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Xbox Live Games with Gold Apr 2016 - XB1: Wolf Among Us, Sunset Overdrive, XB360: Dead Space, Saints Row IV


Not a bad month to be a Xbox Live Gold Member…

Xbox One:
Wolf Among Us (April 1)
Sunset Overdrive (April 16)

Xbox 360:
Dead Space (April 1)
Saints Row IV (April 16)

Xbox 360 Games should work on Xbox One, MS has now stated all these Xbox 360 GWG titles are backwards compatible.

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  • +2

    Awesome! They always put the games I was tempted to get but didnt

    • Wish I could say the same, I think I have all of them digitally already!, probably one thing that PS+ has going for it, even though they are generally rubbish Indie titles, they are near new, so it's unlikely people have them.

    • I bought Wolf Amongst us on PS4 on a pretty good sale but I prefer my Xbox now and the PS4 lives in the lounge with the FIFA hooligans.

  • +3

    The amount of times I've bought a game only for it to then be offered for xbox gold or ps plus…!

    • If you think that's bad…. MS was discounting each Killer Instinct Character recently, 1 a week… than they just gave the lot away for free with Gold… not very nice to all those who went outta their way each week.

  • +5

    Sunset Overdrive is such a fun game! Highly recommend it.

    • Is it like Tony Hawk's?

      • +2

        It's like Jet Set Radio with guns. It's an open world shooter where you can grind (not sexually) your way around the city. They slowly unlock your abilities so you can absolutely tear through the city. It starts slow but once you can the boost ability it's just crazy.

    • +1

      i think this game is still quite new!

  • Sunset Overdrive: people still playing online?

    • +3

      They will be once it is free

  • This is a pretty good month. Ive been hanging out for Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time but maybe i should just buy it, heh.

  • Nice list this month

  • +4

    Sony need to take note. I feel my PS+ membership wasting away month after month.

    • +4

      thats why i have not renewed my ps+ since it expired last year end. i am even considering to sell my ps4 and just keep xbox 1

      • +2

        thats one of the reasons I bought an Xbox one at Christmas after having a PS3 and PS plus for the past 7 years. The way Sony have treated their Plus members over the past year is laughable.

  • +1

    Wow, now I'm actually glad BigW didn't have Sunset Overdrive in stock. The game looks really fun and colourful. I wish Saints Row 4 was the remastered version but I'll take that

  • +1

    Sunset overdrive was easily the most enjoyable game I've played of late

  • +1

    NOTE The dates for these games are a little different this month:

    • The Wolf Among Us is available for the whole month (1/4 - 30/4)

    • Sunset Overdrive is available for longer, overlapping into May (16/4 - 15/5).

    • +2

      Been this way since they started doing 2 games per month (July 2015).
      *1st game goes start to end of month.
      *2nd game goes mid-month to mid-month.

      Aligns with X360 games (though they're only available for 15 days, not a full month).

      • +1

        What I meant was that the dates listed in the original post is incorrect.

        • Didn't even notice. Sorry. :-s

  • As a PS+ user and non XBL gold user, this makes me want to buy XBL gold.. Something PS+ hadn't done for a long time lol

  • +1

    Dang paid $8 for Sunset Overdrive like 6 months ago, barely touched it haha.

    • +8

      I paid $20 from a target sale and I don't even have an xbox one.

      • -1


  • +2

    Could be the best month yet…never played any of these

  • Wow Sunset Overdrive? Been wanting that game for a while now!

  • +1

    Wow those look good. Is there a way to get the 360 games without having one so I can play on the XB1?

    • +2

      What? You just buy it off the marketplace and it auto-downloads if you have instant on… Every 360 game they've put out is BC now.

      • I see. Is this on a computer only? Just that I can't see any of the 360 games in the games for gold selection on my XB1.

        edit: ah, silly me. All I had to do was search for the game in the store and when I select it will come up as free.

  • +6

    Dead Space is an AMAZING experience. I highly recommend playing in the dark with some good headphones. Really ramps it up. Next to Alien Isolation, it's one of the creepiest games i've played.

    Looking forward to Saints Row IV, been wanting that for a while

    • +2

      It certainly offered a twist on a new theme. The way you had to target enemy limbs to decapitate them rather than just shooting for the chest was something new.

      But it was rather samey after a while, the environments never changed. Thank God there was that breadcrumbs key to show you where to go as everything looked the same. I haven't toiluched any of the sequels.

  • has anyone been able to download borderlands successfully on xbox one?

    • +2

      Yep. I played a few hours of it tonight on Xbox One. Buy on xbox website for free with gold, and it soon shows in uninstalled games list on right of 'my stuff' on One

      • thanks! for some reason i couldnt buy it off the xbox store on my xbox one!

  • WOW all awesome games !!

  • I see Mighty Ape have Sunset Overdrive as one of their daily deals. Too bad they didn't offer it yesterday before the Games with Gold announcement…

  • +1

    Finally some decent games

  • +1

    I know people always knock Play station and xbox gold games each month, but honestly, I could play the free games that are released each month and never buy a game if I had to. The games that are coming out are just making my pile of shame impossible, and thats not even including games that get released I have to buy!

    Pretty good for 2x $50 memberships (when you get them on deals) per year.

  • +1

    Those games are sweet.

    I haven't renewed BS+ in a long while because they haven't made me say those words in so long. Ball's in your court Sony, please stop dropping it.

  • Grrr I just logged onto my 360 and saw an offer to Go Gold For $1.
    Why didn't they do that last month - Gears of War 2 is the only one of that series I don't have.

    I'm tempted by Dead Space, although the sequel sounds a better game. Hopefully, the $1 offer will still be available in April as I already have the current game (Borderlands) and am not too fussed about Saints Row IV. A pity Wolf Among Us wasn't on the 360 deals.
    Gold is a great deal for Xbox One owners!

    • +1

      Original Dead Space is the best in the series, highly recommended. 2nd game is okay and the third is rubbish.

      • Thanks, although the Gold for $1 deal had disappeared on 1st April when I logged in. :(

  • Awesome, Sunset!!

  • Killer Instinct on PC now too. 21GB download

  • +1

    I haven't been a gold member for years and I can't remember how the redemption works. I'm assuming the 360 games are available for 15 days each, not just on the 1st and the 15th right? If so, is it best for me to start a 30 day $1 deal/trial on the 14th of the month so that I will get three games (Dead Space, Saints Row, and whatever comes out on 1st May) or doesn't it work like that?

    • Yes, that will work.

  • Dead Space is my favorite horror game. Strongly believe that it's a great study for how to control a player's emotions.
    e.g. close and narrow pov, sound design, alien (the movie) level creature design.

    Very excited about playing it again!

  • I think I could live with just playing rocket league and all the free games that come out

  • +1

    Remember Sunset Overdrive is free starting today for gold members! Someone needs to sticky this~!