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Create an Account on and Get 10% off Your First Order


Sign up at, choose to receive emails and you will receive a promotion code for 10% off your first order.

Each promotion code is unique to the users email address and cannot be used on a different account, not in conjunction with any other offer, excludes appliances.

Note that the code expires 7 days after signing up.

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  • SO it is 5% or 10%?

    It used to be 10% but they change it to 5% a while ago.

    • It is now 10%, Offer is now valid on the website.

      • Hi OP, please also include the email subscription requirement. You won't get the 10% code if you only just create an account and not subscribe :)

        • done thanks ronnkee

        • +4

          They must be trying to collect email addresses to inform of upcoming insolvency ;)

  • It says 10% on masters

  • Is this a limited time thing?

  • Rep- when u doing 10% off again ?

    • Hi Ravzter, I cannot confirm when we will be doing another 10% off offer. I would suggest signing up as you will then get our newsletter emails with all of our most recent offers.

  • +10

    What's the point of encouraging people to sign up to get 10% off if you are closing down? So that you can sell our details to Kogan?

    Don't get me wrong, I would consider it to be great news if Woolies decide to keep Masters going. I mean.. I noticed with the discounts lately, there is a lot more foot traffic at my local Masters. It should have been like this right from the beginning!

    • -10

      Bunnings is still cheaper. So is this going to be a Dicksmith gift voucher situation? Order a $1000 BBQ only for it to be not delivered and not refunded when Masters shuts down?

      • +12

        Bunning is not cheaper if you buy only the discounted products at Masters. Add the regular 10% off code + 5% off Woolies e-giftcard, you would be away laughing.

        The good thing about Woolies is that most of their giftcards can be used at other Woolworths group stores. So even if Masters shutdown, you can still use them for petrol, groceries or at Big W.

    • +2

      What's the point of encouraging people to sign up to get 10% off if you are closing down?

      They're still a business and need to make money by encouraging more customers/purchases.

    • +5

      whats the point of living when u gonna die eventually…

      just use it for the 10% and be happy!

      • +1

        I think you missed my point there. I just don't want our details to be sold off to a third party when they closed down eventually in exchange for a 10% off code..

        • +6

          Then don't sign up???

    • We had the same exact thought :)

    • Same here, more visitors recently!

    • What's the point in making yet another whining post about it on this deal - you can just NOT DO IT and then NOT WHINE as well.

  • +2

    The Woolies Board surely must go down in Australian businesses history as the worse. At least a one billion loss. And Masters is designed on the American hardware style selling washing machine and vacuums. They didn't even know what their market was. Even so, i'll enjoy the spectacle of their demise and cash in on the brief competition to Bunnings.

    • +1

      You are why i come here

    • +1

      Don't fret, they've got a plan B - open up a office supplies store. They'll make heaps of money!

      • +1

        Masters was Plan C, so let's hope they have a Plan D.

        • A lingerie shop?

        • +5



        • @strangeloops66: oh maybe a nursery, but Masters sold plants

  • +11

    guys, this is serious, if masters shut down, us consumers are the worst off?! because according to VCE Economics, the more concentrated the market is, the more likely competitors are going to abuse their market power! so bunnings pretty much as the only monopoly business can restrict supply, and force the prices up, and also they are not likely to achieve techinical or dynamic efficiency, which then ultimately lead to mis allocation of resources!

    • -5

      I wouldn't really say bunnings will have a monopoly. There is plenty of healthy competition. Who's the major sponsor of The Block?

      • +2

        yeh but they pretty much hold 95% of the market share if masters shut down so pretty much makes them monopoly….

        • What % does/did Masters hold? Did they even get more than Mitre 10 or Home Hardware?

        • @Putnum: home timber & hardware is also a joint venture by Woolworths & (US) Lowe's. They are also in the same boat as masters

        • @MountFranklin:

          Ah ok thanks, I was not aware

        • @Putnum:

          Ah ok thanks, I was not aware

          Yet you were claiming to be an expert on the Australian hardware industry with your comment that Bunnings does not have a monopoly if Masters disappears.

          Most smaller hardware stores are gone, Mitre 10 are not a competitor to Bunnings and if Masters goes Bunnings will do what they have done in the past when they have crushed local competition and increase the prices.

        • +1

          @Maverick-au: Claiming to be an expert by asking questions? Wow! I'm an expert at everything.

        • -4


          Claiming to be an expert by asking questions? Wow! I'm an expert at everything.

          You made a number of statements not questions and claimed that there is plenty of competition to Bunnings which is utter rubbish. Bunnings have crushed competition through their actions when they open in each area and once the competition closes they jack up the prices.

          "I wouldn't really say bunnings will have a monopoly. There is plenty of healthy competition. Who's the major sponsor of The Block?"

        • +1


          I think you read too much in to things buddy.

  • +1

    ?can i stack this with my staff discount card?

    • Where's your associated tag

      • -2

        Where's your associated tag

        Where is your pointless tag?

        • +3


          Please be directed to the OzBargain rules for sockpuppetting

          Read them yourself. Not only did he not vote on the deal he clearly asked if he could stack it with his staff discount card and if he works for Woolworths (which is likely) he does not have to use the associated tag.

        • @Maverick-au: He doesn't have to use it even if he works at Masters as he didn't post the deal.

        • +4

          @Food: just because he can get a Woolworths staff discount doesn't mean he works at Masters

      • +3

        My wife works for Woolworths supermarket, i simply has a staff discount card as she is entitles to 2 cards. i am not associated with Masters, I'm also not going to tag myself with BigW, Dan Murphys and every other company under the Woolworths Banner.

        I should not have to explain myself, i know the rules here..


  • +4

    Hey guys, give us your deets and when we go bust you'll be the first people to have their data sold to a 3rd party!

    • +2

      Hey guys, give us your deets and when we go bust you'll be the first people to have their data sold to a 3rd party!

      If they shut down why would the data be sold to a third party? Makes no sense especially as the data is essentially worthless in a market that would be dominated by one company.
      If they are sold the data would be available to the new owner.

      • If they shut down why would the data be sold to a third party?

        The creditors of DSE seemed to think it was a fantastic idea!

        • +1

          The creditors of DSE seemed to think it was a fantastic idea!

          Where did the creditors of DSE sell the data to a third party? If you are referring to the sale of the online business to Kogan this is nothing like what you claimed above about Masters selling the data to a third party.

    • +12

      Oh well, most of OzB have already sold their details to 1/2 of China for a usb cable.
      At least with 10% we can get something slightly useful

      • Everyone already has your details, the only thing you're selling them is the right to email you - which you can reverse at any time.

  • Does it include fridges and washers?

    • +3

      Please read the post. It clearly says that the discount excludes appliances

  • +1

    Does it include nuts and bolts?

  • -1

    Does masters ship to WA?

    • Hi kemitri, yes we have 9 stores in WA. Please use our store finder to find you local store

  • Why does this always happen. I buy a mitre saw over the weekend for 339 and used the 5% newsletter for it. Then you pull out a 10% on the following work day…. it's just a tease!

    • +1

      buy another one then return with the previous rreceipt….

  • -2

    But there's usually a 10% code out anyway.

  • So if I already have an account… can I just create a new one using a different email address and still stay friends?

  • +10

    I love to shop at Masters. Was there last weekend at the Northmead store. Was impressed with the workers there. Very polite and helpful. It was airconditioned as well. It's a waste to see such a store getting shut down.

    • But no kids play area. This is why i will go to bunnings rydalmere.

      • +8

        It's a hardware store, not a kids play centre.

        • +3

          I think that was Mrs Martijn posting & she's referring to the product demos/workshops.
          Dump hubby in the play area whilst she does the plant shopping.

          well my missus does that. At Masters as other have said, she straps me in the racing car cart, gives me a catalogue and then goes to the plant section (some times I even get to come if I promise to stop making F1 car noises)

      • +4

        Actually they have the racing car trolley. Beats those cheapo balloons bumming handout any day. My kid agrees.

      • They didn't have a nuts and bolts aisle?

    • +1

      Yes totally. I love going to masters as their staffs are helpful and super friendly. I go to Masters Braybrook in Vic very often. Didnt even bother go to Bunnings which is 1km away. Shame that they are shutting down. Gonna use this deal to buy floorboard for new house.

  • +3

    It should be noted that the code expires 7 days after receipt.

  • +1

    Would have signed up but not for a 7 day discount

  • snaggs are better at bunnings

  • So can I buy $500 worth of turf, that is currently 10% off (so will come down to $450). Scan the 10% discount voucher (down to $405 and then pay with gift cards and pay roughly $380?

    • +1

      If your buying that kind of volume of turf check with a turf farm, they are generally a lot cheaper if you are getting a fair bit.

      • +1

        Their sir walter price is extremely competitive!

        • -1

          What's their price, I can't see it online? just make sure you are comparing square meter rates not roll/slab to square meter but if it works out better with the discounts that's pretty good.

        • @tryagain:
          Their sqm price is 8.95 normally, so with this deal will only be around $7.

    • This offer is only available online, unfortunately turf is not available online.

  • I have noticed that my local masters isnt restocking their shelves. It seems they are being allowed to run down. Has anyone else noticed this?

    • Yep!

    • They are NOT closing anytime soon. It's more likely that your store had recent run on things and/ or no staff (due to sickness, and a host of other reasons).

  • How long does it take for code to arrive?

    • The code should arrive almost instantly, please check your trash or spam folder if its not in your inbox. If you still can't find it please email [email protected] with your details

  • +1

    Sorry to hijack this post, but the free Sherwin sample pot paint promotion in the last catalogue was a complete shambles.
    I called almost every second/third day to enquire about the free sample estimated arrival date, as I actually wanted to buy oil based paint (on top of the free sample pot) at the same time. Each time I called, I get a different answer :s
    Could I kindly make a suggestion that customers get a free pot ONLY if they purchase something from the store.
    Should there be a minimum amount to qualify? That's up to you, but at least you'll be guaranteed additional sales from the foot traffic. This will reduce those groups/families grabbing free paint samples on the first day of the catalogue, and then walking out.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work. I actually prefer shopping at Masters over Bunnings, and Hunterofbargains has been very helpful on here.

    To all the naysayers, if Masters weren't around, do you think Bunnings will have Friday night specials?

  • Be careful with prices on the web-site.

    I purchased the AR Blue Clean 1600W Electric Pressure Washer 381 Plus for $179 in store though on the web-site it's listed as $329

    I don't know about the other products but make sure you check in store first.

  • +1

    Online orders??? Be very very careful

    I bought window blinds on 50% off promo last week through click and collect. No warning about non-existent stocks when I proceed with the orders…
    I checked on the store last weekend to see if I can pick it up, the store lady check and it shows plenty of stocks in computer and she's not sure why the order hasn't been processed. It has been 3 days since I put the order. She told me that someone from online department will contact me on Monday.

    Few days later, no one contact me.. and everytime I called them, no one pick up the phone.
    Be careful with click & collect at Masters… this could be another Dicksmith.

    • Except this is a Woolies owned business, so if they go under then Woolies will still be liable. If Woolies sell it off then you can start being paranoid.

  • Hi Rep,
    Why the scotts push lawn mower not available online? My friend bought from masters last week for $129 with the catcher, far better than the Flymo or Ozito ones. I wanted to buy with the 10% off, but couldnt find online.

    • Hi skrp, we will send this through to our online team to check for you.

  • Damn it just spent 60 dollars on a ratcheting crimper last week, oh well…

  • Dam.. Only got 7 days to use! Forgot about it! Now I don't even know what to buy

  • +3

    Personally I like Masters (brighter and cleaner), less queues, easy to swap Gas Bottles $22, our local Bunnings (Castle Hill) has them in the trade section which is either a long walk, up ramps or a long queue to drive through.

    I prefer to drive out to Masters (Rouse Hill), in and out.

    Thaks OP, I think I will buy that BBQ, I have been putting off.

    • Hi SmithInOz, don't forget you can get a free gas bottle exchange with any BBQ purchase until 30.3.16, just take in your empty or old gas bottle.

      • Do I have to perform the exchange when collecting the BBQ?, or do you get a voucher\receipt.

        You have the Webber Q2000 on sale for $350 (excellent price). With 10% off ($322), and paying via Gift Cards brings that down to around $306.

        And then you throw in a free gas swap (~$22), which I need shortly anyway.

        Through my lens that is equivalent of purchasing a new Webber Q2000 for $284, which is typically > $400

  • Hi OP

    How much time it takes to get a code after setting a new account

    • +2

      I received the code almost instantly.
      Click and Collect was processed the same day.
      Picked up the BBQ today, Store at Rouse Hill was busy, although heaps of staff helping.
      Offered to help carry it to the car, really friendly it was a great experience.

  • Did anyone else receive a faulty code? I entered mine and it has reduced the entire cart total from $95 to $0…Which would be fabulous if it would let me check out! I keep getting an error saying that I can't check out with a $0 total.

  • Hi

    It took a while to get the code but now when i put in the promotional code it does nothing.

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