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Philips Viva Collection Airfryer HD9220/50 $112.40 (after $30 Cashback by Philips) @ The Good Guys eBay


Philips Airfryer $179

minus 20% (eBay coupon COLLECT @ The Good guys)
minus $30 (Cashback by Philips)

Final price lowest on ozb so far $112.40

Original COLLECT eBay 20% off deal post

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  • just bought it last week at the store :(

  • is the wire mesh hard to clean?

  • Can you still get cashback on ebay purchases?

  • Get from Costco, has lifetime warranty and if any issues, it will be refunded and exchanged for a lifetime. Unless you quit membership.

    • I don't think Costco always have them in stock.

      Costco covers the warranty or Philips ?

    • But how much is the Costco price

    • I've heard that they've stopped doing the lifetime satisfaction guarantee. On the website the guarantee statement no longer has the word "lifetime".

      • They changed it? Where? Also even if they did, will be from now onwards, can't be from beforetime. Correct me if I am wrong. thanks.

        • I heard from friend who heard from a staff member, but, I just called them and according to the guy who answered it's still in effect, though if it's more than 3 or 4 years then it's up to their discretion. I guess it's deliberately ill-defined for their own protection.


    How does this compare to Tefal Airfryer or other Airfryers?

    • These hold 0.8kg or 2,2lt, compared to the Myer Tefal offer which is a 1.5kg or 3lt fryer. I have not tried either, so I can't compare usage. (Specs source from respective vendor sites)

    • I believe the Tefal air fryer has fins at the bottom that push food around. This one cooks food in a basket instead, so you can do bigger things like frozen crumbed/battered fish.


        Hmm, in theory, without the fin, it won't cook evenly, would it?

        • The Phillips is basically a mini supercharged oven. The basket is suspended in a metal bowl/dish, which has grooves on the bottom which directs air back up through the bottom of the mesh basket.

          I'm not convinced that it is even really necessary, as it is a small space and a lot of heat being pumped in there. When I'm cooking chips etc, I pull the basket out, give it a shake so they don't stick together and put it back in.

      • Thanks for the tip, turns out Tefal made a basket accessory because of this, I will grab one so they come at the same time. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/whitegoods-appliances/kitchen-appl...

    • The tefal arm if you don't take it out mashes your food for you, like it or not.

  • Does anyone know how good chips taste from these? Better than KFC? Can you use frozen chips?

    • Airfryer is best investment in my kitchen. Buy it, you will NEVER regret it, provided the product is usable, not to say those faulty ones or Philips treating you badly.

      • 'Does anyone know how good chips taste from these?'

        Excellent, probably as good as a deep fryer or better but much much quicker, healthier and more convenient.

        'Can you use frozen chips?'


      • Even overnight leftover KFC chips / chicken taste better in this.

        It also "squeeze out" the excess oil in any already cooked meat when reheat.

      • What size should we choose, this one or the bigger. Is it sufficient for a family?

    • It depends what you like. They don't come out exactly the same as deep fried chips, as they aren't cooked in oil.

      Typically frozen chips from the supermarket have some oil in them already, so they do go crunchy and are a bit tasty, but it is not quite the same. However, they're still delicious and probably better for you.

      You can always add oil to them before you cook them, and get some chicken salt for the extra flavouring after. I have one and use it all the time for doing chips. You can also roast veggies in 15-20 minutes which I find incredibly handy.

    • Chips turn out very nicely whether they are frozen or reheated. I personally like potato gems as they turn out perfect when cooked 200c for 14 min

    • Yes, better than KFC. Putting fresh KFC chips into the airfryer makes them taste even better.

  • Im a bit confused with all those different models.
    anyone can help?

  • Bought the Rank last year from the deal below and it's still going strong. We love the airfryer!


    • same. bought 2 - one as gift for grandma.
      good for heating up but I am yet to perfect how to make chips from fresh potato.
      not sure if it is the air fryer or my skill. any experience?

      • Are you putting some oil onto the outside of your chips?

        • recommendation says one teaspoon then mix. seems like not enough, as the fresh potatoes slices look like dried up outside, then burn. unlike oven.

    • Wish I bought 5 :(

  • unlike samsung's cashback which can be done online and quick and painless, you have to do the philips cashback manually by mailing in a redemption card/form, together with a photocopy of the invoice, with postage at your own expense. Which is a PITA for just a small purchase. I had to do it for a philips iron i bought last month from TGG. So far no money back yet, wonder how long its gonna take.

    Just something i thought you guys should know.

    • I have done three or four times with Philips already and no problems at all. You might want to give them a call

      • I think he is not referring if he will get the cashback, he is complaining about the way this work is painful so most of the users wont bother. Its a shame companies are still using paper cashbacks.

  • Caution. If you haven't had/seen one of these before be aware that they are big machines. Not specified in the ebay listing but from the philips website they are: 287 x 315 x 384 mm
    Which is very big if you've got a small kitchen.

    I bought one and didn't even get to turn it on. On sold it straight away as I knew I couldn't keep it in a smaller kitchen.

    Shame because I hear they are pretty good.

    • That size is mm and I dont see it very huge. A little big in size compared to deep fryers
      or 11.3 * 12.4 * 15.1 Inches. Almost a foot in all sides. But yes, consider where you will put it.

      • This 2L deep fryer is almost the size of my 20L microwave, absolutely useless in a small kitchen. Also, this is Australia, not America, we use real measurements :P

        • Australia has average bigger homes compared to America. No point in talking about bigger size fryers when we are discussing smaller utensils. I can start the sizes of professional ones then :)

      • Id be a bit worried if that size was in cm! 3.84 meters tall!!!

  • Cheaper still with Cashsrewards in the equation? right?
    nobody seem to mention cashrewards here.

    • Cashrewards will be a bit over $1. Does it matter that much as cashback comes after months and sometimes does not detect your purchases? So better of taking the actual price and treat cashrewards as small bonus.

      • Gaggy, wanted to make sure there wasnt a terms and condition which allows one cashback or the other, thought something obvious i may be missing hence no one discussing here.

        • lol. Hell No. Would be close though $1 vs $30. Cashrewards is through ebay and not retailer. Cashback is from Manf.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaand purchased! Was not aware of the cashback, so cheers for that.

  • Purchased one for the wife for mothers day. She loves it. Does the best chips we have in a long time.

  • +1 vote

    These airfryers are extremely popular, can you fry chicken breast on this and get similar results to actually frying them ? I've always been sceptical of these "virtual frying" devices

  • sold out? damn.. error keeps on coming..anyone else having the same problem?

  • It's saying "These items are not available. They may have been purchased already, or the listings have expired" when I try to complete the purchase :(

    • same error with me.. tried safari with different ebay account and worked… not sure whether its because i purchased something with same code earlier or is it safari? Doesnt matter, its bought..try it

    • EDIT: Tried a different pickup store and it worked!

  • These are great, almost replaced my oven entirely as it is nearly twice as fast. In saying that though the chips taste the same as oven chips unless you actually follow the instructions and shake chips in oil every time, even doing this they still don't taste as good as deep fried, but a lot healthier and much faster than cooking in your oven.

  • +1 vote

    clicked "checkout" and it said item not available, I hate Good guys on ebay sales, they always do this

  • I had a Philips XL airfryer and used it sparingly and it stopped working when the warranty finished, not happy!

  • Kept on showing as not available at checkout. (BTW, it seems that even if you select delivery, the code seems to work. Not sure if that would be cancelled.) The Tried again after 30 minutes and worked fine for pickup from the same store. Will wait and see when I get pickup confirmation.

  • bought one from bayswater vic, on back order.
    called the store and was told it will be available in approx 2 weeks.
    worries me a bit for the cash back offer which ends on 6/6/16

  • I sure don't NEED one of these things, but I finally went for it. Thanks OP.

  • Bought one. Thanks op

  • Purchased thanks OP!

  • Bought one. Paid shipping as only 2 stores have in stock and they are 30+ Km away.

  • Does anyone know if we can cancel ebay purchase? Item was not in stock in Blacktown and I organised shipping but then later found it in stock at the same store and placed another order.

    • yes, you can cancel it.

      • Thanks, Just by requesting via ebay msg?

        • +1 vote

          My Ebay Summary -> "More actions" dropdown -> Return the item.

          Alternatively, you may also contact the Good guys online customer support.. provide them your Ebay Order Id and they can cancel it for you.

        • @spk: Oh please message the seller. The seller can simply sent you a cancellation request and all you need to do it accept the request. As an eBay seller, I feel extremely terrible when a customer use the return item function just to cancel an item. It gives seller a strike and lower their rating through no fault of their own.