What Is Your DREAM Job (and Do You Have It?)

What is yours and do you have it?

Are you now/ever planning on working into your dream?

I studied Maths but my dream job is to work in Fashion - Couture specifically. That doesn't exist in Australia so the closest to that - Bridal.
Trying to get into that. WISH ME LUCK :)

What is yours?


  • Dream Job: Don't really care… as long as it pays well
    Current Job: IT Consultant

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    Dream job: Work in animation for a children's show and yes I've accomplished this goal.

    Current job: Education

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    Dream Job: Full time Gamer / Streamer
    Current Job: IT Marketing

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    Dream Job: Watchmaker, Watch Design
    Current Job - Management Accountant.

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    dream job: movie critic/restaurant critic or reviewing games(xbox etc)
    current job: IT Sales

    • dream job: Poker player
      current job: IT Sales :)

  • Dream job: dressmaker
    Current job: bookkeeper

    • Dream job: dressmaker

      I dont think there is any money to be made in that.

      A friend commissioned a custom wedding dress and the hours to produce were ridiculous.

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    Dream job description: Making things that add value to the lives of people who are less well off. Haven't decided what these 'things' are though!
    Current job description: I tell stories with numbers (i.e. economist).

  • Dream job: English teacher overseas, make a difference to students' lives and be immersed in a different culture. Would like to volunteer in this when I retire someday.

    Current job: Corporate accountant (tax, reporting, FP&A).

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    Dream job: Veterinarian (no I'm not Raymond K Hessel)
    Current job: have a couple of degrees that I can't stand under my belt, finally bit the bullet to go to vet school and currently studying that full time as a postgraduate.

    • +1

      Vet school is a tough journey but it gets waaaay better after you graduate. Good luck!

      P.S. would strongly recommend working overseas

      • Thanks! I've heard that from other graduates and plan on doing at least a placement in Asia, and exploring before choosing a track.

  • Dream job: comedy writer
    Current: it

    Problem is I'm frankly not that funny and I suck at written English.

    • You could always go the Jackass route and try to become a YouTube sensation. Please don't, though.

  • Dream job (since I was 14): Systems Analyst
    Current: IT manager

    Close enough :)

  • Dream job: Pretender
    Current: Student

    Would love to be a pretender, studying up on a role for a few weeks, then going in and acting like I've been doing it forever.. The problem is I'm only 2 standard deviations above norm in terms of intelligence and physical prowess, and my social skills are woeful, so right now if I tried pretty much the only people getting fooled would be the mentally handicapped.

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    Dream Job: Landscape Photographer.
    Current job: Wedding Photographer - 10 years full time

    Would love to just travel the world and take landscapes of people and places - then sell the photos at a gallery. My compromise is travelling the world to do weddings. 90% there.

    • You can do it ;)

  • Dream job: Secret agent like 007 (when i was a kid)
    Electro mech/robotics engineer (when i realized what i can)

    Current: Project engineer (electro mech) (finally realized what i am )—— far far away from robotics…..

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    Dream job: Military pilot
    Current Job: Military pilot

    Interesting to see the opinions re: IBs and finance. Joined the military in my late 20s, was originally doing the banking and finance thing before I escaped the glass prison. Always wondered what life would be like if I'd stayed in. The grass always seems greener I suppose.

    • Your occupation was my dream in my younger days.

      We are the exact opposite, I am now in Finance.

      Lucky you get to fly all those planes!

    • Also was interested in fighter jets for a long time when I was younger, always thought if I'd grown up in the states I would've joined the air force as they get more flight time with better jets (my perception only, no idea if true or not).

    • Do many people join military aviation in their late 20s? Wanting to join after finishing my degree but not sure how hard it will be for me.

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    Dream job: Event Management (planning and coordination)
    Current: Student Advisor

    Studied Chemical Engineering and never wanted to be one. Such is life

    • Then why did you complete the degree?

      Did you end up working as an engineer?

      • Family, teachers etc told me its the way to go when I was trying to decide at the start. Completed it because I didn't have much of a choice to change as I was an international student at the time. I never did any work as an engineer because I knew I would hate it :( I suppose the skills I acquired from doing an engineering degree can be applied in other fields although "experience" and "relevant tertiary education" prevents me from getting into event management most of the time. Any advice?

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    Running my own software company.

    I studied to be a structural engineer and worked in consulting for a few years and hated it; all I ever did was make rich pricks richer. I started working on some software years ago that have finally given me some market share, so now I work from home, get up whenever I want, and spend far too many hours a day on OzBargain.

    • Awesome story!

      How did you get software knowledge? Self learned?

      • +3

        Yeah, all self-taught, I started learning back in high school. In my thesis year I started fooling around in Visual Studio again and started building something for fun. I had no grand ambitions with it, it was pure engineering: solving a problem because I thought it coudld be solved. 8 years later and now engineers all over the world use it for building and bridge design. Crazy in hindsight.

        Looking back on things, it was good I was so naive. Of course I wouldn't change anything, but id I'd known the amount of work I was in for it almost certainly would have put me off it.

        I'm looking at my options now to upskill, I have no formal IT training so my skillset is quite limited to the things I've been forced to learn to progress. Still tossing up between a 2 year masters degree or a 1 year diploma. I don't care about the piece of paper on the wall, just the skills I'd be learning. I'd certainly be interested to get the thoughts of a few others…

        • By lots of work you mean in creating the software or managing it ?

        • +1


          Creating, marketing, documenting, supporting, and winning new work. It was a colossal effort. 4 years of 80 hour weeks: 40 hours at my normal job which actually paid the bills and another 40 trying to build something I was confident in, but ultimately wasn't certain that people might want.

          Then I had to set up a company, get insurance, start building a profile, build a website, accounts, solicitors, general administrivia (though to be honest, that only accounts for about 5-10% of my time these days). I quit my job last year and went travelling for a little while and decided to give it a shot when I got back, and a year on, here we are. Tax time is going to be hell.

          Don't get me wrong if I've given a negative impression: it was a truly exciting, liberating, and creative experience and I wouldn't give it up for anything… Except maybe a sack of of money with dollar signs on the side.

        • @revolutio: wow 80 hour week! How did you manage it? You take any supplements/ caffeine to get through the week?

        • @GameChanger: Yes, actually… Although I have been taking them for much of my life anyway. I won't say that it doesn't make life easier. Just need the manage the anxiety that sometimes comes with it (part of the reason I'm still up right now, actually).

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      I think that's awesome! What languages and frameworks do you use?

      My dream is to get into mobile/web app development for some of my own ideas and be my own startup boss some day. I'm currently learning full stack web development over at Coursera. I finished the basic HTML, CSS, Javascript course, and I'm working on a Bootstrap one at the moment. Eventually I be learning Cordova in the 4th course which I'm super excited for.

      Any advice? (I'm 25)

      • +1

        VB.NET, WordPress and a tiniest amount of PHP.

        My advice is to stick with it learning new stuff, but more importantly, use what you're learning to actually build things. That's the best way to make sure the concepts stick.

        PM me if you'd like more specific advice about setting up a company, development, etc. :)

  • to wrestle in the wwe…
    current - working in retail.

    Studied in business commerce.

    I don't even know any pathways into wrestling besides being fit with charisma.

    • How could you compete with JOHNNNN CENAAAAAAAA

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    Dream: Investment banker

    Current: management consultant (Close enough I guess!)

  • Dream job: own a small business

    No startup funds.

  • Dream job:Web and mobile app developer for my own start up idea.

    Current job: Local government desk jockey

  • -1

    Dream Job: Sex Instructor
    Hey I 'll even give first few lessons for free..

    • Just fyi, the clients you'd probably get are disabled.

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    Dream Job: Use technology to improve humankind (have quite a few ideas- and everywhere I go, I see opportunities. Some of my predictions, e.g. about solar panels on roads are coming true.).
    Current: ICT consultant (contracting in Australia for the last ten yrs).

    No qualms about sharing my LinkedIn profile ;-)

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    "Dream Job" is an oxymoron. I dream of not working.

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    Dream job: Veterinary practice owner
    Current: Veterinarian

    • +1

      What's with vets all going overseas to work these days

      • Really bad pay. A study found new grad veterinarians were paid 20th (lowest) out of 23 degrees.

        A new grad vet expects to make about AUD$45k a year.


        I just had another colleague move to locum in the UK (approx AUD $450-500 daily with accommodation) and had a handful of former classmates move to Hong Kong (expect a 50-100% wage increase vs Australia).

        This is further compounded with the Australian dollar performing poorly and market saturation with new grad vets. Also, the emergence of conglumerates (e.g. Greencross) further pushes down veterinary wages (if you have a monopoly, you can pay employees whatever you want; my colleagues working at Greencross probably make 30-40% less than I do). Lastly, the Vet Surgeons Board (who help determine minimum wage for vets in QLD) are business owners and it doesn't serve their interest to have to pay employees more.

        • Wow thanks for that insight. And I thought my vet was making a killing! (Well my dog bills anyway)

  • Dream job: Writer
    Current: I do write things, I guess.. in a notebook mostly.. sometimes on 3-part carbonless paper..

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    peace maker - no

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    Dream job: IB/finance related.
    Current job: pharmacist.

    I recently have found I've reached a ceiling at work, been always fond of working in the finance sector.

    Dipped into the stock market as a trader/investor. So far the trading has caused a few headaches, but overall have done pretty well for 1 years self taught experience.

    • Day trading or buy and hold?

      • Half buy and hold.

        Half day trading. Goldies are doing well atm.

    • How do you see yourself in 5 years time as algorithmic trading is on the rise?

  • Dildo engineer-no

  • +1

    My dream job would be Scott's Pizza Tours see http://www.scottspizzatours.com/
    There are walking tours for visitors to New York City visiting justly famous pizza shops. There are various walking tours covering different parts of New York, and you get to have a slice of pizza at each stop. Being paid to lead tourists to pizza shops and eat pizza would be my dream job. Sadly I do not have a job like this. To do something like this in Sydney, it would need to be a bus tour, possibly to Lebanese sweet shops or Chinese cake shops.

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    Dream Job: Army Officer; did it for 15 years and loved it, could have kept climbing the ladder but dragging a young family through interstate postings wasn't ideal
    Current Job: Working for Big Multinationals selling their stuff to the Dept of Defence.

  • +3

    For the past decade I've worked in the mining resource sector on major expansion projects, over the past two years the size of my jobs have scaled back (in shape with the market) and I'm now overseeing a job that I find extremely stale as its nowhere near the scope I'm use to. I'm still paid very well but the work itself is mundane and only utilises a small portion of my potential.

    I'll be walking away from this industry upon completion of this current project with the hopes to open a small lounge bar back where I live on the other side of the country.

    It's been a dream of mine for the past 5 years but I just stuck where I am, doing what I know, all because of the dollars.

    I'm confident I can make my dream a reality and get some satisfaction back into my career along with the challenges of what may be ahead.

  • +2

    Dream job: musician - need time to upload some covers on youtube and get discovered :p

    Current job: radiographer

  • +2

    Dream - Body Builder
    Reality - Overweight

  • -1

    Dream - lazy arsed fat truck driver, to drive around all day without any need for a brain
    Reality - I have to work for a living

  • Was in my dream job for the past 15 years: Civil Engineer

    Now: unemployed. :(

    • +2


  • +5

    Frankly, I wish I got paid a livable wage for raising healthy, balanced kids. I love this job - but I have to do my other job, too because the pay is awful.
    I suppose I do have the dream job. I just have more than one job.

  • -1

    Porn star.

    Photographer for Playboy.

    Artist (most serious answer).

    No, I don't have them.

  • not sure of the dream job but it involves a lot of travelling and consulting on tech stuff, so probably a tech consultant :) guess I'm making my way to it gradually with the PhD I'm doing currently ;)

  • Dream Job: Technical Marketing Professional
    Current Job: Unemployed (grad) International Student who can't even get their foot in the door.

    • Try working for free? Just to break into the "no-experience so we cant offer you a job"

      • Don't think that will work.

      • Been working for "free" (internship, work experience, etc.) for the entirety of my degree (3.5 years). Still unemployed because I'm not a citizen (i'm on a grad visa that gives me full working rights though).

        • Yea must be harder as non citizen. I'm sure someone will appreciate your efforts

  • Dream job - Professional Brewer

    Current - Office monkey, homebrewer

  • Pimp or strip club owner.

    Close to dream.

  • Dream job: photographer (landscape) - any pro photographers on here? is it a profitable market? PM me!

    Current job: bottle shop owner

  • Dream: Graphic Designer
    Current: Barista; I am pretty happy and passionate about making coffee. Even considering opening a cafe later down the road.

    I did once work in at marketing department as Junior Graphic Designer. But I don't mind those customer serve. Especially seeing cute girls buying coffee. But sometimes I do get those thoughts thinking why don't I just stick doing graphic design. I could earn more money. I'm still lost but yeah..

  • +1

    Dream Job: Stay at home dad/house husband.
    Actual Job: See above.

    Absolutely love my job. My 2 kids, both under 2 are a handful but great. Do all the housework apart from cooking which the wife does. Worked out well as I had always wanted to do it and the wife has far superior earning power.

    Take the kids out of the equation and dream job would be a vet or working at a Zoo.

    • How much does that job pay?

      • +2

        Whatever the wife earns :)

  • Dream Job - Entrepreneur - Would love to own a small business (online) focussing on 3D printing Prop building for movies/games and different commission jobs. I think that would be really awesome, really enjoy using meta trader 4 and trading the Forex market part time just because it can be incredibly lucrative and is fairly interesting and flexible. Find Graphic design and digital painting to be really enjoyable would be great to do that part time also, so many options… Jack of all trades, master of none.

  • Dream: Crisis management (like emergency response after earthquake, flood…etc)
    Current job: Scientist

  • +1

    Dream: Billionaire
    Current: Billionhair

  • Dream Job: Business Consultant for a small firm
    Current Job: Business Consultant for a small firm

    i get to work from home quite a bit. it's amazing the work life balance. New clients every week, never gets boring. Overseas travel.

    Did an Accounting Degree and focus on IBM COGNOS software for data cubes, financial reporting and modelling.

  • Current: systems support for a system used by the maritime industry all over qld
    Dream: owning a business that allows me to make people happy.

  • +1

    Dream: Anything that pays well, giving me the opportunity to travel and then eventual own my own business!
    Current: Admin

  • +2

    Dream: Apart from the moonshot ones like F1 driver/soccer player, Venture Capital
    Current: Venture Capital

    I'm not sure about those people who say their dream job is to do nothing and be rich. Sure you can travel the world but eventually you'll have to settle somewhere and then what do you do with yourself? I reckon half a year of doing nothing and you'll go crazy having no purpose in life. I think one way to think about is if you won the lottery and money was not an object, what do you see yourself doing day to day and that's probably your dream job right there.

  • So many people wanting to become a pilot of photographer… what is with that?

    Dream job: an architect or a children's book writer
    Current job: home engineering :)

  • Dream job: Entrepreneur/owning a small business. However, at this stage I wouldn't mind continuing with my current job but in another workplace that actually allows for work-life balance.
    Current job: internal auditor

  • Dream job:Adventurer
    Current job: Doctor

  • Dream Job : Big Boss of Big Company (dream since I was a kid)
    Current Job : Dishwasher in a big restaurant

    Now finding other job with better salary. Still studying master degree (MBA & MPA) and wish to apply for Permanent Resident next year.

    • Good luck :)

  • +1

    Dream Job: Firmware Engineer, mainly involved in Vehicular controls.
    Current: Software Engineer, working mainly on maintenance.

    Hopefully working towards getting the job though! Only early days being 6 months post-graduation.

    • +1

      Sending you e-support.

  • My dream job - professional adult video actor.
    My current job - quantity surveyor.

    My childhood dream job - professional wrestler.
    My current part time job - barista.

  • Me as a kid:

    Dream Job: High paid seller of cool military things to the government
    Actual Job: Basic local jobs that just paid the bills

    Me mid career:

    Dream Job: Couple of rungs up the corporate ladder that paid more than what i earn now

    Me Now:

    Dream Job: Basic local jobs that I could afford to live on
    Actual job: High paid seller of cool military things to the government

    What is missed along the way is all the tradeoffs and sacrifices that you need to make. Dreams skip over these or you dont know about them until you have to make them.

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