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3.5" Navig8r G35 GPS $49 in Harvey Norman (Vic)


I have marked this as expired since I doubt it is still going.

Just called HN Frankston (Tuesday), they say they have them for $49.

Note1: Expired for today (Monday). Might be back tomorrow(Tuesday)

Note2: One user has got a price match at South Road, Moorabbin.

Noticed this down at Harvey Normans in Frankston Victoria. Might be other states as well. Had heaps of stock. Only until stocks last. Best on Static ice is $116.59.

LASER G35 GPS System
SCREEN : 3.5 TFT touch screen
CPU : Atlas III 396Mhz CPU
MEM : 1 GB on board CARD READER :
SDHC Card reader
POWER : AC adaptor & car charger included
CONNECTIVITY: USB charging & synchronizing with PC
PLAYBACK : MP3/4 e-book photo playback
GAMES INC : 6 games included- Key Features for the new G35: Text to Speech (TTS)
* Speed and Red Light Cameras
* New future turn preview
* New Analogue Speedo readout
* Speed Alert (30 day trial included)
* Latest 2009 Australia wide maps


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  • you bought one? are these new or refurbs? price would suggest refurb

    • How does it compare to the 80$ GPS on COTD last week ? Same 3.5-inch screen.
      Also can it be hacked to play music or other media ?

    • All this stock I can not see them being refurbs. No mention of it in them being refurbs in the stores signage for it either. I almost got one but I really want a 5". Still thinking of going back and getting some for birthdays presents.

  • That is cheap. Just after i bought the $79 one from COTD, all the cheap GPS came out all in a sudden. This deal might take a lot of buyers away from the coming up Tuesday COTD deal i guess.

  • dbl post.

    • You really should get one. If there is a way to return the one i got from COTD (actually i haven't got it yet), i will go to buy one of this.

      P.S. The screen size doesn't matter. I have tried a few GPS units, one 4.8", two 3.5", and found out the 3.5" screen did the same job. Acutally the 3.5" one with a better software did a better job (more voice indications, so actually don't need check the screen in most cases).

      • My mate has a 5" GPS and I prefer it to my 3.5" I broke a few months ago. Can get them from dealextreme for around $100. I am hanging back for a GPS from china with built in TMC support

        • Sorry, TMC stands for? I had been on dealextreme for a while on my GPS search and actually locked in two units, just wasn't so confident about the quality, warranty etc. and finally bought one from the COTD.

  • want, just dont need :(

  • MAN! I hope they have this in Perth… it still shows as full price on the net. What's the recommendation re: something to hold it up to the windscreen?

  • Very tempting at this price. Can anyone confirm for NSW?

  • hmmm

    any for NSW???

  • Does this come with a speaker?
    How annoying is the sound?

  • is city west harvey norman closed?

  • any in perth guys?

  • that's very cheap…….but sometimes, if you are lost on the road, paying extra for the better GPS is nothing…

    • There is no correlation between the price you pay for a GPS and how good it's maps are.

  • it all depends on the software… i have IGO8 running on a Laser and it's fine…

  • As long as they use a Sirf III chip should be good to go

  • which one in vic???

  • I've never used GPS before.
    I wonder how can you update map? and Do you have to pay for it?
    Is this model is good?

  • $49 for a GPS is very good. lets hope their still in stock.

  • Available in perth?


  • available in adelaide ?

  • You know what, sounds great, but I'm not familiar with the brand. Someone want to do a video review for us and post it on youtube or give some feedback on the unit (I'm very tempted) :)

  • if you don't like it put your own maps on it… garmin xt, igo8, tom tom, etc. etc.

    it all works

  • hi. i was thinking to get a gps for my sister as her birthday present ( she is in adelaide )
    and this seems to be a good price?
    hehe. i have no idea with this stuff.anything i shud take not? like does she have to pay for adelaide map? how much?how?
    [email protected]

    • It will come ready to use with all maps for Australia. Definitely a good price. Quite easy to use and great value for money.

      • thanks. cause both my sister and I are not familiar with gps system.would be her first..
        dumb question : how to install it? does it use batteries??

        prob will hunt it at HN QV tomorrow.

  • I'm in Perth and plan to ring the O'Connor store tomorrow and see if they'll price match. Not sure if it will work, as they would be price matching for another HN store. I'll give it a go anyway.

  • Another way might be to call HN Frankston and ask if they will post to other states.

  • All GPS have maps that can be updated, but I find the best feature is the speed of the processor (or software) to calculate, and recalculate where you detour or miss a turn for some reason. A GPS that can do this quickly lets you get quickly back on track.

    A nice feature on the Garmin I have is when the next turn is ages away it will zoom the map right out, taking out all the unimportant side streets. Then as you get closer to the turn it will progressively zoom the map in.

    However, I reckon for $49 this Navig8r is awesome!

  • Meh, brand new GPS getting cheaper - looking at my $400ish Navman S50 bought in '97

  • Anyone know if this deal is available at the QV store in Melbourne?

    Here is a review of the product for anyone who is interested

  • Now $88 at frankston just called, was it the frankston store where you saw it advertised?

    • Took the picture at the Frankston store at the end of Frankston Freeway in the new complex there.

    • OK. Just called the Store, Sale ended Yesterday BUT he said it might start up tomorrow and if I came to the store and asked a manager to do it for $49 they probably would.

  • Has anyone actually bought one?

  • I don't get it… All HN stores are closed in WA for Anzac day, is it different for you guys?

  • Just checked Browns Plains store (didn't want one, just thought I would check the price).

    Priced at $98 for 'today only'.

  • damn i hope HN melbourne has it

  • wit that being said.would the price be as same or cheaper in june? hehe

  • same here for sydney, normal price $119, last discount was going for $98, so it's not a nation wide discount

  • Got my local office works to match the new price of $88 so got it for $83.60

    Not as as good as $49 but at least saves me a tank load of petrol to frive to Frankston and back so all in all pretty happy as it is a touch cheaper than COTD deal as you needed to pay postage

    Called a few HN stores none would come close all said they are franchises and prices are not the same

  • Went to HN on South Road, Moorabbin. Asked about it for $49. They laughed and told me I'm dreaming. I asked them to check online. and showed them this web page. They called Franksoton and were told it will be $49 tomorrow again.

    End result they price matched Frankston and I walked out with a G35 for $49.


  • "They laughed and told me I’m dreaming. I asked them to check online"
    that's a typical response, even if they don't show it on the outside, so you're lucky they did check online, many just laugh and walk away, price matching for most retailers is just a marketing gimmick to make you feel better about not shopping around

  • Went to Preston HN, was told even if it is $49 at Frankston they won't be able to match it.

    EDIT: FYI it was marked at $118 "on special"

  • would've bought this in a sec if i had found it for $49

    went to Sunshine HN and it was $135.

  • went HN in QV melbourne. was 98. i hope tomoro would be different

  • Will give Frankston HN call in the morning and see if it is back, and update post accordingly.

  • i called HN loganholme in qld they said dont have them in stock and no way for that price.

    anyone get one in qld?

  • Do yourself a favour and spend the extra money and buy a brand name gps. This unit is rubbish and not even worth $49 yet alone the rrp. The still use a stylus and the graphics are terrible. You get what you pay for. The COTD Navigon devices leaves this unit for dead. Defiantly worth the extra. Also you are unable to get map upgrades for these devices.

  • Was in Oxley QLD today picking up my eM250 netbooks. They had a small special bin with these units in their GPS section. About 20 units - priced at special $98. I asked the guy who was helping me out, about the $49 price here on OzB - he checked system and said $98 was as low as they could go - citing franchise line.

  • picked up one from frankston HN earlier today. I spoke with a sales assistant and had the price reduced to $49 (from $88). they had a bin full of them (approximately 50 left i think).

    also, Chirnside Park HN said they would price match any other HN store.

  • Just called HN Frankston (Tuesday), they say they have them for $49.

  • If anyone can't get it at $49, then for the next hour (until 1pm Tuesday 27 April) this is available for $66.90 delivered from COTD…

    Update: It looks like they have it until 2 pm now.

  • Just got a few from the frankston store for $49 around midday today (Tuesday).

  • not available at the two HNs at auburn at this price in Sydney. They would not price match either, said they are a franchise and do not have to match other HN stores.

  • Guys I have heard that Harvey Norman Mentone have the Navigon 1300 with 2yrs worth of maps for $99. Same price as the COTD deal. I will go tomorrow and get a photo of the deal then post officially.

    • HN Frankston had that too on Sunday. GPS's are getting so cheap now. Still personly going to get a 5" one from delextreme

  • Hey guys,

    For the guys who bought one of these,

    Can someone scan and email me a copy of your receipt. Feel free to block out names/serial numbers or anything, but basically the guy at the store said he can replicate the price ($49) if I bring in a copy of a receipt.

    Thanks for your help,

    [email protected]

  • An entrepreneurial victorian ozbargainer might be able to buy the lot and sell them to us less fortunate new south welshmen at a slight markup!

    • As a New South Welshman I find your comments disgustingly accurate. Far out Victoria get all the deals we want!

      Although, I would buy one for a slight mark up :)

  • I rang my local HN here in WA. Tried to get the guy to look up this webpage and he said that whenever he did - even through the Google link - it would navigate to ebay! Did manage to get him to the site with the pic though.
    He said that he would discuss with his manager, but that he doubted that they would match a price from another state.

  • still 98 at melbourne

  • Saw a binatone at coles for $99, Glad you put me on to this. I'd be interested to see if this is a downards trend in pricing for GPS units. Im after a TomTom but still too expensive.

  • Guys, anyone able to provide proof of purchase for one of these things?

  • People, I saw with MY OWN EYES this product. It is grey, very plastic and looks very very plain, thick and ugly and over priced, even at 49 dollars. I checked the display one, and it wasn't even working. LOL. I saw it @ sunshine harvey norman in melbourne and its priced @ $99 bucks. Honestly, don't risk spending 49 dollars on sumthing that looks so bad.