on the crimes committed by the economic refugees is bizarre.

      • "The brown people are coming, the brown people are coming. Somebody save us from the brown people. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggg"

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          it's not 'the brown people are coming' it's that Sweden in ~10 years will be third world like, the mass rapes and sexual assaults all across Europe on NYE by these economic refugees that has been hushed up by gagging news media and police from speaking out about it and the fact that they pass through multiple countries offering them asylum but ONLY want to get to UK or Germany because they offer the most free money.

          a town in Germany had a population of 3000 in total, it was forced to take in and house 1400 "refugees" and crime has gone up immensely.

          Europe IS finished, whether you politically correct know nothings wanna defend the actions or not

  • "we are proud to offer the Australia Day Cape Flag for 2015!"

    .. Sorry guys, this is last years flag

  • Any deals on goon bags going? Gotta get my straya day on.

    • +1

      2 Coolabah 4 litre fruity lexia for 22 bucks at liquorland

      • $22 bucks?! Look at Ritchy Rich over here! Oh well, looks like it'll either be Winnie blues and a cape/flag, or the goon bag.

        I'm tipping the goon bag wins. I'll pinch a flag from someone smaller than me.

        Aussie Aussie Aussie!

        Edit- stop negging me, I am funny dammit!