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Join Medibank for up to 60k Flybuys + 1 Month Free + 2/6 Month Waiting Periods Waived


Join Medibank to receive a range of flybuys points from 7,500 for singles extras only cover to 60,000 for family hospital and extras, and Medibank is also currently waiving 2 and 6 month waiting periods on extras and including 1 month free. Flybuys offer expires 24 March 2016. Medibank offer expires 30 April 2016.

  • only available to new Medibank members on new memberships
  • membership must be current for 6 months before flybuys will credit bonus points
  • pre-pay 6 months or direct debit and pay for the first month to receive second month free
  • 60,000 points equals $300 worth of value and can be converted to flybuys Dollars to use at Coles

Flybuys: https://www.flybuys.com.au/medibank
Medibank: https://www.medibank.com.au/health-insurance/special-offer/

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  • Thanks. Might go for it.

  • +3

    These medical insurance companies and policies are a complete rip offs.

    • +2

      Until you need elective surgery and then you have the choice of waiting in pain or paying.

      • +2

        I agree with your statement, however, the cost that you have to pay is way too much in my opinion. Moreover the price keeps climbing the hill.

        • +8

          Moreover the price keeps climbing the hill.

          at more than twice CPI

      • -8

        then start living healthy become vegetarian and no alcohol plus regular exercise

        • +4

          You should probably avoid having any genetic predispositions too…

        • I already fall in this category, hence I object the cost that I have pay for an emergency situation.

      • +2

        The cost of elective surgery will be no where near the total premiums you will pay in all these years….

    • Someday we can be like the Americans, paying $1000 a month for half decent coverage. Thats 12k a year, and thats a lot of Medicare levy to offset to come out on top with private.

    • +1

      blame it to govt who support this high cost insurance practice. if you don't take it ato will surcharge once your income reach certain level

  • I heard medibank & bupa were the worst value

    • -1

      I was with NIB, then moved to BUPA, worst decision ever. BUPA online claim system is bad, still require manual process if getting the claim for signed manually.

      Purchased item from BUPA optical clinic, still require me to lodge claim, with NIB dental, all is done automatically

      • +1

        that sounds really odd. Any place that has HICAPS should be able to claim for you on the spot

  • In need of something relatively decent value before price rise… what's everyone's recommendations at the moment? Anywhere that can claim gym membership of my choice?

  • +1

    Waiting periods only waived on extras, NOT on hospital! Please update!

    I would have signed up otherwise, so it makes a big difference.

    • +1

      if they waive major dental waiting period i will join

      • Do you know any?

      • me too !

        • answer is impossible to see that kind of promo

  • +1

    good marketing strategy.
    advertise new plan with few bonuses when people sign up, then next month increase the premium!

  • How much is 60k flybuys points worth? Can you sign up and cancel once you have the points?

    • 1 cents perpoint.
      better call them and ask

      • More like half cent per point. Remember coles gives you $10 off for redeeming 2000 points?

        • Yep thats right, makes it worth about $300 and a free month. So in total about 450-500 additional value in total. Considering a $150 per month charge.

        • 1 cents is when people selling at ozb or other forum. or let say 0.95 cent

        • @eisniwre: Oh wow you can sell them for 1 c/point?

        • @ronnknee: .. sorry

        • @eisniwre: Not on Flybuys?

        • @ronnknee: sorry was drunk while typing

        • +1

          @eisniwre: Lol at the ninja edit.

        • +1

          @ronnknee: thanks been practicing since 2008 too~~

  • I thought 60k was about $300

  • edit: Can these two offers be combined? As they are being offered at two different sites

    • Has anyone availed this? I am interested to know too.

  • +1

    Classic strategy which encourages churn. As a current Medibank customer about to be hit with a big price rise, I'll be switching to take advantage of other funds joining bonuses.

  • +4

    If you decide to pre-pay six months (or more), get a new credit card first. Plenty of cards offer bonus value with a minimum spend in the first few months, pre-paying your premiums should get you over that hurdle.

    This way, you get the bonus points for joining medibank, and a bonus from the credit card as well.

    Example: ANZ rewards platinum, spend $2500 in first three months, get 50000 ANZ rewards points, which can purchase $220 of gift cards. Don't forget to cancel the card within the first year.

  • Signed up on 8/3/16 at a branch and paid a month premium upfront. Please go to a branch to sign up if you want to, as they could throw you 6weeks free,instead of 1 month.
    Received premium summary on 9/3/16 in email. The premium in email is way more than what I paid.
    Tried to sort it out over the phone. Took me 50mins to get through and another 50mins talking to two CS. I got different stories about why it happened.
    Not impressed at all and regret it already.

    • If you apply at branch, do you get flybuys points offer?

      • Yes,you do get flybuys.Make sure you tell them to link your flybuys with your policy

  • Is one month free for direct debit only or including if you pay 6 months in advance?

  • Join Medibank for a range of flybuys points from 7,500 for singles extras only cover

    I took this to mean that I can use just 7500 points in my flybuys balance to get singles extras only cover.

  • Trying to get quote …

    Settled Families Essentials

    Minimum pay frequency is fortnightly. Price is for families cover in NSW and 18.547% (and, for post-1 April 2016 price, 17.861%) Australian Government Rebate. Assumes nil Lifetime Health Cover loading.

    It gives :

    Also says….From 1 April 2016, this price will change to $281.40/month.

    So essentially We will have to pay $281.40/month from April :( Which is still higher than my current Bupa

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