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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray - $23 @ Big W


Popped into the Big W up here to pick up Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray and was happy to see they are priced at $23. I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the stand, so have attached a photo of my receipt - taken in glorious opening Star Wars style… Online it's still $33.

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    Can you create a moving gif where the receipt rolls into view?
    + from me for deal and photo. I could actually hear the opening tune as I looked at it.

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    +1 for scrolling intro style receipt photo!

    +1 for the studio releasing the "available to buy" version of the movie so relatively quickly in my opinion

    -1 for the studio probably releasing a "Director's Cut" version in cinema or on Blu-Ray straight after I go and buy this disc!

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      I don't think there will be Director's Cut (think JJ said as much). Doesn't mean Disney won't quintuple dip (or more) because you know they will.

      • that reminds me how I used to like getting the "picture disc" version of 12 inch vinyl records (including Michael Jackson's "Bad"!)

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        There's no commentary track on this release.

        Personally I wouldn't buy a disk till they got around to a version with at least a few such tracks.

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          I've never understood the whole commentary thing. I tried watching one once but decided I'd rather just watch the movie without interruption! :)

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          It depends who's doing it. If you're into filmmaking and it's a David Fincher or Ridley Scott commentary, it's invaluable. You don't even need to sit down and watch all of it - sometimes I listen to them like an audiobook while doing chores. Ebert's commentaries on Casablanca and Citizen Kane (for instance) are also excellent for similar film-nerd reasons.

      • No word on the 3D version yet so I am guessing when they release it there will be extra features added.

        • The rumour is that a 3D version will be released in a couple of months (probably in time for Christmas and the new film) which will have at least one commentary on it.

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    -1 for studio not releasing a 3D version
    -1 for studio not releasing an Atmos version

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      Do people still care about 3D?

      I thought the 3D fad had come and gone (for about the 3rd/4th time in the history of cinema…).

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        I care, I didn't used to before I had a 3d TV and Blu-Ray but thanks to OzBargainers I now have both and I actually really enjoy it. I don't care much about watching TV in 3d but if I am sitting down for a Sci Fi movie and I want a cinematic experience I do care.

        I watched Ex Machina the other day and apart from being a great movie my Panasonic misreported that the signal was coming in 3d (I doubt it was I was watching presto via chromecast) even still the 3d experience was great and helped with the immersion, however it's more of a series of 2d images in foreground vs background rather than true 3d

      • Yes. If you have a good Passive 4k TV. I have one and use it often.

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        Read this: http://www.cinemablend.com/new/3D-Or-3D-Buy-Right-Star-Wars-...

        I think this movie really benefits from the 3D treatment.

        • I didn't find the 3D overly great myself. Could have done with the Hobbits 48fps…as it was I found the action sequences a bit fast for it.

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        I care for 3d.. As i have 3d tv 3d bluray player..

      • I have a 3D projector, so while I can't speak for anyone else, yea.. I care.

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        From what I can see, the only people who care about 3d, are those who got sucked into buying a display. The "technology" us dead, put it next to your betamax and HD-DVD.

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          The future of 3D is VR ….

      • I certainly care. (Prefer to watch good 3D films in 3D, on both my TV and PC)

        I think it's also going to be a lot more popular as good VR headsets are released. Immersive 3D on your face!!!

      • They should release episode one 3D here also.

        One dimensional characters in 3D, trippy.

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      I'm with you on that. That said, a $23 release price makes it sting a bit less than having to re-buy for 3D in six months.

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      Not that many people have Atmos …

      • This. Anyone who buys it hoping studios will take it on is in for hurt. Best to wait on that sorta thing if it's a huge selling point.

      • I don't have Atmos (yet) - but it'd be nice to future proof the purchase a bit.

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          It's a shame Interstellar doesn't have Atmos!

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          @theguyrules: That's because the producer had an aversion to Atmos…the technical term is AtmosFear! ;)

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          I don't have the money to buy Atmos surround anyway … :p

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      The film was made in 2D anyway.

      • Regardless of whether you like real 3D or not, fake 3D is obviously worse than 2D.

    • Pffft 3D and Blu-ray is for plebs, I'm waiting for the UHD Blu-Ray version with VR for my headset.

      4K or go home.

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    - No 3D
    - No directors cut/special edition

    Just wait. This is the first release.

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    +1 for your Avatar.

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    Does the Big W version include the Digital Copy?

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      Yes that's included

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        Hope I get a copy, even cheaper than iTunes on its own!

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          Everything, everywhere, every time…is cheaper than the rip off DRM riddled iTunes video store.

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    Do we know if there are any retailer exclusive variations of TFA here in Australia, as has been the case in America?

    Also Blu-Ray/DVD is not meant to be officially released here until Wednesday, so may not be able to find it in all stores until then

    • find it yet, you should not

    • Wondering the same thing here. JB Hi-fi has the steelbook exclusive that Best Buy has in the US. Hoping Target AU will have the same release as Target US with the bonus interviews and weaponry documentary.

    • All versions in Australia are the same. The only different one is the steel book copy at JB which see,s to have sold it on pre-order. As Target Australia is no relation to the U.S. one, they will be selling the standard one only.

  • released 2 days early isn't it, anyway good price

  • Cheap.

    Wonder when they will release ep 1-7 in a blu ray collecters tin.

    then they will release 1-8 as well, and so on.

    money grabbing at it's best :)

    • Just think about those poor star wars fanatics that buy every box set. 1-3, 1-4, 1-7 etc. I know a few…

    • +1

      I wouldn't call it a cash grab…only a very few fanatics would feel the need to rebut the box set for each re-release, and that's on them not the studios. Nothing stopping anyone from buying the individual films they need.

      • Most of them have been worth buying as they mess with the film each time. I have NOT bought a couple of releases however as they were identical.

        I'm also not buying the DVD and Bluray releases, so maybe I'm not a fanatic. Although I do have a lot of different editions on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray.

  • Picked up my Steelbook at JB, despite them saying it had sold out… yeah right. Need to keep the theme going with the other 6 I have in Steelbook already.

    • Steelbook is just a fancy case, isn't it?

      • 2 Disc. Unsure differences though.

        • Fancy Case and different cover illustration (as seen just now in JB-Hi Fi)


  • Will it have broken street date at all Big W's

    • Probably got permission due to earlier world release dates and the leak/being on torrents anyway.

  • Good price. This is $29 at JB or $39 for the steelbook version.

    • It's the same price at JB.

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    This week's Big W catalogue shows the special price.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one from Big W Doncaster. They have the DVDs up the front and Blu Rays at the back counter.

  • Anyone know if Target is doing it for $23 ?

    • Still reported as $25 - see comment here

    • Was $25 when I was in there today

    • Thanks. Got the wife to grab it from BigW. $2 saved.

  • Only $14.90 for the DVD version as well..

  • Picked up a Bluray one for $21.85 (5% staff discount)

  • Thanks OP. Price matched at JBs.

  • Just picked up a copy at Fountain Gate. Had DVD and Blu-Rey copies right as you walk in, on a nice display.

    • +1


      Joke or Poe-faced? ;P

  • Thanks bought Blu-ray.

  • Picked up from Macquarie Centre, NSW.

    Tried to redeem the code for Digital Copy but page keeps saying "There was an error with your request". Anyone else having the same issue?

    • May be you have to wait until the actual release date.

      • Expiry date of the voucher is 13/04/2021 or something… and 13/04/2015 is the official release date, so makes sense

    • Yep, same issue here. Presumably it won't work until Wednesday.

    • -1

      Neo managed to find a digital copy - presumably during a routine search for Morpheus

    • +1

      Could also be the iTunes exclusive deal.

    • The Digital Copy worked for me this morning when I tried it around 9am. Didn't work last night.

      • What format is the digital copy? With DTS-HD Master?

        • iTunes, so Dolby Digital 5.1.

    • Code worked, very surprised that it redeemed as HD copy on iTunes. Wish all future release are like this.

      • Disney films tend to have iTunes copies.

  • woolworths have the DVD for $20 this week in the catalogue, scan your rewards card and get $10 woolworths dollars.
    So $10 after discounts!!

  • Can I redeem the code on iTune and Google Play both?

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    3D way to go

  • +1

    Will wait for 3D

  • Price matched BigW at Kmart

  • Waiting for the extended version or Trilogy

  • Back on sale @ BigW for $19.60 for 2-Disc Blu-Ray Edition!!