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7.5% off BIG W Store eGift Cards @ Cashrewards


With fast delivery via email and no delivery charges start saving today!

The 7.5% discount is automatically applied at checkout when you purchase. This is not a cashback offer.

Save 7.5% with BIG W Store eGift Cards.

Even though it's called an eGift Card you can buy them for yourself as a great way to save on all your purchases.

Order a BIG W Store eGift card easily online:

Receive an effective 7.5% discount at BIG W.
Personalise your BIG W Store eGift Card with a message or image.
Redeemable at BIG W Stores and BIG W Online only.
You choose $100, $200, $250, $300, $400 & $500 denominations
Order as many as you like, whenever you like.

The 7.5% discount is automatically applied at checkout when you purchase. This is not a cashback offer.

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  • +46

    All I can say is don't be this guy

    • +1

      i wonder if he still has the gift cards

    • +1

      hahahah that's the first thing I thought of when I saw "Big W gift card" :)

      "bigW rule"

    • +2

      he is an idiot

    • Big W won't let me buy stuff….LOL.

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same. Reminder to anyone thinking of trying it, it's the bit in bright red text that is screaming out for you to read it:

      The BIG W Store eGift Card is redeemable at BIG W stores and BIG W Online only and cannot be used to purchase any other Gift Cards issued by Woolworths Limited. No refunds for change of mind.

    • -2

      Lol. I can tell which part of asia he is from.

  • Looks like they finally cracked down on buying gift cards with gift/e-gift cards. I assume this would apply to all Woolworths group POS system.

    • +8

      Nope. Woolies is still cool with letting you buy gift cards using Wish gift cards.

      Big W POS also allows it, and you can usually get away with it if you're just including the gift card as part of a regular purchase with other items if you do it discreetly via self-checkout.

      It's only if you show up to the counter with a pile of them that you're likely to get busted.

      • +1

        Good to know.

  • Golden question - can this gift card be used for purchases at woolies and fuel ups?

    • No. Only at BigW.

    • +2

      I don't know why but I read that as if you were extremely happy and excited to ask that question haha

      • +1

        blame it on montorola's profile avatar

  • Where's that website that let you check the balance of Big W gift card? Sorry I can't find it just now.

  • does PSN card count as gift card?

  • Might be worth it. Want to buy a iPad Air 64gb so with TRS this brings it down to TRS.

    • +8

      with TRS this brings it down to TRS????????????????????????????????????

      • +8


        • +3

          Do not TRS with TRS it will TRS.

  • +2

    If only I could find a table tennis table…

  • To use in store, do you just print out the voucher? Or is it sent in the post?

    • +2

      You will receive a egiftcard via email.

      I suggest that you can download woolworths money app for quick check your balance and card details

      • Thanks. Neat app for its purpose

  • Time to buy TV la! To refund!

  • Many thanks for the heads up OP

  • I can use this to buy apple products with it?

      • +2

        some can't see the sarcasm in my comment

  • Generally how fast are people receiving the e-gift cards after buying them?

    • I got mine within 2 hours, bought in 4 and receive at 6

  • Is it trustworthy site to buy

    • +5

      You must be new here. It's good old Cashrewards mate!

    • You actually pay to Everyday Giftcards owned by Woolworths Group,not CR.

  • Can physical BigW gift cards be used in all Woolworth shops / Caltex?

    • +1

      Yes, we use physical Big W Wish cards all the time at Woolies and Woolies Caltex.

  • Yes, but these are not physical. So these cannot be used.

    • Tried and tested?
      I know the T&C's say so, but has anyone physically tried to use one in Dan Murphy's, Woolies, Masters etc?
      Especially if the online balance check uses the same generic Woolies system.

      • yes, these egift cards are not new and they come out every month or so. It is well known it gets errors when used in store at non Big W stores.

      • yes, i have used mine so far at masters, BWS & Woolies petrol outlets.

        • Hmmm, conflicted!

          So Frazel your Big W Egift card from this promotion didn't work?


          Noddypiper your Egift card from this promotion did work?

          Unless it differs between states / stores?

        • @tunzafun001: not on this particular promo but the card is the same. I did have a problem with a petrol station saying they wouldn't let me swipe the card but I simply hide it now and it goes through. The big w cards work at all woolworth divisions, I confirmed this when I called the support number. I used it again at BWS.

  • Store Rep (TightArse) missed the share on this one!
    Last one

  • I actually used some of these to switch for physical wish gift cards some time back. Because the expiry was coming up and I still had about $1000 theory had no problems letting me buy the cards.

  • ordered yesterday but still to receive. Anyone still on the same boat

  • -3

    Currently entertainment book is selling bigw gift cards for 10% off.

    • +1

      But you have to pay to use entertainment book.

      • +1

        ent book is still 5% not 10%

  • Says Expires: 22/05/2016

    • What says that?
      Where does it say it?

      • Yeah it's odd, it comes up on my iPhone but not my pc.
        edit, actually scroll to the very bottom, where the store icons are moving from right to left across the screen, just above that is another box for big w. it say it there but you have to scroll over the big w blue icon for the expiry to come up

  • Looks like I missed out on this but just making sure you can buy Egift card from cashrewards right from woollies and spend this in bigw?
    I'm looking to buy something tomorrow and any saving is better than none.

    • +1

      Yes, so long as you're buying the WISH eGift card (not a Woolies branded one, just to be on the safe side), then you can use it at any of the Woolworths Group stores.

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