This was posted 7 years 9 months 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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FREE Permanent 2GB Google Drive Storage (for Completing Security Check)


Free additional 2GB for Google Drive upon completing a short account security check for Safer Internet Day 2016.

Google Blog Post
News Article 1
News Article 2

Similar to last year's deal, except you get the space immediately :)

Link to security check

Remember to click "Continue to account settings" after completing the check to get the credits. Thanks scubacoles for the tip!

Check your Google Drive storage (hover over the pie chart)

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  • +1

    Great deal, just remember to turn off your vpn beforehand.

  • +29

    For those interested, it stacks on the bonus from last year.

    • +1

      That's exactly what I wanted to hear! :-)

    • +9

      Yep, can confirm. Went from 17 to 19GB.

    • +3

      Excellent, thanks. I've set a calendar alert for next year!

      • +1

        Great idea.

    • +3

      Long time fan & subscriber of google storage & products.

      Just wish the real king of the cloud, Dropbox, did the same! Smart sync/features/functions that have clowned google for years. Even with promotions, inviting friends & most of my class, I'm suffocating with just 10.5GB!

      • What features does Dropbox have that Drive doesn't?

        • +2

          Dropbox (Windows) client is really stable and havent had any issues with synchronisation or corruption during a write. Not the same with the Drive or Onedrive client though.

        • +3

          @bchliu: I always have the Drive client running, and I've never had it crash or corrupt anything. I'm not a heavy user though.

        • I've recently moved everything of mine over to Google Drive, but my most missed feature of Dropbox was LAN sync. I don't have a very fast connection, so being able to upload / download a file more than once, if it's large, is a pain. LAN sync obviously fixes this issue (internally).

        • @DogGunn: Share the Google Drive folder on the network ;)

        • @macrocephalic: Haha, I mean it works, but it's obviously not as simple as having it sync via LAN automatically.

      • +3

        agree.. they use to do those funny weird questionnaires and web trawling "quests" to give more GB to free accounts. Wish they bought this back but they have majority market share and probably the best levels of integration with API's and other applications, hence it wont happen any time soon.

      • ~$150/year, gets you 1TB of DropBox. :)

  • +1

    Yay now I've got 19gb :)

    • Paid for 100 gig a month and it only shows as 104 gig for me :( dont know where the other 15 starting gig went

      • +1

        15GB is on the free plan. I guess you don't keep it if you upgrade.

        • Mine shows
          80GB (legacy plan)
          + 1GB early adopter bonus
          + 15GB paid user bonus
          + 2GB security challenge
          + 2GB 2016 security challenge
          = 100GB

          So I can confirm that (at least for the legacy plans) it should still be there…

        • @zzyss: Is the legacy plan a paid for plan?

        • @sqeeksqeek:
          Yes, $20 for 80GB

      • +3

        You're paying for an additional 85GB to bring the total to 100GB, not for an additional 100GB on top

  • Never got my 2GB last year despite doing the check. Worked this time though.

    • suspect I'm in the same boat, I only went up to 17GB, but pretty sure I went thru this last year

    • Same here

  • Yup, worked a treat. Thanks OP.

  • +4

    Yay, more free space I'm not going to use

    • I'm currently using 11gb out of 19gb :) Ever since I got NBN 100mbit/40mbit Keeping stuff on my drive has never been easier :D

      • +1

        That's the problem I have … very slow uploads, total PIA to use online storage

        • +1

          Well with 40mbit up it is never an issue now

  • love it… completed Security check and I can confirm now I've got an additional 2 GB….

  • +1

    nice one. Works for me.

  • How do you know if you got it? I have no idea how much storage I had before the security check.

    • logon to drive app. your drive storage size is listed on the drop down menu.

    • +10

      You can also go here and hover over the pie chart

      • Thanks the pie chart worked. I have 19GB now :)

      • +1

        interesting the main google drive shows 15GB whereas your link show 17GB

        • same for me

  • +1

    works fine thx op

  • -3

    Make sure you read the terms and conditions. What's that? You didn't? Oh OK.

  • How much time does it take to update? Mine has not inceeased from 17 to 19.

    • It was pretty much instant for me, maybe you could try doing the security check again

    • I checked in google drive android app, under tools it still shows 17gb, Just press upgrade storage and you can see there it's showing 19gb.

  • Works fine. Thanks OP. Great deal.

  • Yep, works fine. Sweet.

  • Had to take it twice before it registered the increase.

  • Sweet, went from 22 to 24 GB :)

  • For anyone having issues, make sure you have 2 step verification set up, mine didn't work until I enabled this

    • Not required. I was able to get the 2Gb on my secondary accounts (with no 2FA) by clicking the "Go to my account" button at the end of the process.

  • Thanks.

  • Nice. Tho 2GB's isn't much all things considered. Thanks OP

  • +1

    I don't think it is going to help those on the business mail service for $10 per month with unlimited storage.

    • +1

      Have you tried, it will be infinity + 2

      Infinity and beyond!

      • +1

        I will do it when I have filled the drive first :)

        Only have 4TB on the drive at the moment.

  • +1

    still at 15GB after about an hour of doing the security check … :(

    • +1

      Try doing the check again, some users are reporting that they're getting it the second time!

    • +2

      I found I needed to click the "Go to my account" button for it to activate on some of my accounts.

    • thanks, still not working for me.. but I'm using a google app account so it may be different? Still a good offer but sux to be me eh?

    • Must have expired, not showing up on mine or the wifes accounts.

  • Nice, thanks OP.

    10.42 GB (54%) of 19 GB used

  • Thanks very much OP. Really useful

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Thanks OP. More drive freebies most welcomed

    • Nice!

      You'll have to buy another Chromebook in November :)

  • +2

    Now have

    5GB on iCloud
    11GB on Dropbox
    19GB on Google Drive
    325GB on OneDrive

    All free, OneDrive ahead with the recent 100GB Groove Music bonus

    iCloud storage is terrible considering hasn't been upgraded since it was introduced in 2011!
    That nice new 128GB iPhone, here have 5GB storage!

  • Awesome stuff! Thanks OP

  • thanks, bumped me up to 19gb as well.

  • Thanks, 17gb now!

  • Thanks 119gb now!

  • +2

    I was going to purchase the extra space. Now I can hold of the purchase for another 2-3 months, in which time I will put $2 a month into a sinking fund HAHAH

  • +2

    Thanks, up to 17GB. I need more now though!

  • Thanks OP. Did it last night but couldn't tell if it worked. Checked the pie chart and it did!

  • Thanks Op. I use 'Google apps for work' or whatever it is called today but, this helps also.

  • Cool, thanks! Annoyed I missed out on it last year!

    Storage didn't change though from 1.04TB… haha

    1TB will vanish once my 2 years is up from my local guides bonus :D

    • This is a show off! Details on how to get 1TB from local guide? You have written huge amount of reviews?

      • +1

        So weigh up time spent writing reviews compared to cost of the data?
        Who won Google or lozza6?

        • +1

          Haha, considering I have 48GB normally and am not over that, I'd say Google won :)

          I'm too scared to go over as once I 'need' that 1TB, I'll be screwed in 2018 when it expires… haha. It is useful when sharing raw GoPro videos with mates though. Just dump it onto Google Drive and can easily delete it later once my 1TB expires :D

          I just used it as entertainment when I was travelling overseas and stuff updating on each place I visited.. haha

        • @lozza6: Good one! :)

  • Thanks for posting OP. 30 seconds later and I have 2Gb extra storage, cheers.

  • I run owncloud at home. 2TB storage and no subscription fees :)

    • +1

      Do the same don't trust google with most of my crap

  • +1

    Awesome thanks OP!

  • Thanks a lot OP.

  • Ta OP

  • doesn't show up on mine yet… but i know it is there as i can see it by hitting upgrade storage… 11 of 19GB used ..

    Thanks OP

  • bought a new LG G4 late last year that has 100gb for 2yrs free, now showing 117gb :)

    • 100GB from phone + 15GB default from Google + 2GB 2016 security. Awesome!

  • Great freebie !

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