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Swap Dick Smith Gift Cards for Coles Gift Cards (Purchased from Coles - Proof of Purchase Required)


The offer is only open to customers with proof of purchase showing the gift cards were bought at Coles.

Comment from Coles "As a gesture of goodwill to our customers" it would exchange valid Dick Smith gift cards bought at Coles between July 1 and the company going into administration for Coles gift cards of equal value"

Also, for people who would rather get their cash back, The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has advised that customers who buy gift vouchers from a company that collapses can try to get their money back through their credit card issuer.

The Age News Article

Update - Claim details now linked

To take up this offer, please:

Coles Customer Care
PO Box 480 Glen Iris VIC 3146

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      • if for example $100 per week of groceries, that'd be just under 4 months.

        • I spend much less than that for groceries

        • @samehada:

          Not anymore!!!

        • @samehada: even if it takes you a year to spend it, I think coles gift cards are usually valid for 24 months (assuming that they're still in business by then).

        • +1

          @iSamurai: haha, expiry date doesn't apply to true professional (ozbargainer) …lol… There's a will there's away.

  • +5

    I wonder if someone at Coles Head Office simply realised they hadn't written the cheque to Dick Smith yet for all those 10% bonus cards, and that this exchange program would be PR gold and boost their sales at the same time. Win win.

    • Doubt it, they'd still need to pay for the cards or return them..

      That's how creditors get some of their money back.

  • +1

    Say piss off to Kogan if you bought from Coles.

    Companies taking advantage of dick smith to make them look good

    • True. With every "catastrophe" there are always opportunistic parties.

      Although, in the absence of today's Coles offer, Kogan was offering a deal that people were initially applauding.

      It's great that Coles is doing this. Hopefully other parties will follow suit soon.

      Good luck to all those who were left out of pocket from this.

      • +2

        Hopefully Woolworths will do the same for the DS gift cards bought through there. I'd reckon it would be rather bad PR if they didn't now that Coles has started doing it.

  • +1

    Woolworths should come up with this too.

  • +1

    If you use a loyalty card (flybuys), Coles knows everything you bought, so they should have that as proof of purchase.

    Anybody tried asking? They will probably cite some internal privacy policy.

    • I asked and no luck, they said can't it can't verify your gift card purchase

  • What if the card was partially used?
    Looks like they will accept them.
    I suspect I have to read all fine print now. :)

  • +3

    good on em for doing it but I realy think they should have anyway.
    I see on Dick Smith and Move stores there's a note from the receiver say BUSINESS AS USUAL but then down further gift cards arent accepted - well that's not business as usual at all.

  • +1

    (coming from a woolies man!)

  • +2

    As discussed in Kogan session, I believe that Coles and other stores that sold Dick Smith gift cards to customers have obligation to give customers remedies because Australia Consumer Law says if the product ' doesn’t do what the business said it would, or what you asked for and can’t easily be fixed', then it has a major problem. 'When you have a major problem with a product, you have the right to ask for your choice of a replacement or refund.' Coles said the gift card was used for purchasing goods in Dick Smith stores within the dates specified, but now the gift card does not fulfill its original purpose. Hence, Coles is responsible for providing remedies to customers.

    • Thats a good point - if Coles had sold you a Dick Smith made toaster they would still be responsible for warranty even after the manufacturer went under.

      The counter argument is that it isn't a good or service, it is credit.

      • The credit you said has to fall into either good or service category.

        • No, I did some further reading and it doesn't. It is considered a "non-cash payment facility" and falls under ASIC legislation rather than ACL.

        • +1

          @ChiefAJ: that is sad :( though I did not purchase the card I feel sorry for those who did.

  • Good on Ya Coles… another reason to switch to Coles for groceries.
    I did purchased these cards when it was "pay $40 for $50 value card" (so actually %20 extra!) but luckily used them up during Xmas already.

    I wonder if you exchange them, will you still get the $50 Coles gift card - meaning you'll get the bonus from Coles.

    on another note, I also got a store credit from returning goods at DSE ~$70, but the store person said those store credit are in the same boat as the normal gift card.

    • Paying $40 for a $50 card is actually 25% extra!

      • good pickup, cheer… i was thinking the other way around ie, 20% off.

  • Coles A+

  • +1

    Coles be Ruslan Kogan's jimmies

  • I just off the phone with Coles and Flybuys. My problem is i cannt find the receipt. Although i used my flybuy card with the purchase, flybuys history showing $254.45 spent on 29th August, my DSE card balance page showing the cards initiated on 29th August. I did two transactions $200 in one transaction for gift cards, $54.45 for groceries. But without the receipt Coles won't help. So frustrated:-(

    • you can ask them to track your receipt based on the purchase date and time…

      • The problem is they can't. I was told if the gift card was purchased on its own without groceries in the same transaction, they system won't have a record of it. Well, i thought i have gathered enough evidence (the date and value of my flybuys record and the DSE card activation date and value) even if not the receipt itself showing that i made the purchase from them, but apparently not enough to convince them :-(

        • +1

          why dont you try….in my case I bought 350$(385$ card value) gift card from COLES…used it online on DICKSMITH…Dicksmith Cancelled my order….send me refunded amount as gift card only.. which was 400$….Dicksmith gave me extra 15$…If coles asks us more detail thn i will show them proof of purchase….from them….online receipt of using the gift card which have been issued from COLES…cancellation of my order from DICK SMITH…and the receipt of the dicksmith giftcard DICKSMITH sent me as refund….

          Hope coles convince and provide me swapping over their gift cards….

        • @Siddh: I did try. I was on the phone with them and then Flybuys for about one hour. That was all i was told. They need your receipt or at least enough information they can find the receipt in their system.

  • +1

    what's the bargain here?

    • Wrong place.

    • Technically you have a piece of plastic worth zero.

      This post could make it worth $$$$

      So there is a deal here

  • To all that have hope in CC chargeback, bad news, MEBank just refused it, they even have guideline when I called them that they don't chargeback for company that went to receivership and ask me to call "Ferrier Hodgson". Their call centre staff even have the number for "Ferrier Hodgson".

  • -1

    I dont understand. What is wrong with Dick Smith Gift Cards? Can someone explain to me?

  • What do you do if you used a gift card to buy something during the dick smith online sales and they never sent you the items?

  • +2

    They are still trading?
    It must be tempting to just seize some assets from the shop floor, drop your gift cards on the counter as payment and walk out.
    Probably should leave your name and address too, so can't be charged with theft. (make extra sure the cops will treat it as a civil dispute and not get involved, but IANAL.)
    What are they going to do? Are the receivers going to pursue you in court for a small amount?

    Meanwhile, Anchorage Capitalists has gotten away scott-free with half a billion dollars.

    • Technically Dick Smith stole your money.

      You would be stealing off the receivers not Dick Smith.

      I would like to know the outcome though.

      • You would be stealing off the receivers not Dick Smith.

        You can be sure the receivers will be paid. Lawyers and accountants always win. Its the other creditors who will lose out, but the $100 item you take might only get $5 as part of a bulk lot at auction.

        • Actually, I should reword, you are not stealing from the receiver, but a seperate DS company set up by the receivers. Legally the the two companies try to distance themselves while trading like they are the same. Personally I think this is deceptive.

          You are right, the receivers and lawyers are the ones who will do well out of this.

  • anybody knows how bad luck i am, bought on Jun 28 , just 3days ahead of deadline July 1,2015, any possiblity for coles to accept to swap them?

  • +1

    I love Coles from now on, but unfortunately I bought them from Woolworths…how about Woolworths? Will them follow?ToT

    • That's the burning question I'd love to get an answer to -when will Woolies offer replacement gift cards of equivalent value?

      • +1

        Hit their facebook page and ask them that very question!

        • Woolies have had a public relations disaster with their new rewards card. I would expect they would stupid to let Coles to have a win on this issue. Facebook prodding is a good idea as I don't think they can afford to ignore it.

        • @deal88: Wait.. what was the PR disaster about their rewards card?

    • woolworths follow with coles now even better there is no cut-off date from purchse like coles, run qucikly to swap it!

  • +2

    Was planning to buy $100+ grocery from Woolworths Online. From now on switching to Coles Online.
    Coles should be rewarded by doing this. They deserve our business. Bookmarks to Woolworth Online DELETED.

  • Just a thought: Coles made a deal with the (now bankrupt) devil and fears that DSE's tanking will put additional pressure on them (Aldi and future Aldis (aka Lidl) being the number one threat). While I appreciate that burnt DSE customers and OZbargainers get help, why are Wesfarmers shareholders that own Coles (and Ozbargainers superfund members owning WES stock, oh yes, that is you handing out a "+" for this deal) paying the DSE bill? It must be that Coles made a buck or two selling all these gift cards "progressively" and they now realize what they are in for? I am a bit surprised about the +++ on this "deal." Either way, I am happy for those who get the windfall profit. Lucky you, that Coles plays the "free insurance", or better, the pay for "ACCC don't go after me (Coles) for every single DSE gift card, please." Hopefully your WES stock will not suffer more than the $200 gift card you will get back in cash over the Coles counter.

    • Coles (Wes) are very smart. This is a great way to impress unhappy customers and kick Woolies while they are down. Pretty sure this will have little impact on share price and be positive for customer retention.

    • Coles aren't at fault for selling DSE gift cards. Unless they KNEW Dick was going to go tits up in the near future.

      The ones at fault are DSE and its administrators for not honoring or refunding gift cards. You can hardly blame Coles for that. What they did was not unethical in any way. If they're being blamed for selling DSE cards, then they also have to be blamed for selling Village cinema cards, Hoyts, iTunes, Google Play, Just Jeans, Good Guys, etc… Because the same thing that happened to DSE could also happen to all of them.

  • Question for all: I received DS GC as a warranty claim. No luck of refund for me and others in the same situation ? Thanks

    • Let's hope Kogan will be more generous than giving $25 in the coming days

    • +1

      You may be screwed. I was in the same situation with Ansett, everyone seemed to get a refund except me.
      Was it much more than the $25 Kogan is offering?

  • Go and convert all your DS gift card as soon as possible ! You don't want them to show you the famous eBay message (can't remember exactly): "Error: All the Balance for this promotion is exhausted".

    They could end this 'promotion' much earlier, just like what eBay usually did.

  • -sob- I bought mine on the 26th June -double sob-

    • Poor u and me, i bought on June 28, but woolworths seems to follow coles to swap, and they have not mention no cut-off date, so all the unredmmed and valid GC can be swapped, pls fight together with coles to let them cancel the sobbing cut-off date! I wrote an feedback with my situation to coles online.

    • you still should try and take up the offer. The Australian Consumer Law arguably should cover the purchase (which is now defective) for 12 months
      Coles is trying to limit their liability by placing an arbitrary limit

  • ++ my + made the deal 500+. :) I always keep my giftcard receipt since last time one of my Myer giftcard balance is zero.

  • Woah. Just went through the cc history, I bought the gift card on 30/6. Someone really hates me! Fml

  • Now Mwave are doing similar to Koge's ($20 credit)

  • Bought an item off Dicks EBay store nearly a month ago, Still saying processing.
    Send numerous message and have had no reply
    Hopefully haven't lost my money

  • I hope people learn a lesson from this, and never buy gift cards again.
    The only gift card worth giving is issued by the Reserve Bank of Australia. Nothing wrong with cash as a gift.
    I put a note in saying this is only to be spent on a treat blah blah.


    • Total over reaction but make sure appropriate risk assessment is made. I would not hesitate to buy a gift card from coles or woolies for example.

    • The Chinese got it right thousands of years ago with ang pows. :)

      • I actually bought a packet of those red envelopes for cash gifts.
        Less chance of falling out of the card :)

  • Many store gift cards are actually just prepaid Visas that actually can be used anywhere. It can be cheaper to do this than setup your own inhouse credit database etc. Has anyone tried this?

  • Coles is being sly.
    Imagine how many people don't have a receipt.
    When you purchase a gift card they have to activate it in-store which is connected to a computer system.
    Surely they could tell if they wanted that it was purchased at Coles! They don't need a receipt!
    Each Gift Card has its own unique number.
    They are only doing this to save face while putting the clause in that you need a receipt because they know most people would have thrown them out!

    • Woolworths accepting redemption swaps without proof of purchase would support this

  • +1

    Actually many people won't be able to exchange their DSE gift cards. I am pretty sure most of people will just throw away the receipt if they just buy gift cards only especially if you have partially used the card. I have also threw some of my receipt so I won't be able to get back 4x$50 of my gift card :(

    Here is the claim detail for Coles, it is on coles.com.au website under "Product Recall"


    You need download and complete redemption form and post it together with your unredeemed DSE giftcard to

    Coles Customer Care
    PO Box 480 Glen Iris VIC 3146

    You can post copy of your receipt instead of original receipt. Make sure you take photo of ALL you DSE gift card with PIN number just in case.

    I think Woolworth will have their form online by tomorrow. If you bought gift card in Coles/Woolworths you have an activation slip from BlackHawk network. I am pretty sure they can trace back with DSE giftcard number. This receipt requirement will invalidate most of the claims, clearly a very good move from them.

    • Is there any way you can tell where your DS gift card was initially purchased? If you do a balance check here does it give you the date, time and place of initial activation?

  • +2

    I have also noticed the deadline to register yourself as unsecured creditor is 12pm on 13-Jan-2016

    you must submit a dully completed Proof of debt form to Link Market Services by the cut off at 12pm on the 13th of January

    Can any mod add this to this post and Woolworths post so that no one missed the deadline?

    • dully completed: with an H pencil or harder?

  • +4

    Shame on Coles. We should all leave comments on Coles Facebook page so that they step it up and do a proper help not just to pull a marketing stunt. I am very sure Coles is the more aggressive seller of DSE. Most of the 10% DSE promo are from Coles, Woolworth only have DSE promotion recently.

    Woolworths doesn't require any receipt and Coles clearly put in this requirement as a deterrent for people to claim. They can check and verify the giftcard activation in their system without the need of receipt.

    • -2

      Well yeah, they're not the only ones selling DSE cards. Someone could have bought them from DSE themselves or from ebay, who are obviously not offering exhcanges, and then claim they bought it from Coles if a receipt is not required. I think it's completely fair to require a receipt.

      • You don't seem to read my post before replying. It is clearly that Coles can check the activation of the gift card in their system. Not to mention that all the giftcard with extra 10% value that is not activated between 16/12 - 22/12 is from Coles. Woolworths ONLY have 10% extra value promotion for that week, Coles is the only sellers of DSE gift card with 10% extra value promotion.

        There is a memo at the customer service counter for staff stating that they need receipt because you can buy DSE gift card from other sellers which is a lie, they clearly can verify that the card is bought from them without the need for receipt.

        • +1

          This was voluntary. They don't have to give you an exchange at all. They're losing money from this. It's DSE that screwed you over by not honoring your GCs, not Coles.

          The extra value promotion is not a case of wrongdoing on their part. Maybe if DSE told people they were in trouble, it wouldn't have been offered.

          There is a memo at the customer service counter for staff stating that they need receipt because you can buy DSE gift card from other sellers which is a lie, they clearly can verify that the card is bought from them without the need for receipt.

          Coles head office might be able to tell, but having worked at retailers that sell GCs, I can tell you, the operator and machine doesn't have access to that kind of data. There's no way they can just scan your card and tell what date it was purchased and where. That info isn't kept on the operator console. If you want to take it up with Coles higher up than the retailer, you can. But that would mean the exchange process couldn't be done at the checkouts and would have to be sent back for processing.

          If I were Coles, I wouldn't offer this at all. The shame should be on DSE. Legally Coles has no liability here.

    • +1 samehada
      Coles are imposing arbitary limitations to limit their liability under Australian Consumer Law IMHO

      • What liability do they have? They sold you credit to another retailer that went belly up. Not their fault the retailer went belly up. Unless they knew ahead of time it was going to happen. DSE are the ones holding onto your credit, not Coles.

        to limit their liability under Australian Consumer Law IMHO

        Coles are not the only place that sells DSE gift cards. Big W, Woolies, RACV, Dick Smith themselves… if Coles are liable here and by law required to give you a refund, would that mean Dick Smith also has liabilities here, if you bought the cards from DSE directly? So by law does DSE also have to give you a refund? Obviously not, since they aren't going to, and they aren't even legally obliged to honor the credit you have with them. No legal action is being taken on them for refusing to honor or refund your GC credit. Obviously they can't do this if they know they can't legally get away with it. So if you have no case against DSE, BigW, Target or Woolies, what case do you have against Coles?

        • +1

          It's the same liability that requires that a retailer has to deal with consumer claim for defective products/warranty claims rather than just fob you off telling you to deal with the manufacturer

          Those that deal directly with Dick Smith are dealing with a company being run due to the Corporations Act, and thus your consumer rights have been short curcuited

          All other 3rd party retailers who sold the giftcards have the same responsibility to make refunds as Coles. They become unsecured creditors in your place. Maybe they shouldn't have sold the cards without a guarantee that the monies would be placed in a trust account until exhausted

    • I agree. There are more than one ways to verify the purchase, e.g.

      1. Based on the DSE card activation date, on the same day how many places running the 10% extra value promotions? You can't possibly get the $50 card loaded with $55 on that specific day from anythere else other than Coles. I assume all the gift card activation going through one centralised DSE system, it won't be difficult to verify;

      2. All the serial numbers of DSE gift cards distributed by COLES should fit in a certain range. I don't think they just randomly get a stack of cards.

      And plus you may also have a purchase record either from your bank or FLYBUYS, showing the right date and value of purchase from Coles, although not specifically telling you what you have bought.

      I think if Coles genuinely wants to help customers out, they should loose up the receipt requirement to something like a 100 pts proof system.

      • Thing is, as they have sold it to you they are obliged under the Consumer Act to refund etc for a defective product/service (they are classifying it a Product Recall)

        It's media PR spin that they are going out of their way to 'HELP' customers …

        • I wouldn't consider the cards defective. They're fully working. Just the place that you use them at is refusing to let you use them, or have nothing to sell you. Not the fault of the cards or the issuer.

          The receipt also cuts down processing time on their end. If they can immediately weed out fraudulent attempts at exchange, it helps them.

          If they are somehow able to verify your purchase without the receipt, talk to them. Maybe you'll be able to get them to accept the exchange.

          In future I would keep all my receipts. It's the only smart thing to do. If the card doesn't work or it turns out they forgot to add credit, or the credit adding didn't go through for some reason, you have easy proof of purchase for refund.

      • You don't need any record from bank or Flybuys, activation record for every giftcard is in Coles system.

        • Ok. Do you have a source to quote? And for how long they store this info? As what i was told was, if a transaction is gift cards only, with no groceries, the don't have a record, not to mention every single card activation.

        • +1

          @Saturday: Every card number is unique and it will have clear record of activation by which sellers. It is just the matter that Coles sneakily limit the claim. The only thing we can do is put pressure on them and hope that they will change their attitude.

          I have found receipt of $100 DSE gift card from Coles I bought on 26/10/16, I can let you use my receipt but if you bought it on different date, you can only hope that Coles honour it. They can check the balance and activation date on DSE website.

        • @samehada: Thanks mate for your offer. It is very kind of you. Unfortunately, i purchased on 29th August:-(

          Yep, the card activation record might be stored by either Coles or DSE. It is a matter whether they are willing to reveal it and use it.

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