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Monster Cables, Audio Splitter & Cleaning Kits [$4 to $10] Pickup or + Delivery @ Harvey Norman

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Harvey Norman

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    I'm concerned about the financial well-being of Harvey Norman, if they no longer sell Monster Cables at full price!

    • Shares are holding steady. I'm not concerned.

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      I know..lol. Comment of the day for me

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    Why does the "Monster iSplitter 1000 Audio Cable" say "CARPET INSTALL" instead of "CLEARANCE" ?

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    Added 2 USB cables to my cart. Shipping was $30. Killed the deal.

  • iPhone lightning cable.

    No stock in stores.. Delivery price killed it.

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    Not really a deal….. these cables are not worth their money.

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      Maybe not at RRP, but for this price, they are

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        Just cause they sell for exorbitant prices normally and have the "Monster" brand on it?
        A cable is a cable. You can find comparable ones much cheaper on ebay and not pay ridiculous delivery prices…

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          Cheapo eBay cables are rubbish.

          I'm no fan of Monster but if HN will sell a well constructed, certified cable with warrantt for a $5 or 10 then that's reasonable.

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          @coxymla: certified by who? As far as I have seen with many cable type's its the wild west……..

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      Not at their usual price, but at this price they are OK.

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      These cables are worth the money. Where can I pick up a lightning cable for $5 that isn't from a Chinese seller on eBay?

      Again not worth near the RRP but at $5 sounds about right

      • Officeworks if you're lucky with stock levels and only on clearance.

    • $5 - Monster Digital Life USB Advanced High Speed Cable - 7ft

      Sounds pretty good to me.

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    Still not a bargain

  • "For the most natural sound this Monster Speaker Cable uses Magnetic Flux Tube construction and special cable windings."


    WTF? can anyone explain what Magnetic Flux Tube construction and special cable windings are? Is it the same as the flux capacitor that my car hasn't got? (damn you Mazda)

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      Snake oil. Readily available for the gullible ;)

      • Cool. Should I buy the 250ml or the family size 1L of this magical oil?

        • Buy bulk, go the 1L :)

          To be fair, I'd imagine all this mumbo-jumbo would give better results than 'regular' speaker cable but only when tested on high-res scientific measuring equipment but wont make much if any difference to your actual listening experience.

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    Time to drag out this old chestnut: http://gizmodo.com/363154/audiophile-deathmatch-monster-cabl…

    Buy 'good' speaker cable by all means, the highest copper content you can justify spending your heard earned on. OFC is a nice touch too but I've had OFC cable blacken inside over the years so even it isn't the shizzle. Generic stuff from Jaycar for around $2.50-$4.10 per meter will perform perfectly well. Heck, even Extension Lead from Bunnings works nicely and it comes in lots of cool colours plus you can get it in the standard 10A or the fatter 15A variety if you want that even bolder 'industrial' look. Just bend the pins on the plug, chop the ends off and dispose of them then use two of the three conductors to connect your speakers. Cheap, easy and looks great! Also good for dragging through walls & ceilings as it doesn't kink as much plus it's got extra protection in case it gets snagged on nails or brackets.

    • maybe, I read that years ago too, but the deals above aren't speaker cables and are cheap prices for what would be a little better than elcheapo quality for around the same price (and can return it if faulty).

      • I was mainly replying to oscargamers comment above about speaker cable but didn't do it as a direct reply.

  • Can anyone comment on the fast charging cable? Worth it for $5?

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    Monster Cable favourite story:
    Monster deserve all the backlash they get.

    Hardly Normal. Need I say more? Suffice to say the drones taking orders couldn't count past ONE when ordering 2 of an item. Explain that to the condescending 'customer service' at the time. Not only couldn't they count past ONE for one item, but they couldn't count past ONE for 2 separate items in the order. To top it all off, multi-day delivery to complete the order, from separate stores (like MYER).

    I'll be truly impressed if they changed.

  • 10watts, is that good enough for modern smartphones, tablets? (my bad maths says 2amps so should be fine)
    $5 is ok if it is.

    • P=VxI so if the wattage is 10W and the charging voltage of a phone is 5V then yep should be around 2A.

  • +4
    • what the??

      • German humour

        • Must resist 'German' joke bait…..

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