Beware of GearBest Scam Alert

" I just purchased a Chuwi 12″ tablet w/a pen style stylus. After waiting several weeks, I received a package from Gearbest that ONLY contained the Pen. No tablet. After emailing Gearbest, I was told that I had to provide them with a copy of my drivers license as well as a copy of the credit card I had used. Knowing good and well not too. I tried to convince them I would NOT be providing this information since it can directly be used to clone my personal information. I was told by the person at Gearbest that they would NOT be shipping me the tablet unless I provided the above information. I figured I would just order the tablet somewhere else. Before I made the order. I had received my AMEX bill and noticed that Gearbest charged the TOTAL price of over $450.00 without shipping me the tablet. I shot them several emails concerning what is pretty much theft. I never heard back from the company and was forced to do a charge-back w/ANEX. So now. I am stuck in limbo while I await a refund from AMEX so I can order the tablet somewhere else. DO NOT SHOP AT GEARBEST UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET RIPPED OFF. "

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    This store is currently BANNED on OzBargain.
    Reason: Continual Issues with orders not being sent/received Expiry: permanent

    Preaching to the choir ;)

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      I feel like that kind of information should be easier to access. I browse OZB everyday and have never seen that page before.

      Edit: I'm suggesting a wall of shame that is much more visible

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      Good to see members such as TA align themselves with such reputable companies.

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        All the top posters have posted deals for the cheap HK companies and probably every poster has been burnt by it at 1 point or another, be it long shipping times or the occasional missed item. But it's also no different to the number of order cancellations through Oz companies like HN and DS. But at the end of the day, that's life with online orders, and it's why everyone pays with Paypal so there's a way out.

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        You yourself have posted for MegaBuy, with many members of this site getting stung by them before.

        Attack the deal/company, don't attack the poster.

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          Attack the deal/company, don't attack the poster.

          I wish more people knew this.

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          Which isnt a banned company, that and they are an actual legitimate seller with a brick and mortar store. And in Australia as well.

          And congrats on dragging up a post from almost 3 years ago.

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          Unfortunately I've noticed too much negativity around here over the last few months, with people quick to be the new jv, but even jv knows when and how to properly use the negativity.

        • @Spackbace: Too many pointless people. jv's responses are usually valid anyway. Like asking where the bargain is in an up to 80% off sale.

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          Which isnt a banned company

          They haven't had enough of a representation on here to prove to the community how truly bad they are. Gearbest have and so copped the ban. With popularity brought infamy. That in itself doesn't prove that MegaBuy don't deserve a ban.

          DX used to be very very popular before all the other sites popped up, but they're perma-banned due to multiple sockpuppeting posts. Doesn't mean they're a bad business per se, or that anyone who posted for them earlier on thought they were a bad company.

          Unless you really actually didn't have a point to prove about GearBest, and really just wanted to put your boot into TA when he's not even here?

          And congrats on dragging up a post from almost 3 years ago.

          That's nice. I'm up to page 9 of the GearBest deal posts and I'm yet to find a TA one. Care to link me?

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          Wait, I found it on Page 12! lol it was posted 18 months ago..

          But that's fine, you single TA out. Feel like a big man now?

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          Clearly your memory is a bit hazy, especially when he publicly named himself a rep for them via a forum post.

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          Well if yours is crystal clear, you could surely provide a link then…?

          Edit This post? - Within ~26hrs he'd changed his mind on that one:

          Hi guys.

          I've just sent a message to gearbest that I will no longer be posting any deals for them on Ozbargain, or anywhere else for that matter.

          Last night I was totally overwhelmed by the negativity towards me; people questioning my character is something I'm not used to.

          I've been fortunate to be brought up in an environment of honesty, integrity and openness, and when I put everything on the table for all to see, then get bombarded by negative comments and PM messages, it really tests my resolve.

          I try hitting back by becoming aggressive in my responses (something I hate!) and saying things I really don't mean, but I realise that only fuels the fire. I have no other form of defense unfortunately.

          I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. TA.

          Again, you really feel the need to cherry-pick TA?

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          Yeah well there won't be any pointless comments around here for a while…

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          @Spackbace: Again, 12 months ago. Copie is clearly the pot calling the kettle black.

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          @tomsco: Hey, did you just racecard him??? :P

        • @tomsco:

          12 months isnt 3 years, and again Megabuy isnt a banned company on here, but gearbest is.

        • @Copie: What does the time period matter. Your Megabuy post is on the first page of your post listings. Much easier to find than one of Tightass' Gearbest posts.

        • @Copie:

          So once again continuing your TA tirade

          Interesting to note that another member posted a lot more GB deals than TA, hell they even posted more than the GB rep. Someone that is now repping another HK company. Yet you target TA specifically?


      • Thank you for bringing this up- I didn't know.

        I have always suspected behind the door deals especially with any 'specially' made coupons and always first to receive the 'sale' information.

  • FYI I just bought a $40USD drone from them a month ago and had no problems. Guess I got lucky.

    • See, this is the thing.
      Many people have bought from Gearbest and done just fine. Others however, have been ripped off.
      I wonder what the threshold of failed purchases is to get banned.

      • I wonder what the threshold of failed purchases is to get banned.

        I don't think mods did it lightly. There was a forum post opening up the discussions about it, as well as many disgruntled people in the forums posting similar posts to this one.

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    Is there a list of banned shops?
    I tend to agree with jikijiki- it would be good if OZB members can easily find out about banned shops, and beware of them.

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      The list of banned sites is huge though. 2110 "domains" are currently permanently banned.

      • Wow…!

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        What list of banned sites?

      • With such a long list, it is not necessarily that useful.

        Just a thought : when a deal relates to the banned site (i.e. site quoted on keywords, or maybe title) could a warning be added within the deal about the banned site?

        Even a cruder method - i.e., as long as the deal text contained banned site name - a warning is given, would be good enough. (Acknowledge: crude pattern match could yield false positives)

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          But a deal can't be made for the banned site, the system will prevent you from posting it, hence making it banned ;)

          Is that what you're asking?

        • @Spackbace: Oh, if that is how it works, it is great! So no banned site deals can be successfully posted.

          Problem solved :-)

      • please don't ban - is would be like eating your own head.

  • One can also find out past forum discussions on GearBest. It's not hard to figure out what their problems were from those comments.

  • I've bought a few little things like cables or torches and been ok but probably wouldn't trust them with something that expensive.

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    I'm pretty happy with Gearbest.
    Ordered the Ritech 3D Glasses forgot about never receiving it.
    Almost one year later I login to see what I have ordered from them.
    Seen the 3D Glasses and don't remember receiving them.
    Got in contact with Gearbest and they sent out another.
    Even though nearly 1 year had passed.

    They obviously didn't have to do anything, AFAIK their is no way to charge back because of time.

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    Can you instantly blame Gearbest? How do you know it was not stolen some where in the shipping journey? They ask for your info because a lot of people consistently scam online companies…. I currently have a package MIA from Gearbest this is the first package out of about 15! But it does contain lithium batteries so that might be why with the new laws….

  • all of my 11 orders arrived.

    I had a DOA media box and they sent out a replacement pretty much immediately.

  • Ordered a product, charged but never received. Got refund from PayPal.

  • i started receiving spam to gearbest email address recently, so i'm guessing their customer database has been breached as well

  • I ordered a torch from Gearbest last year then 2 days later ordered another. The first arrived after 6 weeks. The 2nd never arrived. Gearbest said they would resend the 2nd one but never did. Lucky I paid with Paypal and simply lodged a NOT RECEIVED refund request with them. The only way to deal online with any security.

    • Similar thing happened to me, I didn't do the chargeback because I was expecting a second parcel to arrive from them but it never has. Fortunately, it is only torches where the monetary value is low.

      They've certainly lost me as a customer.

      • Yeah why would they send it if you are willing to pay for it without ever getting it.

      • Hi kevsta,
        We are sorry to hear that.
        Could you please PM us your order number? We will check it and try our best to solve it for you.
        We look forward to hearing from you.
        Once again, we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have been caused.
        Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    • Hi Amayzingone,
      We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have been caused.
      Could you please PM us your order number? We will check and try our best to help you.
      We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  • The only time I have been sent two when I ordered one watch for $15. I wasn't complaining but I guess that was indicative of the operation. Best tip not to spend anything more than $40 but can offer useful tidbits so will continue to buy. No big ticket items though

  • Hey if you have trouble getting your money back, ask your bank about it. I know my Mum was put into a similar situation and was almost going to cut her loss of 450AUD after being stuffed around with for weeks by an eBay company. She contacted her bank and they immediately sent the company some sort of written legal threat. Needless to say she got her money back the next day.

  • Wish I knew about this, ended up buying a cheap tracker from them a while back since they were advertised on this site. It was an ad and not a posting.

  • They are a disgrace. If you are buying off them buy a low price item and only use PayPal. PayPal always sort things out quickly if there is a problem

  • They mailing list is also ridiculous - I used an Gmail [email protected] prefix and can't subscribe due to the "+" now.

  • I've ordered tablets, phones, media players, accessories, etc over a dozen times with GB and have found them to be excellent. I strongly urge all buyers to do the following when ordering from GB, livechat with them to confirm stock availability & pay a little extra for expedited shipping (DHL). I've had 100% success rate with this formula.

  • Wow, I've ordered a lot of stuff from Gearbest, cell phones, tablets, tv boxes and have never had an issue. I however never used my credit card always went through Paypal. Never a single problem and I always use DHL. As for the OP's incident, I'm a small business owner and we deal with all sorts of people everyday, I can see why they would want to take precautions as I'm sure there are some undesirable characters who try to get around the system. I remember seeing a story about people buying iPads and returning the box all sealed up with a piece of clay in it. I know this is old, but for those who have issues, you can call your credit card company when something like this happens.

  • My one and only order with them was in July - items never received. Got lots of different excuses and dates I had to wait til. Eventually got a refund but they are just a total waste of time.

    Oh and I used "expedited shipping".

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