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Optus SIM Only: 12 Month Plan $40/pm - 10GB / Unlimited Text & Talk, 300 Min Int Calls (Normally $60 Per Month)


Optus is offering their $60/month plan for $40 per month. The plan gives you:

  • 10GB of data
  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • Up to 300 International Minutes

12 month contract. Minimum spend is $480. Similar to this expired deal from last month but $10 cheaper but 1GB more.

Critical Information

For archive purposes, CIS + Screenshot of deal

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2016

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    "Hurry! Click Frenzy offer ends in 0 hour 6 minutes" …

    • +3

      Says 23 hours 53 minutes left now

      • Nice. It has been extended by another 24 hours it seems :)

    • Safe to say it's updated.

      Any reason to stay on Amaysim, apart from no contract?

      I'm a student, so it's 3gb for $30 (Amaysim) or 10GB for $36 here!

      Really don't use that much, though. All classmates will get on, though!!

  • 2 minutes left

  • I'm pretty sure I know the answer; no cooling off period or anything, so pretty much only way to test the network is to get a prepaid sim test it for a week or whatever and then go from there, is that correct?

    I've seen some amazing deals for Vodafone and Optus for a while on ozbargain, and have been tempted to go for them. Just worried, as I had been with both before ( 3-5 years ago) but left due to bad network reception - could hardly use my internet - slow as, sometimes smses didn't send etc, both were on contracts so ended up having to go ombudsman to get out of it. Been with Telstra ever since, can't fault the service, and have no contract, so looking for more usage for a cheaper price ( currently pay $50, for unlimited sms and calls and 6gb data).

    • +2

      it'll cost more then $10/mth in panadol to cope with either network :-)
      I used to switch back to 3g on Telstra when comparing to Optus 4G, and the former was still quicker :-)

      • ****it'll cost more then $10/mth in panadol to cope with either network :-) ****

        hell NO - getting the crazy Optus bills for a year - NO THANKS !!!

        (ended up going to Boost - same amount (just 2 gig on each weekend)

        • thanks for all the info guys, I'm in northern suburbs of melb ( Preston). might try to call Telstra and try to get some retention offer or pre-paid is another option. I just need something with good data value and unlimited calls

        • sorry I meant Optus or Vodafone (hence the $10 comment)

      • Couldn't agree more!! I am on $60 my plan plus with $30 credit for six months (5th month right now) and I haven't received a single bill which did not have a mistake!! I have 2 services..both on same plan. It was a nightmare getting them under 1 account and getting credit for both!! This is the last month for the credit..then I'm off to Vodafone or Telstra!! Not touching the Optus network with a 10' pole! NEVER AGAIN!!

    • I'm also in Melbourne and Optus were useless 2 years ago. Since their mass rollout of 700mhz 4G, data has got much much better.

    • I've used both Vodafone and Optus recently. Reception has improved on Vodafone since turning on it's 850Mhz 4G network and Optus' speed is significantly faster now on 4G, even 3G is better than a year ago (i live in north east nsw). I've using Optus as my mobile provider now and it's fine.

    • Im on this plan ….voda and telstra have same poor coverage along the Sandringham train line….tried all 3….. And all have same coverage in cbd Melbourne….so unless there is special coverage in your area for a carrier this is great plan.

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    If you are a student - you can get this plan with 6GB Data in $36/month. Check Optus Student Hub.

    • +3

      You can actually ask on the online chat to have the 10% student discount applied to this deal to get 10GB for $36 a month. That's what I did when I signed up the last time this deal was active anyway.

      • -1

        Hey, that would be awesome if it's possible.

        Trying to chat with the online team… stuck in "connecting"

        only switching so I can get the EPL next season…

        • will this plan be eligible for EPL?

        • Online team is offline now I think. I am on the phone trying to do it now.

        • +4


          I got through to the online team through the chat link.

          Worked! I'm paying $36 for 10gb! Woohoo.

        • @hypie:

          How!? Can you help me and link me?

          Much appreciated

        • +2


          Above the phone numbers, see CHAT ONLINE.

          Good luck!

          Give them the code you get from Unidays.

          Also if anyone is on a month-month plan with vodafone and you aren't at the end of your billing cycle, tell optus to defer the sim card delivery until just before your billing cycle. Vodafone doesn't do prorata payments (and that's why I won't go back).

        • +2

          @hypie: Boom just did it!

          Looks like Optus chat is the way to go.

          I really didn't want to sign up with Floptus, but $36 bucks for unlimited calls, text and 10GB is just too good to resist.

        • @Stugots:

          Winning the EPL rights was the killer for me. Although Vodafone coverage in WA is still pretty terrible.

        • @Stugots: Did they ask for any type of evidence you were a student?

        • @hypie: Stuck in loading :(

        • +2


          You need the code from unidays signup ( Took me 2 minutes to sign up, verify and get the code (I'm part-time)

        • @hoangdong13:

          Just have to wait, took me about 30 minutes to get a consultant.

        • I hope it works out for you. On the Optus EPL page, the only SIM only plan eligible is a new $85 one.

        • @dazweeja:

          Ahh well played optus, regardless it is a sweet deal. I'm sure something more realistic will pop up closer to the new season. I'm sure they can't expect to only let people with optus internet and overly priced plans to watch the EPL.

        • +1


          I think you'll be lucky. At the moment, the situation is that you can get a $40 plan with a free crappy phone and qualify, and more expensive SIM-only plans don't (although the former are 24 months). I can see them opening it up to more plans before the season starts.

        • Not eligible!

        • @ltwo: No.

      • +1

        I tried this multiple times and failed. I do get the $10 discount with a bundled broadband account.

      • Thanks for the tip. Just signed up for $36 for 12 months. They said it reverts to $40 after the contract is up.

      • Just signed up via the unidays deal too.

    • I am trying to do this now. Talking to them over the phone. They seem to keep saying it is not possible to apply the code to the click frenzy promotion. But I keep saying my friend did it earlier today.

      Anyone have any ideas to get this wrapped up easier? I am sure it is possible.

      • +2

        Tell them the terms and conditions don't state anything about the discount not applying to promotions.


        The Optus 4G Plus network is available in all capital cities and hundreds of metro, regional and holiday towns with a compatible device and plan. Coverage varies by device. Check coverage at

        General: Fair Go policy applies. For more info, see our Critical Information Summaries which can be found at or pick one up in store.

        Student Offer: 10% discount off access fees on 24 month plans & 12 month SIM Only plans applies to new and recontracting services. 10% discount off access fee for month to month SIM Only plans applies to new services only. Discount will appear on 1st bill for the life of the plan. Available online and in selected Optus Stores only to students verified by UNiDAYS®.

        Optus representatives seem to disagree with everything initially so you'll have to be persistent. I think you'll have more success in the live chat though.

        • Yeah I am sure it is possible. Thanks for that mate.

          I am trying to see how I can get connected to online chat now like Hypie did!

  • Can someone explain which countries are unlimited and which are part of 300 minutes - Optus website doesn't clear it at all except a bullet point.

    • +1

      Hong Kong
      New Zealand
      South Africa
      South Korea
      United Kingdom
      United States of America

      • Actually found the answer - SMS to all above is unlimited and calling is limited to 300Minutes only.

  • In metro area I wouldn't mind but if you go regional Telstra still the best there is. Anyway, with so many prepaid kits, I probably pass this contract only…

  • +2

    I'm on this plan, but month-to-month only. It's $50 per month. Hmm. I'm sort of happy with the service but there seems to be some places where shit just doesn't work. But I despise Telstra and am not going near Vodafone again. Might as well sign up.

    • Was same for me …..unless a carrier has coverage in a specific are you need (nor generic marketing country hype) it's max data and calls per $$$$.

  • +1

    signed up to this a few months back… got it for $26 using 10/m home broadband discount + 10% student discount via Unidays. Service is pretty good in Melbourne Metro but quite bad in regional areas.

    Good thing is they still offer $5 once off data share sim. Telstra or Voda do not offer this as a one off cost. Source: Plan CIS

    • How did you get the $10/month home broadband service? Just tried to check out online and there's no section asking if I'm a broadband customer

      • +1

        Looks like this time they have a web form to submit for click frenzy deal. In previous offer, I was able to add it to cart and by logging into My Account it automatically added the discount.

        I would suggest ordering via live chat / phone.

        • Thank you for all your replies. I called up Optus and they were able to manually process the $10 home broadband discount. $30/month for 10GB and unlimited call and text is awesome

        • +1

          @Darkii: Glad you got it sorted.

      • I'm not 100% sure, but I think I received an email a couple of weeks ago saying that the $10/month broadband discount was going away for new accounts.

        • Me too.

        • @bluedufflecoat: I believe that's applicable to new home broadband plans. Old ones should still get $10 off when they add eligible product on same account. I could be wrong though …

  • -1

    What's this like vs. the 10GB for $35/month prepaid plan (No contact)? The prepaid plan seems better on the surface but I haven't compared them.

    • +4

      Wait, what?? Where is this prepaid plan for 10GB for $35/month?

    • The $35 plan is for mobile broadband only, it's a different type of service entirely. This plan is for mobile phones and includes calls.

      • Ah right I get you. Yeah I hadn't read much about it yet :)

  • +2

    I'm on this plan. Have nothing but good things to say about it. Data is fast enough for me (mainly stream music). I love the data sharing option for use in other devices.

    • how does the data sharing work? do you have to have another plan or could i use something like a prepaid sim in a ipad ?

      • He means wifi hotspot

        • +1

          No he doesn't.

      • +1

        You buy another Optus sim (once off $5), which is then tied to your account and your data allocation is then a 'pool' that can be used among the other devices. I have 4 shared data sims on my account.

        • thats awesome, thanks for that info Fybre!

        • Do i need to keep the other sims in credit? Can i just purchase a sim, pay the 5 dollars and i am good? Or are there other costs in keeping the other sims working?

        • @bobdobal:

          No other costs in keeping the sims working. It's only for data obviously, but I was able to set it up on another iPad. Plus my husbands phone's data allowance is combined with mine which is pretty cool. I think the 3G/4G is fine, reception can be patchy here and there, but honestly data sharing at literally no cost but a once off $5 fee is pretty much the reason I'd never change. Screw Telstra trying to charge $10/month for that service.

        • Hmm I only have 3 ….one is the second sim in my son's xioami redmi note 2 for data….

        • @Kitiara:

          Thanks. Can i use the data sims in phones or is it just tablets? My kids have phones they rarely call or sms on, but they use data all the time. Would be great to have the phones connected to the net, with no real need for a number.

        • @bobdobal:
          I have one of my extra sim's in my s5, which my son uses, especially when I am overseas so I can message/video him. You can actually send and receive SMS from it if absolutely necessary, sending is charged extra. But with Skype and IM using data, there is no real need for him to use it as a phone anyway.

        • @Fybre:
          Thanks. So you still get a phone number for sending SMS? Can i call it too?

        • +1

          @bobdobal: No, the sims are data only so no calls or sms, obviously facetime and imessage do work. This is the big advantage in my view with Optus over Telstra. Telstra charges quite a bit more for data sharing. I have 3 extra sims, 2 in ipads, 1 in laptop all sharing my phone data. Brilliant for kids wanting to stream iview whilst driving. I think at one point on our last roadtrip we were streaming music + kids were both streaming iview all off the one data plan without a hotspot.

        • +1


          Yes you get a phone number and it can receive texts and calls. Sending texts or calling from the SIM costs extra though.

          I'm not sure what the above poster is talking about as I've tried it and it definitely works.

        • @ComfortablyNumb: Your experience is different to mine, are your sims in phones? I've tried to text the numbers on the ipads i sim-share with and nothing is received.

        • @lime111:

          I tried it in my Note 4. I could send and receive both texts and calls. I was even charged for it on my next bill - it definitely works with Android at least. Maybe there's an issue with using them in ipads.

    • Same here. I am metro Melbourne and only have one known issue where signal cuts out. My Telstra phone does the same thing, too.

  • I'm currently on a month to month sun only plan with optus from the last click frenzy.

    Can I convert my current plan over to this plan? Hopefully that way can carry across my remaining TPG $10 credit par per month to reduce the cost.

  • Is this a good deal? I was just about to sign up for the $50 per month with 11GB of data. I guess with the offer of $10 per GB of extra data it works out the same.

    • +1

      This one saves you $10/month if you don't exceed 10gb a month. It's a no-brainer.

  • can i buy it now and activate it after 2 months? coz that's when i finish my contract with voda

    • +1

      No. This is a postpaid service.

      • +1

        I can beat that, I got 28 days left on my contract. In two minds about just getting this and paying out the cancellation fee with Vodafone since I'm on a $70 plan. In the long run I'll save some money.

        • You can beat what?

        • @kiLbiL: I can beat kiLbiL's request of 2 months. I just need for them to hold off activating it for another 28 days.

        • @YellowKnight:

          I just need for them to hold off activating it for another 28 days.

          Do you think telcos will do this?

        • @KaptnKaos: officially, they did, when I first signed up for the month-to-month plan. That was a year ago or so, $50/month with 8gb included. I was on Telstra prepaid and had just topped up my account.

  • I am currently on a contract with a S5 monthly payment ($10) till Dec. Can I ask them to swap to this 12 month contract in the shop and extend the current contract till Dec 2017?

    • I think you will find they will make you pay any outstanding handset repayments and the you will be on a new 12 month contract from this date (ie to May 2017). You can go on their webchat and ask them. It's a pretty painless process…

    • +1

      The phone rep just told me "new customers only" - I am out of contract and they wont let me roll onto this plan.

      Pretty average……

      EDIT: My call got disconnected (thanks optus) I called back and a different operator happily rolled 3 of my services over to this plan.

      So much laughing and joking around going on in the background of the call sounds like their call center is a Filipino frat house.

    • My 6Plus plan was contracted till Dec 16. Requested them to waive the cancellation fees which they did and i moved to this sim only plan while still paying for phone.

      • I'm still on a contact for my iPhone 6 till Nov, so I can ask them to waive cancel fee and than sign up to this? Did you use web chat or call them.

        • i did web chat. Now i am on new 12 month sim only plan until next April. But i will keep paying for the handset till dec 16 which was previous plan.

        • @nkdangar:
          Ah I see, thanks will try after work. Hopefully they can waive them fees.

  • Been on this deal for a few months.

    It's great as it suits my needs and doesn't break the bank.

    Get good Optus reception in my area (the Illawarra, very few places I can't get 4G that I've come across), so that's a non issue.

  • Hi can someone tell me how fast the upload speed is on Optus 4G?

    I need to do a lot mobile uploading of images. Please be specific if it's megabytes or megabits. Thanks!

    • Speeds will be greatly dependent upon network provisioning and the number of users in your area. So would help people if you said exactly what area you are in…

      It will also depend on your phone supporting the right frequency bands.

      • It would be all around various areas of Melbourne city, and probably not band 28 700mhz capable devices.

    • Sitting in my room right now with half reception I get 3.97/14.07 Mbps with 34ms ping. This is in a suburban region with not-so-great coverage. In metro regions I get better downloads and probably better uploads too!

    • Other people's upload and download speeds wouldn't be the same for you, it's better if you just buy an optus sim or get amaysim or Vaya to try it out (there's an active deal here:

      It will also depend on the bands supported by your phone and whether it supports carrier aggregation.

    • samsung galaxy note 2 N7105

      download 39.8mbs
      upload 17.9 mbs

      zte fit 4g

      download 79.9 mbs
      upload 20.4 mbs

      • That's pretty good. Twice as fast as my home ADSL. That's what I need.

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