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Free VR Headset with Galaxy S7 Pre-Order @ Optus on 26th Feb (RRP $159) + Other Carriers


Free Galaxy VR Headset with Galaxy S7 Pre-order from Optus worth $159.

Also available from Telstra, Vodafone and other carriers as it is a worldwide offer.

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      and Telstra!

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      Specs decent - http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_s7-7821.php
      I prefer 5.5", 5.1" a bit too small for me, maybe better for the pocket
      Dual SIM or one Sim one microSD - dumb for them to dump add on storage in S6
      IP68, water proof again!!
      WTF were they thinking for S6 - Steve Jobs gave them guidance in dreams??

  • Don't bother being an early adopter unless you want to get ripped off by Optus. It took them 4 months to drop their s6 prices last year.

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      If it took them 4 months to drop their prices, then being a really early adopter to get these bonuses is a viable option.

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        No, it's not. The VR is built into the pricing imo.

        You're not really saving anything and being an early adopter rarely has its bonuses.

  • It is free when you preorder s7 and s7 edge. DJ KOH, vp tech of samsung, said in the samsung unpacked 2016 when launched.

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      no it's not if you click on the offer link it says it's free when you buy the phone.

  • I think I read that it was $1249 for the S7 edge.

  • Whats the retail on these puppies?

    • They're $159 I believe

  • Its $1149 right?
    I think Ozbargainers generally don't pay rrp at launch for phones. The VR head set equates to a meager 10% or so discount.
    I imagine people will start getting interested when the price starts being discounted to around $700 or less which shouldn't be too long.

    • Look at JB HiFi's website, you still can't even get a Samsung S6 (non-Edge) for $700. They've stayed around $900 for months with only rare exceptions.

      • Well obviously not from JB. That is an extra crap price.
        Research the s6 prices over the last year here on Ozbargain, you will see.

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    I dont think its free at all!. you are paying for it as they boost the price up by 150 not worth it. Also if you get on a plan you end up paying more then 1149 I dont think this is a deal at all.

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  • This headset makes viewing of Netflix so much better but I don't watch any movies just use it for TV shows as I'm a bit worried about my eyes.

  • I think I'll just buy the vr headset for my note 5 and upgrade the phone to S7 Edge later when it is cheaper.

  • Can you preorder a phone (through Vodafone) on a 24 month plan or do you have to be buying the phone outright?

    • Yes VR headset comes free with pre-order plan as well. No need to buy outright.

      • Thanks for confirming, will definitely take a look at the deals available then.

  • I am hoping for the influx of VR Headsets on gumtree from this.
    It looked like a fun toy to have (still in its early infancy).

  • This isn't really a deal considering how much the phone is and GST. Samsung offer this free for pre-orders all around the world too.

    The Oculus Rift and HTC VR make me dizzy and hurt my eyes.

    • I know what you mean. I too get headaches and sore eyes after watching 3D movies so I am not too excited about these VR headsets. Might give them a try once to see what the fuss is all about.

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      But the Samsung VR is different to the HTC VR. Samsung has better technology, the specs on this phone is better then the flagship HTC so the VR power must be better too.

  • $1149 for a phone?

    • U heard of iPhone? $1k+ phones arent new. Is it a complete waste? Definitely imo

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        but who the hell pays $1k+ for a phone?

        If $990 then that's alright.

    • Aussie dollar :( Would have been about AU$800 a couple of years ago.

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      women spend twice as much as that on clothes and handbags.

      Who are the real idiots?

      • Those who generalise facts from certain group to a larger group of people?

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          go back to tumblr. The answer was both.

      • @cDNA hahaha

  • I really don't want this piece of junk in my house and am not really keen on it being built into the price of my new handset, if the GS7 is what I end up going for.

  • VR heeadset free…Yeah sure.. on a $150/month plan!

    Go buy Google Cardboard for $15 & save yourself some money.

  • no idea why I was downvoted so much but

    more info for those
    Oculus has announced that those who preorder the Galaxy S7 will also be able to download six Gear VR games for free in a package valued at $50. The specific games will vary by phone carrier, and we can't seem to find the specifics listed anywhere online, but the Oculus announcement post mentions EVE: Gunjack, Land’s End, and Anshar Wars 2 as part of the deal.

    • That page says
      "Oculus is adding a content bundle featuring six made-for-VR games with an estimated $50 USD value to all US pre-orders"

      US pre-orders :(

  • Not worth it. Samsung phones usually drop by about 300 a couple of months after release.

  • So which plan is the cheapest should I go? ;)

  • I was planning to pre-order S7 edge outright from Samsung for $1249. How much is the price expected to drop in few months? Considering I'm getting ~$150 VR, will that compensate for that drop?

  • If you're buying outright, get it straight from Samsung. Otherwise you might end up with a phone rigged with embarrassing Optus/Teltra animations and also their malware apps installed.

    • What malicious apps do Optus/Telstra pre-install, and what is malicious about them?

  • The Gear VR is still offered as a bonus for online orders through Optus: http://www.optus.com.au/shop/mobile/phones/samsung/galaxy-s7…

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