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BTS-06 Bluetooth Shower Speaker / Handsfree USD $9.99 Delivered @ Gearbest


Following the success of my recent Gearbest posts, I've kindly been asked by Gearbest if I could continue to post on their behalf. I TWAM'd the moderators to make sure it was all above board, and they agreed it was fine as long as I ticked the little rep box. Let me say from the outset that I'm not affiliated with them, I'm not related to them, I'm not friends with them, and I'm certainly not in business with them. However, I'm happy to say I'll be posting more deals for Gearbest as a 'rep', and hopefully at fantastic prices.

I don't get (or expect to get) anything to do this. I just love posting great deals that save people money! The fantastic thing here is I get to choose what may make a good deal, and if Gearbest agrees, they'll provide me a coupon code for as big a discount as they can justify. So I guess the Ozbargain community is the real winner here.

EDIT 20th April: Will no longer 'rep' gearbest. See here

And now, for tonight's deal.

But first, you must watch the video to see just how versatile this little baby is!

Gearbest started this poll recently and you voted for the Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker as the product you'd most like to have. Tonight, Gearbest have provided a coupon to bring the price down to USD $9.99 delivered. Please support this so that Gearbest can continue to give us heaps more products at crazy prices. Thanks. TA.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Create or log into your gearbest account (email verification required)
  2. Select colour
  3. Add item to cart
  4. Enter GB5602 as your coupon code on right hand side of page and hit APPLY
  5. Select PROCEED TO CHECKOUT (don't select Paypal just yet otherwise you can't remove $1.00 insurance charge)
  6. If it's a new account, enter your address delivery details here and select PLACE YOUR ORDER
  7. Untick $1.00 insurance option (unless you want it)
  9. PAY by whatever method suits

Note: Limit of 1 speaker per account applies.

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  • +3

    Here's another video on it:
    Also has some reviews in the comments.

    • +2

      Thanks Blazin! Great positive review.

  • Thanks tightarse… I've just purchased a BLUE unit :)

  • +13

    Hey Rep, why is this a bargain? How much do you normally sell them for?

      • +16

        Bad attitude from Rep.

        Never buy from these guys again !!! :P

        • +16

          I'm sure they'll survive without your money all the same.

          And admit it, you've just bought one, right?

        • +13

          hi rep, my last thingie i bought from you didnt arrive yet, can you fix that up for me?

          my order number is 80085

        • +13

          nosdan, I sense some 'smart-arseness' about your question, but all I do is post the deals. Sorry.

        • +3


        • +12

          nosdan, I sense some 'smart-arseness' about your question, but all I do is post the deals. Sorry.

          only some smartarseness? maybe you should look again? ;) its why i replied to jv's smartarseness rather than making a new thread in this deal.. it obviously want meant to be taken seriously……

          tho id still like you to look up my order number #boobs #80085 for me…

        • +3

          I should have seen that so much sooner….

    • +5

      FYI JV, they go for around ~$20 on eBay, AliExpress & all the various china dropshipping sites.

      • +1

        you mean China?

        • +9

          Yes. The country not the dining crockery… :P

      • +1

        Yup I've previously purchased one of these from ebay for $20 around Christmas time.

      • The cheapest eBay price at the moment seems $25 delivered.

  • Went to grab one, had some trouble with PayPal, went back to GB to try again and now it says the coupon code has expired….

    • +1

      Used GB5602 just then, works for me

    • Figured it out….

      My order had gone through with GearBest, but not with PayPal. I didn't know it went through, so when I tried to do the whole process again, the code had expired for me specifically because it is one per person. All good now…Cheers!

  • Two Q's:
    -Battery life any good (anywhere near 6-8hrs)?
    -Can 2 units be paired simultaneously for stereo sound?

    • +28

      You take 6-8hr showers ?

      • +13

        I take my time cleaning every crevice, nook and cranny.

        • plus others…… u r popular

    • +3

      from the youtube, The Geek Redneck (look the same?)
      " A little update, it's now been over three weeks since I made this video and this speaker is still going on it's first charge. I shower every day, sometimes twice daily… and the battery hasn't died yet. I think that's pretty damned impressive! I love this little guy!.. "

  • +1

    There are so many ways this could hit the fan for you TA.
    I hope you know what you are doing.
    Good luck.

    • +5

      So be it. I could have just kept it quiet and posted deals anyway. But no, I have morals.

      But would love to know what 'ways' you speak of.

      • +2

        maybe luke73 is suggesting that if people who purchased future items who have problems with it might try to contact you to resolve their issues even though you are not affiliated with company and can't help them even though you are listed as a store rep.
        But definitely appreciate all your help and honesty - I don't know why mods want you listed as a store rep as that is not accurate.
        I remember a deal posted regarding another poster who was able to get coupon code for some earphones and shared it with everyone else and wasn't made out to be a rep - why not the same in this instance

        • +5

          Thanks lachlan. Agree totally. The 'rep' button is so wrong in this case. But still, rules are rules, and we have to abide by them. Maybe the mods can comment in this thread as to exactly why it's required in this instance?

        • +1

          I don't know why mods want you listed as a store rep as that is not accurate.

          Because he is posting on behalf of the store.

          a person chosen or appointed to act or speak for another or other

          Also, being a 'representative' can have legal ramifications…

        • Yes but if someone wanted more details like shipping times or credits etc he won't be able to help and will frustrate him and the other person.

          here is the link to the poster with the coupon code that I was referring to before

        • -2

          yup, just because you arent (or are.. but you claim your not) getting paid or reimbursed for this, you are officially representing the company. this is definitely a case where you are a store rep.

        • +5

          Because he is posting on behalf of the store.

          Isn't every deal on Ozbargain on 'behalf' of a store/service etc?

        • +6

          Isn't every deal on Ozbargain on 'behalf' of a store


          'about' a store is different from 'on behalf of' a store…

        • Because he is posting on behalf of the store.

          No - he was approaching the store for bargains on behalf of us all
          He was working on OUR behalf, not theirs

          Also, being a 'representative' can have legal ramifications…

          No, not in this case it cant. He is not in any way a legal representative, he is somebody who has provided nothing more than communication, And done us a favour in doing so. Frankly he was acting as a de-facto ozbargain rep to the store, not the other way round. Even then there is no potential for any legal ramification because all he has done is ask for a discount. He has made clear he does not represent the company in any way shape or form.
          You have to tick the rep box if you post a deal from a company that your cousin works for even if they had nothing to do with it. That doesnt make you a legal representative either.

          Somebody who IS responsible for something, you are responsible for hurting a good person and costing us all a lot of good deals. Sadly i doubt you will face any ramifications, other than those you already face for the way you treat PEOPLE.

        • you are officially representing the company.

          I see no indication of that. Unless he were flat out lying (despite being one of our most trusted and giving members) he is acting as an unofficial intermediary, representing them to us and us to them. There is no indication of some sort of contract in place that would make this an official role

          (or are.. but you claim your not)

          I feel very sad for you. I would hate to live my life seeing the world like that.
          I have heard that those who are least trustworthy are also the most suspicious of others - they think they are normal and everybody else would behave as they do.
          Thankfully most people do have deep rooted ethics and enjoy helping others and give for the pleasure of giving.
          Also - You're

  • I'm sure they have their reasons but I can't for the life of me figure out why they requested you become a rep.

    Nonetheless, thanks for this and all the rest of the quality deals you post.

    • +16

      I'm sure they have their reasons but I can't for the life of me figure out why they requested you become a rep.

      Probably a little more cred on here than someone that's actually from the store!

      And I believe they were going to ask jv, but didn't want to subject us to 30 page long posts of him arguing the point against himself whether this actually is a bargain or not!!!

    • My guess is that he knows better what the site users want than gearbest staff do, so he could benefit both of us.
      We get good deals that are relevant to us
      They get sales and members
      Het gets to feel good that he helped some people and maybe even dot the front page or made it into top deals (i made it to second today, briefly, felt nice to know that not only had i done something for people, but they appreciated it - tho it took a deal of over 20 dollars of free credit and $40 total freebies to do so, and even then the 1st comment was a negative one by somebody who hadnt bothered to read properly)
      Or that was the idea - some unpleasant people robbed us of this all round. We all miss out.
      Especially TA who gets to feel like crap instead. Its why I tend not to bother posting anymore unless the deal is absolutely amazing - or hasn't til today - people saying thank you got me to post a couple of other deals i found that i would only have told my family about normally.

  • +1

    +ve for the spirit to save fellow OzBargainers some coins.

  • got two, thanks.

  • thanks OP.

  • Got one thank you!

  • +3

    Lol i also got this message from them as a respond to voting in their poll.

    Very thanks for you voted our products, we'd love to set coupon for you,another thing,are you interested in share our deal on other forum and bargain site, we are happy to send free product to you.

    Cant help but to laugh. But cudo to them as they honour their word by sending me a coupon for something for $0.10(even though it seem pretty useless

  • +2

    Can someone having this comment on the sound quality?
    I have the Sony wireless speaker ball with NFC, but like the waterproof quality of this.

    eBay cheapest price is around AUD 12.95, so this is still 1.60 cheap! :-)

  • Please keep comments related to the deal. Further unfounded accusations, trolling will result in penalty bin.

    • +14

      They offered a freebie to anyone who voted in their poll. TA has said he never voted in that poll. He's been asked to do this coz they've noticed he's posted in the past. If he says he's not getting anything fur for doing it, who are you to argue? He's not getting free fights from Jetstar or Air NZ but he's still posting airfare deals…

      • +24

        Thanks Jason. Some sense finally. Not sure why all this negativity. All I want is to post sweet deals.

        Happy Easter everyone.

    • +7

      highdealer has already explained exactly what the freebie deal was… And like I said, so long as it's not a $3000 bottle of Grange!!!

  • +7

    I can't believe we've gone through all this other BS and no one has questioned this 'Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker' that states in big red lettering 'Do not drop the speaker into the water!'

    • Mine is on the shower door. Yes it gets wet. No it doesn't get fully immersed in water and probably is not designed to be.

    • -1

      It's just like a waterproof watch though, it can afford a splash but not a soak.

      • Not true! A waterproof watch will have a rating to a certain depth/pressure of water in which you can submerge it to!
        I can't say I've ever purchased a water'resistant' watch before… except maybe that $2 one in Bali that fogged up just by wearing it around!

        • +1

          Not true! A waterproof watch

          actually there is no such thing as a "water proof watch".. they are all water resistant to xxx meters

          if your at 100m and press the buttons on a 100m resistant watch…. your gonna have a bad day :)

        • True… corrected!
          But my Tag is 'waterproof' for me, because I'll never get deep enough to stuff it!

    • +2

      Nowhere in the specs does it list 'IPxx' properties. It should be sold as waterresistant. False advertising just to get a sale…

      • My thoughts exactly!
        I understand the difference between water resistant and waterproof, but was wondering why it's listed as 'waterproof'!

        • +4

          was wondering why it's listed as 'waterproof'!

          its an asian company who by there previous posts struggles with translations. im not sure you should take every word completely literally. i think "resistant" is probably the best term

  • +6


    But Seriously TA love your work mate.

    You have saved me a ton of money with all your posts (particularly airfares)

  • +1

    Another fine post, but may we please have AUD prices in titles? We realise there will be some fluctuation …

    • +3

      Fluctuation is the exact reason I prefer to use USD for O/S deals. It just makes more sense.

    • may we please have AUD prices in titles? 

      Wouldn't that vary depending on how you pay or who you pay through?
      Edit: Also, I guess where you live. Not everyone on here is from Australia!

  • Wow always wanted one thanks

  • +1

    How do these compare to the Kohler Moxie?

  • +3

    Thanks for another post… not sure whether to get this or not…
    PS. Did anyone else notice the strange pictures on the product page? ie the guy in the car not touching anything and the guy in the shower that appears to be jumping?!

    • and the guy in the shower that appears to be jumping?

      he's not jumping, he's using part of his anatomy to hang off the wall.

      • lol, this made me laugh!!!

  • placed order Thanks for the post

  • placed an order for the giggle factor when comes and it used in shower

    • All you need now is some Rick Astley to sing-along while you scrub and tug.
      I'm sure the neighbors will love it ;)

  • +5

    I won't be buying this as it will just encourage me to have extended showers and waste water. Bad deal TA.

    • For the price, I just used it as a handy wireless speaker (similar to the sony one hopefully)
      BUT it has backward,forward, play/pause (which I like) …and is waterproof!
      I can just put it next to my bed table rather than my phone…and still control the music..

  • +45

    Hi guys.

    I've just sent a message to gearbest that I will no longer be posting any deals for them on Ozbargain, or anywhere else for that matter.

    Last night I was totally overwhelmed by the negativity towards me; people questioning my character is something I'm not used to.

    I've been fortunate to be brought up in an environment of honesty, integrity and openness, and when I put everything on the table for all to see, then get bombarded by negative comments and PM messages, it really tests my resolve.

    I try hitting back by becoming aggressive in my responses (something I hate!) and saying things I really don't mean, but I realise that only fuels the fire. I have no other form of defense unfortunately.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. TA.

    • +3

      Please change your mind, I really appreciated this deal and would love to see others. People just need to get over it…

      • +8

        Sorry treeman. Won't change my mind.

        Believe it or not, I hardly slept last night over this. I don't need this crap.

        I'm sure gearbest will post their own deals at great prices anyway.

        Regards, TA.

        • Everyone appreciates a good deal! You don't need to be a store rep to post. (It's to prevent advertising in my opinion). An unbiased post of deal is always more appreciated than a store rep post in my opinion. Store rep posts are less likely to be a real deal. In the end its advertising …

          Haha … maybe you are just too good for this world (I would not believe that you work for free (it is free marketing work when you post on their behalf without any compensation … yes …people get paid for this!).

          In my opinion you are either a store rep (and make some profit out of the sale of the items … or any other benefit such as exposure for a new product or brand awareness) or just post deals for the fun of it and to benefit our little community.

          Don't take it too serious … your deals and comments are much appreciated. :-)

        • +1

          Sorry, but I don't see the need to be bringing this topic back to life 5 days after it's been said and done… and had people sin-binned!
          And to refer to any one of your fellow OzB community as an @$$hole, I find is quite offensive!

          As for people not posting deals, they are no less a part of the make up of this site than those that have posted hundreds. I myself do not feel the need to post on here every Coles, Aldi, or BigW catalogue that I receive in the mail, but if others want to, so be it! With over 1600 comments and only the 7 posts to my name I still feel like I have contributed to this site with valuable knowledge that others may not boast and a line of pertinent questioning in order to further my, and others, knowledge of an offered product or service! (with the occasional Dad joke thrown in for good measure!)

        • +2

          So can I ask what you actually think of this deal then? I ask because I can not say that I can see any real 'contribution' on here from yourself that actually relates to the deal at hand!

          To further inform you, I also made comments to others that had also posted similarly attacking comments on here. But you will not see these as the mods did a reasonable job in removing any comments irrelevant to the deal. Personally speaking there's a whole lot more that should also be go… such as this line of comments!

    • +2

      you are free to go out there and negotiate bargains on our behalf, so OZbargainers get special discount codes.

      Nothing like this i hope.

    • +4

      with 94 positive votes and over 1900+ clicks - this shows that people are interested.
      I see what you did as helping the ozbargain community get a better deal rather than act on behalf of the company with the coupon code to lower the price.
      Only suggestion is that gearbest go to you and ask your opinion then maybe they can post it themselves with voucher code. You can be our defacto screener for deals as history shows that you know how to spot a good deal.

    • +14

      That's sad to hear. It's equally sad to find that the OzB community is slowly developing trolls. I miss the OzB of a few years ago.

      I skipped most of the drama above. I'm of the opinion that if it is truly a good deal, I really don't care if the poster gets something in return. Maybe that would encourage others to post good deals. After all, the whole community benefits from it.

      It reminds me of people who happily use free services like google and gmail (and android), but also hate online ads with a passion and use ad blockers to deny revenue to the companies that developed them. Me me me me me!

    • +4

      Didnt see all the trolling, but kudos to you TA for trying to do something nice, and for being forthcoming about it.

      Pity about the negativity.

    • +3

      Likewise, I'm of the same opinion as most. (I know you've already said that you're not getting anything), but we're really not interested what's in it for you. The fact is you're getting the rest of us a bargain!

      Unfortunately in sales, and anything in the public eye, you're going to receive criticism and skepticism… And you just have to roll with it!

      With some of the deals you've found and posted in the past, I'm a little disappointed that you'd let such a minority deter you like this… (especially those known for having nothing better to do of a night time than to pick posted deals apart)!

      My advice, post the deals provided and step away. You've then done your bit for the OzBargain community. With more than 100 positives (Popular Deal badge), over 2000 clicks, a few people said they'd bought it (and no doubt a few more like me still considering it), I'd class this deal successful!!!

    • +7

      I completely understand your position and support your choice.

      It's not like gearbest can't organise someone else to post deals (albeit probably not as well as you) and there's no point in causing yourself stress over it.

      That said - please report the harassers. That stuff's not kosher.

      • +6

        +1 to everything tantryl says, especially reporting harassers.

        Bullying has no place here, and needs to be stamped out. I'd be interested to know what actual contribution has ever been made to the community by harassers.

    • +3

      Haters gonna hate TA ;-)
      Most of us appreciate your deals and all the time you put into finding and posting them.
      Please never stop- you are one of Ozbargains greatest assets :-)
      Happy Easter m8, have a great day :-)

    • Sorry, instead of up voting this comment, I down voted and can only revert that

    • +3

      Hey TA,

      Just a quick message to say thanks for all the work you've done finding discounts for us. If people don't like it (profanity) them, for every 100 positive, you will always get some (profanity) who'll hate on you for no reason (look at that flappy bird game, the creator took it back because he was getting tons of hate mail etc).
      Anyway, doesn't matter if you're a rep for gearbest or not, your bargains kick arse!
      Also, I've got a little creditcard thing that lights up from gearbest and I have no idea what to do with it, stupid bargains.

      Keep up the good work mate, and don't worry about the haters.
      Take care,

    • +2

      on behalf of the majority of decent respectful OBrs we appreciate your honesty
      please keep posting your great finds (gearbest or not) as we really appreciate your contributions
      You are one of the consistent people who make this site great

    • Welcome to ozbargain

  • +7

    Hi TA, thanks for trying, it was worth a shot. Unfortunately, some people are not familiar with your very very good and selfless work, and that you were not really a storerep, but wanted people to know that you were posting on behalf of the store (with no benefit to yourself whatsoever) As soon as those people saw 'storerep' they thought that they could be hostile and aggressive. It is a real shame that some people do not appreciate the selfless motives for a lot of posts by most posters on OB. ( see the hostility and accusations that I copped at ) TA, Always a fan of your work! Peck

  • +1

    TA just ignore them, I have to ignore stupid questions and statements all the time. Some people are just bored and need to piss others off

  • +2

    TA, you're the best man!

  • +7

    TA, your efforts are appreciated by many, including those who are quiet around here. I suspect that if everyone was equally loud that you'd be overwhelmed with gratitude; unfortunately the loudest are often the hardest to please or otherwise least grateful. (Seems a general phenomenon, not just on OB.)

    Kudos to you whether you take this on again or rest it out.

  • Looks kind of interesting. But you'd have to have a really fast paced life if you have to listen in your shower.

    • well technically you can use it anywhere..

    • Also, some us do other stuff afterwards.. plucking eyebrow hairs.. shaving.. styling etc etc.. all in that humid steamy shower :)

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