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20% off Sitewide @ Kogan eBay


The offer entitles you to a 20% discount off the purchase price for up to 3 transactions (excluding postage) at the Kogan store on during the offer period, up to a maximum discount of $500 per transaction.

Don't forget a further 1.25% cashback via Cashrewards

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  • Considering most products from Kogan are international models,
    for prices over $1000, are we required to pay GST on top of the purchase price?
    I noticed some items are in Melbourne and some are in HK, although the shipping estimates are the same?

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      got the answer,

      items shipped from melbourne have gst included.
      be careful if they are from HK and total over 1000

      • This is not a private import, we are purchasing are buying from Kogan on Ebay AU - he can source from wherever he chooses and any duties he encounters are his issue.
        The price you see is the price. Nothing more.

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          This is not a private import, we are purchasing are buying from Kogan on Ebay AU - he can source from wherever he chooses and any duties he encounters are his issue.
          The price you see is the price. Nothing more.

          The price is the price - that's correct, but only because items over the $1,000 threshold (not including shipping costs) will be shipped from a local warehouse.

          If the item is supplied by "Kogan Australia Pty Ltd", then it isn't a private import.

          If it's supplied by "Kogan HK Limited", then it is a private import.

          The supplier is listed at the bottom of the description.

          e.g. This is $989. It is shipped from HK and would be a private import. But because it's under the threshold, no GST is charged.

          This is $1213. It is shipped from Melbourne and is not a private import.

          Maybe that's why Kogan bought DSE's online presence. When the import duty threshold gets lowered, what seems to be a large part of their business model will be in trouble.

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          Yep, you are quite right.

  • Anyone know if we can claim GST after buying stuffs from Kogan?

    • Check the listing, if it's sold by Kogan Australia then yes, if it's Kogan HK then no. It'll be stated at the bottom of the description.

  • Did anyone get their cash rewards receipt? My past two transactions totalling $900, for the first time there was no confirmation from cashrewards. Sounds like they are deliberately not crediting the receipts during these sale periods.

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      Hey you just reminded me… yeah no CR tracking. I was extra careful too, cleared cookies before signing in then went straight from CR to eBay to item page as it was over $1000 item. Looks like it "magically" failed on the dearer item again.
      You want guaranteed tracking? Buy a phone cover.

      • Yeah I did what you did as well. Generally it pays to be extra careful with these things. I also got a $1.20 glass protector. No tracking either. Suss as hell.

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      FWIW, in the last 20% sale the two $799 S6 Edges I bought from Optus in two separate transactions a few days apart tracked fine.

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      same no tracking, i'm sick of CR

      • Same. Gonna switch to Pricepal from now on.

  • I am struggling to find bargains not sold out but I think a GTX950 for $180.20 delivered after code and cashrewards (if that comes through) seems like a bargain. Unless someone else can suggest a better deal for such an item?

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    Wow, 3.5" 8TB Seagate 'Archive' HDD for $247.53 has got to be the cheapest they've ever been… but only a few left: Be quick!

    EDIT: 45mins after writing the above it looks like all stock has now been sold. I know these HDDs don't have the best reputation but I'm surprised this wasn't highlighted earlier. Definite bargain!

  • I'm not seeing a full 20% discount in my cart;

    Subtotal (3 items) - AU $1,016.77
    Postage - FREE
    Discounts - CKOGAN20 - AU $120.80 off applied
    Total - AU $895.97

    What gives? Should be about $813.42 - am I missing something?

    • Worked it out, sorry!

  • I've never made an online order over $1000 before, does anyone know if you have to pay GST on receiving the item by mail??

    • where is the item being sent from?
      Melbourne or HK?
      id say most likely Melbourne as it is over 1000, in which case, the GST is included in the price

      • Thanks for replying. Although I missed the sale now 😢😢 I hope there'll be another sale soon

  • Anyone getting any notifications of their items being sent ? I paid for my items on the 24/03, still waiting for notification that items have been sent. Spoke to Kogan live chat, at first they said sorry for the delay will be shipped today or tomorrow. But then I asked, how did you know what to look up, as I didn't give you any of my details. They then asked for my ebay ID and gave me the same spiel that they will look into it further and let me know ASAP…..

    • I am on the same boat as you although I ordered and paid one day before you. I bought a router.

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        GOt an email last night with a tracking number for one item. Says it was sent on the 29/03…

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    Received my IPAD air 2 for the wife today, ordered on 26/03.

    • What was the country of origin?

  • Got my Xbox one halo console. Australian country of origin!

  • Got my three 8TB HDDs too. Didn't check the shipping label before chucking the packaging out but as they only took a week to arrive I assume it was local stock. Amazing price and quick to arrive. No complaints here at all!

  • any chance of this happening again?

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