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SanDisk Ultra II 240GB SSD $99 / Microsoft 900 Wireless Mouse $9 @ MSY


Available in store and online 3 March 2016 to 4 March 2016

  • Limit of 2 per person applies.

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    I feel like such a loser going all the way to MSY to buy a $9 mouse.

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      Not sure if sarcasm….go in msy on weekend and you fit in just fine

      • +5

        Not sure about fit, it's usually a tight squeeze.

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          hey im doing my best to lose weight ok!…sheesh

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    That 4tb external is pretty cheap. Bought one a couple years back and put it in the media pc. Still going strong; though can't say the same for a newer 3tb that died the other day… The 3tb and 5tb versions are the devil I tells ya!

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    Far out, I bit and bought the SSD Plus 240GB for $94 from MSY less than a week ago!

    The OzBargainer curse strikes again…

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      but this is $5 more, gotta save every dollar

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        Yeah but the Ultra II is better than the Plus - so $5 more for (arguably) better performance

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          I'll take the Plus 240GB off your hands for $49, then you can go ahead and buy the Ultra II guilt-free. Whaddaya say? ;)

  • ssd worth picking up?

    havnt got one myself yet

    does this also fit in macbook pro?

    • SSDs offer a huge performance increase over a standard hard drive, definitely worth investing in one. Not sure about what software you'd use to clone your mac hard drive though…

      • I'd just do a fresh start on mac

        for my gaming rig what kind of software do i need to make the ssd the main hdd for windows and have the secondary hdd for its files

        • +3

          All you'll need to do is install the SSD in your PC, power on your PC, access your bios (quite likely by pressing delete or F10 or similar at the motherboard splashcreen), select your Windows media as the first boot device (whether that's a USB thumb drive or DVD), You'll probably need to reset your PC, then windows will run the installation, follow the promts until you get asked which drive to install to, then just select the new SSD as the drive and select install, Windows will do its thing, and install.

          Once you've finished installing, reboot the pc, go into your bios again, and select the new SSD as your primary boot drive. After this, restart, and you should be booting running windows from the SSD. You'll need to install all your drivers again, so either look for the disc that came with your motherboard and graphics card, or just manually search for them on the manufacturer's website.

          If you have any issues, feel free to PM me.

      • Carbon Copy Cloner

    • +1

      If you have a HDD, then an SSD is definitely worth it - the difference is night and day.

      If your MacBook Pro is not a Retina (pre-2012 I think), then it'll fit fine. Replacing it is pretty easy.

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      the 1TB SSDs are more frequently discounted now so if you have open your macbook, do it once.

      Easy to clone to macbook, after you installed the new SSD, attach the old drive via an external case or just usb-sata cable, boot of the usb and the OS allows you to migrate to the new drive, much easier then Windows (I have mac and pc)

  • looks like i'll be picking up one of these tomorrow, thanks OP!

  • ahh these nuts. not sure whether to be happy that when I went on Tuesday I was a day late for the SanDisk SSD Plus 240gb or annoyed that now I have to go back rather than just ordering something online. I'm going to try to choose to be happy

  • Does the seagate 2tb backup plus (2.5") work in ps4?
    I upgraded mine with the seagate 2tb expansion (2.5") last week. Was fun and worked! :)

  • I just got a 500GB SSD for my laptop (to replace my optical drive), considering upgrading the current mechanical disk since its 5400RPM (750GB). Not sure if I should go with a 240/250GB SSD or the WD Black 750GB.

  • Anyone able to get through to any of these deals online? I'm still getting the previous "Deal of the Day" items… Or am I just trying to get in too quick?

  • How does the mouse compare to the Logitech M705? I know of course for 9 bucks you sacrifice quality, but I only need it for basic use on a recliner for my HTPC.

  • Just got the 2TB seagate hard drive price match and price beat $117.80 at office works :)

  • MSY Fyschwick/ACT sold out of SanDisk Ultra II as of 1:45pm, possibly earlier. Pretty disappointing. If only there was some way to check stock before driving out to the store and waiting in line

  • $9 mouse out of stock at Mitcham store.

  • mouse out of stock now.
    so sad

  • went to auburn store and they can't find the stock for the ultra II because it is in the back somewhere..

    don't bother wasting your time going there

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