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Up to 65% off Sony 'Box Damaged' Hi-Fi Sale (Links Inside) @ Sony Online Store

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    Why you do this to me? Great deals!
    *edit, payment system seems shot, must be a lot of you dudes buying haha.

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    Hi TA,

    Thanks for bringing and sharing great deals with the folks on Ozbargain over the years.

    Best regards!

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      You might want to press that little green + on the deal as well.

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    I picked up the HT-XT3 as part of the christmas sale for the same price. Would definitely recommend.

    • how do we connect to TV and bluray player, do we need to have speakers as well, sorry i have no knowledge about these products but i need home theater sound in my room.

      • Basically to connect the blu-ray to the TV you have two options depending on how old the tv is. To start with you will need two HDMI cables.

        Then follow the instructions on connecting your devices to the HT-XT.

        • Ok if i like to connect only tv to HT-XT3 can i connect with hdmi, i have 3 hdmi and (ARC) and the sound will be good as theater right ? for watching movies. thank you

        • @sajju:

          Tat is correct. Since your TV has ARC all you need to do is connect your devices to the TV and then HDMI (ARC) to the HT_XT. As for sound quality. Not sure as I don't own. Best check some reviews to see what its like.

        • -1

          @g12345567: thank you ordered one

        • @g12345567: thank you ordered one, paid $369 after using $30 coupon code:)

    • Thanks. Purchased off recommendations and reviews. Looks like exactly what I need at the right price.

  • REALLY hope stock holds out to the end of the week!

  • Don't wait. I got the ht xt3. As well. Solid unit would recommend

    • Was thinking about getting it, but the base on my Kuro is 90cm x 40cm and this thing is 75 x 8.3 x 35.8 cm. :-(

      • whats the weight of the Kuro

        • 55.5kg

        • @jimbler:

          i dont know if these things are designed for plasmas

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      They've just marked the XT3 as discontinued.

      • I wonder if there will be a replacement model for this?

        • ht-xt5


        • I didn't see anything announced at the CES in Jan.

          Personally, I went with a second hand Logitec Z5500 for my bedroom set up that cost me $52 (after a $50 eBay coupon) and I get full 5.1 surround with big, clear sound and much better bass than you could ever get from the XT3.

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    Thanks TA. Further $25 off using Sony voucher

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    Last time I bought the Bluetooth headset in the similar promotion and the box was not damaged at all. Thanks.

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    Any Bluetooth headset?

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    Plus fill out below to get $25 voucher!


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      It took about 2 weeks for my voucher to come through. I only wanted it to buy cheap, package damaged, headphones - which were long gone by the time my voucher arrived.

      • +11

        You were lucky, from the previous deal it looks like half the people (including myself) who completed it never received a voucher.

        I was interested in the headphones but it became such a debacle with the Sony store not sending vouchers and not processing payments that I gave up and doubt I will ever deal with their online store again.

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          I have a couple of Sony products that I really like, but shopping through the online store just isn't worth the hassle. I just wish they would listen to the feedback and start behaving like they genuinely care. Never again Sony

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        Yeah my voucher never arrived.

    • Thanks for that … just completed it, but have to wait a couple of days for the coupon to arrive - drat!

    • look up the $30 coupon post

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        i did and saved $30 thank you.

    • Never got anything from that. Even registered a Sony account and did the survey twice

      • try these codes play with last four digits, MS14016400 there are many codes still you can use for $30 no need of surveys enjoy :)

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    This also includes the SONY HAP-S1 HDD HiRes AUDIO PLAYER reduced from $1,799 to $679!!

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      This unit looks interesting. Just bought it for my Dynaudio speakers.

    • genuine question, do we actually need something like this when you could connect your phone via bluetooth (aptx) or even just plug in a USB stick with FLAC files etc to the receiver?
      I'm just trying to convince myself/wallet to buy one… lol

      • You don't have to convince yourself. It's out of stock anyway

      • I don't have an amp and just want a simple setup for my 2 bookshelf speakers. It will play various files without needing a computer or phone. Unfortunately, bluetooth is not able to transfer these large file formats with all the details. Your phone DAC usually not be as good as this unit.

      • This review should explain all.


    • Just realized black version still available http://www.sony.com.au/product/hap-s1/sku/hap-s1_bm+++cel

  • I have the following Sony model:


    Will I need new speakers to go with 7.2ch 4K AV Receiver STR-DN850?

    • Nope. Your existing speakers & both Subs will connect to the new receiver no problem… they'll just look terrible ;)

      • LOL. Thanks for the response. So what is the alternative?

        • Alternative speakers? What's your budget? What's your listening space like? The list goes on because the choices are endless.

        • @SteveAndBelle:

          Would they look terrible just because of aesthetic reasons or something else? If can use the same speakers, that would be perfect as I cleaned the cabling during the Christmas break and speakers now are in the position where I wanted them to be.

          Also, I think the receiver itself is worth buying for all the latest features it brings.

          The multiple HDMI inputs in the receiver, do the output from various gadgets go into it and the HDMI out is for connecting to TV?

        • +1

          @ms: Nah nah, I'm just being silly. Your existing speakers are the silvery look from 10 years ago. The new Receiver is the fancy new minimalist black design so they wont match. Other than that they will connect fine and should work just as well as they have done so if you're happy with them then there's no reason to replace them.

        • @SteveAndBelle: Perhaps a restored pair of Yamaha NS-1000M might go well with this unit SteveAndBelle. Any idea where ms might be able to get a set? ;7)

        • @cornbeef: Ha, Stalker!! Yes, they'll suit perfectly and boost the value even further as a complete system. I'll be pulling the price of those down later today and relisting them FYI.

        • @SteveAndBelle: funny. I have them in my interests on ebay so see them whenever they get put up. Was surprised (though I don't know why) when I saw the name on the most recently listed, given they're generally up there with hens teeth and only come around a few times a year.

          I'll check the new price though postage from there to here will be steep.

        • @cornbeef: Yeah. I bought both pairs in bulk lots with heaps of other gear so it was difficult to put a price on them. I just based their value on the going rate of the drivers alone but I'm willing to drop down a lot further if need be. They're incredible speakers but only really for enthusiasts as they can be awkward to setup in a room to get the most out of them. We'll see how they go over the next 10 days…

        • @SteveAndBelle:

          Hi, one more question if you can answer… is there much difference in the sound output of STR-K1500 and STR-DN850?

        • +1

          @ms: Spec-wise they're basically the same Amp with similar power output vs distortion figures but of course most people wouldn't be able to pick the difference when cranking up a movie or tunes at a party. The main difference between the two is the overall design/look and the added tech features in the 850.

  • damn really tempted to upgrade from my pioneer 5.1 system (wired). just to get rid of big subwoofer and cables running for the rear speakers..
    Combining the audio control and connectivity of our VSX-522 AV receiver with the total power of a 930w 5.1 speaker package, HTP-522 brings your movie and music collection to life.
    A single HDMI cable is all you need to connect the HTP-522 to a Blu-ray player and/or flat screen TV, ensuring that what you hear is ‘lossless’, studio-quality sound. Up to 1080p (HD) video signals are supported, as well as x.v.Colour and Deep Colour for vibrant, lifelike colours with smooth gradient transitions.

  • 7.2ch 4K AV Receiver STR-DN850 $399 has been purchased. Hopefully the box damage is just a minor scuff ;) Retailing for roughly $950. Many thanks tightarse

    • Damn! Now sold out =( I want one!

      • +1

        u can still purchase it on back order.

        • Purchased on back order, hope those warehouse guys are carefully careless and damage some extra boxes.

        • +1

          I purchased one wireless earphone on backorder.. It went silent for 2 months and after couple of phone calls, Sony decided to refund me even without informing me they are going to do so.

      • Unlucky :( It was one of those 50/50 purchases where I hovered over the finalize purchase button for 5 minutes. I was lucky and saw the deal early but still wasn't sure if it was worth it. Now that the deal has blown up I know I would have been spewing if I decided against it!

      • Phew! Saved me from an argument with the Mrs, despite me still wanting one.

        It is a very good buy at $399 (less any vouchers codes you have).

  • That's tight!

  • +1

    $1900 off a 2 channel amplifier - maybe good for someone with a nice stereo setup.


    • Thanks. Added to post.

    • Boom tish!

      Nothing left, right?!

    • Love the HUGE speaker terminals and Balanced XLR inputs but the nitty gritty specs aren't too amazing: 0.008% 1KHz 10W 8ohm. You can buy a classic 2nd-hand Yamaha Power Amp for less dollars and far better specs than that (0.003% across 20-20k running at 260WPC!) plus get the added benefit of appreciation in value over time.

      • Sample model / link for the Yamaha?

        • +4

          Sure. Any of the legendary 'M' series from the mid-80s are incredible but these are the pick of the bunch:

          2nd-hand prices start at around $400 for the M-45 depending on condition and can skyrocket to well over $1000 for a minty M-80 however buy any of these and go the extra mile and grab a matching PreAmp and thanks to appreciation you should be able to sell them for more than you paid. Legendary Yamaha gear from the golden age of Hifi and will always be in demand.

          Of course there will always be 'better' audio gear no matter what size or price point you go for but striving to set yourself up with a Pre/Power Amp Combo as above is probably one of the better ways to get into the world of proper Hifi without spending a fortune. If you don't like it or decide Hifi isn't for you then you can very easily flip it without losing anything/much and just move on.

          My 2c…

          EDIT: There's a nice M-45 on eBay at the moment starting at $400 if anyone's interested: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Yamaha-M45-Power-Amplifier-Great-... Grab a 'C' series PreAmp to go with it for around the same price and you'll be on your way to Hifi heaven.

      • +3

        Well you're comparing 2nd hand versus brand new. The problem with 80's equipment is that they are class-A amps which mean extremely high power draw and heat generation. Likely the capacitors are blown or warped in same way or another. Then there's questions of where do you get these things in good condition.

        Spec for spec also means little in the end since they will always be tuned to specific tastes or the marketed speaker sets at the time. It may spell one thing on paper but the end result may either be too warm/bright or just too clinical for your existing speakers.

        • +5

          Absolutely. You hit the nails on their heads of all the right issues there plmko but I have to say out of ALL the Vintage Hifi gear I've ever sourced, repaired & refurbished that era of Yamaha stuff is just so incredibly well designed & built that most of it is still in perfect working order. Far better than an fancy B&O gear of the same era (or even newer!) plus loads of other so-called high-end brands but yes, buying 2nd-hand is always risky it's just that this Yamaha gear is probably the lowest risk stuff you can buy. Even in broken condition it's still worth quite a lot as there are thousands of people across the globe keen to either repair it or part it out.

          The link to the M-45 above is a fine example of the availability of this gear. Doesn't pop up every day but sit back and wait for a few months and you should be able to source a decent system from local sellers. Believe me, I've been doing exactly that for the last 5+ years :)

          Oh and BTW, those Yamaha Amps are only Class-A up to a certain power level then then switch over to A-B after that. You press the Auto Class-A switch on the front if you want to take advantage of Class-A but you can feel the Amp heat up very rapidly… so much so that you wouldn't want to run one in Summer without AC in most states! To be honest though the increase in audio quality is so stupidly minimal and in fact hardly detectable that normal A-B mode is perfectly fine. The beauty of this of course is that the Amps are way over-spec'd & over-designed which is probably why most of them are still working perfectly today.

  • +1


    $349.- rrp $899.-


    $ 2,198.00 RRP $ 5,998.00


    $ 509.00 RRP $ 1,199.00

    Floor-standing speaker Model: SSAC3P
    $ 1,499.00 RRP $ 3,598.00

    SA-NA9ES Active subwoofer
    $ 1,799.00 RRP $ 4,999.00

  • hmm STR-DN850 RRP $1099AUD, amazon reckons 499.99US ($699.867AUD): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JC31SGG

  • +1

    I am interested in purchasing a sound bar or speakers for my TV but I have no idea where to start. Would anyone recommend anything from the above?

    • +1

      well get the xt1?

      • +1

        XT3 is 10x better.

        • can you comment on comparison xt3 with my pioneer VSX-522 AV ?

        • @eisniwre:

          Apples and oranges - one has built in speakers, the other one needs you tu supply your own speakers.

      • The XT1 is also out of stock now

  • Does anyone know what 4k upscaling means on the $399 receiver as opposed to the other $799 receiver which doesn't say 4k upscaling (just says 4k)? Sorry bit of a noob at this stuff.

    • Makes low res source a higher res. A 4K screen does it with different processing, may not look any better, may look better (all depends on the chipset and programming).

      • Thanks mate. So will the $399 upscaling one still work with 4k sources with no issues?

        • +1

          4k sources just get passed through, only 2k sources are upscaled but the result may not look good in all cases.

        • +1


          Generally speaking, up-scaling is a waste of money. If the box has this feature, fine, but don't pay for it if you are not specifically looking for it.

          In the case of needing upscaling, buy the best one you can afford based on shoot-outs and reviews. For example, I had a Bluray player thad did a particularly good job of upscaling 480p material to 1080.

  • Bought a 7.2ch 4K AV Receiver STR-DN850, upgraded from this deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/44219. Thanks TA.

  • DN850 is tempting..
    Don't have the cash to spend on it really!
    Dunno if it's a worthwhile upgrade from my old Onkyo though. (Doesn't do proper HDMI pass through or have all the wireless toys and is missing DTS-HDMA)
    Not sure if spending $400 is worth that… (I noticed this has also has a Zone 2 like my Onkyo amp). Can this amp play different sources in each zone?

    • Neither did I. I was tossing up between this and a Onkyo a9050. At this price there is no comparison. Put into perspective, I dropped $250 for a bluetooth with AptX receiver/dac and even then it still doesn't have wifi. This basically cleans up my whole setup and resolves the hdmi pass through as well as future proofing for 4k.

      The way I rationalised, sell my bluetooth dac and sell my old amp. Turns out to be about $200 after that. Bargain!

      • See my comment below on future proofing as this unit doesn't do hdcp 2.2

        • Thanks for the heads up. It's a bummer, guess I'll have to use optical then. Good thing it has 2.

  • +1

    Id recommend the htxt3 for sure!

  • is ht-xt3 worth the price?

  • Is there any 5.1 receiver?

    BTW, would it be possible to configure the 7.1 system to be used as 5.1?

    • +1

      Yeap. It configures according to the amount of speakers you've connected to it. Well kinda anyway.

    • Yes

    • Thanks for the info!

  • Total home theatre newbie here. I currently have a Samsung sound bar hw-h751 which is decent - but if I buy the •7.2ch 4K AV Receiver STR-DN850 $399 and then connecting the TV to the receiver and then out to the sound bar - am I likely to get better sound out of the sound bar?

    Or am I wasting money buying that? Thanks!

    • +4

      Get the receiver and some speakers OR the sound bar. Not both.

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