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Bonus Samsung Gear VR with GS7 & GS7 Edge Pre-order @ Telstra


Samsung fans prepare to be dazzled – the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are on their way.

Luxurious design, standout processing power, high-speed web performance, and the return of much-loved features like water and dust protection, are set to make this the most popular Galaxy smartphone launch yet.

Other notable features include a vivid Quad HD screen display for a truly immersive experience, 32GB standard memory that expands to 200GB with Micro SD card (sold separately) and even faster built-in wireless charging (charging pad sold separately).

What’s more, you can pre-order yours from us from 12:01am on Friday 26 February 2016.

Free virtual reality headset
Get a free Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headset (valued at $159) when you purchase your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge with us. But hurry, this is a limited time offer (while stocks last). Not available for Small Business customers.

Also available from Optus, Vodafone and other carriers as it is a worldwide offer.

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  • Who was first?

  • probably all other companies are doing it as well. Looks world-wide offer by certain suppliers but limited stock.

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    It's a good deal, if you're going to buy the S7 anyway. And I have confidence that it will be a good device - it's more of an S6 with some improvements, rather than a totally new design. But I would be waiting for the reviews….

    • It's like an S7 with features from the S5 back. Except the removable battery.

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    I was shocked at price when s6 was released. Now with all this extra stuff, not the least a memory slot, what's the price indication on this one? $2000?

    • i read somewhere it's going to be around $1200-$1400 AUD.

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      $1149 (S7)
      $1249 (S7 Edge)

      Dunno where people are(n't) looking - there's plenty of articles & posts on the Aus price floating around. :-s

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        I reckon this should be in the title or at least in the opening post.

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        Didn't even know it had been officially announced until this post. Don't really have enough interest to research it. Now if they would do an s7 compact with the full specs, then I might be interested :) but probably not until price drops to a reasonable level of course, $1000+ is not even close to reasonable IMO.

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    Does anyone have any experience pre-ordering phones while taking advantage of 'New phone feeling' offers?

  • It's not from Telstra. It's from Samsung. I got email from Samsung yesterday.

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    Hopefully LG see Samsung doing this and offer one of their "friends" with the sale of the G5. It would be sweet to get that DAC/amp add on for free with the G5.

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    I am excited because Note 6 will be much better, need big screen and not really into the Edge version as I find it hard to hold.

    • Hope they come out with a Note 6 and a Note 6 Edge, both including the stylus.

  • Do i have to buy it outright or do i have the option to a join a plan?

    • plan

  • Oculus has announced that those who preorder the Galaxy S7 will also be able to download six Gear VR games for free in a package valued at $50. The specific games will vary by phone carrier, and we can't seem to find the specifics listed anywhere online, but the Oculus announcement post mentions EVE: Gunjack, Land’s End, and Anshar Wars 2 as part of the deal.

  • It only takes another 2.5 years to see samsung galaxy S X.

    There are so many generations of galaxy!

  • How much of the phone's screen is visible in VR? Is it all of it, or just a binocular cut out?

    • It is a binocular cut out that is warped to around 90 degrees of your peripheral vision.

      • So you're not even getting the full 2560x1440 resolution?

        Is that how it works for real VR too (Oculus, Vive, PSVR)?

        • Yes. You get the full resolution, but it is spread over a wider field of vision.

          The Oculus designed the Gear VR.

          Look at some of the Oculus youtube videos:

          The full resolution of the Gear VR screen is higher than the full resolution of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or PSVR. Doesn't really matter though as the GPUs used for driving those are much faster, and run at a higher refresh rate.

        • @futaris: What I'm saying is, if each eye sees a cutout of the screen, they it's not utilizing the full 5.1" screen in VR mode right? So you aren't getting the full megapixels of the phone, though still getting the pixel density right?

          Is that how Oculus works too? Each eye sees not a rectangle but a circle or oval of some sort of weird shape?

        • @lostn: Yes. It is called barrel distortion or lens distortion.


        • @lostn: Nope, that's not how it works. Remember, it has lenses, and humans see with perspective anyway. It doesn't take up 100% of your field of view, and the human FoV isn't a circle anyway. It's not a cutout, you see the whole screen.

        • @MrMcHairyHead: You just contradicted what the guy above you said. Now I'm not sure who to believe.

          When you look through the gear VR, does the screen fill up your entire FOV, or do you see the rectangle boundaries?

  • From our anonymous deal submission:

    Galaxy S7 Pre-Orders start on this friday the 26th but should be released on March 11.

    From a Telstra deal.

  • More info from above:

    Samsung S7 accessories available in some JB HIFI stores at the moment. Probably still on embargo.



    Generally when a new phone comes out older models price on plans become cheaper, but I've had a look at the pricing schedule and it looks as though the Plan prices for the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ Will stay the same even after the release of the S7. With Telstra at least.

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